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Berkshire Eagle Newspaper Archives Jul 21 1973, Page 1

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Berkshire Eagle (Newspaper) - July 21, 1973, Pittsfield, Massachusetts The e Eagle 24 pages Iii cents 60 Tenti do lined Pittsfield mass saturday july 211973 vol 82 no 61 i Oil firm admits illegal Nixon Aid i Cox uncovers 100000 gift pastorale Berkshire music Center student cellist Eugene Bondi of Houston Tex uses Tanglewood grounds Ai practice Hall Joel Librizzi Strachan says Dean was White House chief of intelligence Jar Atli vips Lihn 1st Nna tit Mtnor u Washington a Don Strachan testified Friday that More than two months be fore the watergate breaking he gave his Halde treeline report of a sophisticated political in system win a budget of but he said even though he was the Liaison Between presi Dent Nixon reelection com Mittee and the White House chief of staff on political mat ters John w Dean Iii was the White House Contact on Politi Cal intelligence denial on meetings neither or Haldeman nor or Dean advised me of the series of meetings with or Mitchell Dean Liddy and Magruder Strachan told the Senate watergate committee in prepared testimony it was at meetings in january february and March involving those men where apparently the democratic party Headquarters breaking plan was hatched Jeb Stuart Magruder Deputy in the Campaign to former ally Gen John n Mitchell had testified that after the last meeting March 30 i called or Strachan and indicated to him that the project had been approved i discussed it in de Tail but Strachan said had any one Ever heard the details of prostitution Goon squads kid scores legion Post 68 5 Tyler aces 2 daitonl2lenoxdale4 Al Pittsfield at West Haven Ppd Sherbrooke 9waterburv 2 list Quebec City 2 Reading 0 Al Boston 5 Minnesota 0 new York 12 Chicago 2 ust no san Francisco 5 Chicago 4 san Diego 4 Pittsburgh 5 list Ilo Naping and wiretaps he would be unlikely to forget it i certainly would not forget it or Magruder never gave me that information he said Strachan a lanky Young Man with a High pitched voice was Able Only to read a 15page pre pared statement before the committee adjourned until monday when he will return he followed Robert c mar Dian who testified that presi Dent Nixon was so concerned about White House Security leaks in mid1971 that he expressed fears about world peace and his own ability to govern questioning wanders Mardian a former assistant attorney general said the conversation took place at Nixon Home in san Clenente Calif after he had relayed word that j Edgar Hoover might be Able to use secret wiretap logs As a club to prolong his tenure As director of the Fri the questioning of Mardian wandered from his role As Law yer for Nixon reelection co citation against Liddy for con Mittee in the month after the tempt of Congress in its probe june 17 1972 burglary and 0 the Central intelligence wiretapping of democratic Par Agency to Headquarters to his earlier department f part in the weekend weather Goudy warm and humid coverup of watergate the senators led Mardian again through testimony he gave he Learned details about the watergate breaking a few Days after it happened from g Gordon lid by one of the seven men since convicted in the Case he said Liddy told him of a wide Range of illegal acts he and others had been involved in by coincidence Liddy appeared before a House subcommittee Friday and refused even to take an oath to Tell the truth it was consistent with his Refus Al to testify grand jury the Senate com Mittee and in civil suits related to watergate charge of contempt chairman Lucien Ned i d Mich said the panel would take All necessary Steps to effect a warm today with scattered thundershowers and highs in the 80s partly Coudy with Chance of showers Tomor Row 1 Washington a Ash 5 land Oil inc and its chair Man Orin e Atkins have vol s Unitarily acknowledged an Ille Gal Cash contribution to president Nixon reelection Campaign the original announcement came from special watergate prosecutor Archibald Cox and h was quickly confirmed by at Kins and the Nixon reelection h committee according to the committee the contribution was made be fore a new Federal election Law i took effect april 7 1972 require i ing Public disclosure of All g Campaign contributions Atkins said the contribution i was made through a subsidiary and without the knowledge of i his Board of directors he s termed the contribution sex 1 Tremley regrettable refund requested in a letter dated july 16 1 1973 to the Nixon reelection i i Nance committee Fred m Vin son or said he was acting As 1 the attorney for Atkins his life and the Ashland Petroleum Gall Bon corp and was notifying the Campaign finance organization that the Contri 5 Button received in the name of or and mrs Atkins actually was made from funds of Ash land Petroleum Gabon Vinson asked that the funds be re turned the letter concluded this will acknowledge that my in quiries have also revealed that the Nixon finance committee was not informed and had no Way of knowing that this contribution originated from a corporate source a reply dated the same Day to Vinson from Paul Barrick treasurer of the finance com Mittee enclosed a Check made out to Ashland Petroleum Gabon for the full amount of the contribution the committee had no idea that the contribution had been from corporate funds the bar Rick letter said in a statement issued from his office Cox said it appeared that the contribution was solicited by and delivered to Maurice h stans then chairman of the finance Arm of the Nixon reelection com Mittee stans is under indictment in new York in connection with a secret Cash Campaign contribution from new Jersey financier Robert l Vesco stans has pleaded innocent second Case Ashland with Headquarters in Ashland by became the second major us firm to acknowledge illegal corporate do nations to Nixon two weeks ago american airlines con fessed that it donated in company funds to the Nixon re election Campaign at the time Cox commended the move and indicated that jail terms and fines May await other corporate officers who fail to admit such gifts when corporate officers come Forward voluntarily and Early to disclose illegal political contributions to candidates of either party their voluntary acknowledgement will be consid ered As a mitigating Circum stance in deciding what charges to bring Cox said in a statement Friday Senate votes to limit wars Washington a the Senate Friday passed a historic Bill limiting the presidents Power to commit american troops to War without congressional approval though similar legislation passed the House earlier this week its ultimate Fate is Uncer Tain because a veto by presi Dent Nixon is considered cer Tain the 7118 margin by which the Senate approved the Meas ure was 11 More than the two thirds that will be needed to news Index Eagle editorial Hospital to override a veto however the House fell 32 votes Short of two thirds earlier with an Eye toward the expected veto the Senate refused by a vote to broaden coverage of the Meas ure the amendment by sen Thomas f Eagleton do would include civilian advisers Central intelligence Agency personnel and foreign proxy troops As Well As us armed forces amendments also were Defeated that would extend the measure to cover peacetime deployment of troops abroad and limit the circumstances under which a president could commit troops 30day limit the Bill finally passed by the Senate sets a 30day limit on a presidents Power to commit troops giving Only Congress the Power to extend the period the Bill passed 244 to 170 by the House wednesday would set a 120day limit instead another major difference is the spelling out in the Senate Bill of circumstances under which a president could commit troops for a limited period hijackers hold 145 on jetliner pro palestinians divert japanese plane to Arab Sheik Dom Dubai a hijackers championing the palestinian cause commandeered a Japan airlines jumbo Jet Friday 30 minutes outside Amsterdam and brought it to this persian Gulf Sheik Dom the plane carrying 123 Pas sengers and 22 Crew members touched Down safely at the Dubai Airport at am sat urday pm not Fri Day authorities Here reported armed police ringed the plane and the passengers remained aboard officials said they added that the hijackers allowed Sheik Mohamed bin Rashid minister of the United Arab emirates defense Force on Board the giant Jet to negotiate a Jal spokesman in Paris said the hijackers had tried to land the Boeing 747 at Basra Iraq but that the Airfield was much too Short for a jumbo Jet the spokesman said the Hijack ers then continued to Bahrain but found the Airport closed associated press newsman Larry Lawrence reported from the Dubai Airport that the entire Complex was shut Down Dubai police were posted with members of the United Arab emirates defense Force around the Airport the hijacked plane was parked in the cargo Section about 300 Yards from the newly built terminal Jal officials in Tokyo said they were sending a plane to Dubai with airline and govern ment personnel doctors nurses and newsmen in a series of contacts with european control towers on their Way to their destination the hijackers first identified themselves As members of Al Fatah the largest palestinian guerrilla organization then while Over Italy they broadcast from the plane we Are the japanese red army acting for the people of Palestine Al Fatah in Beirut Lebanon denied its members were involved three japanese members of the red army carried out the massacre at Tel a ivs Lod Airport which killed 25 persons and wounded 70 on May 31 1972 the Jal jumbo Jet flight originated in Paris stopped in Amsterdam and was in route to Tokyo by Way of Anchorage Alaska a Jal spokesman in Tokyo said All but nine of the passengers were japanese Airport officials in Amster dam said the hijackers boarded the aircraft in Paris trial run for a Turbo train built for Amtrak comes i a p51 a Canadian National freight train in Montreal the fou car High Speed train one of two undergoing tests for the us rail corporation was destroyed by fire in the collision Friday six american rail officials were among nine persons on Board who suffered minor injuries a spokesman for United aircraft which was testing the trains for Amtrak Over Canadian roadbed estimated the loss at million the two trains were due for Deli very in september

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