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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - September 26, 1963, Bennington, Vermont 4�?Bennington Banner thursday september 26, 1963 the Bennington Banner published every Day except sundays and holidays by the Banner publishing corporation 425 main Street Bennington Vermont editorials the Senate makes history though anticipated for six weeks the Senate a overwhelming vote including the votes of senators Aiken and Prouty of ratification for the nuclear test ban treaty Marks a historic moment. In setting its Seal upon the agreement the Senate has Given the official Sanction of the . Government to what have heretofore been the recommendations and Hopes of its spokesmen. Now cessation of nuclear testing in the atmosphere is not merely an objective of the Kennedy administration it is a commitment of our nation. In making the commitment we Are taking a calculated risk As was made Clear in the 46 Days of debate preceding the showdown. There is some Chance that an end of atmospheric experimentation by the United states will reduce our margin of superiority in nuclear technology a particularly As regards communist China France and other scientifically advanced nations not a part of the pact. But that Chance is outweighed by the solid advantages to be gained a lessening of cold War tensions Between the United states and the soviet Union a Cut off on production of fallout and keeping the Hub Bias under the Rug the indirect but powerful pressures negroes confront in the North Are being demonstrated daily in Boston where the school committee is locked in a three month old dispute with the National association for the advancement of coloured people. The dispute is Over a de Facto Segre gation a a whether or not racial imbalance exists in the City a Public schools. The a act says there is de Facto segregation and the Boston school committee says there is not. The a act is supported in its vie by Atto Topey general Edward w. Brooks who acknowledges the existence of de Facto segregation and Calls for its abolition. This opinion is shared by the respected citizens for the Boston Public schools and a number of individual clergymen. Governor Peabody himself has denounced de Facto segregation though without specific reference to the Boston situation. On the other Side Are the majority members of the Boston school committee and various individuals who resent the a a pcs charge. This faction made itself Felt at one a act demonstration when they cursed and slandered pickets outside school committee Headquarters. Thus the question is still up in the air with the a act and the Boston school committee sticking to their guns. But the immediate Point is that the question will never be answered at this rate because the school committee refuses even to discuss it. Comment hubcaps and i Arriage Harry Golden in saturday review in mid-20th Century America a problem about automobile hubcaps. I know some folks Here in Charlotte . Who remove their hubcaps Friday afternoon when they i it Home from work for the weekend. They Are tired of having them stolen. Teenagers steal these hubcaps and probably Trade them for a few cents some place or they do it for a thrill. There a Only one cure for this problem slowing of the spread of nuclear capability to other countries. Now that this source of apprehension has been allayed it should be easier to negotiate the step by step agreements that will end the .-soviet arms race and permit the two great nuclear Powers to rub shoulders safely in Europe. It should be easier also to initiate negotiations designed to eau other nuclear nations into the agreement. Our objections to nuclear weapons for China will now sound less self serving. So far As our own government is concerned the Senate a action represents endorsement of the main lines of foreign policy pursued by the administration. The 4-1 margin indicates that the Public supports a peacemaking policy As opposed to the War whooping of senator Coldwater and his followers. In that regard senator Coldwater a negative vote pinned Down what could be a major Issue Between him and or. Kennedy in the presidential Campaign. In months to come the Arizona Republican will be Able to Point to his vote to prove his dedication to the hard line while most of those about him were seeking peace. Except for one member Arthur Gart land the five member committee takes the position that no racial imbalance exists in Boston Public schools and hence there is nothing to discuss. On that ground they will not meet with a act leaders to hash things out. This in itself is a form of discrimination inasmuch As the committee has an obligation to at least recognize an Issue presented to it by any responsible organization. It is moreover a particularly stupid form of discrimination that will make Resolution of the question More difficult when it finally comes. Eventually a third party May be obliged to step in. A mediation Board including representatives of the various religious faiths has been suggested. The a act is considering a court suit to Force the school committee to recognize the existence of de Facto segregation. Simpler than these ways of course would be a school committee decision to discuss the matter with representatives of the a act. Its refusal even to do that is fairly Strong evidence that the charge of de Facto segregation is True. More depressing is that in the primary elections for Boston school committee tuesday the four committee members unwilling to face up to the Issue were easy victors. This demonstrates what our White Southern Brothers Long have said. Too Many of us Are secret Kin to governor Wallace however nauseating that May be to our better natures and our sunday morning mouthing. Marriage. We have found that when the teen a or marries he stops stealing hubcaps. The psychologists who advise a inst Early marriages have not taken this into consideration. if he marries at the age of 16 it ends his career As Hubcap stealer. There a something about marriage that gives a Man a greater sense of responsibility and a More meaningful sense of direction. It is True he May go on to bigger things but at least the hubcaps Are Safe. Some folks seem to think the Best Way to preserve Freedom is the Way aunt Matilda preserved her prize China done to let anybody use it. A changing times. Fischetti world today Nixon runs with Tongue if not with his feet a it a 1 Vav maoism >0 Quot i was afum Uke this met Ratten if Tou Kett Taunow Abow itt r Ashington ailing Kef Aliver is dead proof that honesty May be Best policy but it s expensive by Marquis Childs Washington. The Waters of oblivion have a disconcerting Way in this capital of rolling Over the reputation of a departed officeholder almost before the eulogies have ceased. But Estes Kefauver of Tennessee promises to be an exception to this unhappy Rule of Only because he stood for certain deeply held beliefs above and beyond the erosion of easy Compromise. Whether his last big drive a to investigate the Power of american drug manufacturers to enforce High if not prohibitive prices for wonder drugs in latin America a will be scuttled is the question of today. With his old opponents closing in the prospects Are not Bright. Kefauver had an old fashioned belief in Competition. He was for free Enterprise a free and competitive Enterprise. A close Friend in the Senate once asked him to join in sponsoring a a Price notification Bill requiring firms in Basic manufactures to serve Advance notice of upcoming Price increases along with a justification for the boost. Kefauver declined saying this sounded too much like government regulation to him. The senator from Tennessee with the Coonskin Cap and the Limp handshake has a Monument in the greatly strengthened drug Bill that followed the thalidomide scandal and in an anti merger Law putting More Teeth into the antitrust statutes. But his real achievement is in the massive record built up beginning in 1957 on his investigation of a administered prices in bread autos steel and other areas in the Economy where monopoly or monopoly understandings keep Price tags High. Proposing to investigate the prices of american drugs in the latin american Market Kefauver ran into a Buzz saw. His associates believe his experience so shocked and saddened him that it contributed to his fatal heart attack. Mckesson amp Robbins the nations leading drug wholesaler went into Colombia and began Selling antibiotics and other drugs under their generic rather than their Brand names. This meant a saving Many times Over to the consumer. But the big american pharmaceutical houses were outraged and Mckesson charged them with shutting off supplies. When Kefauver proposed to investigate they turned the heat on Friendly senators. Kefauver a anti monopoly subcommittee was blocked by the full judiciary committee. This was a matter for the state department or the department of Justice. The hot potato bounced from hand to hand As Kefauver looked on with a growing sense of helplessness. A of finally Kefauver was granted a hearing before the Senate foreign relations committee to consider the repercussions in latin America of the proposed investigation. To the hearing came Thomas g. Ctr my the Cork of the new Deal Era Corcoran representing his brother David president of Sterling products a drug company with Large operation in latin America. Corcoran a Law partner Edward h. Foley represents the pharmaceutical manufacturers association. Corcoran made a forceful not to say fierce presentation. He told the committee that even the proposal of an investigation had been blown up in sensational newspapers in Brazil and else where to show that american drug firms were guilty of trying to extort criminally High prices. This would be used by political demagogues to justify confiscation of the american drug business and that Corcoran warned would be another blow to foreign Aid in Congress. Sen. Wayne Morse chairman of the latin american subcommittee sided with Corcoran. Kefauver Felt that his allies of the past had deserted him. In the face of Corcoran a warning it was agreed that if anything was done it should be by the department of Justice inquiring into possible violation of the Law in this country. In an administration showing Little interest in antitrust in marked contrast to the Eisenhower administration this seemed to Kefauver a Brushoff. A of the other Day sen. Phillip a. Hart of Michigan who succeeded to the chairmanship of the anti monopoly committee got a vote of All eight members approving a Resolution keeping in Force the subpoenas issued for records of the big drug houses. Hart feels strongly about the Kefauver goals of Check mating monopoly pressure so that business can be free to produce to the fullest. But when the real showdown comes on whether to investigate or not the chances Are that he will have Only two votes a his own and that of sen. Thomas j. Dodd of Connecticut. A melancholy footnote to the Kefauver career is that he left an estate of $20,000. Friends and admirers Are trying to raise a fund to help educate the four Kefauver children. Honesty As Lincoln said May be the Best policy. But in an Era when Money values Are supreme it can impose heavy penalties by James Marlow associated press news analyst Washington apr Richard m. Nixon is moving again. He says he is not running. But he a moving. For a time after Edmund g. Brown beat the former Vic president for the governorship of California last november it seemed Nixon might devote himself to Law and disappear from Public life. But by Spring he was making Public appearances and statements again. He has insisted he is not running for anything and a under no circus instances a a would he consider a draft for the Republican presidential nomination in 1964. He defined his role As a a Leader of opinion in the party. Perhaps for a politician the next Best thing to being a candidate himself is having something to say about a lot of things including somebody else who might be a candidate. Nixon now 50, has been a politician since he was 33. A was the last presidential candidate a he said in july a my role now is to try to guide the thoughts of the Republican party. I will make some speeches and do some writing and i will attend the Republican presidential convention. A i expect to have something to say on the candidate and the Republican platform. But i do not intend myself to be a candidate for any office in 1964.�?� he has made a number of talks critical of the administration of president Kennedy who beat him for the White House by inches in 1960. Nixon said monday he now intends to speak out on a wide array of Domestic and foreign policy issues because he thought the Republican position a was not getting through this news that the Republican position is not getting through completely May be a Surprise to two other republicans new York s gov. Nelson a. Rockefeller and arizonans sen. Barry Coldwater. Anxious for the Republican presidential nomination if they think they have a Chance they have been going up and Down the Countryside making speeches hoi Boyle s notebook each expounding his own particular Brand of republicanism. If in the end they ruin each others chances for the nomination it might happen that Nixon would change his mind about not being a candidate or not being drafted if he gets support. It be the first time he changed his mind. After Brown beat him in 1962 for the governorship just two years after Kennedy beat him for the presidency Nixon in bitter criticism of the treatment the press gave him told a news conference it was his last news conference. He has held a number of conferences with reporters since. Last april Nixon talked informally with newsmen and one of them Cecil Holland of the Washington Star said Nixon made it Clear As a unequivocally As anyone could he would not be a candidate in 1964 either for the presidency or for the . Senate or the House in both of which he served. Holland also said Nixon threw cold water on reports he would move his residence from Califon la to new York although he said he would visit new York often. Exactly one month later Nixon announced he was changing his residence from California to new York and would join a Law firm there. Four Days later he bought a $135, too cooperative apartment in the same building on fifth Avenue where gov. Rockefeller had an apartment. Republican National chairman William e. Miller has forecast a key role for Nixon at next july a convention in san Francisco. This Means he will probably have a spot on the program from which to express his views to the delegates when they pick a nominee. He seems unlikely himself to have a vote unless Rockefeller makes a place for him on the new York delegation. But without being a Delegate he could operate backstage on the Choice of a candidate. He says that at this time he has no Choice among the republicans who Are talked of As candidates. He says he will support whoever is chosen. But if the convention got deadlocked and Nixon heard a Call for Nixon would he close his ears Ever think Back to Shirley temple9 curls ? by Hal Boyle new York apr the farther you travel in life the less you look Forward to where you re going and the More you like to Stop and look Back Down the Road you came along. This is the pause that refreshes the pause when the present fades and memory takes Over. You May be bodily old but you re still Young in heart if you can remember when every Little girl with Golden hair and a dimple took tap dancing lessons in Hopes shed become another Shirley Temple. The world waited to see if Hou Dini trapped at last in a Box he escape from would be Able to Send a message from the grave. Douglas Fairbanks and Mary Pickford reigned As King and Queen of Hollywood and lived in a Palace called Pic fair. Sage military leaders were sure that of a second world War came the germans would try to win it at the Start with a massive Poison Gas attack. You had to Button wives up the Back instead of zipping the Rny and when a Man bought a suit it had letters to the editor Man i completely automated my Plant i kept some of m mean on for sentimental reasons Ivair Linn standards to the editor of the Banner As a Vermont teacher i take Issue with your editorial sept. 24 accusing teachers of a almost always conceiving of better education As beginning and ending a with better pay for i refer you to the Vermont education association a legislative scoreboard As described in the sept Miter 1963, out of nine legislative matters in the 1963 legislature on which the Vea took a stand Only one was directly concerned with salary . An increase of the minimum starting salary to $4,000. Among other matters supported by the Vea were the state school directors plan for state Aid revision additional appropriations for special education educational television and increased subsidization of mental health clinics. The Vermont education association is actively concerned with professional standards for teachers in Vermont. A meeting held at Johnson state College last March Drew together a Large number of Vermont teachers to consider the problem. One of the most acute problems is the letters to this column arc Welcome although letters of More than 200 words Are subject to condensation. Signatures arum addresses Are required on All letters. All letters will be printed providing no question of libel or taste is involved. This column will not be permitted to become an Avenue for personal attacks. Dearth of funds to keep three teacher training colleges and a state University in operation and staffed with the Caliper of instructors necessary to produce the professional standards you suggest and Vermont s teaching profession wants. But Don t forget while we Are attempting to raise standards of professional ability wed like to maintain ourselves in a manner which befits a profession. Lester f. Jipp. 127 Park St. Bennington. Xvi in ii sir St i r or ii ii re to the editor of the Boner one of the most significant Domestic issues confronting the american people today is the adoption or rejection of a Federal government controlled plan of compulsory health care for the aged. Your aug. 22 editorial referred to the medicare Issue As the Kennedy Anderson Bill. For clarification i would like to Point out to the readers i believe the editor was referring to the King Anderson Bill that is unless Ken Nedy has become King your statement a thus far Only half of the states have taken advantage of Kerr Mills meaning that the Bill has brought no benefits to millions of elderly cite Zens who Are in greatest need of help is also misleading. According to the september Blue Cross Blue shield newsletter Kerr Mills is now operating in 31 states and three other states have enacted legislation and Are scheduled to Start the program soon. Another interesting fact is that More than 93 per cent of the 17.5 million aged live in states which have enacted Kerr Mills a maa programs or have expanded medical benefits under old age assistance As authorized by Kerr Mills. Some states have done both. A few states have done neither since they feel the health care needs of the per a de Are being taken Cai e of through existing state and local programs. One advantage of Kerr Mills is that it can be tailored to meet the needs of a particular state. The King Anderson proposal is an across the Board plan with standardized benefits for All aged whether or not they need help. Finally you write a the Ama approach is basically Public Charity even though it Isnit labelled As such. The recipient must meet a needs test. A those who attack the Kerr Mills program on this ground do not object to a Means test for old age assistance Ald to dependent children Public housing or certain veterans benefits. They ignore the fact that Many labor unions deny strike benefits to their members unless need for help can be shown. They do not object to an income test for recipients of social Security retirement benefits. And on the other Side of the Coin they do not mention the loss of a a dignity involved when one person takes from another that which he could provide himself. A reasonable Means test is a Well established procedure in this country for protecting tax funds from waste and misuse. Madeline b. Harwood. Manchester Center. Two pairs of pants As Well As a Vest. Men Seldom made passes at girls who wore glasses a until some Genius did the lassies a favor by inventing Contact lenses. One of the greatest Joys in autumn was to go Chestnut Hunting in the Woods. Then a great blight came that killed off All the Chestnut Trees. On summer evenings a Man could sit on his front porch with his shirt off and his stockinged feet on the railing and still not lose his standing in the Community. Any fellow was thought to have a cushy Job if he worked Only half a Day on saturdays. The Only people who got pensions were the widows of civil War veterans and those who a been on a government or Railroad payroll. The local grocery store kept both Peanut butter and lard in Large tins and sold them to you in Small wooden trays wrapped in tissue paper. You could drop a Quarter in the Church collection plate on sunday and feel at peace with god. If a politician standup in the Back of a Wagon and hold a Small town crowd spellbound for two hours he had a poor Chance of being elected. Ii mar poker in the afternoon some of the nations supermarkets that have been giving out trading Stamps find that Stamps Arentt the sure fire promotion gimmick they used to be. The trouble is that nearly everyone offers them. So to liven up their Trade supermarket operators Are setting up games called split the Dollar super poker and spell a a so which just like Las vegas pays off the Lucky winners with real Money. But when everyone has gone in for games where will the markets move next Well they might begin running free movies a lot of Hollywood actors could help the sales of fresh Ham. Then the markets might put in motorized shopping carts Speed limit 30 Miles an hour and no a turns in front of checkout counters. And of these become too widespread Why not swimming pools and Roulette tables All in All the trend should prove More fun for the ladles than afternoon Bridge or perish the thought preparing dinner a always a husbands Gamble anyway. A Wall Street journal

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