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Benton Harbor News Palladium Newspaper Archives Mar 11 1961, Page 2

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Benton Harbor News Palladium (Newspaper) - March 11, 1961, Benton Harbor, MichiganPage two and uie editor and i us Lisher r. Ran von entered As second class matter february 29 1904 at pos office at Demon Harbor Michigan under the act of code on March 3, the news palladium Benton Harbor Mich. Volume 16. Number 59 member of the ass Duteil press aka service and audit Hureau of circulations. Telephone fi-0022 the associated press is entitled exclusively to the use for publication of nil the local news printed in this newspaper Sis Well As All. A news dispatches. Subscription Len pcs by mall Allegan. Cass. Van Huron counties one year six months three months Foo. One year six months 310.00 three months one month these for delivery by mail apply to k. P d routes and towns where the delivery by news palladium Carrier is not available it left for me to decide whet Lier we should have government sunni Ine Usu to nations. Ivio Init Neil supers or newspapers without government i should i incongruity seems to nut hesitate to prefer the Jefferson. These Days by George b. Sokolsky copyright 1057, Kunj feature so no Oleate c i each year. The Beneral Assembly of the United nations meets. Soviet Russia More or ifs strenuously proposes to have red China sealed in the United nations. The United states always opposed Liis Effort also More or less strenuously depending upon the state of affairs. It has not always been cd inv that so Viet Lussia really desired its great ally to sit in his International Council particularly in accent years when v red China h a s become a c o m pc Tor rat lie than a Collaborator of the Krem Lin for leadership in t h e Aro i soviet Universal state Sokolsky years have passed and red China has not been admitted. The first nation to wage War against the United nations has no place within the United nations. The All saturday March 11 1961 no unemployment program Aid to schools Smiedy s education Peb Tiiu a in miming controversy Over who believe in world order. Nevertheless Groat on the plea of realism favors the admission of red China. The to i part ii Liia schools according of congressional quarterly. Is the growing anlage f till blast Fedei my to Between to cd China and soviet Russia. The basis for their As on All sides of the Issue base thei s on they believe the const in Ilion til that the 1st Amend lows 01 forbids. While will ment of the const it us Ion requires that somewhere Litie must he drawn Between Church and state the an antagonism which is Ideo logical within the communist Faith but which does not. Include the Prospect of the marxist Leninist revolution being made proposals is still a matter of healed argument. Tic president s program Calls for Grants to Public British to recognize red China elementary and secondary schools but omits either he Trade there is another Factor in the p to or Loans for parochial schools. The president has o sail Aid to parochial schools is clearly unconstitutional i the ports of Hon however or. Kennedy is Reiou Esling Low interest Loans j Ila ii tientsin a for construction of classrooms to both Public and , sectarian colleges. His proposed College scholar ship program would make Grants to both the student Bank dominated the economic and his College Public or private life China. Jardine Matheson leading american catholics say they Wil oppose the Dan if it does not include Loans to parochial schools g Kong Shang and along the r mule not asking Lor Grants the Catholic hic Archy says Ping business in the far East Losiff Tim Low interest Loans would be strictly within the Brit so american Tobac the framework of the Constitution and it would be discriminatory not to provide them. Loans to parochial schools and sectarian colleges Are ii ahle under several existing programs. Opponents of further Aid to parochial elementary and secondary schools contend that the existing programs do not Aid religion but serve some other purpose such As Reward ing War veterans or promoting health and welfare against this some supporters of the Catholic position contend there is ample precedent for Loans to off ital j so nooks and the Issue is More political than cons Titu u hat supreme court decisions there Are on the is sue of the use of Public funds for Aid to religious school were based on slate Laws. Although the justices often the Kuomintang. The nationalist went beyond the immediate Case to offer Genera Opin or Sun had ions about the intent of the 1st amendment their i Alliance with soviet decisions offer no guidelines on How the court would Rule on both existing and proposed Federal pro i with cigarettes when that be came the National substitute for opium. Was Good o be a britishers in China in the Good old Days it meant Power authority and Money. It meant being supported by the mightiest Navy on Earth. It meant being part of an elite. Then came 1925. U was the policeman shot a chinese worker. That was the excuse just As a very great a Stolic Grams. 100 advisors and technicians to Canton to help Sun. At the head of them were Michael Borodin and general Galens Bluecher. Borodin worked directly under Karl Hadek in the third International. He was a lawyer from Chicago Brilliant in his ability to carry out a program among a people whom he hardly Kleiv. Or. Sun died on March 12, 1925, but that did net affect the Situa v Mui set revolutionary army led Mondary school Aid through Congress and of avoiding by Chinng gun if remit embarrassment to president Kennedy n Catholic i an amendment for Loans to private schools was rejected by the Senate last year by a 37-19 Roll Call vote. Jul the House where the Issue is considered explosive enough to kill a general education Bill a similar Amend ment was ruled out of order on the grounds that it was not germane to the Bill and a showdown vote was thus avoided. In the interest of getting any elementary and Sec try i ii us Fiolic i up the Yanetza Valley mean administration officials and school Bill sponsors Are while Borodin built the Boycott hoping that a showdown May be avoided in 19g1, Sulli Down to Nathine that comes to a Vole we ought to be deeply interested and Coll the combination of thex Nin countries corned Over the newly blossomed feud Between to per and the communists tried to vote for off Zilfi Iff to i to in a Lih san. A sessions set by Pipestone review Board Berrien Center super visor Neal j. Tice announced that taxpayers of Pipestone township May examine their assessments at tile township Hall on monday and tuesday from 9 . To 4 . When de Holle and Jay Fenton Higbee members of the Board of review meet with in factories All Over the country. Chen to Hsui who was then the Leader of the communist party worked in the open against the British. Not Only was the Boycott effective but the British lost most of their concessions in China. For a Short time thereafter the British regained some of their Trade but in 1931, Japan made War upon China a War which continued1 until 1345, when China exhausted mistreated by her Al lies betrayed by her friends had to continue battling against the chinese communists who with the assistance of soviet Russia used the War to build their strength. There is no basis for assuming that the British can regain this Trade. Nevertheless Hong Kong which red China could have taken remained a British port and its Trade has been very valuable to those who engage in it. There Are britishers who As sume that there is still Money to be made in red China. But that is no reason Why uie United states should change its Altitude which is that if red China comes in the United states goes out. Ing How in fact Many it is a Jiali ties de Sullivan and Jack Paar about who Navy the highest rain for show entertainers and Why. Or strikes sport in Havana. Somehow the controversy leaves is quite unconcerned which probably Marks us As be info a Freak devoid of understanding and sentiment. And another How do they figure television vaults have Vou Ever consulted on your choices and opinions we have a fairly accurate idea of who reads this newspaper and How lacked on subscription lists and the certified number of copies printed six Days every week. Rut we must be stupid about television viewers. Anyway the Sullivani Paar hassle sounds phony to us. It s Krcal publicity and that s what the television Industry can t have too much of. Jai Alai is the most popular do you remember 50 years ago William a. Glew the former Pic store Street grocer has taken a position with the axiom is real estate co. Of this City. He is not a stranger to the real estate business having followed this occupation for 10 years in Muskegon before coming to this City. J. L. Shears has moved tile poor master s office from the Center Block to a new location at 105 pleasant Street opposite the Higbee House thus to be in the same location As the new tent and awning factory to be conducted by or. Shears and his son. Miss Hazel Dreher has accepted a position at the Dalrymple millinery store. Miss Irene Mcclung Succes Sor to miss Mary Alice Rice who recently resigned the Post of violin teacher at the Bej Ilon Harbor College will be ready for work next week having finished her concert tour. 25 years ago protests against the proposal to stage t h e annual Blossom festival Parade on sunday this year instead of on saturday As has been the previous custom continued to accumulate today and indications were that senti ment against the sunday plan is almost overwhelming in both Benton Harbor and St. Joseph. Or. And mrs. R. C. Einsley who have spent the Winter in Marianna pla., Are expected to arrive monday in Benton har Bor where they will remain for several Days the guests of or. And mrs. . Klock Pipestone Street. M r s. Helen hater of 409 Washington Street entertained nine members of the wednes Day club yesterday afternoon games were played and prizes awarded mesdames Olga Kric i wet hold Yovil huk Atil the states of the Union have Buffi complaining for years that Ihn Federal government has pc Rai Ted Fri Miil Revenue sources which they should in Able to tap to ease their rising burdens. Fili ally in Loco Congress creat a adv Ory croup on inter a of Trinu ii till relations to sex Imine this am other pressing of Federal site relations. Leci by Frank Dane. Veteran in the ii id the commission fumed first att Tiri in to i tax area where the mates fir especially i Rev d. Titis is uie tic id i inheritance estate and sift i a unrich n d approach fixed in Law Back in the states a cd to Corral 80 per cent of such Revenue the u s the pm. In 1932. However. U. S. Lav Sov Minu estate was altered to Teie St those figures Corner agriculture Secretary Freeman is reported popular among farm bloc whether this reflects the sentiment of Farmers of coins known a couple of wars hence. A choir of congolese school boys Shiv Mill g. Mcmiven Wil i Lianis. Soapy inspires music. He has Washington singing the african blues i almost exactly in Envor of Washington. Vow the new commission wants to turn the tide Back again though not All the Way. Of the 52 billion collected in such taxr.5 the states today get but million. Under commission pro Iesals this state take would be virtually doubled Al dec them nearly half the total. These plans involving larger Federal credits for estate taxes paid to the states could menu More than just a bigger intake. The belief is an Imp con vision members that the Cost Ati ministering them gaining compliance with the in would be cheaper and easier for the individual taxpayer i might also be simpler though not cheaper. This is a readjust ment not a reduction of taxes. How would Washington off the million budget loss for one thing it would t gel the full blow at one stroke. The states would have to pass new Laws to qualify for the higher credits this process would be spread out Over a considerable period. Meanwhile. Congress could from time to time make budget and tax changes to meet the gradually altered tax total. The facts of Federal Preemption of this Revenue source seem Plain enough. To is just As . Though the u. S govern i Mew has Seldom if Ever yielded a j Rich Lux Reservoir. Now As before i the states will believe it when j see to Why successful people pay Bills by Check running balances show your exact Cash position Ai All times. Cancelled checks arc receipts for pay ment of Bills and instalments. Yon also enjoy greater convenience save time and avoid risk of loss. Your family s Security depends on How Well Yon handle everyday expenses. Yon do it More easily and More efficiently with a checking account. It s our Tiu Sines to help you Progress Benton Harbor state Bank Corner of Michigan Wall member of , Honlon Harbor Mich. Ger Gladys Pullens Ethel Sci Well and Marie Russ. 10 years ago announcement was made to Day by the Rev. Adolphus car to vicar of St. Stephen s Epis Copal Church on Street of his acceptance of a Call to become Rector of t h c Church of the redeemer at Oklahoma City okla. Along Wilh his Church duties he will be associated with Langston University. Named to the Dean s list at Benoit College Beloit wis., were two local students miss Mary bar la daughter of or. And mrs. E. J. Bartz 1535 Miami Road and miss Virginia Hammond daughter of Thomas Hammond 1203 Seneca Ronert. Miss Ham mond s was a perfect a aver age. Both girls Are members of i Beta Phi sorority. Or. And mrs. Vales crossly 4 2b eighth Street. Left sunday night for Summit miss., after receiving word of the death of his father Nathan l. Louisley in Summit. Martin j. Lane popular Ben ton township supervisor a n in member of lie Michigan tuberculosis commission was renown vitiated for supervisor on the. Citizens at a caucus held i saturday afternoon in the Ben ton township municipal build ing territorial Road. Lawrence Church choirs to meet Lawrence tile Cherub choir of the Lawrence congregational Church will meet on monday afternoon at 4 o clock for children through the Firth Trade. The youth choir Wilt meet Al for children in sixth through eighth grades. Boys and girls interested in joining Are invited to attend. Readers9 forum All letters must Tarry Eam Pleu and add Csc to us writer although pen or in Luke but be tue at us editor s discretion under 2m Wil infer ence. The right is St sensed to All us kinds no peace editor the news palladium i have been Reading some of the letters of lie past weeks Wadi growing apprehension and fear. From what i read i find there must be a communist conspiracy abroad in our land which is frightening to contemplate. I have Lead of the National Council of churches seemingly moved by communist sympathizers leading protes Tant christians to perdition. I have read of ministers threaten ing other ministers Over the showing of motion pictures. I have even read of some Chris Tian people at least they Call themselves Christian in the b e r r 1 e n county Council of churches sending a Telegram to Clare Hoffman will suggestions in it. Imagine christians suggest to a congressman this must be communist in spire to but tonight i read die most disquieting news of All that a former communist now turned Clergyman gave a sworn affidavit to a notary Public that As a communist agent he was connected with a nefarious scheme by the communists in which fluoridation of drinking water took place to tranquil Lize the american people so that come the revolution the country would fall easily. Now i am up set i find that i can no longer use my Crest toothpaste for it is Lull of Flourine. The company and i thought it was made up of Yankee free enterprises is communist inspired and what shall i do about my dentist he recommends it. And to think he once served by our armed forces probably corrupted hundreds during his tour of duty. And the american dental association must be infiltrated with communists for Many of its members advocate Florida Loii of water for the Teeth. To whom can i turn whom can i Trust not even my dentist come to think of it a great number of people have been buy ing German Shepherd dogs lately. Too Many. What if these dogs Are East German shepherds Perii aps prepared to tear us to pieces come the revolution i thought my neighbor loved dogs until i suddenly realized Why he must have bought a German Shepherd. Now f Don t dare speak to him anymore. But then my German Shepherd is a West German dog and perfectly americanized. But add it All together and it becomes frightening does t it just the other night my oldest son came smilingly in to me to ask for our car for the evening. Our ear who put this idea into his innocent head the Driver education teacher it must be who else now i Don t know if i can Trust the school anymore. Our car communism rears its ugly head even in my Castle. And the final blow came to night. I turned to my Bible for Consolation and what did 1 find communist inspired Iri the Book or acts my Eye fell upon this horrid thing and ail who believed Verc together and had All things in common and they sold their possessions and goods and distributed them to All As any if thai in t communist. I Don t know it when i Sec it. How did they Ever get into Hie Good Book what shop around Cal our 1 Ilcus Itoro von Una Watervliet furniture open every night ill 9, Sal. Til 6 now shall i Trust when i was a child i was afraid of a bogeyman behind every Bush. But now thai 1 am n Man i thank god i do not believe there is a bogeyman be Hind every Bush i know it s t communist. Frightened oppose berries tax editor the news palladium. We would like to express our views on the proposed 4 Mil Levy for operating costs in the Ben Ien Springs school District. Vote no tuesday March 14, 1961, at the old Nerrick Springs High school on us-31 in Benien Springs. The proposal Calls for a Levy of 4 mils on the state equalized value which Means that you will be required to pay from to Over per of your assessed Val if Talon As shown on your tax notice. Also with our chief in. In usury moving to a new Loca Tion and new valuations being made an outside firm who can say How much we will have to pay if this Levy is approved would it not be More logical to eliminate he non academic activities and lower taxes there Are a f e w questions which have not been Given satisfactory Public answer. If it were so sorely in need of class rooms Why was the new gymnasium completed Becore any classroom Why was a 600-Ptipil school built when there Are less than 400 pupils to oct nov it How much does it Cost to heat and maintain the extra space How much Money was added to the contractors Price because he had bid too Low Why was t this sum and the reason for it made Public Are we going to continue to pour Money into Beautiful building we do not need when like our old High school building it will not be modern enough who is paying for the Exten Sive Campaign to approve this Levy who allowed a trailer without License plates to Park in uie Village Why can any registered voter Levy More taxes on your property though he May have no property whatever Stop and thing taxpayer. How can we expect the state and Federal government to lower taxes when we continue to vote taxes on ourselves for frills we can get along without again we say vote no on the 4 Mil Levy in Berrien Springs on March 14. Polls will be open from . To . Citizens committee for Tower taxes Berrien Springs make Survey in Marquette Lansing a _ the state Highway department has started making land surveys or modernization of 8.2 Miles of m 95 in Marjii Cylc county. The million project is scheduled to be place under contract in 1063. Rent a Lowery Organ lessons Kniebes music Mart 3-1172 for that touch of guarantees the length controls the folds restores the Beauty of your draperies tue draw be expertly dry cleaned cont room and to their you 3-2565 sanitary cleaners St. Joseph Benton Harbor Coloma

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