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Berkshire Eagle Newspaper Archives Jul 21 1973, Page 2

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Berkshire Eagle (Newspaper) - July 21, 1973, Pittsfield, Massachusetts Berkshire Eagle saturday july 21 1973 libyan Leader said to resign a Taiho a col foam mar khad Afy fiery and youth Ful Leader of Libya has resigned the Middle East news Agency said Friday the Agency said khad Afy announced his resignation in a message to egyptian president Anwar Sadat saying he had stepped Down july 11 the Agency announcement How Ever was the first word of any resignation by khad Afy who Moa mar khad Afy either in or Oul Liz Dick kiss and make up Rome a Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton held an emotional we eyed re Union Friday rekindling their love affair in the City where it All began they hugged and kissed for minutes then drove off without talking to a crowd of newsmen gathered for the event in Romes Ciampino Airport miss Taylor arrived there from Lon Don the reunion ended a 16day separation begun As miss Tay Lor put it because the couple had maybe loved each other too much the scene of the reunion was the Ciampino parking lot Bur ton had flown up from Taormina Sicily where he attended a film festival they drove off to the Villa of Carlo Ponti and his wife actress Sophia Loren in the Alban Hills South of Rome seized control of Libya after a military coup ousted the King in 1969 the meaning of the Resigna Tion was not dear nor was it determined exactly what position khad Afy had Given up khad Afy was chairman of the ruling revolutionary command Council in Libya and thus Boss of the Oil Rich country As chairman he also was referred to As president his dual poet raised questions whether khad Afy had resigned one or the other of the jobs or both at the United nations in new York the libyan delegation said it had no word of Khz Adays resignation it said however that As chairman of the revolutionary command Council khad Afy automatically is Libya chief of state or president in protocol Docu ments list khad Afy in this Man Ner in that respect any Resig nation by khad Afy would mean he had relinquished his leadership the news Agency quoted a Cable from khad Afy to presi Dent Anwar Sadat of Egypt saying As you know Ives Ign cd july 11 and i assured you of this Many times khad Afy was quoted As say ing his army officers had tried to dissuade him and that he had resigned for the Realiza Tion of Unity with Egypt and erasing its obstacles Rhad Afy spent an extended period in Cairo earlier this month in an attempt to arrange for completion of merger plans Between the two Arab nations by sept 1 the egyptians How Ever favored a Goslow proce Dure Mena published the Cable shortly after releasing an a peal by Sadat to the libyan leadership to halt an in Vasion of Egypt by some 20 000 libyans who pushed their Way into Egypt Friday night in a massive demonstration sup porting an immediate merger Gillette to Market products in Japan Boston Gillette company and Kandebo Ltd of Osaka Japan announced Fri Day the signing of an agree ment for a joint venture to manufacture and Market toiletries in Japan the announcement said the product line for the new Ven Ture will include deodorants antiperspirants hair sprays shave creams shampoos and other toiletries Belgium buys us jetliners Dollar Cut makes Price right service dad 10 t i c a Glau airline Sabena has just Mystic French airline air inter rec air planes control Edify the state t ginning Foch 1 m a the b to help american us r i i in political and Industrial Cir Des in France where aircraft matters Are particularly sen t Arf for their failure to show european Spint m makes the Mercure has Europe at Basel when k Only 10 and these Toa downed on the principle of sup porting the Dollar in the Exchange markets that Accord helped Stop the dollars precipitous drop and in fact helped produce a Rise in the currency value As in most aircraft contracts in Europe Boeing and assault Breguet had to make Side offers As the Large Price aircraft because of dollars depreciation have and other eur officials particularly to arrest the slide in the y s currency r p a the French Industry was particularly upset not Only on tos ing the particular order but also offis followed a series of reverses for the French British co anxious Over the possibility Corde the supersonic Airliner it european states might re that no one outside of France the currency question Britain seems to want to in choosing Boeing Sabena on special compensation to in stimulates employment not in crease the attractiveness of in Seattle at the their respective products the French company whose major shareholder is Marcel assault designer of the Mirage took up half the capital of a belgian company known As Saba in an arrangement aimed at making Belgium a aircraft Attje same time French inspired efforts to create the base for an aircraft by setting up protectionist Trade barriers the United states came to a temporary settlement is that you Vinnie Nimoh f h a ing outside Miami Fia Federal court is a muffled Man believed to be Syndicate informer Vincent Teresa former North Reading mass mob Ster now in protective custody government sources indicate Teresa will be a Rcv witness against Meyer Lansky reputed mob Boss who is on trial in Miami charged and turned informer after convictions in Baltimore my Dukakis says Folly by state adds to Boston traffic jams and Britain seems buy for the moment the european spirit however would have Cost Sabena one of something Likely Ieper Cen More teacher Suil on each plane Over objector ruling blow supersonics Boston a a suit Chal the concorde builders have state and Federal Law experienced a wave of Cancela that apparently excludes con tons from american and other Sci envious objectors from re potential buyers because of the employment rights accorded planes Cost about million those who Cave n the military each and the protests of Envile m District court Ron mentalists about the huge thursday aircraft noise Levels fuel co James f Donahue 26 a for sumption and need for longer Mer Leicester school teacher fighters to the Alpha Jet Trainer but Boeing played some pretty Strong cards As Well Appeal ing directly to the stat owned Carrier the american told Sabena that k act As beings agent for is of 737s in Europe Middle East needing re parts or after sales runways another Bow Ujj Urt Hermo re Boeing prom is so scan fal Craf parly s to Boston a White the environmental Protection Agency is conducting hearings on proposals to keep commuter cars out of Boston the slate it self is building a million underground garage to accommodate 6000 cars for the new University of Massachusetts in Boston that what the Agency hear ing was told at the concluding Day of hearings before regional administrator John a s Mcglennon and some of his staff members Michael s Dukakis a former legislator and once candidate for lieutenant governor mentioned the garage project Dur ing his appearance before the hearing and that is a state Deci Sion he said Dukakis sup ported moves to keep traffic out of Boston in an Effort to re Duce air pollution but said the plan would be no More than who left his Job two Vears ago development of a eco ration struck the Suto fulfil alternate service duty of ssh to ice been s person is last month when the As a conscientious objector is Sand Ste 1980s sonet unions version of the contesting a leiceste7 school but two probably the Cash Tern that can move people was Homes to their destinations the proposed restrictions would not work unless mass transit Sabena has ordered from the was developed to the Point Boeing co 10 two engined 737s present Day Auto comm carrying 115 passengers each state him Benas decision will ensure that new Industrial and commercial activity takes place along and close to our developing n Dukakis retail towers Arent All people who come into the City just to shop Many Are in Boston for other n Ayers professor v of t he has Vert id and Bridge and Suto traffic of them showed be n William Mccall or president of the greater Boston real estate Board said of the plan that the objectives Are Noble but the approach is objectionable cities such As Boston under economically alive and to impose the traffic and commuter restrictions presently outlined would cause a serious setback to a City already in fierce com petition to hold and people he said How costs changed the Price of the Boeing 737 is under f6 million the Mercure goes for 32 million French francs which because of the nearly constant erosion of the dollars International value Over the last two years works out to about million at present Back in 1969 when the Dollar was Worth 55 French francs in Stead of the present 410 the two planes would have been roughly equivalent Boeing also has been Able to keep its prices Low because it has already sold some 400 of the 737s the Assaul Breguet co the Stockbridge school a Universal school v committed to change for a better world coeducational 9tli through 12th grades provides tools for higher education and the academic climate to make informed life choices and meaningful social commitments Cuini isling t Uitz in Community living in lie Barm tires Small Tiv Csc Fanelty i Liiv mailing address Richard a nurse director Interlaken red West Stockbridge a 01266 Kielc phonic 41 3 298o592 now acc Ping boarding and Day students top democrats accused of illegal Aid to Cardinal things the Windup hearing also first metropolitan Boston heard from a number of Boston must have a fast efficient businessmen complaints that Boston a some state House lobbyists Are among those receiving invitations from the speaker of the Massachusetts House and the Senate president to a fund raising din Ner for Humberto Cardinal me Deiros pilgrimage fund the s100 a couple dinner scheduled for july 28 at the Statler Hilton will Benefit a fund to finance a trip to the cardinals Birthplace in the azores and charitable works there the invitations were sent out on bearing the names of speaker David h Bartley Holyoke and sen Kevin b Harrington Salem among those invited to the dinner was common cause lobbyist Peter Keyes who said the invitations could have gone out to All of the 2000 lobbyists registered at the state House we feel it raises questions As to the proper use of state funds Keves said he also noted the invitations were numbered a spokesman for Bartley de Nied that the invitations involved any state funds noting that there were constitutional prohibitions against that he said that everything involved had either been privately paid for or was being billed private in the invitation went out to several Hundred friends and acquaintances said Tim Tay Lor press Secretary to Bartley and surely included some lobbyists the speaker admires the Cardinal very much Taylor said he likes him As a person and wanted to try to help him and the pilgrimage fund Taylor called the common cause objection a cheap shot adding if common cause really wants to help people then they ought to dip into their pockets and buy a ticket 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