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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - September 15, 1965, Bennington, Vermont In a sear amp Burf Kitchen wild berries stir memories of an old country childhood Shaftsbury to ins is Etc franchise Bennington Banner wednesday september 15, 1985�?15 vermonters briefed on Viet in a in by Carlo Wolf r Searsburg a the grocery clerk pushed the last Jar into place As he finished restocking the stores Jelly shelves. The attractively labelled jars identifying their red Gold and purple contents called the attention of the passing shoppers. There were grape peach Apricot Apple and All kinds of Berry jellies. But it was the wild Strawberry Blueberry Blackberry and Elderberry that stirred my memory. I could picture my Mother a big bucket swinging from her Arm and me carrying a smaller one tripping by her Side heading for wild Berry patches. First there were wild strawberries and raspberries for marmalade and Jelly. Later in the season came blueberries for Jelly and compote followed by Black be r Rte s and elderberries. After each trip the Sweet Aroma of Ber ties cooking filled the whole House. And dozens of Jelly filled glasses lined the cellar shelves. In the German Rheinland Countryside where we lived wild berries grew plentiful. Everybody who wanted a Winter Supply of Jelly picked them because store Jelly was an expensive luxury in those Days. As i gingerly handled one of the enticing jars in front of me it struck me that although Jelly is available nowadays whenever one wished and at a reasonable cot i Hadnot bought any since we came to Vermont 18 years ago. Beginning with the first Spring in our Searsburg Mountainhome in be returned to the wild Berry picking Days of my Early youth and following in my mothers footsteps i have made my own jellies. Vermont like the Rheinland is full of berries. No matter where one lives there sat least one Berry Patch nearby. The Overall season is a Long one. In the Valley raspberries Ripen about june blueberries in july and blackberries in August. But on the mountains they re ready up to a month later. There blackberries last Well into sept Ernt or and elderberries Are Seldom ready la before october of the Frost or Birds Don t get them first. Of course wild Berry picking is not a convenient As harvesting cultivated fruits. Anyone expecting every wild Berry Patch to be accessible by car May be disappointed. Sometimes a Little legwork is necessary combined with some searching. But wandering Over a twisting Back Road or following a woodsy wilderness Trail should in fun to the to it Erry picker. There a something fascinating about let Erry picking. Once started it is hard to Stop which often results in too Many lorries and too much Jelly but a at christmastime a Jar of two of Iwald let Erry Jelly makes a Handy rain. Jelly making was quite a Tong process in pre pectin Days. I remember Mother adding apples and cooking the Berry juices for hours to reach jelling stage. Today a commercial pectin have reduced the cooking hours to minutes. Nevertheless i have worked out my own Little tricks of the Trade which include some of my mothers ways. To begin with i follow a pectin recipe Only partially. In my opinion sweetness kills the True taste of wild berries. Therefore i use Kip to two cups of sugar less than called for. I bring All terries including several Cut up apples to a slow Boll and As soon As the burst open stage is reached i Squash them with a potato Masher. Next the hot pulp is poured into a double layer of cheesecloth and Hung up to drip overnight. In the morning i squeeze out the last drop of juice. It does no to Cloud jellies of pulp is kept out next i follow the pectin reel using the reduced sugar Quantity. But instead of taking the Jelly off the stove As indicated i let it simmer until the juice runs in sheets instead of single drops from the Side of a wooden spoon. This makes a firmer Jelly. I also let it set in the jars until stiff before sealing with hot Par Fin. Of course it is much simpler to buy berries or the ready made product at a grocers. But some things he cannot wrap up in a Brown paper bag and hand Over the counter. Those Are the warm Spring Days in an open Field with the Sun warm on your neck the Aroma of fresh wild raspberries cooking for Jelly or syrup or strawberries for marmalade Lazy summer Days away from Boring chores picking Sweet juice blueberries while a purple Finch sings from a nearby Bush the sight of a Deer grazing at the far Side of a Meadow while you hide behind Blackberry Briars bees humming in Clover a Cool Breeze easing the Day s heat goldfinches waving overhead or giving Forth their Canary like song from a tall Spruce. These Are the memories served with homemade wild Berry jellies while the Snow piles High around the House. But the time the last Glass of Jelly comes to the table we can almost see the new Berry blossoms breaking out again. We feel the anticipation of Carefree Days roaming through the Fields and the knowledge that another Berry picking season is nearing gives a lift to Long dreary Winter Days. Shaftsbury a Arthur e. Paulin local distributor for Rootes motors ltd., has announced that he has been awarded the franchise for Chrysler Plymouth products in the Bennington area. The franchise was approved aug. 31, Paul in said and was formally awarded sept. 4. He plans a grand opening sept. 30, at the usual time new models Are announced. He will be receiving the 1966 models then he said and by oct. I will be performing All Chrysler Plymouth services. Paulin said the new franchise would in no Way affect the sales and service of Hillman and Sunbeam cars which he already handles. Burlington up a vermonters were called on monday to display Faith courage and patience while the War in Viet Nam is going on. The . State department held a Viet Nam War briefing Here at the request of gov. Philip h. Hoff. A Veteran of Viet Nam action it. Col. Kurtz Vinier said the ending of the War win be a a Long hard Road and that the people must have Faith courage and patience to finish the Job. The colonel said that . Pouch is that the War is one of the vietnamese people and must be won by them. An Agency for International development Aid worker William Mazzocco praised the . Aid program saying a there is nothing like this anywhere else in the state department official George Roberts said the . Must maintain its position in Viet Nam to show the world thar the . Honors its commitments and to encourage communists who would choose peace to do so. 5e. Service Binmore open 9a.m. To 9p.m. Wed.,thurs., Fri. 9a.m. To 6 . Mon.,tues., sat. North St. Shopping Plaza because you can . 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