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Benton Harbor News Palladium Newspaper Archives May 22 1965, Page 2

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Benton Harbor News Palladium (Newspaper) - May 22, 1965, Benton Harbor, MichiganPage two the a daily newspaper published regularly sundays and holidays at Michigan Oak and coax Post office Box 478, Ben of Harbor Michigan 49023, and representing consolidation of daily palladium and the evening news the news palladium Benton Harbor Mich. Editor and publisher Stanley r. Bannon second class postage paid Al Benlon Harbor Michigan. Volume 80, number 121 member of the associated press Nea service and audit Bureau of circulations. Telephone 5-0022 the associated press is entitled exclusively to the use lot publication of All the local news printed in this newspaper As Well As All a news dispatches. Subscription hates by mail Allegan Berrian Cass Van Buren counties one year six months s g 00 v three months j elsewhere one year six months three months one month 5 j Sqq these Rales Lor delivery by mail apply to routes and owns where the delivery by news palladium Carrier is not available. By Carrier .40c per week. By motor route per month payable in Advance. Were it left to me to decide whether we should have govern ment without newspapers or newspapers without government i a bold not hesitate to prefer the latter. Thomas Jefferson. New Plant in Selma Hammer Mill paper co. Of Erie pa., Parent firm of paper co., is proceeding despite protests to build a new Plant in Selma Ala. Announcement of plans for the new paper Mill caused the Southern Christian leadership conference and the National association for the advancement of coloured people to Tell Hammer Mill that in their View the decision to establish a Mill near Selma was an unfortunate one. The two groups pointed to the concerted Effort in Selma to deny negroes their voting rights. But after talks with company officials the protesting organizations received Assurance that Hammer Mill intends to use its full influence As a corporate citizen of Dallas county to secure the full Protection of the Law Tor All rights including employment Opportunity and the right to Register and vote freely without discrimination or it seems Likely that this Northern company wisely using its influence in the area May help Selma along the path toward fairness and Equality under the Law. But the really big boost that the new Plant will give to negroes in the Selma area is through the jobs it will create. Alabama s Cotton Economy is shot a thing of the past. The state does not now have enough jobs for All its people to maintain themselves properly., Pov erty is widespread particularly among negroes. Employment at respectable wages will provide Ala Bama negroes with heretofore undreamed of opportunities. As their economic station rises so will their participation in Community and government affairs. There is nothing that would help Alabama negroes achieve civil rights faster than to have the state Sud Denly flooded with new plants of All kinds. New cancer test the annual death toll from uterine cancer among american women is about this figure under scores the importance of an announcement by the University of Chicago that one of its medical professors has developed a reliable new method for diagnosing cancer of the womb. The method depends on the fact that cancer cells contain More nucleic acid than Normal cells from the uterus. Nucleic acid in a sampling of uterine cells is stained with fluorescent dyes and the amount of flour essence emitted accurately measures the amount of nucleic acid in the cells. There Are two other important Points about this test devised by or. George Wied professor of obstetrics and gynaecology. Besides being reliable according to reports it is simple and inexpensive. These Are vital considerations. Many women shrink from undergoing elaborate tests and Many families cannot afford expensive period examinations. The new test May thus be widely applied and if it is we have a Rood Chance of significantly reducing the number of uterine cancel deaths. Hit policy h quite one sided Peanut butter spreads mothers who for years have been slathering bread with Peanut butter and Jelly five minutes before the kids get Home from school for lunch will be interested i of know that worldwide Peanut butter Campaign has been launched. If All goes Well youngsters in Europe and a lot of other places also will get Peanut butter and Jelly sandwiches for lunch before Long. I i As things stand the poor tads have to struggle along on less glamorous viands soup maybe or fish and chips. But the Peanut butter millennium will Dawn. It will if the efforts of the Peanut Industry by the department of agriculture Are successful right now Peanut butter is regarded As a sort of health food rather than As a Staple on the Young Fry menu in most other countries. But Peanut butter went Dver big when the agriculture department introduced it in 1963 at a european food fair. So cheer up Young sters of the world Peanut butter s coming by Bruce b10ssat Washington Nea on the surface the historic hour National teach in on Viet Haiti was a thing of rationality and balance. Both sides were heard in a debate on . Policy. Yet tie appearance was illusory. No one truly concerned with the vitality of american democracy would he Little an enter prise which i Drew College professors and students to Wash Ine on on a warm Spring sat urday. Tjie announced purpose was commendable and the Dis play of Energy and spirit admirable. The results Are another mat Ter. This reporter watched the proceedings first hand from be ginning to end most often As one of the teach in audience. By their questions their comment in the audience their visible mood and their physical responses the participants in overwhelming majority made Plain they came seeking confirmation of their pre Wash Glon judgments that administration policy in Viet Nam is almost wholly wrong. Contrary arguments no mat Ter How seemingly Well buttressed with fact were generally greeted with scepticism scorn and derision. Utterances which supported the views they brought with them were endorsed with smiles and warm applause. When they broke up a half hour past Midnight there had been no vocal sign that any critic whether professor or Stu Dent had changed his mind. In the whole hours i did not hear from the lips of any critic a single approving word about . Policy in Viet Nam or anywhere else. The government was portrayed As stupid ignorant arrogant secretive and persistently wrong headed. The picture the critics gave of themselves As they spoke and responded to the debate was of individuals uniquely sensitive to the needs of the vietnamese and other suffering Peoples better informed than he administration As to the facts of the conflict confident we have no business in South East Asia qualified to state categorically that a . Withdrawal from South Viet Nam would Cost us Little or nothing in a cold War struggle they sharply deplore. They accept the Viet Cong guerrillas As the spearhead of a great popular uprising in the South judge our bombing of the North As inhumane and useless say at one time that vietnamese communists can hold to a to Oist Independence of peking and at another that chinese red domination of the Region is inevitable and we must accept it. This self portrait of the. Assaulting academic forces was much the most interesting phenomenon of the National teach in. As with so much of their prior criticisms this modest minority of the academic Community Here showed itself to be largely unconcerned either with hard evidence on Viet Nam or the harsher realities of Amer Ica s world position. Convinced of the govern ment s Folly they gave their own arguments the ring of final truth though some of these same men would have let Greece and Turkey go communist in 1947 they opposed the tru Man doctrine of and their older counterparts dared to con tend on the eve of world War ii that Hitler s villainy was in part an invention of British propaganda. Like their Brethren before world War ii they focused heavily on social and economic reforms As the answer to every thing. Help provide these they said and there will he no need to fear domineering Power or otherwise. This emphasis May Supply a key. The critics arc not really alone in deploring War. They arc unique however in their deep annoyance at War s ten Dency to interrupt the social Rcv solutions they count upon to end the world s strife. This gives added Force to i their natural distrust of the military. And it helps explain Why they want an America in credibly powerful in the Post War world to draw Back from risk to Sheath its Power except in the final emergency of think it will make our idol very saturday May 22, 1965 do you remember 50 years ago after a year s activity in the educational world of Benton Harbor the business College on Morton Hill will close for the summer. Or. Ferguson head of the institution and his wife have made a Success of the venture to make Benton Harbor College a purely business institution. Or. And mrs. John ruler of Berrien Center Are Here today to buy a new Dodge Auto Mobile from the local agent. Or. Rutler is a Nephew of mrs Henry null of Mcallister ave nue. Or. And mrs. Herman Vanderveen of East main Street have for their guests or and mrs. Robert Kuehnle of Chi Cago. They have been Down the Mississippi to Tennessee and after a week s visit Here will go to grand rapids to visit relatives and friends before survival. If we do this if we dedicate ourselves totally to pressing for Reform Here and everywhere the critics seem to say then a world geared for centuries to the use and abuse of Power will abandon this course. It was this which no one can they acted out with some Fervour in the great teach in. But at half after Midnight the Anchor of really began once again to tug at the fervently advanced illusion. Returning Home. Fred w. Tebbe and family have gone to their farm Home for a few months vacating their Home at 738 territorial Street. 25 years ago Industrial expansion develop ment of the City s Airport Extension of the cily limits and an enlarged membership embracing at East 500 were among the objectives for Forth coming year which close Gold Baum. West main Streel Clothier Ami new president of the Ben ton Harbor chamber of com Merce Laid Down last night in his inaugural talk before the organization or. And mrs. Dean s. Olds of los Angeles former Resi dents of Benton Harbor arrived Here monday to visit at the Home of the latter s sister mrs. Lola Wallace 276 pipe Stone Street. Benton Harbor elks will Honor Joseph Carver popular former exalted ruler of the Lodge at a party for elks at their Temple thursday night. The affair will feature a Buffet supper and special entertain ment. Finishing touches Are being put on the new Edge water baseball Park which will become the Home of the St. Joseph autos in the Michigan state league. The grandstand seats persons and bleach ers at first and third bases an additional Loch Ness again Well one source of anxiety has been removed the summer is not going to be allowed to pass without another Effort to find the Lnch Ness monster. The chances Are that if it is Ever found it will turn out to be considerably less fearsome than some of the Crea Tures offered on television. Still there is satisfaction in knowing that the Pursuit continues. Summer would t be the same without it. I this year the monster seekers Are making a real production of it. The Loch Phenomena investigating Bureau no less has launched a five month photographic expedition to try to capture the monster film. One s feelings As to this Are Likely to be ambivalent. T would be Fine to get a picture of the old Hoy rearing is serpentine neck if indeed his neck if he has a Teck is serpentine from the dark Waters. But that Rould Uke some of the mystery out of it. And what s 1 lock new monster without mystery t weddings parties any occasion in Coll a 7-3525 Kresge s monday. Door Buster Cotton remnants in Beautiful new season colors in prints stripes and solids. 5 yes. 36, in wife Parkin All oar my m Fri Emins until i s. S. Kresge company off town Lenton him 10 years ago or. Carvel Ott Shaffer 43, Ostrop Allric surgeon who owned and operated inc Margaret Lyle clinic in Euclid Center died sunday at mercy Hospital. He Buill Margaret Lyle Hospital in 1951 and had operated it since thai Lime. Supt. John b. Murray of the Lincoln school Muskegon Heights has been engaged to replace Charles 11. Merke Lawrence school superintendent for the past seven years the Lawrence Board of education announced saturday. Mrs. H. D. Martelle 1442 Milton Street returned recently from the 75th annual convention of the women s auxiliary of the episcopal diocese of Western Michigan in Kalamazoo. Mrs. Martelle was a Delegate from St. Paul s episcopal Church in St. Joseph. Other delegates included pcs Dames Fred Harrson Bertha pc Larson Lawrence Fuller and Margaret Eccles cum hearing set for monday Lansing a sen. Edward Robinson a Dearborn chairman of the five member Senate committee investigating Central Michigan University Friday announced a second com Vultee meeting has been scheduled for monday at the mount pleasant court House at 10 a m readers9 forum All Letteri Matt turn Wai plete amt us Addren of the writer it Boneh pea a aet nay be ue4 at the discretion Ahten Der m wards will receive preference. Right it a ctn to tit All More on medicare editor the news palladium thank you for your patience i will answer the rest of mrs. Simon s letter As briefly As i can. It had to do with Kerr Mills and Hill Burton. To re Cap mrs. Simons seems to believe that Kerr Mills is a program for the indigent nothing is further from the truth and that has been explained time and time again. Indigents receive old age age assistance and related assistance they Are not Eligi ble for Kerr Mills nor May they use the programs interchange ably. Mrs. Simons is Correct to the extent that in popular termin ology Kerr Mills has been described As for the medically indigent Here again we stumble on semantics. Congress and the medical profession have Long realized that there Are Many older persons who can meet the Ordinary expenses of living and Are in no sense indigent who cannot meet the heavy expense of major or prolonged illness. Kerr Mills was tailor made for them. To quote Cong. Curtis again he said that he real problem is not meeting average med ical expenses but the pro longed illness running into thousands o dollars of expense. King Anderson limits benefits to 60 Days in a Hospital and i should add some nursing Home benefits under certain circumstances but the 3% to 5% of the elderly who must stay longer Are the very ones who have the major these Are the cases that anyone can recite. That create the social problem. A catastrophic illness can break even a family of fairly Well to do resources. H. R. 1 King Anderson does nothing for these to me this is not an abstraction. Each week i write checks for the care of an elderly person her Small Sav Ings Are being rapidly diminished and i find very Little in the medicare Bill which would help her. Kerr Mills was designed for the person who can his own Ordinary Bills. It allows patients to be cared for by their own doctor in the hos Pital of their Choice. It is not a program for indigents. The mechanics of the Bill As worked out in each state must set Levels of income and assets for eligibility. In Michigan these Levels have been raised As experience with the legislation has allowed them to be raised. They undoubtedly will be raised again if medical care for the elderly is not Frozen into a monolithic Federal program. There Are plans afoot to require Only a simple statement of in required by social Security to shift the authority to perhaps the state health department rather than the Bureau of social Aid to remove any possible taint of Charity. To Many of us this National Hue and cry about the in a Means lest is both dishonest and hypocritical. There is nothing in the Kerr Mills Bill which is not contained either explicitly or implicitly in much Federal legislation when we built our House i can assure you that he . Wanted to know All about our resources and they should have. When i ask the Bank for a loan or open a charge account i expect to be asked for a much More Complete accounting than is required by Kerr Mills. Why this sudden concern for one program could it be that it cannot be attacked on factual reasonable grounds one of the most irritating aspects of this attack on Kerr Mills is that it completely ignores the proficient capable and concerned employees of the Bureau of social Aid. All told they have done a wonder Ful Job and with an absolute minimum of a Barass ment to All concerned. Their greatest obstacle i am sure has been the misinformation circulated about the pro. Gram and the subsequent Lack of information on the part of those for whom the program was adopted. This is sad but it does not reflect on the competence of those administering the legislation. It Only reflects the intellectual dishonesty of those who would destroy the program. A elderly people have paid Many dollars in taxes of one kind or another and it is simply not honest to Call a lax by one name a a paid out of another pocket is called taxes Are taxes. Hill Burton is a simpler matter though i fail to follow mrs. Simon s reasoning. If she thinks that there has been no objection to hat Bill on the part of the medical profession she is quite mistaken. There has been. However the vast major Ity of doctors will support a bricks and to House patients needing care and our local doctors have very generously supported the recent memorial mercy Campaign which i am sure Hopes for Hill Burton help. It is when the Federal government threat ens to intervene and interfere in the personal relationship Between a doctor and his a Licul in the patient s daily care in the exercise of a doctor s Besl judgment in the care of his patient that the doctors become agitated. They Are professional people in the highest sense and they resent the intrusion of government into what should be a most personal relationship. So will their patients when they realize too this difference of opinion is All about. All of this is undoubtedly an exercise in futility on the part of the profession. However if they go Down to defeat they will go Down swinging and with the knowledge that they did their Besl to prevent what they firmly believe can Only be the destruction or deterioration of the High Quality of medical care to which they have Given their lives. I 1 live with one of them sincerely Agnes ii. Reagan 232 Windsor Benton Tarbor old fashion chunk Canadian Ujj delicious sliced boiled . Eckrich Morgas Reg .d.a. Choice beef round Steak value Way trimmed 79 chef i Delight perfect for cheese spread fancy Quality Light chunk style Star kist tuna Garden fret Haver Rich Tomato Catsup All varieties Orchard Apple base jellies. 3 frown concentrate for imitation orm Tje Birdseye jars cup Silken cucumbers each 7

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