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Benton Harbor News Palladium (Newspaper) - June 23, 1920, Benton Harbor, Michigan Page six the i Tom county history gives traits of indians of River Valley Ottawa tories described As peaceable but Brave and hostile to any restraint of personal Liberty liked the e French i Irr Iii county in the Early Days of j written in he says that the pot settlement was the Tawa Taliej Are a people whose noun great Mouawa Toinie tribe i try is about the Lake ill Nouch How Many know what the i they Are a warlike peo word signifies h j Hunters and their Conn we Are making a try is Good for Indian Corn of which la chapter i of co lodges history j they Plant and to which they reef liter Rewti the j pair to avoid the famines that Are too aborigines and Early French occupy i frequent in these they Are the following description the j in the highest degree at habits and characteristics of the red i cached to ridiculous and de Nim who bunted and fished in the voted to of All the people that i have associated with in these countries they Are the most docile and affectionate toward the religion was in regard to the religion of the Tho history their re before conversion to Christian was dreamy and Story of e told in pictures of museum Walls of the Joseph River Given the Early settlers regarded the As peaceable compared with other Indian tills have been attributable to previous Contact for Many years with French missionaries and especially to the fact that Many had been through the j Libers of French Catholic to ii of thu Indian they endowed All nature with divine livery Stream and Lake was an embodiment of a supernatural the Sun was a god and Tho Moon hence their religious belief were the inherited and How in Tho the general physical and mental traits of the Algonquin family to which they a i to existence of a Good spirit who was lord of although Conception of by associated press june 22 the Story of the american expeditionary Force ils told in pictures on the Walls of Tho National museum Here in a exhibit just opened to the drawn from in pen and the cold purpose min Fainot studies de ailing almost every phase of life Sis spread breathless Tensity of a out peering through Trie Leafy screen his Covert toward the enemy this Rifle hugged close with fingers clinched about the at another i slash of Light from a Hal opened l j door has painted on the screen of i night just a hint at a tramp King of toward just a Young face or two in the dirty j but with jaws grim set with i again it a a Hospital that grip Ped the artist a i writhing from under the tumbled Blanket with agony in every line and Over it the steady eyed surgeon or the merciful figure of an army i in rooms around the picture display Aro shown All the countless things with which the army and the Navy dealt in the War the the of Wiliom held the rank of Captain in the american expeditionary include Wallace Ernest pie Julius Andre Harry Harvey Walter All of York City Liam and George among to t Thev St w captured weapons and Ger Iman year of Mam a striking for the epic Allae War la tests its of the Algonquin air religious belief Thev belonged la seen Olally they a Hsio oar to 1lvc spot Ici of bal if in All their being Stocal in their nature Ami trained to exhibit no emotion of Joy or they were naturally and and a Savage love of individual Lih Eltiy and hatred All restraint were prominent in Teir their Powers of perception and within the Range of their were remarkably while their reasoning Powers were correspondingly squaws did the the squaws generally did the planting the cultivating and harvesting dressing the get1 a Ovir Ter heard Ting the the Camp work i thre wlt8 and gathering rushes to weave into of ule St the historian until late in the the nature and at tributes of this Sirit was extremely the same obscure belief existed As to a had it was tradition among them that the souk of the departed Are obliged on their Way to the great to Cross a Large Stream Over which a log is placed but that this in such con Stant agitation that none but the spirits of Good men can pass Over in while those of the bad from the fog into the water and a Host of ponies Nyrl the indians tie ponies obtained from the spoils of Brad Dooks Defo Atin the following description of the wearing apparel and general cutlet of j the Pottawatomie is taken from an article by Copley in the Michi Gan Pioneer and historical collections tie squaws were usually dressed in Blu i Broadcloth Legins with ringer perhaps one and a half inches wide on the outside to either limb a Blue figured Domestic Calico Short nor which was worn a on their feet they wore moccasins of increasing seventeenth Century these were the sole occupants of the Joseph the first White men to penetrate the wilderness were 1111 duh Teddy the runners for French traders of Quebec and engaged in the fur they were called Cou Reiris Des or of i he and came in Advance of Tho missionaries or dressed Deer the Blanket was supported by a Bolt at especially if there was a Pap Poon a year or two who Rode on the Hack of the if the was strapped to to electrify big swedish railways creasing prices for Coal and huge freight changes now quoted greatly influenced the swedish Parlia ment to Start electrifying the swedish state the granted for this purpose was Krone As a first instalment and the line which is first to be electrified is that Between Golben and it is expected parliament will that next year the Means for similar work on the big trunk lines of and Stoel Cholm Mother inside the Hild was it n Board and Hung on the Hack by Belt Over the mothers the was wound upon a Chip about two inches Square and fastened just Hack of the head another style was brained and hanging Down the if the weather was the Blanket was brought up Over the otherwise there was no head cover the carrying strap was an in dispensable article of female use it consisted of a leather four to six feet in two inches Broad in the several years Center where it crossed the j miss Vera Noack of Chicago is visit ing her Grace Edie Rose of arrived saturday and is the guest o or and a Calico shirt generally of a Laura Thomson of Chicago is lighter color the blankets were Gene spending some time with her really Light the fringes con misting d the coloured Border seen on Milf Cinac blankets Blanket was belted at the Waist and worn Loose Over the in the Belt was Millburg Fred Watermain and children Are Here visiting relatives after an a the rest being about an Inch in Width for convenience in trying up the pack of goods or utensils to be men Well the Indian Maui wore mos carried a protected by a leather and a Small axe or Tomahawk depending from the right Shoul Iler on the left the powder Horn and Charger and Bullet Pouch containing Bullet bul let Patch cloth and extra for Flint locks were in common and any other needed extras Toi Tom also not forgetting the Ripe and on the head was almost invariably worn a Large color de Cotton handkerchief wrapped around in of a turban this with a Rifle across the the lock of which was pro elected from dampness by a Fox Squir Rel completed the sometimes a Feather or two was especially j the party was High in to the journal of father preserved in the and deafness cannot be cured by local applications As they cannot reach diseased portion of ithe there a Only one Way to cure catarrhal and that is by a constitutional Catarrh Medicine blood on the mucous surfaces of that catarrhal dear ideas is a suited by an inflamed condition o the much Ufa lining of the eustachian when this tube la inflamed you have a rumbling sound or imperfect and when it 10 entirely deafness la the unless the inflammation can be reduced and this tube restored to its nor Mal hearing May be dest moved Many Carea of deafness Are caused by which in an inflamed condition of the mucous bomb for any Case of catarrhal Dea Inesa cannot by Alivs Catarrh All of Slutt Cut collars a Totite depend Mccuen and miss Alice Addie and Lero Lander spent sunday with mrs Esther Thompson and alias Polly Leroy and Maurice and Maurice Book were guests Over sunday of and Louis no Mustache for British a Hulti jacket in the British Navy is not permitted to cultivate a if he attempts it he fined a iimntli3 pay aspirin name on genuine Bayer tablets of aspirin is genuine aspirin proved Safe by millions prescribed by physicians Tor Over Wenty accept Only a unbroken Bayer Gilb Bro Pac Laige Roken buyer panic Jive which con a proper directions to relieve Neu colitis and Tandy tin boxes of 12 tablets Cost new druggists also sell larger Bayer aspirin is Trade Mark Bayer manufacture Mon Racett cac Idester of appealing scenes from be Hind the lines with Happy Lucky youngsters of Persh Ings division billets mixing among the people of the very old and the very owing Here and there arc grim reminders of the great tragedy i n groups of huddled dead in wrecked i enemy trenches Over which the tide of Victory had half glimpsed through a downpour of a Sodden infantry column is moving Onward through a sea of mud As the artist saw it or an Endi less line of weary teams drags j Forward the batteries to blast the Road to at one Point the artist caught and i held for fellow countrymen the artists who made All Bertha Woodruff buried at Millburg the funeral services of alias Bertha who died in were held at the Dean monday morning at deceased had been in poor health for some she leaves two Evans of White and miss Mary Woodruff of this interment took place at Millburg born i lived her childhood Days after which she went to and lived there i nearly four and a half then re turned to Benton where she resided a number of Pesky bed bogs a million of package of the new Poueu chemical Pesky devils1 a enough to make a quart and enough to kill a million no Madr How Large they mar to or a Hora Uliey came heir Ace Rotor Taij at the Sani leaves n Coal inn chem icon can be and at first Lara Dij store a killer Eon t let and body Ompok upon your i Tel licence b offering e i Slat on what you vat kills fleas on Luef Jesu drop off your pet kills Chicken no us for your a your Diu Ubl by or Cut it creams and to protect the skin suns in their ardor play havoc with White but an army of the right will put the enemy to skin can be kept in excellent condition the unpleasantness of freckles and fan by ent use of pure toilet preparations such As we sell woman need deny herself the pleasure of the door when there Are so Many delightful and Soo Liina Dies to take care of any harm toilet goods department at the right of our Entrance is completely stocked with the Best of tote partitions which Are sold at department store you right our slogan is More than a Happy Selling everything that is said and done Here can be taken at be cause we perform More than we we say specials it Means More than Ever you Satin Worth Sale Price imported Sale of japanese Aff v Sale Price Sale Price and silk and Chi a a Satin Sale m Sale Price and silk and Sale Sale s1 q a fluff Aff u Sale fifth and silk and lot Fra Satin Sale a a Sale pries lot off a and and Sale roads Lead to our store Satin Sale Fine line of Midsummer sport and dress milk is not expensive of milk with Al that of then compare the prices for of the same two items As they were four years meat has increased Over milk he increased less than and yet milk mans first food and the most necessary of att it and its products Are the Only foods sess the substance know increases the growth of the improve the health of the Middle the strength and longevity of the use More milk for cooking and baking and less meat and reduce the producers Creamery United states Kelly Springfield Fisk 39c celebrated bleached Hope 45c Sale silk Hose Sale bleached Sale Price unbleached Sale 75c Sale 50c Sale Price h now you gome and be progressing More than tires Gilill garaged 2002061territorial Tel 1i8s 29c silk Hose Sale of 29c silk Hose Sale 49c 39c we carry a Complete line of Wai Don Billings Spencer Crescent and still sons Williams Auto Supply 219 East main phone 274 i mean a few numbers of our it Means a spot Cash and iv6n the a Liv is glands a Fino to Abrl new palladium advertising when one once arrives at a True appreciation of just what Thrift one magnify the Sej Demal it and looks beyond to the great sweeping fats it with this new its practice grows increasingly a thu Sis of
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