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Bennington Evening Banner (Newspaper) - June 23, 1920, Bennington, VermontI i i. U t i Page two. Fall it Ileto off Kwh to ill to right let her it gives real satisfaction to Park a car smoothly without having the engine stall As you creep Forward and Back fitting her into narrow quarters. Polarine makes this Reasy. It assures both Power and control. This Standard Oil jor All motors locks the explosive Force of the fuel in the cylinders till it has done its work. This enables you to Man Euver with Case and accuracy. Jive you a responsive Spry powerful motor that runs quietly and with Little vibration. Using i Olarine you la have fewer fouled spark plugs or other Carbon troubles. For transmissions and differentials use Polarine dear Oil. Sold wherever you Cee the red White and Blue Sochi in sign. Of Standard Oil co. Of new York. P4vf k f t f p p la. New York Albany Buffalo Boston Sims i t f Imler i before going on your vacation inquire about tub the indemnity for travellers against loss of baggage due to fire and theft while living away from Home architect Douglas Mackintosh a Bennington. It. 8aving3 Bank building Lino poller1 e j a. Ruskin .1 pay the highest Cash prices i , rubber Iron bags papers Jun i of Ell kinds. Call at Bottom store Tel. For fishing Tri or the Loim Trail to so army 66wb come that ii Nap Iti Inais we have just received a lot of used regular S. Army shelter tents All in Good condition. You can take your Choice for this is one of the most exceptional bargains Ever offered in a Small tout. Based on the present values the cloth alone Worth Over double this Price. $10.00 would t buy a new one made under present Market conditions. Griswold sport music Art stationery in pkg talking machines. Ii for and the Bennington evening Banner. Wednesday june 23, 1920. T it Lluli Tofil if the to Len a Sluwe dealer the world Best gasoline it is if my Victory medals ready dec Tributino to men we o served in world War will be begun Washington Juno 20. Distribution of 4.7c5.0u0 Victory mortals to f the army Navy Ami Marine corps who a re in service Between april 6, 10u. Ant Over veer let j01s. Will be a n tomorrow in addition to the medal it we this War depart Inonu ins 8 d the i Kruuner of 13 coment or a. Jor Ope Utip Nix Lai am defensive sector clasp to be worn on Tho ribbon with the medal and five Overman ser vice clasp for troops not entitled to the. Battle Juster a. ,. Among tan major of a clasps the mouse atm offensive Ler arts to Point Natii nivers Fie Purl mental pc old showing that ,20,k, i men Are o it Ted to this decoration the St. I Hii l drive it s Roll with ij."7.75f. And the Aisne min Battle third with 277, Jim. The f St Victory medal v a or. Eatty in february to president Wilson in commander in chief of the nation s military and naval forces. Dyes from Gorhum he Oka. I Stei lists lie in my thai Strubi Iii Lii Pic in i Imi v. Iii la cab be i a fur Ilye Aiu Winil Bei and a Elali the t be col ors which Are r an proo f i i. A inv Are various of red Niu Pink inn prov. T notice i Milavi to Bavins Ninete to Lii Hoard of Riding bicycle on the Side a Wales of this Village the trustees Here in a Lea Tun Erve notice that is forbid an that All offenders in the Fuji bad it Wilh according to in dated old Juno h. Ii. Shields Guy n. Johnson w. .1. Meagher. Trust Ess Village of o it Pennington ".einiingtoii, it. 22, in Hitje to my w ii to received lit Tho office of the. State Highway Coni-niiu., n t at Montpelier Vermont july 1st at 2 o Eek 1. A. For Tho con to nth of 4.03 in leg of Luttin vinous Misici Tum Road in South a air Lintin and shul Burn 4.07 Miles of water hound Road in now Juven. Waltham and Kerr Ishur 0.71 Nile of Wator bound Macadam in Sta Loans 0.73 Nilli of water Baund Macadam in liar not 1.1.ri7 Miles of gravel Road in Dorset. It. Tabor and Dunsby Nitea of gravel Road in a Duininck to n and 1.20 Mil of travel Road in eat Montpelier Vermont. Huns and specification May to neen at. Tho Oflinn of Tho state Erin dec r at Montpelier Vermont. Id Dora should satisfy themselves before bidding. Us to the character of Tho work and Tho obstacles to to on j countered. Tho o slim used Pantillon Iara not Onia ranted but Are Kiven a basis for Tho comparison of bids. A certified Check for one per cent of Tho bid but not. Less than $500.00, pay Abl e to the Stato Highway comm la donor must accompany each hid. Tho Rit Fht la reserved to reject Uny and All Olds. S. 11. A Lutes Stato Highway comm . I cd june 11, 1020. I today s events i Trio Rinee of Walen now touring Australia will celebrate his in Atli birth Day today. Or. Jacob Gould Sethur Ninny will close Hla career is president of Cornell University with today s commence ment. In Clifton d. Gray today will he inaugurated president of hates College in to the Lato George Colby . The first German National Assembly elected tinder the new Constitution i scheduled to assemble in Lichtlin today. Commencement week it Yale y Wil be. Brought to a close to Day with the graduation of u13 clashes of 1920. The Lifis annual convention of the Catholic Hospital association of the United Stales and Canada will begin its sessions today at St. Paul. Five thousand visitors we expected in Buffalo today for the opening of the thirteenth annual of tha nor Thern Baptist convention. In the Day r. Homer s. who will receive the. Fourteen votes of the Connecticut delegation in the democratic National convention next week As the favorite son of the Nutmeg state for the presidential nomination is the present chairman of the democratic National committee. Or. Cummngs is a prominent citizen of Stamford which City to has served As mayor and president of the Loca j Board of Trade. A native of Chicago he went to Yale for his col lege training and settled in the East the Law being his profusion. In re cent yearn he has played a prominent part in both state and National campaigns. Four years ago he was the unsuccessful democratic candidate for United states senator from connect Cut. As chairman of the National commit to or. Cun innings will preside Over the opening proceedings of Tho san Friy Welsco convention and will de liver the keynote address. Today s anniversaries. 1763 Empress Josephine the Star of Napoleon born at St. Pierre Martinique. Died at a Naison May 24, 1814. 1s39 1848-187 0 1ss1 1s96 lady Hester Stanhope the Brilliant Niece and companion of w ill Irun Pitt died in a Convent at mount Lebanon. Horn mar. 12. 1776. Gen. Cavaignac was appointed dictator of France. Amos t. Akerman of Georgia be came attorney Genera l of the United states. Silas Clarke herring inventor of Tho modern Safe died at Plainfield n. J. Horn shrews Bury. It. Sept.7.1s03. The Canadian Liberal party was victorious in tha parliamentary elections. The United states severed Diplo Matic. Relation with Venezuela. A hut dropped below the Dol or to Nav for Tho first t me since the War Boom in 1914.1 today s birthday s. H. In u., Tho i inc of Wales heir apparent w to Briti b throne born to. Track Labou its wanted by Rutland Kail Oad forty cents per hour for eight hours and time and one Hal t for More than eight hours. Apply of nearest Rutland rail Road station agent or Section Foreman. S a w d u s t for 20 Davs $2.00 per Cord ii. T. Cus1iaian mfg. Co North Benni Nolton. It George ii. Thompson m. D. K. A. Cert Flonta from american Board of ophthalmology. Trac Mca limited to the Eye Eart nose a Throat in aah land ht., dlr ratty Poat Offlee. A thoth Ilum i. Mara. Antique furniture unpaired and put in Flat Alfh b Condi Tion by Workman who a with an Iro Batman Fqy Erht Yeara. Alio til Kinda of furniture repairing prompt to y executed. 1iehje0ol county it. Carpenters wanted at 171 Ashland Street North Adams for con Crete form work. Turner construction company. Wall paper paints varnishes brushes whether you Neol Ono Roll of wallpaper or a Hunt Rod Rolls Enine in just Tom name. You will in extended the he to Cour Toiv. Liu Suiro for our an Idi or Ric Luro 1 looks 3 bitch0 for 10c, s. G. Von Sims Nln Tiik paper Hunting i North it. Phone unit. Net to ii. Boone a utile store store open Irani it n. M. To 0 p. A. I handsome is As handsome does an old Adago As True today As in All the yesterdays. No car offers cleaner lines More truly dignified gracefulness or deeper Lustre of finish than docs the Cleveland six. But these Quali ties would be but a surface were it not for what is beneath them the exclusive Cleveland the Roost highly developed of the powerful Over Hea d Type gives a character of performance in flexibility of Power and Speed and in dependability and endurance that surpass other Light cars. The sturdines3 of its Chassis con a real ride the a. Ycu will know what Good car it is. Touring car five $1485 three $1483 Friedan five $2395 Coupe four j2395 or lots f. O. C. Cleveland Branch at White Lodge Richmond. 2g year Tiko today. Fri Iee Jaime son of the Kuiv and Queen of Spain born in Madrid 11 years ago today. Ria Ronee Eddy celebrated. Of Kanii and composer born at Greeni old Mas a years to today Teore k. , former so Civilis. Member of compress and now in Ayo a of n. Y Horn it Lenox a years ago today. Irvin s. Cobb Well known author and War Corre. Pont Lent born at Paducah. Ky., 44 years ago today. Baseball gossip. Jack Coombs in to Coullet la mine leagues for promising to a Star the Detroit Tieri. In Point of attendance the recent Feries topped All Nimi Lar events Ever held in Cleveland it begins to look As it the to i i Delph a team Are repeater m h and Phillies finished in the cellar last sri on. Meadows of Tho. Phil ies Keuther of the rods and Alexander the cubs . Are battling at the top of the list for National league pitching honors after several t games and starting what looks to he a Winnins Strick and to ants hav. A Way of Curling up and fading away. 1h j t i Only a Neil in lilt. Truk in the .300 class the Brooklyn Robins have had to o some nifty work to keep in or near top place. Besides his Home re babe Ruth holds the record of Mak ing Tho longest hits Ever recorded in several of the american league Parks. Zachary of Vas Hinston first place in Hattie in among american Lea Guo pitchers wide Trimes. Tho Lisook july n twirl or tops the National la to pitcher.?. I Pitcher Mcquillan of Tho braves who started the season in Fine shape has been Kottler some Lively bumps of late his losses having doubled his winning games. The St. Lout Cordina a room to go better on the Road than on the Home lot. No National lease team has been putting up h better game than the Rickey crowd. The Veteran Jack Huubert is Lead in s be Champion red at Bat and putting up an Star Pamo that equals the pus timing of any Youn fur in the big show. Babe Ruth continue to Chalk up Home runs but for suit Lino steady hitting has it on Hii y Siukee teammate by 50 Ponts in Tho Hatting averages. The whole american league Cems to be on the Warpath with Bat this season recent batting averages show ing that no fewer than 42 players no hitting for Sou or bettor. The red sox have out hatted and have a better Fielding Mark than their opponents the sox having bit for .271 against owl and having u Tiou ung ave rage of 8gg against .1163 for their opponents. While Loo Fohl is not entitled to nil the credit for the recent Good work of the Browns it is True nevertheless that the St. Louis team has taken n decided Brace since the manager joined the outfit As conch. F i or motor 127 St. Second Striction the Case of its control the soft cushioning of its Low under Slung Spring construction the certainty of its brakes All these qualities add to the Comfort and Cafty of its performance on any kind of Roadway on the steepest Hills and a. Crowded . In Cleveland and a passengers roadster passengers passengers passengers Ohio Schenectady to it Indian Yankee s with chanpion ship Meusel the 4 Pencer Cleveland automobile company i t a q k it. Garage Arlington Vermont 1. J. Con Roy & son props. Gas. Oils greases and repairs washing storage and accessories expert service drop in and look us Over. 1. J. E. D. W .wi.i, Pipiu inf i my u j l tax Lee Bennington Cleveland str ii mess cars for hire Conro Conroy it . Us l we a. I of 6 curl to learn shirt and Collar finishing. Good pay while learning. Unusual Opportunity for hand Irones Modernly equipped laundry Plant the Best of working conditions no lost time for inventory or order shortage. To work 50 hours i week 50 weeks a year. The Benin Inion sanitary laundry 200 Scott Street. John ii. Powers & son Telephone 515

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