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Benton Harbor News Palladium Newspaper Archives May 28 1966, Page 1

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Benton Harbor News Palladium (Newspaper) - May 28, 1966, Benton Harbor, MichiganHe sleeps Home front war9 editor s note tit in Aniwa Soldier of world Wir i vis burled in Waibl Cloo nor. Ii 1821, an coast of bit event written by Kike Simpson of the associated i Ress won be pull Lier Arlie and became of the classics of journalism. It la reproduced id major portion i the suites lion of newspaper dlr or who wrote Bat Ibe Story Wai written years before he was born i shout he new generation it would be exposed to 11 tills memorial Bay. Washington nov. 11, 1921 by the associated press under the wide and starry skies of his own Homeland America s unknown dead from France sleeps tonight a Soldier Home from tha wars. Alone he lies in the narrow cell of Stone that guards his body but his soul has entered into the spirit that is America. Wherever Liberty is held close in men s hearts the Honor and the glory and the pledge Nof High Endeavor poured out wer this nameless one of Fame will be told and Sung by americans for All time. Scrolled across the Marble Arch of the memorial raised to american Soldier and Sailor dead everywhere which stands like a Monument behind his Tomb runs this legend we Here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in words of Lincoln the words were spoken by the martyred Lincoln Over the dead at Gettysburg. And today with voice Strong with determination and ringing with deep emotion another president echoed that resolve Over the coffin of the Soldier who died for the Flag in France. Great men in the world s affairs heard that High purpose reiterated by the Man who stands at the head of the Ameri can people. Tomorrow they will gather in the City that stands almost in the Shadow of the new american shrine of Liberty dedicated today. They will talk of peace and of the curbing of the havoc of War. They will speak of the War in France that robbed this Soldier of life and name and brought death to comrades of All nations by the hundreds of thousands. And in their ears when they meet must ring president hard ing s declaration today beside that Flag wrapped Honor Laden Bier there must be there shall be the commanding voice of conscious civilization against armed guns Roar All Day Long the nation poured out its heart in Pride and glory for the nameless Ameri can. Before the first crash of the minute guns roared its Knell for the dead from the Shadow of the Washington Monument the people who claim him As their own were trooping out to do him Honor. They lined the Long Road from the Capitol to the Hillside where he sleeps tonight they flowed like a tide Over the slopes about his burial place. They choked the Bridges that Lead across the River to the Fields of the Brave in which he is the last Comer. Soldiers sailors and marines All played their part in the thrilling spectacle As the Cor Tege rolled along. And just be Hind the casket with its faded French Flowers on the draped Flag walked the president the chosen Leader of a Hundred Mil lion in whose name he was chief Mourner at his Bier. Be Side him strode the Man under whom the fallen hero had lived and died in France Gen. Persh ing wearing Only the single medal of Victory that every american Soldier might Wear As his Only decoration. Behind came the Carriage in which came Woodrow Wilson also stricken Down by infirmities As he served in the highest place of the nation just As the Humble private Riding in such state ahead had gone Down be fore a Shell or Bullet. For that see Page Sec. 1, col. 3 Michigan s biggest buy for Reader and for advertiser final edition Benton Harbor Mich. Saturday May 28, 1966 26 pages Price 7 cents weather forecast fair and Cool tonight. Sunny and warm Over Holiday weekend. Temperatures readings from Fri. Noon to sat. Noon 12 n. 74 6 p. A. 58 9 p. A. 51 12 a. 53 3 a. 6 a. M. M. M. 12 n. High 79, at 2 . Low 47 at 7 . Fidel fans War hysteria veterans threaten to Boycott hotel wounded Gas snubbed by Hilton in Chicago Mundelein 111. Threatened Boycott of a Hilton hotel by veterans has Arisen because a Hilton official shunted away a group of wounded veterans he feared might depress regular night club patrons. Andy Borg of Superior wis., president of the veterans of foreign wars threatened Fri Day to withdraw the vow s National convention from the new car kills Buchanan boy 13 12th traffic death this year Buchanan Ricky Allen Matlock 13, became Berrien county s 12th traffic fatality of the year and the second resident of Alexander Street Buchanan to die from traffic injuries this week when he was hit by a car on us-12 at . Yesterday sheriff s deputies reported. Deputies said Ricky who lives with his Mother at 124 Alexan Der Street was pronounced dead on arrival at Buchanan Community Hospital with a ruptured heart vein. Wednesday 12 an to deaths in Berrien county in 1966 George Eddy 308 Alexander Street died of injuries suffered when a tractor o v e r turned on him last sunday. Deputies explained that Ricky and another Young Friend Jack Baxter were waiting to Cross us-12 near High Bridge Road to join another Friend Mike pow ers when Ricky boiled onto the Road and was hit by a West bound car. Deputies said the Driver of the car John Wallace 19, route 1, Galien told them he saw the boy but could not Stop in time and skidded into an eastbound car driven by Timothy Moore 18, Mishawaka ind. No one in either car was Hurt officers added. The Accident is still under investigation. Ricky an eighth Grade student at Buchanan Junior High school is survived by his Mother mrs Essie Lee Peterson his father John Matlock of Fulton Mich two and Niles two Brothers pfc. John Matlock of Camp Pendleton calif., Terry mattock at Home and a half brother Dennis Peterson at Home. He was a member of boy scout troop 41 of Buchanan. Funeral services will be Hel at 2 . Tuesday in the Swen funeral Home in Buchanan with the Rev. Wanita Tarver of the Buchanan Church of god officiating. She will be assisted mrs. Ruth Endicott of the Nile Church of god. Burial will be in Oak ring cemetery. Friends May Call at the funeral Home after 10 . Sun Day. Lowell White at the or Gan in Captain s table lounge Start Long May 28th. Adv Sisters mrs. Joy Pitcher mrs. Gail Hillhouse o Ork Hilton aug. 19-26 unless an apology is made. The american legion s Naonal commander l. Eldon Ames who is in Europe said was deeply distressed to earn that the sacrifice on the Art of our Young men and Omen in Viet Nam might Lake them unwelcome any there in Porter Parris manager of the Konrad Hilton hotel in Chicago Vicli features an ice skating How in its fashionable Boule Ard room said thursday he id not want a party of some 70 rounded veterans to attend the regular show because their re since might depress other patrons. He offered to put on a special matinee for 600 veterans. Resi dents of Mundelein a suburb Northwest of Chicago sponsors f the servicemen s entertain ment declined the invitation. At a news conference Friday Arris said he had been mis quoted then said i consider his a Public but added later that he would Issue an apology Only if this unfortunate incident Las grown out of the fact that i Vas misquoted by the gentle Man who called my office last Esclay to make reservations at the Boulevard Parris Aid. As i indicated to that gentle Man Over the Telephone we Vore willing at that time and we Are still willing to provide the facilities of the Boulevard room o these Viet Nam veterans at any time provided the hotel is Iver. Time to make adequate arrangements to assure their Comfort and he added. The veterans All patients at he nearby great lakes Nava still had a party. They were taken to a movie and entertained at the Ivanhoe Earth Side restaurant. The Par y was organized by mayor Pau of Mundelein and Ralph Shields a township tax asses Sor. I be never seen anything so As what those people n Mundelein did for Sai Henry Hartman 21, a Marine Corporal from Chicago. Hart Man was not in Viet Nam. He landed in the dominican re pub lie in 1965 with the 6th Marim regiment. I did t know about the Hole thing until this it said. Ill Tell you this. It s a Rotten Job Over there. No of likes to be wounded. People Here care less until t hey a personally Cpl de Anderson of Kansa City mo., wounded in the High leg said the Hilton will Neve see my sgt. John Ross 21, Bay City Mich., a four year Marine be eran has been hospitalized is months since taking a Bullet 1 his face. Adv Beauty Salon 3800 Niles 983-c871 adv Goodyear farm family part at Benson tire 10th Marke b.h., wed. June 1, . Adi vets enjoy night out despite hotel night club ban pfc. Alan Bonner left of South Lyon Mich., a Viet Nam Veteran relaxes to enjoy entertainment at a downtown restaurant with group of buddies from great lakes naval Hospital. Porter Parris right manager of Chicago s con Rad Hilton hotel tells press conference he had earlier refused group use of Boulevard room because their presence might depress other patrons. Vets party was organized by officials of suburb of Mundelein 111. A wire photo or. King will tent to integrate suburbs Chicago apr. Martin Uther King jr., says his drive o end Chicago slums will Fea ure tent ins in White suburbs o dramatize demands for open housing. King said a demonstration line 2g will be followed by a Ummer of activity that include the use of tent ins in White areas to Point up the need or open housing. Are inviting social discs or. King said by Foster no a predominantly negro Cen ral City ringed by All White sub at a news conference Friday night he outlined the last six months of behind the scenes preparation by his Southern Christian leadership Confer enact. Now the time for nonviolent action has he said. King said the drive will open with a rally and then a March on City Hall. We will fill Soldier Field then March and present our de mands to the City King said adding that juvenile gang members will be invited to join the civil rights movement in Chicago. King said he has conferred with leaders of nearly every negro and White juvenile gang in the City in the past two weeks and is convinced some of them can be persuaded to redirect their Energy and goals to Crea Tive nonviolent although some May misinterpret this King said there is nothing More notable and Sublime than to give a Fel ing of belonging to people who have been told they Are Nobo Dies and the movement s demands will be directed at employment schools welfare health and housing he said. Says . Planning to attack cuban armed forces put on state of Alert Havana a prime minister Fidel Castro said Fri Day night he is convinced the United states is planning armed aggression against Cuba and ordered a state of Alert for Cuba s armed forces. In a communique read Over radio and television Cas Tro accused Secretary of state Dean Rusk of practically threatening us with War Over Annex clashes Between . And cuban forces along the Peri meter of the . Naval base at Guantanamo i n Southeastern Cuba. President Osvaldo Dorticos immediately called in the ambassadors of communist coun tries and asked for volunteers willing to Aid Cuba against the threat of aggression by Yankee the ambassadors present included those of communist Chi a the soviet Union and North Viet Nam and the representative of the Viet Cong guerrillas in South Viet Nam. There was no report on the response to Dorticos request. Guantanamo shooting Castro said the . Defense department lied in claiming thai six cuban soldiers penetrate the . Base monday and exchanged fire with american guards. Rusk told a news conference Friday the United states had protested the incident and demanded that such actions Stop a defense department spokes Man said As far As is known no one was injured in the Exchange of gunfire. Castro said the Pentagon ver Sion does not contain the slightest element of truth ant likened it to lies which he said always precede the aggression of Yankee he denounced the chiefs Pentagon As a gang of reactionaries bandits criminal without scruples and cowards.1 maybe by such improbable and false declarations they a trying to create psychological conditions to unleash an aggression against our he said. Castro answers Rusk Cuba will never abandon custody of our territory which is virtually what Rusk is do Castro said. Instead what we will do immediate is put our revolutionary arme forces and All the people of cub in a state of he said the United state should not even bother to sen a diplomatic note on such allegations because it would not b accepted. Threatens girl with knife a Man identified by police As a former mental patient holds a 7-year-old girl hostage near a Busy intersection in Vancouver b.c., threatening to Stab her if police approach. The Man released the girl and plunged the knife he had been holding against her into his stomach. He was expected to live at a Vancouver Hospital Early today. He was also linked to the stabbing of a father and son earlier. A wire photo space trip set for wednesday evolution ruling Given by court Cape Kennedy Fla. A if their target satellite fails today. Over Holiday millions will Jam highways by associated press the first extended Holiday of the warm months Drew millions of motorists to the highways to orbit next wednesday the gemini 9 astronauts will be launched anyway so that Navy it. Cmdr. Eugene a. Cernan can gain vitally needed space walk experience and to keep the gemini program from slipping behind schedule. The National aeronautics and space administration decided this Friday after the launching was postponed 24 hours to give a launch team More time to ready the Atlas that is to boost the target vehicle. Meanwhile Prepra of moved ahead smoothly for the weather was warm in most sections with rain Over portions of the country. The National safety Council estimated earlier that Between 460 and 540 persons would die in motor vehicle accidents during the memorial Day Holiday. For tabulating purposes the Holiday began at 6 . Local time Friday and will end at Midnight monday. The Council also estimated that most of the nation s 87 million vehicles would take to the roads some time during the biggest Musselman scholarship Jane Louise Butzbach water Vliet High school senior and daughter of Watervliet fruit growers or. And mrs. Vaughn Butzbach receives scholarship late Friday from mus Sleman Dwan Field representative Francis red Shell. The scholarship planned As annual presentation of the St. Joseph fruit processing firm Cov ers two years at Lake Michigan College and two years at College of recipient s Choice. Looking on is St. Joseph Plant manager Burnell Dehoff recipient of first Dwan scholarship in 1955, before firm became part of Mussel Man Dwan division of pet milk company. Staff photo Index to inside pages Section one editorials Page 2 twin codes news Page 3 women s Section pages i 5, 6 Ann Landers i age 6 building news 10, 11 obituaries Page 12 Section two area highlights Page 13 sports pages 14, 15, 16 comics to radio Page 19 20 weather forecast Page 20 classified ads pages 21, 22, 23 vacation to what to Rio for summer fun time. In today s paper. Adv. Monday s scheduled launching i Holiday and that collectively of a Surveyor spacecraft toward the motorists would travel 9.4 a soft Landing on the Moon. Billion Miles. Arkansas Case Little Rock Ark. A Arkansas anti evolution Law has been struck Down on grounds it restricts Freedom of learning and teaching but the state plans to Appeal the ruling to the state supreme court. Chancery court judge Murray Recd held Friday the 1928 Law was an unconstitutional restriction on the quest for knowledge. Reed s action cleared the Way for legally teaching Charles Dar win s famous theory of evolution in Public school class rooms. Notice this newspaper will not publish on monday memorial Day. Blade sails 80 feet rips fender the Blade on a new York Central Brush cutting machine Devia de from its Plant trim Ming assignment and slashed into a car Friday. Benton Harbor patrolman Bill Matthews reported the Blade flew off the machine and Cut into the fender of a parked car 80 feet away. The incident occurred on Volley drive where the car had been parked by Michael Seroke n Lake Mich Igan College student. Etc is open All Day sun., closed memorial Day. Adv

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