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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - September 19, 1963, Bennington, Vermont The babe will run says patriots coach Oakland Calif. Apr Boston patriots quarterback babe Parilli says he will pass Only against the Oakland raiders sunday. Patriots coach Mike Holovak says hell run too. And that seems to Settle that Little difference of opinion. Parilli said this week he suffered a pinched nerve condition in his passing Arm in the loss to san Diego last week. Quot it would t have kicked up if i had t got belted when i was Quot look at y. A. Tittle of the new York giants and Johnny Unitas of Baltimore Quot said Holo Vak. Quot they ran last sunday and accomplished a lot. Quot the babe will Holovak added that the patriots cannot afford a quarterback who passes Only. Quot it would be Nice to afford that luxury Quot he said. Quot but we can t in this league. We carry Only 33 players and halfback Ron Burton Al Snyder and tora Neumann Are All out Holovak pointed out that while Boston has scored 51 Points in two games a one Victory one loss Only six Points have come on passing. Quot the babe will run Quot Holovak repeated. Castleton Hooters seek replacements on defense Bennington Banner thursday september 19, 1963-13 fight results National league batting 375 at bats a Groat St. Louis .323 Clemente Pittsburgh Cepeda san Francisco and t. Davis los Angeles .321. Runs a h. Aaron Milwaukee 114 flood St. Louis 109. Runs batted in a. Aaron Milwaukee 127 White St. Louis 109. Hits a Pinson Cincinnati 199 flood White and Groat St. Louis 195. Doubles Groat St. Louis 42 Pinson Cincinnati 37. Triples a Pinson Cincinnati 13 Brock Chicago and Gonzalez Philadelphia la. Home runs a. Aaron Milwaukee 42 Mccovey san Francisco 38. Stolen bases wills los Angeles 36 h. Aaron Milwaukee 28. Pitching 15 decisions a Perra Noski los Angeles 16-3, .842 Koufax los Angeles 24-5, .828. Strikeouts Koufax los Angeles 288 Drysdale los Angeles 242. American league batting 375 at bats a Yastrzemski Boston .322 Pearson los Angeles .311. Runs a Allison Minnesota 94 Pearson los Angeles 90. Runs batted in Stuart Boston 112, Kaline Detroit 96. Hits a Yastrzemski Boston 177 Ward Chicago 175. Doubles Yastrzemski Boston 38 Ward Chicago 34. Triples Versalles Minnesota 13 Hinton Washington 12. Home runs Stuart Boston 41 Killebrew Minnesota 40. Stolen bases a Aparicio Baltimore 38 Hinton Washington 25. Pitching 15 decisions a Bouton new York 20-6, .769 Ford new York 23-7 .767. Strikeouts a Peters Chicago 185 Pascual Minnesota 184. Tokyo a Hiroyuki Ebihara 112, Japan knocked out Pone King etch 111thailand, i. Ebihara won world flyweight title. Lima Peru a Mauro Mina 173%, Lima out pointed Dave Russell 178v2, Uniondale ., to. Stockton Asis 120, Stockton knocked out Jose Cejudo 117, los Angeles 5. Honolulu a Carlos Ortiz 138%, new York stopped Pete acers 135%, Mindanao 7, no title. Baseball stars pitching a Ron Perranoski dodgers pitched scoreless three hit Ball Over the final six innings getting 16th Victory in 6-5, 13-inning Triumph Over St. Louis that dropped second place cardinals four games behind National league leading los Angeles. Castleton a when the Castleton state College soccer spartans take to the Field for the first time this season they la face a team led by a Magazine cover athlete who has earned All South and All America honors. He is Ernest Ikpe Howard University s Quot Iron Man Quot a native of Nigeria. The 24-year-old Junior has played every Quarter of Howard s games in the past two years. His photograph is on the cover of the 1963 official collegiate Scholastic soccer guide published by the National collegiate athletic association under the us Bowlin results girls City league Warren irettes a 4 Lonergan amp Thomas a 0 High single a Harrington High triple a Ryder a dragons a 4 unknown five a 0 High single a Snow a 209 High triple a Snow a 548 Mitch a try hards a 4 dutch girls a 0 High single a Howe a High triple a Howe a 530 pol graphic a 3 the sleepers a i High single a Bushey a High triple a Bushey a Arlington Cut rate a 3 Remco ettes a i High single a Ray a 173 High triple a Ray a 492 Marty s Flowers a 2 powder Box a 2 -192 474 229 206 523 High single a Wyman a 202 High triple a Wyman a 519 standings pol graphic 9 3 dragons 8 4 Remco ettes 8 4 Warren irettes 8 4 powder Box 7 5 martyrs Flowers 7 5 Arlington Cut rate 7 5 Mitch a try hards 7 5 unknown five 5 7 sleepers 4 8 dutch girls 2 to Lonergan amp Thomas 0 12 prevision of its publications committee. Castleton will entertain Howard University and Ikpe on sept. 28. Inside the soccer guide Castleton state is cited for being the number one team in Vermont state play in 1962. In addition Castleton a 13 2 record is chronicled along with the fact that the spartans were third in the nation among Small colleges having won the National association of intercollegiate athletics tournament Consolation game from Park College 3-2. Coach Dick Terry has said defense will be the key to Castleton a soccer fortunes this season. Terry had had to Patch up his entire defensive line As Lee Orvis Only returning defensive vet is ticketed for goalie duties this season in place of de Fra Gosi who graduated in june. Castleton also lost Chuck Memoe skip Pietryka Gunnars Vilinskis and Jim Brooks a the latter an All new England selection. However the offensive line will see four returning veterans. They include Buck Knisley Charles Wood Dan Hudson and Mark Mooney. Missing from last years offensive line will be Cal Hastings a valuable performer who graduated. The schedule sept. 28, Howard u. H oct. 2, North Adams a oct. 5 Homecoming Day Fitchburg h oct. 8, Johnson h oct. La St. Michael a a oct. 15, Plymouth h oct. 19, Lyndon a oct. 21, Norwich h oct. 23, North Adams h oct. 25, Windham a oct. 29, Keene h nov. 2, Rhode Island a. Junior mite owned in Bennington by Sadie e. Sweet and driven by Noel Olin of Bennington Junior mite won an overbite event at Saratoga raceway monday night at 2 07 3/5 and returned $31.70. It was the fourth win in eight starts this year for the gelding from Bennington. The unerring Eye of the racetracks Saratoga Springs A you photo finish disbelievers take note whether you want to accept the fact or not that camera located 50 feet up in the air and approximately 180 feet away from the inside rail at Saratoga raceway is so close to being perfect the possibility of error just in t Worth mentioning. As the Jones precision people boast their operation Quot practically eliminates the human Quot the photo wont show if a horse is breaking when he goes under the wire Quot acknowledges Al Poirer the Man in charge of the picture taking at Saratoga raceway Quot but the judges can see that and they have the last word As for the Correct order of finish though there is never a question. The Jones precision camera All of them Are hand made incidentally photographs the horses through an aperture about 1-100 of an Inch on a continuously moving horizontal strip of 35 my film exactly at the instant the horses Cross the finish line. As a Means of double checking Jones precision also has numbered reference guides at the upper and lower edges of the film to indisputably insure the finish line As being precisely accurate when aligned to these guide markings. The camera is turned on As the Green Mountain results first�?1200, claim my Maidens 3 year Olds a up. 5 furlongs cookie Slaughter. 4.20 2.70 2 40 Candy taker Cutshaw 4.00 3 00 Little notion Fiat. 4.20 to i to 4 5. Also Weatogue Berman Palma that Janeda rambling Tiger dancing Donno d Roselien second�?1200. Claiming 3 year Olds amp up 7 furlongs. Klome Ciao Reivi. 7 40 4.10 3.40 Pon a Potsy Cardona s.40 4 40 Battle Bob Green. 4 00 t�?1 26 also subway Ikie boy Captain Lou sound of night lost Challenge. Royal Ronnie _ daily double 2-4 paid 24.40 third�?1200, claiming 2 year Olds 5 furlongs. A fearless Leader dial 7.40 3 00 2 40 Sandal scandal Cutshaw 2 40 2.40 rape Bay o Dell 2 10 Green Mountain entries mirrors lamps pictures 20 off Haynes amp Kane 434 main Street Bennington phone 7-7133 thursday. Sent. 19, 193 first�?1.290 clog. 3 a 4 to. 5 fur. 8 to. Nathan 115 Ramos 3-1 6 War Cir. 117 Fioto 4-1 4 Tho for me la Calandre 5-1 i Eliza pen 117 Cutshaw 5-1 3 Jam smurf 117 6 i 5 Gap to to Prue a 6-1 9 rapid Vav la no boy 15-1 7 Jam Brutus 110 Donato 20-1 second 1.700 clog3 a 4 to. 7 fur. 9 boy Loma 117 Huslander y2 4 mss plat me 112 no boy 4-1 3 subway 117 no boy 5-1 i impudent 115 no boy 5-1 7 hypo Rod no Pruden 8 i 5 la boy 120 Slaughter 10-1 7 Royal heft 117 Johnstone 8 1 8 Pink Cheeks 107 be Sumido 10-1 6 Bragg Janeda 115 Nedeau 12 i third�?1,200 clog3 to a up 5 fur. 6 Moon Romance 112 no boy 3-1 4 col boy 117 Nedeau 4-1 7 Pinery 117 Smith 5-1 3 liberate is be Sumido 6-1 to daddy prig 117 Wilson 6-1 5 flying Flory 114 Chavez 8 1 i Intro Ess 114 vein 12-1 8 Clambake Ito Crete 12-1 7 Milne inv 114 Johnson 12-1 9 Royal Buzz 117 Bovine 12-1 fourth�?1.200 clmg., 3 to a up 7 fur. 4 simple soul 114 Diaz 5 2 6 amb Dexter 120 be aeon 3-1 7 Pigeon Brook i a 2 be Sumido 4-1 i pester 117 Gabriel 6-1 7 worst Bandit 117 Oliver 8 1 5 Uriah s wife 114 no boy 8 1 8 big freckle 114 Johnstone 10-1 3 Beach Beau 117 no boy 10-1 fifth�?1,200 clog. 3 to a up 5 fur. 7 eclipse Star 120 Romos 3-1 to Goldbourne 115 Wilson 4-1 9 Monshor 112 no boy 5-1 i real Belle 112 Cutshaw 6 1 3 War brass 115 Goodwin 6-1 i 6 arc pay 120 no boy 6-1 2 f filled 112 Calandre 8-1 �5 solar heat 115 Slaughter 15-1 8 Noble kill 115 Johnstone 15-�?T 4 Bolc dancer la Birkmayer 20-1 sixth�?1.200 clmg., 3 to a up 7 fur. 8 Noble toe 117 Berkmeier 3-1 3 gratitude 115 Brown 4-1 5 Idle threats 113 Leone 4-1 i professor Dolly 117 Slaughter 5-1 2 Willanne 112 Crete 6-1 6 Sis Boone 112 Pasguarell 8-1 7 Barbara h 117 Oliver 8 1 4 Brant Ator seventh�?1.200 clog 4 Jet song 1 fair urn 5 note 6 my Janie Gal 8 roman f idler 3 darn fresh 7 Stara Klava 2 Suncook kid 120 Goodwin 12-1 i a 4 to. I mile is be Sumido 3 1 117 Wilson too be Sumido 117 potion is Gobele 109 no boy 112 no boy 120 no boy 3 1 4-1 6 i 4-1 6 i 12 i 121 eighth�?1,400 St oil., 3 to a up s fur. 1 Anthony in 2 mrs. Ess Jay 9 reds Devil 7 scotch Fain 5 our Gedaliah 4 War ditty 6 easter Surprise 3 Triangle City 8 7ev Zephyr 120 Flato 117 Bovine 113 Diaz 117 Goodwin is Cutshaw 114 no boy 117 Wilson 118 Contrada 118 no boy 2 1 52 4 i 10-1 10-1 12-1 12 i 20 i 20-1 ninth�?1,200 clmg., 3 to a up i 1-14 2 Bay St Louis 122 Brown 3-1 4 Coheen 119 Smith 4-1 3 Ole Loose 119 no boy 6-1 7 flight in Scot 117 no Poy 5-1 8a Shannon s Hope 122 Martin 5-1 i tight credit 117 no boy 6-1 9a Ai Kasar 117 Mol Loo 5-1 Ioc doctor John g i 9 Cairn Del 8-1 6c Lisa s buddy 122 Crete 8-1 5 Dusty Tiger 119 Wilder 12-1 a c Figueroa entry. C w. W. Smith entry. To i of 4-5 also full service captains Mackie a a brim jeans Alibi valiant vessel a Mcgowan Massey entry fourth 1200. Claiming 3 year Olds a up 7 furlongs barbs ring Gabrielle 6.29 3 80 4 0 Leas sister cent Rode 14.48 4 40 Mellen Maria Lone 610 t�?1 27 3-5 also Amazon Gal red Weebo easter Sac Independent miss Marl Kress Rood Canadian flyer. Fifth�?1200, claiming 3 year Olds a up 5 furlongs our gain Leone. 4.88 3 40 2 40 Tony ban Goodwin 3.40 Jio Atmos groan Gabriel j 6 t�?1 00 1-5 also marys gift Corn Wallis doctor Tony Low Price Pink whip aptly his first Beau sixth�?1200, claiming 3 year Olds a up 7 furlongs. Bic Hance Leone. 14.48 7 08 4 80 hum Gator Cutshaw 10 48 4 to Zita Lisa groan 7 of t �?1 27 3-5. Akoy terrestrial me Larch glad rum Row umber Boyles boy quatre boy sea fighter. Seventh�?1200. Claiming 3 year Olds a up 5 furlongs sizzle Oono Tol. 9.88 4 40 Jio Post Meridies Gabrielle Jio 20 Mokes perfect Contrada Jio to i of also Hosty bound keep winning Coreless. Finalize. Eighth�?1200, claiming 3 year Olds a up. I mile game style Goodwin 4.40 j to j to East Gal be Sumido 3.20 j of ribbon Diaz. A a t�?1 42 2 5 also Captain May up the flue Michelee Little Knogge wings of wed flying Omaha twin double 4-5�?11 paid 259 20 ninth�?1200, Cla Ming 3 year Olds a up. 7 furlongs great debate be Sumido 5.88 j.40 wild Canary donate 3.00 Joo bubbles Goodwin. 4 20 to i 27 2 5. Also Tantra. To Biack push me Dawn. She Rona. Goad Field tenth�?1200. Allowance 3 year Olds a us. Re Miles grand year Wilson too in 2.20 Peterman Chavez. 2.40 2 20 Warhop donate. 2.20 t�?2 06 4 5. Also rebel Devil Blue Noor. Saratoga raceway results rent nameless electric water Heater just phone our nearest office. 442-6316 Central Vermont Public service corporation i1�?Trot m it in Quot Frisky Jeremy i 11 inn i 2b 50 1 a a a 1 Kern Hanover Divizzio i to ,80 than Anait i orc of on lev 3 to t me 2 12 2 a so �trt#<1 is 7,, Reje Ted. a Surv Pean dirt no finish Allen c Newport a 2nd Pace m. It. Jtimo Borde View Arr or Vorke it 13 to 7 i Iol Reddie girl Ilia Chat or 6 6 a a it lit Genesee Manuel it to time a 10 j s i s Artud Gulden Cain. Man afr. i Clay. Pm Tina b re i Uncle go Dally double i a-4 it paid s.�?T3d. 3rd pare mile. Ijuro us Mck la Ilia. Lier 2.0 i 2 2 2 2&Quot Meadow Cobb Parker 2 the 2 i i major Breeze j "0 time 2 03 2-.y also Ste Ted Chil. Dale by a pm vips c Brott go d bar Britten Vav. I Melvurn. 4th Trot in e $50&Quot b Ambo b in run 23 30 i to Vav Pine yarn i min i cite 6 to it i Linn me a oboe Arduen 3 2&Quot time 2 12 Alao ared la Wood e Pam a. Vagrancy is Thelma Terr Blotch f a 5th pair mile Jim Gormle it me moral $3.ii0 glib Wick Chretien 11.70 atm 3 00 bomber Pat 8 3&Quot 3 Oft awes Bor Parker 2 40 time 2 0ft 3-5 Alao started Gra Cious visitor. Yankee Lowland. Shade Rixie Case. Aguy Demon. Vigil Queen. A a a. Parker and h. Hoyt stable common interest entre. Fath Trot. Mile 1500 Belle s Ann a boy Doujet la 20 la 2ft t Saratoga entries isl Trot. Mile. Sam Gaart Yankee. Dora Bounty. Peg Hile b yonder Worth Victor. Nanafalia. flutter Tortuga Lone dim Smokey 2nd pare. Mile a Quot Quot. Noble Yankee he of free Hall. He View Fash. Miss t. Byrd. Gait Way Vivian. Vivian k. Dor Valentine. Double Brewer. Honest injun. 3rd�?Trot, mile 52."oo the map e Leaf. Drummin Man babe dares Avalon be a Enoa m is Bill gallon. Kathy spam Good burning Blaze. 4th Pace mile $70d Willow boy mis roses one. Josie Mac Dee Bonn i faster time. Jarrettown Cliff. Vivian the Quot Brooks Dandy , worthy dream girl Junior m a 5th Trot. Mile $7 n Worth profuse Nina song. Tyson d. Nira or pm Cess Kayla s Pride meddler. Trato Streak Chal Idale Irene 9th Pace , set to. Dark Goone Shady Dale spark Meadow Mac j l. Trail. Laddie Reldie Wick axles hied Little Rusty 7th pare m e $70&Quot Laird Pete Dae Purdue rain Hanover Fairview Peter a Bountiful Success major major s Margie m a i., chief nth Pace mile $7<m Dewey Mikl Wyn. Ben Turlington now John. Cia Haven whizzes Pale face Talullah Wick. Prier g Scott. Of Shaw nth a e mite. 7&Quot<1. Dean Drefhall Missouri Broom pure Leisure Burt Patch ratio Hadley. a Dee Bright girl Bonny Brook Dunn. Lady mum mum. .0 4.30 i 20 a parted. I Nee Quot i a Colonie d Gloria s or Nee liens a to 2 a j 3 1 3 30 Tysun s goo t i t utile pal boy hound in time 2 9 a o Hoot. Ginger sprig or Nee la Quot a but Njma 7th Pace Nile. Auxin Arsi 20 a. Tass i Huff 1 Al e dares i a in to hefted land a of kids Fri time 2 05 3-5 also starter. Meadow Andre cosign Bullet i s Kilen b hone Dell. Meadow Stacey. 8th pare. Mile Uson rhythm Dei Parker 2 Busi 3 50 Sucre Tom goo still a to 3 60 a Ibert j ii my i 2.8&Quot t me 2 Oft a Ltd started Bay s ate aril sunny Malone. Rebel Marge 8th a e m in a 0 rhythm Del it Parker it 2 90 2 1 7 an Success Tom a Good id 8 to 3 40 Albert j. Bambi 2 80 t me 3 Oft also started a stat a nil v. Valorous sunny Malone. Mazon rebel land Marge 9th pare mile $�0o Abbi Elwyn Hal it. Parker 18 so Ftp it 3 la Queen miso it Amhi 3 so 2 60 Indian Bea h i i a a 2 90 time j in 1-5 also started miss Che sue Marion a girl Vermont Rose charming Karen Congreve George attendance�?2.370. Handle a a Oft. No Down payment charge it your Way take 30 Days or months to pay 210north Bennington Road horses Start Down the Homestretch and with the film moving at the same rate of Speed As the horses Are going the horses Quot pan Quot themselves on the film each of them being recorded As they pass the finish line. Once the last horse has passed providing he s less than 25 lengths in arrears Poirer rushes into action and if a photo , he can have it to the judges in something like 35 seconds by Means of a projector which flashes a three foot Square picture onto a screen in their quarters. Another Point of interest is the fact that the time of every horse in the race is also recorded on the photo and turned Over to the program department for use in the charts. Poirer a native of Taunton mass., where he first went to work at the dog tracks says he averages six photos a night at the raceway and has had to make the maximum nine. Oil burners adjusted comprehensive Burner service contract covers annual Check up and adjustment plus other Cost saving services our comprehensive Burner service contract helps guard you against heating worries. And it can lower heating costs these three important ways 1. By making sure your Burner is cleaned and adjusted for Peak efficiency a to help give you maximum heat from every gallon of fuel. 2. By catching Little troubles before they can become big ones. A Small adjustment or repair in your heating system now May save you Many dollars later on. 3. By insuring you against unexpected repair Bills a by helping to protect you against heat interruption. For Complete details about our Burner service contracts a and about our Many other services a Call us today at the number below. Johnson Oil co. I Shell i >-210 depot St. 7 0 co dial 442-4018 Bennington open House Fri. Amp sat. Sept. 20-21 Cass a no s Gulf service station Hunt St. Amp Ben Mont ave. Free 3 pc set mixing bowls with every Purchase of 8 or More gals. Free Point a a knife sect Ltd a up time 7tout 3 grand prizes a pair of Gulf mud amp Snow Tubeless tires Complete lubrication and car winterizing with permanent Type anti freeze to gals of Gulf no nox Gas drive in and Register lollipops for the children fun for All the family

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