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Benton Harbor News Palladium Newspaper Archives Jan 17 1966, Page 1

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Benton Harbor News Palladium (Newspaper) - January 17, 1966, Benton Harbor, MichiganMichigan s biggest buy for Reader and for advertiser final edition Benton Harbor. Mich. Monday january 17, 1966 24 pages Price 7 cents weather forecast Snow flurries. Low tonight 10 co 17. High tuesday 18 to 25. Temperatures Reading from Sun. Mob to my. Com 12 a. 231 3 a. p. M.21 9 p. A. 12 a. 2ft 20 a. 11 9 a. M. 12 n. High 38, at 1 . Low 1c at Boon Mon. Hour cease fire is set state of Union rebuttal set Dirksen Ford will speak tonight Washington gets another state of the Union message time from the republicans. Senate gop Leader suspended m r c Miltenberger 13, above a Berkeley Calif Junior High school student has been suspended for wearing a Vietnam Day committee Button in Defiance of a school ruling forbidding the wearing of emblems not officially recognized by the school. The Button in question displays an inverted picture of the presi Dent. Marc also wears a peace a r Mhand and promised to return to school today with 100 student sup porters wearing similar sym Bols if he was not reinstated by then. A wire Holo will Rule on seating lawmaker negro who hit . Viet policy Atlanta a. A three Federal judges Are expected to be named today to decide whether the Georgia House of representatives can refuse to seat negro Julian Bond because of his endorse ment of criticism of american policy in Viet Nam. Chief judge Elbert p. Tuttle of 5th . Circuit court of appeals was in charge of the selections. It appeared the Case would not be heard before saturday. An overwhelming majority vote of the representatives rejected the 26-year-old civil rights worker because of his endorsement of a student non violent coordinating committee statement which said the . Was guilty of aggression in Viet Bond also said head mired persons who burned their draft cards. Gov. Carl e. Sanders said sunday he has urged ally. Gen. Arthur Bolton to move just As quickly As possible in connection Svith the Bond suit. The governor delayed calling a Spe Cial election to fill the Seal pending the outcome of the court suit. Germany in cold s grip Frankfurt Germany a Rural roads and Large parts of the Inland Waterways were iced up As a subzero freeze continued to keep most of Ger Many in its icy grip. At least three deaths were attributed to weather. An 18 year old girl fell asleep in Garden hut near Nuernberg Anc froze to death. Two boys died o Gas poisoning when the flame o a Heater went out during the night. Temperatures ranged be Wren Zero and 16 below. Several mass collisions of Eui red on the highways by Bart Wom w Everett if. Dirksen and House gop deader Gerald r. Ford will de Iver their party s answer to resident Johnson s message of ast week. Radio and television networks vill carry the taped 30-minute Dirksen Ford reply which has Een billed As a h High level and realistic look at the state of the will carry the program n place of the last half of Hollywood Talent scouts at local time on Channel 2. The two leaders Are expected o Call for close scrutiny and perhaps cutbacks in Domestic pending. A tip off to the Republican guns or Butler position was Given by Ford in the current Ssue of the Republican congressional committee s weekly newsletter. Cutting plans if we Are going to halt Infra Ion and prevent a increases and give our men in Viet Nam what they need to win and still meet even legitimate Domestic Ford said Congress is j oing to have to Cut deeply into the administration s so called Reat society yesterday Ford said president Johnson s peace offensive should continue despite the Lack of immediate results. Only the president can decide How Long to push the peace moves and suspend the bomb nos of targets in North Viet Jam Ford said. Threat grows but the Michigan Congress Man warned that the bombing arise should not be prolonged indefinitely because the in creased movement of communist troops and supplies into South Viet Nam poses a further threat to american troops. Here s the Outlook for the week on Capitol Hill the Senate and House will Mark time As far As major floor action is concerned. But committees May take up some controversial measures. The Senate s legislative docket includes consideration today of a a Bill to preserve the Natu ral Beauty of five Western Riv ers followed by a Bill to author ize a million inter american cultural and Trade Center inter Ama in Miami. The River Bill has not passed the House. The cultural Center measure cleared the House last year but ran into Senate opposition. House Clear there is no business for the House floor this week. No timetable has been set for see Back Page see. 1, col. 5 observes Viet Nam new year training Camp hit by reels Crystal Palace of the ice facade of glistening stalactites could be the abode of a hoary tyrant from one of the Grimm Brothers famous fairy tales. But it is closer to Home and real life than that. This exhibit of old Man Winter s Handiwork is beneath a pier in Lake at the George k. Ferguson Home on Forest Beach Road Watervliet. Current cold wave has manufactured Many ice formations on posts piers and other structures in Lake. Lake residents say formations Are Moat unusual in about 20 years. Marion Leedy photo report Campus narcotics cases 12 schools u of m is included professional dope pushers Are Busy new York a a series of police investigations have led to the arrest of More than 30 students of a dozen . Colleges recently on illicit sex and Narco tics charges. No definite connection be tween the various incidents was claimed and Only a tiny minority of undergraduates was said to be involved. But police re ported evidence that profession al dope pushers were operating on the fringes of a number of campuses in Akron and Columbus Ohio 22 Young persons were arrested last week in marijuana raids including at least nine students or former students of Ohio slate and Kent state universities. Police said they believed there had been big shipments of the narcotic Weed into the area from Mexico. In Norman okla., eight Slu j report that a 36-year-old girl dents and five former students i was smuggled into an Oklahoma Vlay identify doctors by cars tricks by g 1970? race Creed victim and suspect Barbara Dixon 20, of Evanston iii., coed at Boise College in Idaho was found slain on Road East of Boise saturday. Chi Cago police say William h. Butler of Jersey City n.j., arrested after he got off bus Early today later confessed slaying. Another Man who used same name was arrested in Hood River ore., and returned to Boise for questioning. A wire photos of the University o Oklahoma were arrested on charges rang ing from Possession of narcotics to lewdness. The police bag in this raid on an apartment near the Campus included two 18 year old coeds. Meanwhile school officials said they were investigating a schools Tell of by birchers., legion., s by g. K. Hodenfield a education writer Washington a the Public schools have been the target of and harassment during the past three years a commission of the National education association reported today. The Nea s commission on professional rights and responsibilities said the John Birch Scoe Ity was the no. 1 troublemaker. However the Birch society also appeared As no. 20 on the list of groups help Ful to the schools. The commission report said there has been an increase in censorship or criticism of books used in the schools since its last Survey in 1962. The report was prepared for the 18th annual conference on critics and the h summarized the response to a questionnaire of nearly teachers and other educators. The us secy showed 56 per cent of the local groups report ing noted a damaging effect from destructive criticism com pared with 49 per cent in 3962. The percentage of schools re porting much damage Rose from 11 to if per cent in the same period. Michigan charges ninety per cent of criticism in the form of charges of communism or subversion in the schools the report said came from three slates California Michigan and Ohio. These three slates also reported the greatest activity by right Wing groups in connection with Book criticism and censorship the report said. Without distinguishing be tween the types of pressure and harassment the report listed the chief troublemakers in this order the John Birch society teachers unions which compete bitterly with the Nea for teacher citizens committees. Chambers of com Merce american legion Dan Smoot reports and Parent teacher associations. However on the list of those groups which had been most helpful the ptas were away out in front followed in order by Chambers of Commerce Amer ican association of University women american legion Busi Ness and professional women s clubs and citizens committees. Book critics the report said right Wing groups parents and religious groups led the attack on school books. Rights groups also emerged for the first time in the i Survey As Book Cri Licis particularly in regard to social studies and history books which do not see Back Page Sec. 1, col. 7 University athletic dormitory for a sexual orgy during the year end holidays. U of m at the University of Michigan six students and six persons de scribed by police As Campus hangers on were accused of Possession or Sale of narcotics one defendant a 29-year-Olc Painter was said to have grown marijuana in a Home Garden plot three blocks from the Cam pus. A Syracuse University Studen returning from the holidays was nabbed by detectives who said s Luggage contained marijuana heroin pills known As goof balls and a switchblade knife. Police said the use of narcotics at the University had been under investigation since last fall. Two University of Massachusetts sophomores were charged with Possession of harmful drug ii million Ama eyes Slep to erase Bias Philadelphia a the head of the american medical association says the Organiza Tion is considering identifying All doctors in its directories by race and Creed. This would be done at file National level and would result in a More balanced composition within the Ama s committees and subsidiary organizations said or. James z. Appel Ama president. He said sunday the Ama is powerless to curb alleged discrimination against negro doctors and patients because the Ama believes in letting each local group work out its own problems. Appel of Lancaster pa., made the comments to Mem Bers of the medical committee on human rights and the pre dominantly negro National medical association Heads of the other two organizations Are trying to persuade the Ama to take a stronger civil rights Roie. Opposed leaders of the other two groups expressed disapproval Over Appel s suggestion. Appel predicted Strong opposition to a proposal giving the Ama authority to discipline county societies who allegedly practice discrimination. The Resolution is before the Ama. Appel said opposition in the Ama would come from those Miami Beach Fla. A the president of general to Lois James m. Roche said to Day that the average annual de Mand for cars and trucks in the United states could exceed 11 million by 1970. Everything Points to another Good year ahead of us the fifth in a he said. Record sales of 9.3 million cars and 1.5 million trucks were achieved in 19g5. Saigon South Viet Nam a the commander of . Forces in Viet Nam Gen. Wil Liam c. Westmoreland today ordered All american troops to cease firing for 78 hours Start ing at noon thursday in Observance of the vietnamese lunar new year Holiday tet. Westmoreland s order seconded the decision of the South vietnamese government to halt fighting during the National Celebration. Similar instructions went to South korean austra Lian and new zealand troops fighting alongside the Vietnam Ese and americans. The truce More than doubles the 30-hour cease fire observed by Allied forces during the Christmas Holiday. But it Falls 18 hours Short of the to acc proclaimed by the Viet Cong. They have promised not to at tack from 11 . Wednesday to 11 . Sunday a total of four Days. Westmoreland ordered a cease fire from noon thursday to g . Sunday. It was assumed the allies agreed on Dif Ferent hours to avoid giving the impression they were simply reacting to the communist proposal. Westmoreland s order said All . Forces in the Republic will Root fire at or on the enemy except in self there was no sign in the Sai gon sector of any setup in fighting before the Holiday al though elsewhere in the country military activities continued at a slow Pace. Hits school in a lightning stroke a Viet Cong company attacked a government infantry and Armor school at tint due m Miles North of Saigon at 1 . While one part of the guerrilla Force fired two mortar shells As a diversion another hit part of the compound with automatic weapons. The Michigan school Law challenged Church stale provisions Detroit Ameri can civil liberties Union a jul was expected to bring a lawsuit today challenging the constitutionality of the Michigan auxiliary services school Law. The Detroit school Board asked ally. Gen. Frank Kelley saturday to serve As counsel against the expected lawsuit. The Acle said it would Chal eng the requirement for Public schools to provide auxiliary ser pills and one was accused of no do not have your or my Selling them. In Washington . Narcotics agents acting on a tip from officials of american University arrested an 18-year-old fresh Man and charged him with sell ing marijuana. Student wife a University o Miami student and his wife were picked up at Airport by customs who said they were Miami agents trying to smuggle in five pounds of marijuana from Jamaica. Police arrested a dozen non students in raid Kjear a recent narcotics the University of Ligating reporter for the Seattle times said 500 to persons in the University area including a number of school dropouts were using marijuana. Ideas on civil rights and those who believe in the autonomy of the county medical societies. I neither support nor oppose the Resolution. J have a completely open mind on lie said the Ama does not be Lieve that doctors Are a social Force who had to inject them selves into the mainstream of the negro revolution today. Or. Leonidas h. Berry of Chi Cago National Nam head said that Iheama had treated Nam officers As inferiors. The Ama would be doing wrong if in Adon cd the proposed policy said or. John . Holloman of new York National medical committee chairman. Dolly s Chap mix open High fashion Spring styles. Adv guerrillas pierced the barbed wire of the officers candidate school and raked the Bil lets killing five wives and three children of vietnamese officer candidates in their Beds. Three other children were wounded. Armoured troops fought Back and killed 10 of the Viet Cong a government spokesman said. These bodies were left behind but the fleeing Viet Cong were seen to be carrying other dead or wounded. One Viet Cong was captured. Twenty six civilians were killed and four were wounded when a Busload of civilians hit a Viet Cong mine on the Road from Moc Hoa to Cai Lay near Kien Tuong 35 Miles South of the capital. Northwest of Saigon a Viet Cong attack on a . Troop con Voy backfired. Supported by planes roaring in Over the tree tops the americans turned the bitter fight 20 Miles Northwest of Saigon into a drubbing for tile guerrillas. The communists heated up the ebbing 11-Day u. S. Sweep on the Edge of their Iron Triangle by spraying the Convoy with automatic weapons As it to Trung Lap carrying vices to private and of the . 1st infant d schools. The Acle contends the Law violates the Church state Sepa ration provisions of the . Constitution. Kelley s chief aide Leon co Han said the school Board s re quest will he Given every consideration. He said tests of state Laws normally Are defended by the attorney general. The Law requires Public schools to provide services such As remedial Reading and speech courses to private and parochial schools. Infantry division s 23th regi ment Back to brigade head Lii arters. The infantrymen shot Back As he vehicles slowly rolled on Oward their destination. Over head the planes pinpointed heir see Back Page Sec. A col. 1 expects of Washington api the chairmen of the Senate and House Post office committees predicted today cons ass will stamp approved a 1 sports Index to inside pages Section one editorials Page 2 twin City news Page j women s Section pages 4, 5, Ana Landers Page obituaries i Section two Are highlights Page 13 million administration package which would beef up postal service in Iho Sandi of Ameri can communities. Comics to radio markets Westher forecast com lied ads pages a is it 17 21 21 a a

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