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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - September 26, 1963, Bennington, Vermont 12-Bennington Banner thursday september 26, 1963 living costs for August a re held at july level i50 to a customer vol valid through saturday alb newest Chevrolet this new series is the Chevelle,16 inches Shorter and 2.4 inches narrower than comparable cars the Malibu sport Coupe is one of la models for the new 1964 series. A ii like Mumm tymm this Coupon is Good for 100o� 150" Stamps 100 with Purchase of $5.00 to $9.99 150 with Purchase of $10.00 or More the maximum number of Stamps Given with this offer is Good for tobacco products and items prohibited by Law september 28. 1963 Washington apr the Cost of living held even during August the labor department said wednesday. The consumer Price Index remained at the july level of 107.1 per cent of the 1957-59 base period. A spokesman for the Bureau of labor statistics said that present indications Are that the september Index Reading will show about the same level. In the May july period of this year the Index Rose by about i per cent. The August standing of 107.1 Means that it Cost $10.71 to in m Nav quantic i ask a com ant. My super markets App Jit buy the same consumer items items that could have been bought in the 1957-59 period for $10. In August lower food prices particularly for fresh fruits and vegetables offset higher transportation and recreation costs to keep the Price Index constant. However the Index was 1.5per cent higher than in August 1962, mainly because of higher Price Levels for food and housing. The Bureau also reported that the net spendable earnings of the average factory worker a his take Home pay after taxes a declined in August by 67 cents a week. The drop in the average take Home pay reflected seasonal declines in employment in High wage industries. New sonar gear finds lightship lost in 1944 during Hurricane new Bedford mass. Apr the old Vineyard lightship which vanished with her Crew of la in the fury of the Hurricane of sept. 14, 1944, has been discos ered through the magic of modern science Massachusetts Institute of technology sources revealed. Found Wlton the help of a new Type sonar system developed by or. Harold e. Edgerton of ., the ship lies in 70 feet of water 17 Miles South of new Bedford in Buzzards Bay. Although her Bell weighing nearly a ton and her Compass were brought up by divers this week the ultimate cause of her final loss still remains a mystery. The death of her Crew accounted for More than half the 20 lives lost in the $60 million Dollar storm of 19 years ago. Sonar is a system of sending super right fully cooked flavorful and delicious my Shank portion no flies on us featuring the fanciest fake fruit from Fertile Fields vegetables too. Strawberries grapes pineapples bananas apples cherries tangerines walnuts cauliflower peppers tomatoes Lemons Corn artichokes the works. Guaranteed for 25 years against fruit flies in your table arrangements. Stu Candle Mill �03z Arlington Vermont daily 9-5 sunday 2-5 Chicken . Govt. Inspected leg qts la 33 Swift s Premium brisket straight Cut la 79c Bologna super right so. 8 of pug luncheon ?."�?� si25 corned beef pork picnics swordfish Frankfort link sausage breast qts cry-0-vac front Cut la la fresh shoulder 4 to 6 lbs Olive loaf Ham super right sliced 6 of pkg Pluviose canned imported 2 la can 25c 2.39 double Stamps wed. A fresh sliced colonial skinless super right skinless 2 37�?~ 59�?~ 39c 49c 99c 49c la la la pkg i la pkg switch to the Best rent nameless electric water Heater Only just Phons our is asst off i is 142-6316 Central Vermont Public service corporation out sound impulses through water and measuring the time it takes for the echoes to come backs thus revealing the distance of the object under sonar observation. Rather than being directed straight downward to the Ocean Bottom the pulses of prof. Edgerton so Side looking sonar pinger qing or Are beamed in a slanting direction. The High Energy Short duration pulses sent out from two . Coast and geodetic Survey ships echoed sharply Back from the dead ship s 112-foot Hull As the ships Wainwright and Hilgard approached it. Divers from fair Haven Bradford Luther jr., president of the Fairhaven whalers skin diving club and six other members have spent ten Man hours on the Bottom. Although reports of the storm 19 years ago Tell that the lightship spilt her Hawse pipe and that her Chain ripped her Bow plates until she took on water and foundered the diverse first examination indicated this was not True. Luther a Fairhaven fireman by occupation said a her Chain is in perfect shape and there is Little damage at her Hawse pipes. A further examinations Over Many dives a he said a will Tell us much about the demolished state of the vessel and May reveal the exact cause of her working with prof. Edgerton in building the new Type sonar were Edward p. Curley a Boston Engineer and John a. Yules an Graduate from it. Vernon , the new sonar scans a much larger area than conventional vertical sonar and its automatic plotting from along four sides of the area outlined and recorded the old Hull. The ships Bell will go to the Cape cod National seashore maritime and coast guard museum at nausea in the National Park on outer Cape cod. The Compass and binnacle will be shown in new York by prof. Edgerton at the opening of the new Alumni Center on the evening of sept. 26. Edgerton professor of electrical measurements is most widely known to the Public for his stroboscopic Light for photographing fast moving objects but in recent years has Given More attention to deep sea photography and developing sonars for guiding his cameras. The divers who worked with Luther Are Jim Romero Courtney Gifford Edwin weeks Brad Lovesey and Paul Miller of Fairhaven and David Owen of the Woods Hole oceanographic institution. The coast guard warns that the wreck is government property and that no unauthorized dives May be made. Ane new Type of sonar found the ship in 70 feet of water 17 Miles South of new Bedford members of the Fairhaven whalers skin diving club received permission from the coast guard to go Down to her. Their initial report released tuesday says the ships masts and funnels were severed even with the deck but that the mooring Chain remained attached to the deck. A her Chain is in perfect shape. There is Little damage to her Bow plate a Sand Bradford Luther jr., president of the club. The theory has been that either heavy seas and High winds had torn off much of the vessels superstructure or that she flooded and Sank after she had split her Hawse pipe and her Chain Tore open her Bow plates. The new sonar which helped locate the ship was developed by an , professor or. Harold a Edgarton originator of the fast flashing a a Strobe Light used in photography. It sends signals slant Wise instead of straight Down and covers a wider area than conventional sonar. The coast guard is encouraging the divers to try to learn exactly How the lightship met her end in Buzzards Bay. Safe dividers new York up the new Jersey Turnpike most heavily travelled toll Road in the nation has not had a head on collision death since steel median dividers were installed along its entire 118-mile course in 1961, reports Aramco steel corporations Metal products division. Sorrell s Pride canned Ham fancy-36 to 42 count 5 la tin 3.99 shrimp . Johnny Hart a i ii Usu it Mem fresh fruits and vegetables be 60-75 amp too Watt Light bulbs White yellow Devil s food cake mixes plan one Angel soft bathroom tissue a 25 amp Brownie i la 3 of Mac pkg amp a Bartlett pears Sweet potatoes fresh carrots Western tasty u. 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Issue with my Story on women Over 21 not really being interested in marriage

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