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Benton Harbor News Palladium Newspaper Archives Dec 28 1957, Page 1

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News-Palladium, The (Newspaper) - December 28, 1957, Benton Harbor, MichiganI Michigan s Tyg est buy. For Reader and for advertiser final edition Benton Harbor mich., saturday december 28, 1957 16 pages Price 7 cents weather forecast colder with Snow Flurrie it tier tonight sunday. Temperatures readings from Fri noon to sat. Noon it a. P. A. 34 9 p. A. 30 12 m. J a. A 6 a. M. 9 a. M. 18 a. M 26 aia Tut she s Stock Sale Maii christinas Surprise sunday school Wagon and other local tales mrs. Allen have invaded Many Fields of business and labor and have been highly successful. But few have gone in for a financial career. Fewer still have taken a Job Selling stocks and Bonds other securities. But one locally Well known lady has joined up with a Benton Harbor investment House. She is mrs. Norine Allen widowed by the death of her Hus band. Or. R. C. Allen one of the Deans of the twin City medical far Tenily. Ten weeks ago mrs Allen took a position with the w. C. Roney com Pany located in the Fidelity building and under the general management o f h. H. Diffenderfer. Her Job is to sell securities. And she s Selling them. How does she like it Fine it s she says. It s interesting and asked where she gets her customers mro. Allen says you just have to dig them up. The office does t hand j of prospects on a Platter. But i get tips and the phone Book is Al ways Handy. And there s one Funda mental Rule in this More you see the More you sell so you be got to get out and see for nearly 20 years mrs. Allen was a moving spirit in the twin City players. She also starred in plays the players put on. She loved acting. She also was engaged in social and club activities. And when or. Allen s office girl resigned mrs. into the office. She acted As a receptionist and Book keeper and picked up something about Medicine. After the doctor s death she had iveral positions offered her. Living alone was no she Days so i decided to do something. Then somehow i began to think of going into the investment business. I started studying finance. I talked with or. Diffenderfer and he encouraged me. But you just Don t jump into the business overnight. You have to study for an Examina Tion under the Michigan Blue sky Law. If you get by that hurdle you have to take an examination pre pared by the National dealers organization. I passed both but there w a s another National Stock Exchange. This is in two parts. I be taken one and there s still another to come so you see you be got to know what you re telling and gone Are the Days now when mrs Allen spent some of her time thumbing through ladies journals Reading about style trends. Instead she reads heavy tomes on finance. From the Roney Headquarters in Detroit come weekly technical sur Veys on the Slock Market and the general financial situation. In other Days she often took a Book to read when she went to bed. Now it s the Wall Street have to keep up on what s going on in the she says. And she reads Sylvia Porter the amazing lady economist who writes a syndicated column for papers All Over the country that deals with investments stocks Bonds and the state of the Union economics Wise. Maybe you la get to be another Bylvia Porter suggested the around the town reporter. Of no i m not that says Norine Allen. I just want to get to be a Tood Saleswoman. And if you know any prospects give me a Frank Kolesar or. And or Moose surprised pop sharing storks Aren t the Only ones that o can Fly a sky High Load of Hap Pleu thousands of Miles to Ben ton Harbor to prove the beat Christmas presents Are free. A four engine Airliner a Oarling in in Coal nine blast kills says fraud take ,000 in year russian Roulette fatal Battle Creek youth gambles life loses Battle Creek dec. 28 17-year-old High school student fatally wounded himself Friday night in a deadly game of russian Roulette. Declaring i have nothing to Robert Eugene Keeler put a Shell m the Cylinder of a .32 Caliper re Volver spun the Cylinder put the weapon to his head and pulled the trigger. The gun fired. Keeler died two hours later at a Hospital where his Mother mrs. Theodore Keeler was on duty As a desk clerk. Police said the youth had been Arget shooting with two compan on in the basement of his Home. His father was. In Hospital recovering from a recent operation. Keeler s companions Robert pot or 16, and Thomas Baker 11, said the three finished their tar get shooting and went upstairs to the Hying room of the Keeler Home where the conversation turned russian game in which the player gambles with his life that a Shell is not in the firing chamber when he puts revolver to his head and pulls the trigger. Baker quoted Keeler As saying t have nothing to lose. I would just As soon play russian with that statement he readied he weapon placed it against his left Temple and pulled the trigger. The falling body landed amid the tinsel and decoration of the family Robert e. Keeler nothing to Christmas tree. Keeler was a student at the Bat the Creek Central High school. Say ils. Should claim Antarctica Washington dec. 28 senior congressional republicans today called on the u. S. Government to stake out its claims to the Antarctic. One of them rep. Tollefson said he has been in formed that the nation s top strategy making group the National Security Council approves the objectives of Tollefson s Antarctic claims Bill now before the foreign affairs committee. Rep. Judd a senior committee member said our government ought to press now for a settlement cof Antarctic claims that will be just and otherwise Judd said rival claim ants Are Likely to get into years of hassling As the claims get firmer and new values Are found for the vast subcontinent. The legislators spoke in interviews on the heels of fresh reports of International interest in South pole area. Moscow radio yesterday reported two heavily Laden expeditions Are heading for the magnetic pole and the geographic South pole. British and new zealand groups also Are on their Way to the Geo graphic Center where a u. A scientific expedition is already encamped. The soviets Are hurrying an ice breaker to Survey along the Shore of an unclaimed area. Although american expeditions have explored far More of the Frozen land than has any other nation the United states has not Laid claim to any territory there. It also re fuses to recognize claims of other countries. Guilty plea . Auto dealer Shelley admits six . Charges u. S. District atty Wendell a. Miles in grand rapids yesterday disclosed that Lester Shelley Benton township used car dealer has admitted fraudulent car transactions which netted him in one year. Atty. Miles said Shelley gave a statement saying he picked up 000 from Universal Cit credit corporation and he also said he collected from first discount Corpora Tion to Shelley 28-years-old, was arraigned before Federal District judge Raymond w. Starr yesterday. He waived a grand jury indictment and pleaded guilty to six counts of using the malls to defraud. The maximum sentence on each count is a Fine of five years in prison or both. Shelley who was accompanied by his counsel atty. Dalton Seymour of Benton Harbor was allowed to re main free on a Bond until sentencing Jan. 14. Which is scheduled for the Fri arrested Shelley dec. 5 in Benton Harbor. They charged he used the mails in his financing scheme. Miles said Shelley admitted be ing in financial troubles since he started in business. Money lie picked up in the transactions went survivors of the mine explosion last night that took the lives of 11 men at Amonate va., Are shown As they emerged from the mine this morning. Fourteen men were rescued. An unidentified Man is shown with his arms around one of these survivors. A wire photo property tax is called outmoded economist favors metropolitan Levy on sales services., incomes Philadelphia pa., dec. 28 taxes in come taxes and service charges should gradually replace property taxes As the major source of big City Revenue a University of Michigan economist declared today. State High t it of in Iii a a i Lansing dec. 28 More the Jan 150 Miles of four Lane divided highways were opened to traffic in Michigan during 1957, the state Highway dept. Reported today in a year end summary and review of plans for the future. The department said that the stepped up Pace of Michigan s High a Way program is Best illustrated by the fact that More four Lane divided Highway mileage was opened to traffic in the last six months of 1957 than during the entire year of 1956 or the four year period Between 1952 and 1955. John c. Mack. Slate High Way commissioner said that some 1m of four Lane divided Highway Are under contract and 500 million Dol Lan of contraction work in the lure eur and design projects let by the Highway dept. In 1951 totalled com pared to in 1956. Mackie announced that a one and billion Dollar Highway construction program was planned during the next five years including 932 million for. Expressway de Lakeland dec. 28 Apall except one of 82 College girls who were exposed to a Rabid Puppy have been warned to take precautionary a pint of blood donated by one has been found and removed from a blood Bank. State police said Early today they were still seeking to find Joyce Low Ell of Dover n. And notify her that the Florid a Southern College sorority House died of rabies. Miss Lowell was believed vacationing with her family some where on Florida Tut Cost into the opening of Les meats a grocery he operates at 918 East main Street Benton township. He also owns Shelley motors. Miles snid there Iverc 2a transactions. He said that in 15 of them fictitious names were used. The names of four salesmen were used in other transactions Miles said. He named Flie salesmen As Edward Merrill Wallace ducks Imp both detectives in the Ben ton Harbor police department h. B. Merrill Del. Merrill s father and Robert Faulkerson. Their names were forged. Atty. Miles said Shelley forged the loan applications to the finance companies and then obtained Cash. Shelley in reality would be making payments on a Large number of cars that were never sold ally. Miles said. Shelley had been a car Salesman and car dealer for a number of years. His frauds took place Between september 1956, and september 1957. Atty. Miles said Shelley told him he Learned of the fraudulent method when he worked As a bookkeeper. He was employed to examine an Auto dealer s books on one occasion and discovered the in a speech prepared for the american economics association saying that Reliance on property taxes should be diminished substantially Over property taxes lie said now account for go per cent of the total tax revenues in the top 17 cities in the United states excluding Washington o. C. Substantial property will be removed from the tax Rolls Brazer said with the cont Mied shift of manufacturing activity to the suburbs Ned the development of City roads. At the same time he predicted the per capita financial needs of control cities will grow. Wide taxing Powers that permit a broadly diversified tax system to provide the needed revenues with comparatively Low tax rates Are Likely to produce fewer harmful effects than would one or two taxes imposed at higher Brazer declared. In arguing the need of major metropolitan cities Lor Broad tax Powers to handle their growing financial crises. Brazer said state Aid distributed on the basis of population will increasingly fail to reflect the relative needs and of the Central cities of major metropolitan wide taxing Powers extended to tie major metropolitan centers would not involve the confusion and compliance difficulties associated with sales or income taxes imposed by clusters of Small said. Municipal spending said a major change is needed in financial support Given Public transit systems. Continued failure of the Federal and stale governments and the cities themselves to recognize this Cau Only Lead to economic waste and the increasingly ludicrous spectacle of higher and higher transit fares accompanied by deteriorating service driving More and More people to the private lie said. Fatal to Chicago altar boy Chicago dec. 28 f All Alfar boy lighting candles on the altar of a Northwest Side Catholic Church was fatally burned Friday when he dropped a match igniting the cassock he was wearing. The boy Paul Sanders 13, died o f second degree Burns on the upper body Friday night at Belmont Hospital. Before he died Sanders old his father Roy. 40, he dropped a match on the altar in St. Viator s Catholic Church basement and that the billowing cassock or Robe ignited when lie Bent to retrieve it. Sanders was alone in the lower Church at the time the Rev. Edward Gorman said. He snid lie and three other priests in the upper Church heard screams and ran downstairs. Father Gorman met the boy on inc stairs his cassock aflame and extinguished the fire by wrapping an overcoat around the youth. 5 roads instruction pc Loument in the Detroit metropolitan area. Emphasis by placed on the National interstate system routes and on other arterial system routes to provide a system of connecting routes to serve a major portion of the state. During the five year period the department said it expects to build 580 Miles of the interstate system and some 325 Miles of other arteria highways of expressway do sign. The Federal government will reimburse the state for 90 per cent of the Cost of the interstate routes and approximately 50 per cent of the other routes. The five year program will be financed by 505 million dollars in Federal funds 330 million in state funds and 415 million in Bond Money to be paid Back out of department revenues. On nov. 1, an Era of transportation ended when the last Highway dept. Ferry crossed the Straits and the Mackinac Bridge was opened to traffic. Department showed million vehicles and 32 million passengers made the trip across the Straits during the 35 years of ferry operation. During 1957, the department also let its most expensive single project a 10 million Dollar Bridge to carry us-11 across the Portage canal Between Honghton and Hancock. Work on the project got underway on dec. Seized for wanted free aptitude inst Kirby sales scr. A 5-3291. 14-year-old Coloma boy who allegedly has been forging checks on his father s account arrested by Benton Harbor police Friday on request of county juvenile authorities. Police said the boy had been hanging around in the City Here with several other boys and has been reported in several instances of trouble. All floor stocks Gibson ranges re Frog. Washers dryers to Small appliances. Roy b. Fries elect 204 Ploc Slonic adv. Pm. Leg scr space Heater with Blower used re Frig 1io 8-4248. Pkg. La Rufli a Beer wine 2042 Nilca is Joe. Open 11-11. Adv. Blast site map locates Amonate va., where a Gas produced explosion trapped 25 men in a Coal mine late yesterday. A wire photo map police drop delinquency Case charge arrested deny accusations two Young men Dannie Spears 20, and e. Million 21, both of Benton Harbor pleaded innocent to drunk and disorderly charges in Benton Harbor municipal court Friday. Spears also pleaded in Nocent to an additional charge of Possession of intoxicating beverages. Bond was set at on each charge. Another charge of contributing to the delinquency of minor girls which City police said they would place against the pair was dropped the two men had been arrested after two minor girls 13 and 16 years of age reported the two men had attempted to rape them near Coloma. Because the alleged offence was reported to have occurred out Side the City the matter of pressing any charges in connection with the girls complaint was turned Over to the county sheriff s department. The county department did not file any charges. Million who also faces a charge of parole violation denied Friday that he was involved in a fight at the Shangrila bar when police apprehend by the pair in Ray Friday morning. Index inside pases o kill aria pare i St. Joseph news Page 3 women s Section Page 4 local Church news Page 5 construction Section pages comics to radio pare 1c Beer obituaries markets pare ii pages 12, 13 Page 14 others Are saved from trap probe cause of Gas explosion at Amonate a. Amonate va., dec. 28 a Rescue workers today recovered the bodies of 11 miners killed late yesterday when a Gas explosion trapped 25 men below ground in a mine straddling the Virginia West Vir inia Border. Fourteen miners were brought out of the Colliery uninjured shortly after Midnight. Canvas was draped Over the victims carried out of mine no 31 of the Pocahontas fuel com Pany on a Coal car. About 100 persons looked on in the first Grey Heht of an overcast Day. The miners were hemmed in 500 feet underground. Company officials said All the men originally trapped by the explosion were believed to be accounted for. Amonate is in Southwest Virginia 20 Miles West of Bluefield. A. W. In. Bodies of the dead were removed from the sprawling mine through a Shaft located in West Virginia Neaily three Miles from the main entry Shaft where the survivors were brought out. This was the second disastrous explosion in Pocahontas fuel com Pany mines in the Border coalfields in 11 months. A february Gas explosion at a mine near Bishop va., snuffed out 31 lives. Officials said there was no indication As to blast occurred. An inquiry will be conducted by the West Virginia department of mines Al a Date to be set water. West Virginia will make the in Quiry because Coal is taken out of mine no. 31 on the West Virginia Side of the Border William Fullarton special assist ant to the president of Pocahontas fuel company said the bodies of three men were reached about 4 a. M. The other eight were located about two hours later. Plans were made to remove All the bodies at one time. The blast trapped men in two Joy loading area site of an automatic Coal loading machine and a continuous mining area also the site of automatic Coal loading the survivors were found by Rescue workers at the site of the Joy loading Sec Tion some feet from where the eleven other men met death. The Rescue work was pains taking As rescuers were forced to Inch their Way along Sylle clogged passages filled with smoke and deadly gasses. They carried oxygen tanks strapped to their Hacks. Officials said the mine was known As a gaseous mine. It was indicated that equipment used to Dis Burse the Gas present in varied quantities in All Coal mines had failed to function properly and the accumulation had been touched Oil by a spark of unknown origin. Fullarton said the families of the trapped miners had kept a Vigil at a station two Miles from the disaster scene through most of the night but had been urged to return to their Homes Early this morning to await developments. Although Only eight men had been listed As working in the continuous loading area com party officials later discovered 11 men were there. Ironically some of the ii might have been due for a Layoff today because of a 10 per cent Cut in personnel. Officials of the Pocahontas fuel company operators of the South West Virginia mine said 534 of the 715 men employed at the operation no. Due to be Cut off because of a decrease in Coal orders. The 14 survivors were pronounced in Good physical condition follow ing a medical examination and were sent Home to reunions with Joyful relatives they came out of the mine about some hours after the blast ripped through two sections. Survivors placed the time of the explosion at p.m., and most said the concussion was worse than the blast in Elf. It knocked the Sandwich out of my Hond and knocked a said Mitchell Harris of Cedar Bluff a 10-year Veteran at the mine who was eating when the explosion occurred. F w. C. Carrico of Amonate a me chanic who Way lying on the ground repairing a shuttle car said he was rolled Over against the Wall by the Force of the special floor stocks Gibson ranges it. Refrlg., Wadhera dryers i Small Roy b. Fries electric 2m pipe Tofu my music new year s eve. Pleasant View Luke. Adv. Enter Rue Clemen. Pfc twi

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