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Benton Harbor News Palladium (Newspaper) - June 23, 1920, Benton Harbor, Michigan Page four the Newsham Jaiom to Torti told what a wonder fat Opportunity to then univ Kraut re the right of Mil fit prank 01 i Fnu addressed the Ion of rubs it the june j King t ii Tirgary Haji on monday 1 i was Ami did Ligand to rapids Man Messare of the Way m aliens knocking to Thi Teuton har Bor save a Fine Anim kid with gems of Hope lie ski wlm is to become his address was listened t with by the ladies Lin an so incl re interested ill tills i jilt in this j in Ideal speaker on this j Tor is Roxe executive Secretary t tin americanization committee of Uia nil j also thrilled heart cars at kiwanis in Tho and those who heard him Ami evening declared i that he did not but gave each a Sipa Raio vision of Amer ii coming events Juno Long pupils save the july federa Tion Jean Klock Anil Sjirk Sivells sans a Theros a Cree ii Hill far the marriage of Uridico i help and occurred Satu Nln at Iho Uovino of Aad Currey of Lake and wag announced urn couple having returned Ulonda from a trip to the was so Neil in and carried american Beauty they have Cone to keeping at their farm Home in fit made the com Point before the in the afternoon that of in they soon the Tor this he in the fact that i uie country had made such Large Iii that j Thi foreigners Ivas quickly brought j in thureal by the to Iulius the very first the country was that of individual Index and the Rig lit to think in1 j he pointed this Imle Pendi Rinas with k its own duties and there must a and the american must j tils the foreigner is o assimilate anal he will soon j v up to the will destroys quickly i the Nesi Igent citizens works slowly seventy go on the Youns Puoplo comprising Over Sienty Jui jails of flu Good Samaritan will have their second Moehly automobile Juno on account of the had roads to his trip will he taken South to the cars will Scavo the social Center room on col fax Avenue at Oclock in the these trips Combine real information and Good is aut Mobila this paper was in error when it was slated monday that the congregation no picnic next Friday afternoon was an animal it is the result of a membership automobile contest Anil will be held at the Jean Klock the annual picnic of the sunday school comes later in the welcomes quiet Guy will be hostess to the taut club at her Home on Colfax ave nue All Day mul destroys the grand rapids sneaker said that a Light vote in Ivas a flip race to its citizens i and he told the ladies that Subj erase was not a but a plea to j women of the country to do their i Good he told the new was a definite and should Srun As sigh by the work with the who Are so pliable and easily taught americanism and thus or inviting the principles of americanization into the j one of the big Points of the which was thoroughly a picnic at Hall Hall Park will he the scene Tomor Row of a Jolly picnic to be enjoyed by the Dorcas sunday school class of the Christian the picnic hour is 2 and each one is invited to bring a dish and spoon for ice at country mesdames cast and Joseph win enter Tain at the Orrien county country club tomorrow afternoon at 1 Oclock followed by the usual a Large number of country club members will journey to South attracted by the in station and those not go iric will enjoy themselves at the club the list of hostesses this week is slightly changed irom the official Calendar issued time and announcement for fridays Oclock Pience lunch Ami Satur afternoon Tea will be made r ladies plan picnic the Henry Rowe ladies the r Are urged to be at the tomorrow afternoon at As a great Deal of business is to be and plans will be discussed for annual postpone social the social meeting which was to have been held thursday at the Home of mrs Laura was today announced indefinitely entertains Kensington David Householder will enter Tain the Kensington club wednesday at a 1 Oclock pot Luck daughter returned Loday to Detroit i after a pleasant week end visit at the i Niue of their daughter and Charles Gore and her has return Eil from an extended trip in the j Allis left this afternoon with i the remains of alas Lior Roches 1 undertaker Dean go ing by Auto to Niles for the evening Michigan Central Allis will to met in Rochester by his of new interment will be held in the Allis fam ily lot Allis will re turned i iss Minnie Wells has returned from Grayling where she has been Teuch j ing and leaves on thursday Cor Ann Arbor to take u summer course at the of preparatory to her Entrance in the University next miss Agnes Wells has just returned from Din Vaglic where has been teach and both the girls Are at Tho Home of their and Wells of Pearl miss Edna who has been teaching in Crossville for past i returned monday miss who been visiting in Detroit Tor two returned with Al iss Marv Johnson and mesdames Kliza Ross and Terry King left today for to carry their rejuvenating message concerning mis Sions to Tho people a a that these ladies addressed two largely attended meetings at the Christian Church Mon the former was a guest at the Home of and Mitchell and the two latter ladies were entertained at the Home of and Wells of Pearl miss Tena who has been in Chicago spending the week will remain there a few Days miss Fay Lindfield went to Chica go today to attend the wedding of her miss Mildred she will also attend thai wedding another Rirl miss Henrietta Wilson changes pact attitude president Abandons his take it As it or leave it Colby confers with chief Calvin Coolidge personals missionary speakers two Large wore entertained and inspired by three speakers the cause of Mission at the Church monday afternoon and Terry one of the speak of the has a son in who is a Roucher and teacher of clip Jatiana and she her a number of interesting which enhanced attraction if her animated talk upon missionary King is Crown she was followed by Eliza Rose of the of at and miss Mary state Secre tary of the whose Home is to Ann both duelling upon the Irrett strides the missionary cause has received in the past lessons of Hoo thurly love having been taught and impressed during the great world Loiis spoke to a group of Chil Dren following and the company gathered for a social Umo while Tea was in the evening the Young ladles churns a rhodos the program with a miss Mildred Guy is at Colonia spending a few White Colfax Avenue has gone to Ionia to visit her and family for two Char Hood has gone to Tor treatment at Mayo and expects to be away two or three miss Edith who has been the guest a her and local friends for a few has gone to Chicago whore she will take a summer course at the University of and Huesman of los arrived monday even ing via Chicago to visit the letters and Housman was formerly miss i Nurma and it has been some time since slip has visited Malcomson and his son and song contest is open to All for federation Harbor people Are invited to join the newest it is a song and the federa Tion of women clubs wants the most the Gladdess the most enthusiastic song that can be for their own particular it will he known As the Benton Harbor federation All who can write such a song Are asked to get into the contest at the words need an inspiration that will carry women Over the top when they meet and desire to get behind some big civic the ladies today gave this hint either arrange the words of an old or write an original poem that the committee can set to for particulars concerning the in Cingire of the mesdames smythe and Chris the competitors Are requested to Seal their offerings in an envelope and Send them to the ladies above and the envelopes will not be opened until the judges have what they consider the contest begins now and ends around August 80 saved from Arctic ice British ship rescues Crew of ship after three months june Ivi Reles message received from the Captain of Tiu Cut out to the Relief of the Srsa Iner Solo Vel which has been ice bound in the arc says that that vessel found the Solo Vel and took aboard the hitters full when the Solo Vel inns caught in the Ico in the Kiaira sea More than three Mouths ago it was feared the so per sons aboard would perish for Lack of food and Tho British admiralty loaned tin Svi Atoor for their f my stirrer mule Beaton Balta 3 9 one form of pain that no one should neglect is bleeding or pro truding piles or Pyramid pile treatment should give Relief no matter Bow badly you ask any in Jurist any where in or Canada for a 60 cent Box of Pyramid pile treatment Ana Don t accept a Susti spaniards for farm work lure of High wages brings mechanics from old new lure of High offered by american farm ers of the Middle West was responsible for the air rival Here on the liner Mon senat of Iso Spanish their Francisco said skilled mechanics in receive less than farm hands in Iii i so he and his countrymen had thrown up their jobs to where they will reap a double i and in Lucas Bra is phone 292 wide Eris pills ambition Brand for nervous people the great nerve famous Wendells put vim and vitality into Nerv Ous tired All people in a few Days in Many anyone can buy a Box for Only go and Conneil to authorized by the maker to refund the Purchase Price if anyone is dissatisfied with the cirt Box thousands Praise them for general nervous mental depression and Unstrung nerves caused by overindulgence in or overwork of any As a treatment in afflictions of the Len runs system Wendells am Jitian Are recommended As be is generally while for trembling they Are simply fifth cents Council and dealers every declares executive will accept reservations aimed at but not negation or Shulti fiction of league june Wilson has abandoned his take it us it or leave it Altitude on the league of mis by Secretary of following a Long con Feren Ceat Tho White after his Tulk Tho the Secretary consented to make for quota Tion certain observations Oil what kind of to the league covenant would to acceptable to the adm Nistra it can to stated that Tho president will accept reservations aimed at but not jul life negation or the these words will undoubtedly open Iho door at san Francisco to a thou Sand and one Deli nations it least until the arrival there of the facts that Ulouse of nil the Cabinet members and important Dele Gates hair undertaken to touch on the burning Issue at san Francisco mid fresh from a Heartt heart talk with the seems to justify Tho Story that Colby is the Man who will put the authoritative touches on the league Pauli and Tho foreign relations utterances Colby the statements of Colby were regarded of so much consequence that he was asked to have them written out Tho statement for the press was As follows Colby was questioned at the afternoon session with the newspaper correspondents at the state department to he was leaving for san lie said i am leaving at taking the twentieth Century limited from new York tomorrow and intend to travel to san Francisco without to was asked if there wus and tiling he would say As to what was to take place in Sau Francisco and re plied the convention is going to meet in u amiable temper to Dis cuss matters of the highest matters1 Colby was he i think More allusion will be made to the Versailles treaty and the league of and i May say to you that am in favor of the league of nations and the of the Versailles or without reservations sold one of Tho with out any Tomt Are said and 1 dont believe that the document re quires any interpretative the in other is so Clear that interpretative reservations can hardly be urged As if reservations or Para phrases will there is no objection to but reservations which would Stu Latify the main purpose of the league and negative the sub stance of the Are things which no solicitous about americas cuu take into Bis reckon treaty to be in it will be anticipates discussion the treaty of in All Means Tomt the acts of the president in assisting in Tho formulation of the treaty will be in Tho limelight at the it is altogether improbable Imp hint any Delegate to the convention has a league of nations planic for Iho either written or in his it More than probable that the plunk will be handled by or Colby in the Light what lie Learned and that he necessarily is the Dele Gate who will be alone qualified to speak for the it is obvious that Colby alone will be Able to define what the presi Dent Means by the words stultifying and the Secretary state will Nof loosen his grip on the state depart ment during his he will be in touch it and the nearby executive mansion every hour of the Day after his arrival at Sun Calvin wife of governor Coolidge of Massachusetts who was nominated for vice president by the Appeal to president Wilson is asked to halt threat ened rail both brotherhood Heads and govern ment officials ask that executive take june out Law strikes reported As developing at several important both Railroad brotherhood Heads mid government la clubs appealed to president Wilson to take action to save Tho railroads from Tho worst tie up that has yet been president Wilson is expected to Issue i ultimatum to the striking railway men Ami to order the department of Justice to prosecute any men who May be implicated in the leadership of outlaw lenders of the new outlaw strike lire believed to be communists and members of the who have issued a Call for a convention of rail Road workers at Chicago on june to organize one big Union to supersede All present organizations of Railroad work leaders of Tho Railroad brother hoods were in conference several hours with director general Kail roads John Vartou Tho situation is n very serious said vice president of the brotherhood of Tuil Wiy while his associates in the conference nod led the men Are Sim ply getting out of they Are utterly Imp Talent with the governments system of promises without perform Ance in the matter of wage and we have been obliged to Appeal to the president to take it hand the fact is that this is no new the former outlaw strike has never been hundreds of men have remained and the Ordinary rout ing of Railroad work has been carried of with great with the Aid of clerks and other Green we do not know who Are the Lead ers of this they May be com or there May he no the brotherhood chiefs Are cooperating with the government in every Way possible to the attempt to restore order in the Railroad world and keen traffic director general Payne confirmed All statements made by in other California syrup of figs Childs Best laxative Athens Post to Capps professor of greek language appointed minister to Juno a flaps new Jersey was named by president Wilson is minister to a recess Capps is professor of classics at Princeton he was born at and educated at Illinois he has written Many books of greek Ami drama after Belair from 1ale University he in Athens and Hen ruling to this lie a canine Tutor in latin at Yale and was professor of greek language and literature at University of serving there from 3s02 to when a went to i a Pood Ninny scenario writers Eony Plain to Titi their tories look is if they Lead been put through n screen Bei thrown on the swim accept California syrup of figs for the name California on the then you Are sure your child is having the Best and most harmless physic for the Little Stom liver and children love its fruity taste directions on each you inst say califor Palace lamp East main and men will Roll lamps and shades of All sizes and also Materi als to make your on and alter Thrace loss is denounced by Bulgaria Premier criticizes supreme Council and hints at German Alliance by associated press june award of Thrace to Greece my the supreme Council was Alexander Premier of in a talk with the associated press correspondent today As the gravest injustice Ever done to 1 cannot believe the reports to that he it will drive our people to on behalf do the i want to say that in spite of such a if come it we will loyally keep to our obligations to the allies to Ful fill the terms of under the peace Bulgaria ceded to the allies Thrace which had occupied the the peace conference later awarded it to when i signed tile peace treaty on behalf he it was in the firm convention that the allies would make Thrace a separate state under the control of one or More of great Powers and would give us an outlet on the Aegean it now Thrace is Given to the we must believe that the peace conference de sires to deprive us of that outlet and cripple us for we could not accept a seaport on greek Terri Bulgaria intended to construct rail ways to Dedia Usatch on Stani Budiwsky vent if 1 Brace is Given to have to divert them to the because o ports Are of Little j would the i put us under the Economy j Iii reial dependence and i of Gorman y again forced to this extremity Liri cd of All Access to u Ter course qua America and Italy if w terms of peace and new Bulgaria desire it Seir with the a Jed 2m lotto for soda prescription for eczema Cross Tidence 1 More than women and men make up the list of the owners of Swift every state in the Union is of this great enrolment More than Are employees of Swift company who own shares in the an additional employees Are buying shares on deferred these men and have Confidence in the company poli its integrity and that is Why they invest their savings in Swift company has been paying dividends regularly for 34 the present rate is 8 Swift company shares Are bought and sold on the Chicago and Boston Stock the company itself has no shares for the shares represent tangible there is no anybody livestock or buy them and thus become a part owner of Swift no one no one owns As much As half of the this advertisement is for the purpose of acquainting you with the fact that Swift company is not a close Cor end that any one May participate in the share the risks and responsibilities by becoming a Swift
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