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Benton Harbor News Palladium (Newspaper) - June 23, 1920, Benton Harbor, Michigan Consolidated 1904 the new palladium 5 june 1920 Price three cents Mado eliminates 1 Londonderry fight Goffs Man killed reports Tell of bodies of victims lying in streets under fire polish Liberty Bonds distributed new Force gathers sinn Fellers and Irish volunteers said to be mobilizing outside the City and Battle Between unionists and nationalists bulletin by associated june 23 dispatch to the Exchange Telegraph from London Derry states that Many dead and wounded Are lying in the june contents today were in entire control of most of the City anal there was no cessation of the Battle Between the Irish unionists and the at times reached in the in Tensity of were in circulation that Sev pril busta hid Btu e n Ling in Bishop but it Worth ones life la attempt to get into the Street and verify the it was rumoured today that a Oyarce of sinn Seinera was gathering outside i the City and also that Irish volunteers were about to take a hand inthe fight new for broadcast distribution legion fair preparation hoes Forward ticket sales for big event of july 5 work reported to be preparation for the big american Region fair to be Given tinder can x3 in Harbor during the week commencing july i Are Well under Way Ami members of Martin Collins Post feel that their i work will be crowned with already hundreds of tickets have been the fair promises to be the most wonderful event Ever attempted in Benton there will be novel1 ties together with professional j vaudeville and the most wonderful 1 jazz band in this Mcand 1 Pomes from the in 1ml where it played a six months Tarry the snare drummer is so imbued with jazz unless he Handcuffs him at he is unable to he Drums in his dreams and is a Reg Olar atom tap singers engaged is miss Alma late of the Orp Heitzm str riot and miss Pauline Olio Liaf been hinging in Canada with j Powers kitties both Len the Post adjust who in in charge of the detail work of the fair is demonstrating the fact that a woman can do a mans Vowk Ami do much better than a Man Sho is backed by a Splon Clit organisation and everything is going ibtt1 mall him local fined by grand rapids court for keeping girl from school who conducted and who was cares Ted last summer on like finds hard going for his theory county legion Post tuneup for big picnic gala Day for be Hiens sex service men to be held july events announced sports big Pickle among attractions planned by county executive committee for Jerrien Spring Field big american legion to be Given by Berrien county exse vice men in the Oak Grove overlooking Ber Rien saturday afternoon and july will be the biggest and Pep Piest frolic held during the is assured a the Plassan preparations being made by county legion Are spar ing to make tile event a sic big Issue of dems Elmer Ball 6veral meetings have Bee held by the county executive committee in he past two weeks to arrange de Allstot the Day and the utmost Coop Era lion among has been in the will Berrien Springs f Road every Section on the Day of the picnic Ami it is expected that close will including uie friends of the legion members ind veterans of the civil and have Bee invited to parti plan Many the picnic will Mark the fist occasion on which Oll the exse vice men of the county will get together Tor a Lay of such it will with every conceivable form of athletic events to a picnic supper will take place in the umber script school evening when once again the dough boys will unpack their mess hits and the prepared by the brotherhood Elmer Ball or the Iowa agricultural who has just1 taken up his new duties is assistant Secretary of is a practical he owns and operates a farm of his own in v capper sees while America according to the land of the certain rules and regulations regard Aid Down in Tho cons Titu Tio arid statutes which require All persons Todo and not to do certain thus that civilization marches Ever except when the Road is Slippery and the world slips Back a few thousand years did in those who disregard the semaphores Are variously known As hard boiled in Case they sport among the parlor so much for a added in Tro Luetory the fact is one who would junk the approved methods at being obsolete and bearing ear Marks of the has come up with i bump a unit the Pofs of the up Pomti up a inc Law Tor the second time lie Lan 13 aground in Benton Hiroi almost 1 i year monday he steered the same course on to the Stern and Rock bound coast judge Harry cres Walls court in grand had local the he in this yarn is Thomas 1j thus ast and during part of the sum Mer of 191 faculty and Geneil of school in Benton in Stith Uon which Pio Vidd it pupils with Reeves told the court that had taught Bis words and claimed for her Educa Tion rivalling that of any University on Birdie could not define a stated that she was unfamiliar with common and an ignorance in several other Reeves also declared that his sys tem of education would be Universal As soon As people understood what it he said he was the inventor of conveyance which would transport passengers from grand rap ids to new York in two hours and that he was working on a housing plan which would revolutionize the thou Sig systems in Vogue throughout the the big Day will Start at Kansas in food City says Harding will sweep country Battle june i have explicit Faith in the Republic Standard with a series of Liel can and the american people All limited to exse vice senator Arthur of Kan the events will include a standing is at he Broad a tunning cum a rest Fol Lovillo the Republic standing High shot a 100can National and i am Yard javelin sack ulat Atter things a fat mans race will reach a sound o in which participants must weigh Over 200 a swin iming re Lay High tug of Wom ens limited Tow Ivess of exster vice men and sweethearts of another limited exse vice to Large list of entries is expected in the latter the events will also i include a boxing baseball and of Harry Ann june varsity of Michigan meeting the final session of the academic year approved a contract with government for carrying on certain research in problems in which it is keenly in connection with chemical a Large part of Tho time Given Over to expressions of appreciation of Chicago Man Dies at the Hospital learning ind condensed the Woik i Hutchins has accomplished usual period of training from years to since his presidency began to years Char tiled tuesday even Sag at hip after a Short 111 having been removed from the he monday j rub Bill had been buffering liver i trundles ten recently find purchased j in fair Plum in Ftp Ltd to com hop from Chicago to j in the meantime he and his Hail Kun its of a by rival for non Rhu Casio Oody was removed to the w Una Stirt King funeral in to be made Keevah was fined and costs in grand for violating the run nov in lol using to a and his and to the nut Colp school on tune 2 1919 Weis of complaint of i it taunt optic or Frieda tried i Ofoia n jury m till re dons court for violation of tie truancy Liws and fined he ind Osta tie pro i or hour1 in Tho Ichii it Iii Slorp emf disappoint Pil in to Sencin Harbor in pm moved Schon to St Jospph a licit pro Natif n a plied like child in Mobile inner was with Luke Brees Jos Flor Prter the Pineo in a Grovo on the by Nils of a Charmine group school resumed m n Tjimis Lifis my off and to pop mind to grand in Pill signed to the furniture atty the were in the nature of Heartfelt tils of informal and were to Stimon Foeltzer is reported improved the latter without the Shadow of a b the former mayor stricken with i Sndra attack of Appel Licitis county in Praport Fth to the last was reported considerably paid memberships july Kimiji Ovid today and it is hoped that to Flye per cent of the pro hts he will continue to f the weather fair and thursday mild Silver Beach opens Jaxine 623 most popular contest of tie As Ell service traditions it is a known fact that a doughboy or gob can consume More pie in less time than any other being on arrange for after due time has been Givert for rest after t he pie eating Thorp will p dancing at Fishers and in the evening at the Berrien Springs town Joseph Post will Havo charge of the its members being skilled in hat three Oaks Post will furnish Ono orchestra Ami the Ber Rien Springs Post the All concessions will he Ham led by the Buchanan Post Niles Post will have charge of in eluding the issuing of souvenir pro Grams it is stated the pro now being will be in design Ami Large in each Post will be asked to furnish men to assist in the county organization expects to make a financial Success of the picnic and 75 Par cent of proceeds will be prorated among the posts of number then will he retained by the county Eden House of for one week commencing june afternoon and evening the great world Char option ski jump leaping so feet Gap in mid hair raising a genuine 5m the Issue at present can have but one outcome and that is the country will elect senator Harding and governor Coolidge by the largest majority in i have known Harding personally Tor Many years and he is a headed one who will draw about the Best Man the country of senator capper is the Osiier of eight publications devoted mainly to to rail Board president Wilson confers this morning with Orangi a tin officials by associated june Wilson message today to the Railroad labor Board at Chicago urging that it make immediate award of tie wage announcement of the presidents action was made after vice president of the trainmen had called at the White House and conferred with Secretary information prepared for submission to Payne Indi Cater that unless assurances Are Given immediately s to the Railroad work ers that a wage might be expected strike of the Teal men now in Progress might not be1 opposed further by the convention May by Agio cited Preu Cuming candidates for William Jinn Long Bryan in article in Mcadoo handicapped Candi for the nomination by close with Tho proof while be need not senator Owen of Oklahoma Secretary of Agrie Utyro ditto Are a among the few Avail co Hue far to be Man be known to in for won ii of the interests of the daily capital is the his leading daily in auditor general is again a candidate june general of Delta has announced that lie would Ibe a candidate at the fall Republican convention for Tho nomination to succeed Fuller has been auditor general since january his administration gained an unusual endorsement this Spring when the dem in their annual convention in grand commended Fuller As a state the first candidate for state Sena Tor to qualify for a place on the offi Cial ballot is Bayard of who filed with the Secretary of state sufficient Signa Tures to his nominating he will be a candidate for the can nomination As slate senator from mater Gap Nof completed Benton Harbor and Joseph Combine to improve Shore Highway for the first time since the Brick pavements in the Edgewater District of Joseph and in what is now Jean Klock Park were several years a connecting link Between the two systems of thoroughfares has been the cities of Benton at last reaching an agreement in regard to the strip of romans land on the Border lines of the twin cities and As a result Jean Klock Park and Edge water Are now connected by a wide Brick opened yesterday to the Cost of construction was borne jointly by Benton Harbor and the completion of the link provides a seashore drive along the entire coastline from Higman Park in this City to the coast guard station in St for years this Gap was bridged a Flimsy Plank driveway that was of late almost hts plans big of become party by Eddie Geiger june Benny Leon Ard and his party will leave Here at Bryan to governor con of Ohto and enor of new and president of making a feeble bid for the wet by Agio cited j san june Lings of a democratic discord the prohibition became hourly ominous today As delegates and Pirty chiefs at Rived in increasing for the next Hope that the gathering storm might spend itself behind the a toned doors of the platform committee tort rally was abandoned by the leaders and they prepared to Ace an out break of tempt Toloui debate on floor of the watch such it iras agreed hold Many drama tic including uie further complication of an Uncertain Outlook As to the presidential Al ready the Ovet shadowing Issue in pre convention question of a Iii form declaration ism present Bone dry Law almost Tosic the whole macs itself gathering heard of byte sons announcement for a Tion of the volstead by Many accustomed to regard Burleson political spoken Wui Tor the the development wag accepted As a warning of which Way wind of uie administration influence would league the league of nations Dos agree with several other disputed is has follow we the question of candidates info temporary eclipse among the Host of leaders Itig of laced that whatever trouble the treaty will be Only drop in bucket compared to the prob Joltin such talk As there was of Elandt dates seemed to strengthen prospects of a deadlock for several Bill lots some olt those in the inner Cir cles said it was hard to conceive Bow the two thirds necessary to nominate could be brought into one column for us a Julu use Coqui noon tomorrow Over the Pere mar1 two or three Roll Calls at Quitte for Benton Ben we jul leaders of the Bone dry take up his training quarters at East were confident that they would cow Man Ike who will train will accompany the promoter Floyd the eighth state senatorial District in today on the noon train to arrange a ill Welcome automobile Parade the primaries August additional petitions were bled to Day for Dickinson As a Candi Date for although he has not yet readied the act cording to the election Isop of the gubernatorial have Linn far the Secretary of state Mand a Good majority in the platform with this View the opposing managers Pri Fitzsimmons Lett lately but declared when the Appeal was taken to the convention itself the vote would when the Champion a band a much different Story most of the and people Gree two the Light largest state delegations Are counted weight Champion when he arrived in j on for support by delegates it the Chicago and despite the difference in Beer some of the oldest Jend Fitzsimmons said today Benton and Joseph would not be he is going to ask All of the declared the division on the floor might be close enough to malts argument Anil oratory on the floor the and girl Slot work j after school and twin City business to lend him abiding Bryan would hand n giving Leonard a rousing Welpe Czetl to head the Bone Drys an4 he come and it is possible that one of the would probably jhi4 Pitts i tender a and orators of to the i 5 rumblings b discord m tween wets and hourly become Bineth Ghitis seen Wile Jennings Bryan May platform
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