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Berkshire Eagle Newspaper Archives Aug 7 1976, Page 1

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Berkshire Eagle (Newspaper) - August 7, 1976, Pittsfield, Massachusetts r Joel Librizzi 1 its a Lemon i at the Clapp Park Lemon eating contest this week Foury Earold Kerry Gould of 175 West Housatonic St was a participant this was her reaction is scientists Eye natural manmade poisons in search for clues to a mystery disease Harrisburg a up scientists seeking the cause of the american legion mystery illness shifted their emphasis to natural and manmade poisons Friday but continued searching for viruses that might be the killer agent the Center for disease control in Atlanta confirmed earlier state findings that Swine flu was not responsible for the disease that has killed 25 persons who attended the legion convention two weeks ago in Philadelphia i think we can All breathe a sigh of Relief that this is not flu said cd director David Sencer there was no evidence the ailment had spread beyond convention goers Sencer said the epidemic had peaked and appeared to be on the downswing although unfortunately people continue to die the states death toll climbed by two Friday with the deaths of Earl Cox 63 of Washington county and mrs Elva Hamilton 73 of Allegheny county both attended the legion convention Sencer said it was possible the cause of the legion illness will never be known he said there have been instances in the past when similar though less severe outbreaks had not been understood a wide variety of toxic substances could be responsible but state officials said none had yet turned up in Laboratory testing they said toxicological tests sometimes take weeks to find traces of chemical in tissue specimens i would say our emphasis is shifting definitely toward toxins said state health Secretary Leonard Bachman that still does not Rule out the slower growing viruses that we Are still looking for certainly we Are moving pretty far away from the bacteria and fungi and things like that that we discounted fairly Early in the game in Philadelphia City officials said they also were carrying out their investigation on the Assumption that some Poison was responsible Laboratory tests at the cd and the Philadelphia Bureau of laboratories found in three Days of test tube studies no evidence of any kind of viral activity in tissue and other specimens taken from victims its not what we have found but what we have not found he said Sencer said the cacs toxicological Laboratory in Chamblee a reported that heavy Metal poisoning did not appear responsible for the outbreak but said organophosphorus and chlorinated hydrocarbon compounds were possibilities chemistry is even More complicated than microbiology he said asked at an Atlanta news conference if the cd was concentrating solely on poisons Sencer replied of no were continuing with All aspects of Laboratory work Russia born cellist Piatigorsky Dies at 73 after a Long illness the cellist Gregor Piatigorsky with his instruments at Tan los Angeles up Russia born cellist Gregor Piatigorsky who thrilled concert audiences of the world for More than 45 years died Friday after a lengthy illness he was 73 Piatigorsky died at his Home in Brent Wood a wealthy los Angeles suburb Grant Beglarian Dean of the school of performing arts at the University of Southern California where the cellist had been a professor since 1962 said the musician had been ill for about Iofe years Beglarian did not disclose the nature of his illness a memorial service will be held next thursday at uses Bovard auditorium funeral services will be private Piatigorsky made a rare Public performance last april at a dinner honouring him by the us friends of music and last february he played a 21yearold Stradivarius cello at the dedication of the us school of gerontology the musician held the Piatigorsky chair in the us department of music since the seat was endowed in 1974 he is survived by his widow Jacqueline los Angeles daughter mrs Jephta Drachman Baltimore and a son or Joran Piatigorsky Bethesda my Piatigorsky ranked with Jascha Heifetz Artur Rubinstein and the late Pablo Casals As one of the great 20th Century performers of classical music Piatigorsky one of the most prolific artists on the concert stage from his american debut in 1929 until the 1960s spent his later years As a teacher of the cello at the University of Southern California he was chairman of the chamber music department at the Berkshire music Center at Tanglewood from 1940 until 1952 and a guest teacher from 1953 until 1955 a close Friend of Serge Koussevitzky the Tanglewood festivals first music director he was also described by a Tanglewood spokesman As a dear Friend of the Boston symphony orchestra he was a frequent soloist in concerts at Tanglewood and also Jave recitals in Pittsfield during the late 1930s and Early 1940s As part of the Pittsfield Community concert association Spring concert series in the High school auditorium his first appearance with the Boston symphony orchestra was in a 1931 performance of the Schumann cello concerto his last a 1960 performance of Dvorak cello con Certo tonight Boston symphony orchestra concert at Tanglewood a performance of Beethoven missa solemn is will be dedicated to his memory his tall stately form straddling the cello and bending Over a Stradivarius valued in six figures was for decades a giant figure appearing with Leopold Stokowski new York philharmonic symphony and the los Angeles philharmonic conducted by Zubin Mehta born to a poverty plagued family in pre revolutionary Russia Piatigorsky fled when the communists took Over and started on a career that took him to marriage with Jacqueline Rothschild whose brother Guy was the ranking member of the historic european Bank ing clan in his late years he spent his Days practising the cello on an instrument made in the year 1914 in a Brentwood Calif House redesigned by Frank Lloyd Wright and surrounded by the paintings of Toulouse Lautrec Degas Chagall Monet and Rouault he made his first appearance in the United states in Oberlin Ohio in 1929 and subsequently gave Well Over 1000 recitals and appeared More than 400 times As soloist with major orchestras the forecast wet bar partly Cloudy today Chance of a Shower High in the 70s partly Cloudy tomorrow with Moder ate temperatures Eagle 15 cents 93 cents per week delivered Pittsfield Massachusetts saturday August 7 1976 tax revision is voted by Senate Washington up the Senate passed a major tax revision Bill Friday which would make permanent most individual tax cuts but which left the Hopes of Liberal tax reformers in shambles the vote was 4922 the Bill makes some changes limiting tax shelters and other tax advantages including a significant tightening of the minimum tax on the wealthy with Large amounts of preference income these changes however Are offset by hundreds of amendments granting new tax advantages some Are Likely to be popular such As an expanded child care tax credit and tax credits up to for Home insulation and for solar heat installation others Are regarded As necessary such As making permanent the 10per cent investment tax credit on the final Day of a sometimes bitter four weeks of debate the Senate rejected a Las minute White House move to slash income taxes further and in a Surprise killed a major tax Cut for investors who hold stocks property or other capital investments for Long periods not so surprisingly one of the final successful amendments would give the elderly a tax break on Selling a Home by increasing the over65 exemption from capital gains taxes from to others affect a narrower constituency ranging from major Breaks for railroads and airlines to smaller Breaks for Small fishing operations in new England various Oil companies the maritime Industry some Banks trusts and dozens of others would gain few efforts by reformers to change the trend succeeded and some members of the Reform group which was led by sen Edward m Kennedy mass sponsored narrow interest provisions such As the amendment by sen Walter Mondale Minn to Grant a special tax break to investors diversified services of min Neapolis Mondale amendment was dropped after he became a Vic presidential candidate in addition to the general billion tax Cut the Bill would increase taxes on some groups by billion and decrease taxes on others by billion leaving the Reform sections of the Bill almost Neutral however in the next four years As other tax Breaks came into play the Bill would reduce Treasury Revenue by billion the Bill faces a Tough conference with a House passed Bill which covers almost the same subjects but which gains billion in the same period Las minute efforts by Kennedy and sen Gaylord Nelson Minn to tighten the Reform sections of the Bill failed Nelson failed 5030 to curb special tax advantages for exporters through use of Domestic International sales corporations Kennedy tried unsuccessfully to tighten the minimum tax already the toughest Revenue raising amendment in the Bill at million in 1977 but which the Ken Nedy forces found inadequate among the other tightening amendments Are rules limiting tax shelters and limits on the tax deductions by those who rent vacation Homes and those who claim deductions for rooms in the Home used As an office at the White House president Ford said he regretted that the Senate rejected a tax Reform Bill amendment that would have raised the personal income tax exemption from to a year Ford said it would have promoted real equity in the tax system and Cut income taxes by billion a year a year for a family of four earning besides the tax cuts for individuals and Industry numerous groups would Benefit from the Bill including working parents College students the elderly and the divorced paying Alimony Many special interest groups and individual industries such As railroads also would Benefit news Index building 89 Calendar 18 Church schedules12 county 1819 Eagle eye14 editorial pages 1617 entertainment45 foreign 2 Hospital list 13 local 1011131528 name in the news15 National 3 obituaries 13 social67 sports 2022 to movies 27 Arctic thrives in summer Darrow teacher spends season flying helicopter by Stephen Hawkins Tuktoyaktuk Northwest Terri tories nothing in the Arctic is easy said the deckhand at this Canadian port on the Beaufort sea the ships he was loading could not leave port because of ice floes although it was mid july and a myriad of mosquitoes buzzed around his head slapping at the insects the deckhand squinted at the Distant Early warning Dew radar system compound some 500 Yards away and gave thanks that there was an onshore Breeze to keep the bugs Down it was 10 at night july 11 yet the Sun was still 15 degrees above the horizon and gave no signs of drop Ping lower it wont until mid August at almost 70 degrees latitude the tiny Eskimo Village of Tuktoyaktuk or Tuk As it is More conveniently referred to lies about 200 Miles North of the Arctic Circle and some 1500 Miles Southwest of the North pole in Winter the temperature drops to Between 40 and 50 degrees below Zero fahrenheit according to Dew line personnel who live Here year round they claim windchill Factor often plummets the real cold to 100 below during the months from late april to september when most of the Arctic Waters Are free of ice turks population in creases from its base of about 600 to approximately 1500 this is when entrepreneurs crowd its shores for the action brought by the demand for Arctic Oil and the Money to be made by trans porting goods to Supply the rigging Crews one of the largest Canadian organizations which functions As supplier to both Dew line stations and Oil companies is the Northern transportation company Ltd whose Fleet of barges tankers and other vessels ply the Waters of the Arctic Ocean from Alaska to Hud son Bay carrying everything from Eskimo dog sleds to 80foot sections of Drill ing pipe the Nicl also uses the Mackenzie River a major Canadian waterway run Ning some 1120 Miles from the great slave Lake just above Northern Alberta province Northwest through the North West territories to the Beaufort sea a subsidiary of the Nicl is Eldorado aviation Ltd an appropriate name for a firm whose aircraft deliver mail personnel and miscellaneous air cargo from Edmonton in Alberta to various Way Sta tons throughout the Northwest Terri tories Norris w Howard an English instructor at the Darrow school in new Leba non by is also an a Navy helicopter Pilot who this summer has been chartered by Eldorado to Fly a chopper off one of the Nicl tankers for ice recon Naissance and other duties both he and his company agreed that this writer Pho to Grapher could accompany him on the 1500 mile journey by helicopter across the Canadian Bush from Edmonton to Tuk while Church Bells pealed the nations North by chopper continued on Page 10 Stephen Haruro Eskimo children at Tuktoyaktuk sit on pile of area that was originally built As a Curling rink ceiling Reindeer and Caribou skins in an underground storage is ice Hoar Frost

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