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Benton Harbor News Palladium Newspaper Archives Mar 11 1961, Page 5

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News-Palladium, The (Newspaper) - March 11, 1961, Benton Harbor, MichiganSaturday March 11, 1961 what Ever happened to baby Jane by Henry Farrett copy Lyhl Kcjr Henry of Tell xxii awoke in her heart pounding. All around her was a threat of something a terrible encircling danger she reached o u t in a frightened tentative Effort to determine where she was. Her Liand touched a warm softness and then it came to her that she was lying on the divan in the living room. And Ihen it All came Back to decision to wait until it was dark when to would be safer. But now the darkness had come it was Here. By clawing at the Back of the divan she managed to pull her self into a sitting position. Mrs. Stltt. Edna she held Nua inst the name trying to make it leave her mind. Just to think the name made her want to cry and on helplessly. Getting to her feet she made her Way unsteadily through the darkness into the Hall. In the Kitchen she found the Light switch and turned it on. Next to the Utility sink lean ing against it was the wheel chair the Light collapsible one Blanche had bought to carry in the car for the limes when she had to go out. Jane reached out to it. But then her hand altered and fell away. She had t meant to Hurt any one. But they had been at her devising her forcing her. It was n t her Only someone somewhere would understand that. Tears coursed freely Down her Cheeks and fell into the lower darkness. Edwin he was a Nice person a Good person mild and polite. But they would never be a blends Noji. She cringed inwardly be fore the thought of what Edwin Flagg in h i s goodness would think of her if he knew the terrible things she had done. Turning away from the thought she reached out and picked up the chair. It she could just get through this last terrible part she promised herself this would be the end of it. Tomorrow she would Wake up and she would be different. She would be Good she would never do anything bad again. Never never again. Mrs. Bates Rose from her chair with a Little sigh of pleas ure and crossed to turn off the get. It was a Lovely picture even now after All these years. The movies had seemed so much pleasanter in those Days so much prettier. Mrs. Bates opened the near est door and looked out into the night. A mild Breeze touched her Cheek. Perhaps she thought since it was so Nice out a Short would tire her and help her to sleep. Slipping a Light coat Over her shoulders she moved Down Hie length of the walk stepped out. The Hudson House loomed Large ghostly in the Moonlight and again the vision of Blanche Hudson As she had been in the picture Rose in mrs. Bate s mind. She heard a sound and looked up ahead to see the Gate to the Back Yard swing open. Two Fig ures one of them seated in a wheel chair and pushed by the other emerged through the Gateway and out into the Street. The figures turned away in the direction of the garage. After her encounter with Jane Hudson that morning mrs. Bates was not eager to approach her again. But surely Blanche Hudson was not like her sister. Ami there was still the clipping to be used As an instrument of introduction. Raising her hand she started Forward. Miss the shadowed figures close Row to the open door of the garage stopped abruptly. Jane Hudson whirled about peering through the darkness at mrs. Bate s approach. Turning Back to the wheel Cliar she deliberately pushed it ahead of her into the obscuring darkness of the garage. Mrs. Bates stopped Short with a gasp of astonish ment. Hot anger began to boil up inside her and with it a determination to Force Jane Hudson to offer her a polite and civil introduction to her sister. Hastening to the garage she peered Iii Ida just in time to see the Light go on in the car As Jane Hudson opened its door. She Taw to with a sense of wonder ment that the figure in the wheel choir despite the mild Ness of the evening was swathed from head to toe in heavy Blanket. Jane Hudson froze for a moment where she was and then quickly slammed the car door cutting off the Light. There were Quick footsteps and then with no pretext of having any real excuse for doing so she reached up and pulled the garage door churches in the annual great hour of at the same time the 1901 Bishops Relief fund Appeal of Catholic Relief services is seeking n minimum of million. The news palladium Benton Harbor Mich. Page five news of local churches christianity goes into action tomorrow 1 1 t asks millions for huge world Relief program bar George a Cornell new York a Tomor Row is one of the big Days for christianity in action it is when the churches Hoff protestants and roman Catho Lic gather the funds to support their works of Relief and com passion around the world. The programs have become huge in scope extending a help ing hand to far Flung pockets of poverty sickness hunger homelessness and disaster. His the great Good Samari Tan operations of our said methodist Bishop Fredrick b. Newell acting director of Church world service. There is a tremendous Over flow to the very ends of the Earth of material goods and Dol Church world service the re Lief of the National Council of churches is seeking 000 in its United Appeal the highest yet. Offerings will be taken refugees. A Kindred protestant Agency lutheran world has shipped at mercy Hospital missionary Paisley speakers from Africa Philippines to be Here from Africa and of goods abroad since and i e Lull nine islands will be resettled about co 000 refugees at the annual Mosston but the Story is not so Ucli in Wilry to he held next do i id thurs Ian o .1 c statistics As in human lives. Feeds the starving a recent Church world service report on its special emergency Aid program in the Congo included his note about starvation among the Balunas so Many dying people sur round the Relief workers on All sides Fiat the missionaries involved in the operation arc faced with the repugnant task of giving their limited stores of food Only to those who seem to have a Chance of the picture is similar in Many other places in parts of India in the refugee Camps of Hong Kong where bundles of rags in Street doorways turn out to be sleeping the programs also include educational and agricultural of by Tina agricultural Al Morrow for the purpose in most forts to help people help Vliem protestant and orthodox i selves in addition to direct Aid Church is in to in uin.v.1 do special collections taken up in most churches. Will lie Catholic urges magnanimity i Mccu u1u Pope John Xxiii has voiced support for this Noble Endeavor Hope hat the response will lie by the three groups. He said magnanimous and Liberal to these overseas Relief pro the Grams give Comfort and Succour to victims of War disaster and Liol tical upheaval. They provide food clothing shelter and medi Cal Aid to millions of under privileged and undernourished men women and children. These ministries of mercy account for More than 80 per cent of All America s voluntary Relief efforts in other in authority will speak at seminar help ease the burdens of the destitute and homeless in Many lands. The budgets of the organizations however Are Only a Small part of the actual supplies sent abroad which include vast quantities of government surplus commodities Given free to the churches for distribution. More than a billion dollars Worth of these products have been used in such programs since 1950, in addition to huge amounts of other foods clothing and medicines supplied by the churches. Besides they have resettled More than refugees since Catholic Relief services began ils program 17 years ago it has shipped nearly Mil lion Worth of goods to 113 coun tries and aided in resettling 000 refugees. Church world service in its 10 years of operation has distributed Worth of re Lief goods and resettled eur Church class plans two projects two projects were undertaken when the or. And mrs. Class of the first evangelical United Brethren Church of St. Joseph met Friday with or. And mrs. Howard Jones 233 Western ave nue Benton Harbor. The class will take charge of the Nursery for a three month period and raise Money for a worthy cause. Officers elected include presi Dent mrs. Charles Briant vice president Howard Jones Secre tary mrs. William Ohmann and treasurer Zach Mcpherson. Refreshments were served. Religion slighted Ann Arbor Mich., most College students api Haven t been educated in their religion beyond the Junior High says c. Grey Austin University of Michigan assistant co Ordina Tor of religious affairs. Too Liilo Gnu often a student feels that if he Collier s encyclopedia. Has doubts he really belongs out Side the such immature views. Down directly in mrs. Batch s face. Mrs. Bates could hardly be Lieve it. For a minute she was too stunned even to move. In a new flush of anger mrs Bates turned and stalked away from the garage in the direction of the Corner. Just wait she thought furiously just wait till i Tell Harriett Why i be never been so insulted in All my life i to be continued thursday through sunday March 10-19, at the fan Plain sustain life. Jewish Appeal coming besides the fund campaigns i by the two major Christian groups the United jewish a peal also is pointing up its drive in the current season. Missionary since 1q26, miss Baird earlier set red Foi 27 years in in Dia and three years in Ceylon. The convention will close Sun Day night March 19, with the of the african film Assembly of god East Napier dark in vivid Avenue and Broadway in Benton color and sound. This portrays i Pagan worship communist Ter sound films and slides will lie j ror and Christian persecution additional features the Rev. D. Across the dark continent g. Font i according to he Llev. Foote in the opening service on the foreign missions depart ment of the assemblies of god juy Stirt i ranks fifth among missionary so m cd of Evangelis j cities in the United states with under 11 countries the foreign missionary budget totals More than four million dollars per year. While missionary activities in clude of such institutions As orphanages Leper Homes and medical clinics the main emphasis is on evangelism and training of National minis ters. Bible institutes and Bible colleges Are operated in Fig differ the Power of Faith by Howard by Ollie Luu Day. The Rev. And John s. Richards will speak and show pictures of their Evangelis Otic minister among the towns 870 missionaries and mining compounds of thai Appel ulment in Johannesburg and Ortii trans i around the Ivorid Vaal areas of South Africa. Prints in m languages the Rev. M. L. Lund who will be Friday s speaker is manager of Emmanuel press in Nels Prutt South Africa where he super vises the printing and distribution of tracts papers and books in More than 50 african languages and dialects. This gospel is supported ent areas. Evening services during the ment urged or. Edward Lsasser or. Edward Elsasser a recognized authority on the United nations work in South Africa will be speaker at the second session of the methodist peace Temple missions seminar Sun Day at 5 p. M. In the Church s Chapel. His topic will be the relation ship of the United nations in South America to Church missionary work on that Conti the speaker received he doctor of philosophy degree from the University of Chicago where he specialized in latin american history. He has contributed to the encyclopedia Britannica and meryl Bird chairman of the commission on missions said some students he said lose that a cooperative supper at g their Faith in College because of p. M. In Temple Hall will follow the lecture. A Nursery is provided for pre school children and there will be a missions class for primary children. Junior children will at the lecture with their Par Church of Christ 1155 East Empire an. Bible study 18 . Worship ii . Evening str s p. M. Noel b. Nottis minister basins Faith Temple downtown Benton har ctr 155 a main St. Pentecostal revival continues every night except monday through March 18, . Rev a f. Harrym evangelist Rev Pat Wilson pastor crusade sponsored by the Assem Bles of god s National sunday school department. Miss Mollie Baird will speak at both sunday school and service March 19. She returned from the philippine islands where she was instructor in in Nanuel Bible Institute in Cebu City one of three theological schools operated in the islands for the training of assemblies of god ministers. U Cua our inti me go convention will begin nightly at sunday school will be at a. M. And the morning Church service on the closing Day will be at the Public is invited. Church building Peak Washington Apex Pendi Tures for Church construction in this country the depart ment of Commerce estimates to talled in 1900, exceeding a billion dollars for die if i a cuing it Oulion dollars to. These schools have a combined first time. The 1959 total enrolment of 229 students. A million. I and he coma out and went As he was wont to mount of olives and his disciples also followed him. And when he was at the place he said unto them Pray that be enter not Inlo temptation. And he was withdrawn from them about a Stone s cast and keeled Down Ond prayed saying father if thou to willing remove this cup from me nevertheless not my will but thine be Luke admissions patients admitted to merc Hospital during the past 24 noun were surgical i ill nos Benton Ulchar i Anderson 95d South Crystal Aye nue mrs. Arisker Gulledge 41, Fulton Avenue mrs. William so Liltz 1020 Monroe Street in. Emmett Smith 398 August drive mrs. Edward Broadnax 258 Cor Nelia Avenue mrs. Ronald Sweet route 4. St. Velma Ortii state Street. Medical patients Benton Robur Zerby 1boc Broadway mrs. Wil Ham Scarbrough 740 North Pik Street mrs. Robert Hoyt sorter Avenue Jorgen Anderson 530 Sherman court James Block am orc 127 Pino Street Hene Edwards Duehler of Oliver Edwards 1071 Bishop Avenue. St Woods sol of Gene Woods Rositi 2. Spice route 1 lil Tii Benton girl Iveigh ing four pounds 13 ounces a born to or. And mrs. Wiirret masters route 1, Empire a Emu saturday at am. Disc half Jas Benton Mildrer Battle. 927 Highland Avenue Christopher Covington 2133 Dpi a Avenue miss Bonnie or Aromis 12co Seneca Road mrs. Oliver Edwards and daughter 1071 Lii shop Avenue Cheryl Finley 427 Washington Street mrs Johnny Mclosh 470 Vineya Street Alvin , m6 South 1-alr Avenue infant Kussel 65 Broadway is lie Speeze s3pavone Street. Coloma mrs. George spice route 3 mrs. J. W. Watson Routi. Walter Eich Elberger p. O. Box 01 speaker named a constitutional or not Catholic Hierarchy to press for Federal parochial school Loans by Jules elude such Aid he explained in the message in accordance with the Kennedy s education message to Clear prohibition of the Congress has opened anew the question of Federal Aid to Paro Chial schools. The president s Bill did not in program on problems of children set a planned program dealing with children and their prob lems will be presented at the second Baptist Church sunday at 4 p. M. Under auspices of the missionary society mrs. W. O Wilson president. Featured speaker will be George Westfield Berrien county juvenile officer whose subject will be look beyond their outstanding Youn g Man Westfield was named by the Michigan Junior chamber of Commerce this year As one of Fuff the state s five outstanding Young .1 men. His Selec Tion was based on his service to the i Community beyond the Normal course of duty. Last year he was chosen by the twin City Jay cues As their out standing Man of the his major accomplishment has been his work with Young peo ple. He is a member and Active worker of Pilgrim rest Baptist Church. Mrs. Laity to is eak sunday at p. M. Mrs. Harry laity local club social president s at his news conference wednes Day the president said he Felt direct Grants were clearly unconstitutional Ami in his View so wore Loans though the question of Loans had never been tested in court and on this Point there s obviously room for actually few clauses Constitution have Jet of More i a debate i nor state governments can pass n _ i i i _ of More emotional than the 10 words which spell out Laws which Aid one religion Aid the entire doctrine As it is religions or prefer one Reli of separation of Church Ami state Congress shall make no Law Westfield first Church of Christ scientist pleasant St Benton Harbor Branch of the Molher Chorch the first can Rufli of Chrisl Sci enlist in Boston mass. Service h a. M. Wednes Dij evening service r. M. Sandaj school a. M. Sunday Burch 12 us Ustance wednesday evening meeting includes testimonies of Christian science it along room 503 us St. Joseph open daily except Holiday ii a. M. To p. A. 11 a. M. To p. M. the Public is Welcome to at tend the Church services and to us the readmit room. Tion. The message stirred prompt re action from the Hierarchy of the roman Catholic Church whose nearly elementary and High schools educate about students. Million Basic Public illegal use of tax funds to and evolved from the Early Church vice sectarian ends in school schools and in the 1830 s a Hue systems Over which the p Lias no control and to which ends Send their can Edrei by Choice. The other Side replies pare-1 merits encyclopedia Britany Ca Chial schools meet the same i perhaps no question Lias Ever Lawton Pat anniversary is March 20 Willis Dun bar known news commentator and professor at Western Michigan University will i guest speaker at the Pat birth Day banquet on March 20. A former resident of Hartford or. Dunbar will speak on Michi Gan history in this area. Chairman of the dinner. Mrs William Kelt will be assisted a mrs. Carlyle Wassman mrs Harold Sill mrs. Janet Marcel Letti mrs. Arba Johnson Kenenth Nicholas and Sarah Knapp. Met he Usuia. Twi in me Joju s a Hue Public and cry was raised against Levy t .-.1 Par ing taxes to support Liluis ii y to strictly schools. Excepting the Battle Tor to the abolition of com Ohio Ipoh in five Norn. I Montc the Catholic Bishops and Cardi educational standards schools and Federal As been Ocford thet Merican people Aid i for settlement which aroused would be for the purpose of Rais such bitter antagonisms ing the level of education which j ally with Otily incidental Benefit nals said they would press for Long term Federal Loans they contend would be strictly i to the religious organizations within the framework of the con cites Kvek sox cask Stit Aitkin they said they would a number of supreme court oppose the education measure in cases have involved intern ctn less it contained some Sulci pro i Tion of the establishment of re Cush to Congo Misiou clause notably the Evcic son ease which president Ken Nedy cited to support his position. This was a 1347 decision in which the court held. 5-4. Hint it was Legal for Public school busses to transport parochial school pupils because the funds were used or the welfare of the student not the school. The opinion also said in the the establishment of religion been lilo sub i clause meant that neither Federal inspecting an establishment of a Zuments pro and Cox debaters in the parochial school Aid Issue generally argue along s in Over mid lint no tax can be levied to support and religious activities or inst Tii the language of the apart from the decision new York a Lemner 01 to can protestant churches have urged to donate one o advanced to the formed Congo protestant Relief Agency an interdenominational concern setup to Channel sup plies Anci Relief to the strife rid Den area. The Money is the first part of a half million dollars asked of american churches by the world Council of churches in an International Appeal or a million dollars to Aid the Congo. The mount pleasant Bay vice club will observe its Library pro. Motion Day wednesday Wicen pc meets at the Hillandale Road Home of mrs. John j. Handy. Mrs. Earl m. Gordon will be Thi assisting hosiery. In keep incr with the Mee inf theme each member of he Clotil books to the Library of her Choice As program chairman for Thi Day mrs. Charles Stocker of Ben ton Harbor will present either t talk or paper on the topic. Thi american Indian our Fedora Long Church of the decision was an by Many churchmen but Farmingdale n. Y. A baptists have established a new Church Here the denomination s first on i h is the Farmingdale Church with 156 Mem these lines also Drew criticism from some opponents say direct Federal touch of Ilion a n overshadowing All the argument is a touch of irony. America s Public school system a Aid to parochial schools Means anal Church Leader will speak and show slides she and her Hus band took of mid passion at Oberammergau Germany during their travels abroad last summer. This program is sponsored by the missionary society s youth group the red Circle girls of whom mrs. James Whitelonis Counselor. The pub Lic is invited. Bethlehem Temple the Apos Lulic Faith oneness Church air in Elf h. Ii. Ilu anti line Al Tutor Lake Shore Bible Church us-i2 at Lake Michigan Uskach associate 1 actors f Marks Sheldrake sunday school n.15 classes Tor All arcs morning service a Lite week service Al m the Bible is our Tex Hook in every service first congregational Church Boll View vip Slone Broadway the Icv. Ii. Gardner Andersen. Minister and a. M. Morning worship and Church school Sermon Man Aksi Odds to my a class p. Choir la Frh Pilgrim Fellowship Friendly people invite you will be there to Welcome you. God j word will inspire you. . Us mud school Cradle Roll Day . Worship i. M. Gosi i a Kvick tuesday . Christ s Amhaus Sadows thursday Friday and a pal sunday missionary pictures and speakers from Africa and he Philippines Benton Harbor Tabernacle Rcv. Ii. A Mulvany schedule of services sunday school a. M. Morning worship a. M. Evening worship p. A. Bible Siudy class thurs at p. M. People s service tues. At m. Chat ambassador s rally March 13th at p. M. Speaker Rev. Carl Slacter i to our s u r. Of a sunday .1 e 3j Oto

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