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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - September 15, 1965, Bennington, Vermont New York draft riots in 1863 killed 1,260 persons sly Nhom t i in Sii. Byj United Presa International compulsion has been used since the Days of Moses to put men into War. Some men have gone gladly but millions More had had to be drafted. One of the most shameful moments in America s history occurred because men would not gladly follow the colors. For four Days in july 1863, mobs raged across Manhattan Island battling police with stones and firearms Lynching negro men and raping their wives setting the mansions of the Rich afire pillaging and plundering. In contrast with the August rioting in los Angeles which killed 37, this riot killed 1,200. Re first of the season fresh oysters $j29 Salem a super Market 831 a n St its cause was the draft. Unwilling to participate in what they called a a Rich Many a War but a poor Many a fight a the immigrant poor of new Yorkus tenements Rose to insurrection to oppose or. Lincoln a reluctant decree that the North would conscript an army. Never popular from the draft riots of 1863 to the summer of 1965, when the Congress found it prudent to make it a Federal offence to destroy draft cards conscription has never been popular in America. Its history precedes americans. Indeed some find in the Bible evidence of an Early draft. The 46th verse of the first chapter of number tells How Moses and Aaron registered men a from Twenty years old and upward every Man Able to go Forth to War in Israel their whole number was six Hundred and three thousand five Hundred and Napoleon conquered Europe with conscripts. Between 1800 and 1813, he drafted 2.6 million men. In colonial America every Man even the weak bodied had a duty to keep himself armed to protect the Community. More than 650 colonial Laws dealt with conscription. The Virginia general Assembly during its 1623-24 session gave commanders authority to a Levy a parti of men of the inhabitants. Soe Many As Well be spared without too much weakening of the plantations and to employ these men against the indians when they shall assault us Deere unto our inhabitant George Washington a Asaf desperate general and later a prudent president a asked Congress several times for a draft Law. Wary of a too powerful Central government Congress each time the civil War the worlds first mechanical War in which millions were combatants made a draft necessary North and South. Northern volunteers enlisting for durations of from three to nine months Laid Down their arms sometimes in the midst of major Battle and went Home when their enlistments ended. Compulsion became necessary. A the Story of the draft during the War Between the states a says the selective service system a a is a Story of bungling mismanage in e n to graft and bloodshed characterized by almost every conceivable kind of mistake. A in the South Blanket exemptions were granted men who owned 20 or More slaves and teachers druggists and newspapermen. As a result men who chose not to serve founded schools without pupils drug stores without customers and newspapers without readers. Because men of wealth could Send substitute soldiers by paying their wages Southern volunteers were paid less than the substitutes and resented them. Hire substitutes in the North a Man of wealth could either buy exemption from the draft for $300 half a years pay for an immigrant with steady 12-hours-a-Day work or hire a substitute at whatever bargain the two reached. Men became Rich As professional substitutes collecting their bounties Only to desert if you could see inside. 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It swaggered through the City and thousands of men streamed from the workbenches to join it. It broke into arms stores fought bloody Battles with the police fights that pitted irishmen against irishmen stoned to death any negro Likely to come within the mobs sight set ablaze a Home for �33 negro orphans whose lives were saved by firemen holding off the mob with axes. Finally regiments badly needed by Meade a army to pursue Lee after Gettysburg were dispatched to new York to put Down the riot. Kill registrars draft resumed. It was so unpopular throughout the North that 98 Federal registrars were killed during its first four months. In All 1.2 million northerners were said to have been drafted but Only 42,000 draftees were actually inducted. By the time America reluctantly entered world War i a to make the world Safe for democracy it had Learned How to draft efficiently and blood Lessly. It registered 24 million men drafting 2,810,296 of them. Resistance came Only from Oklahoma there tenant Farmers negroes and indians staged the a Green Corn it was a Brief ineffective and Short lived affair. By then War had become systemized. Europe had Learned from Napoleon. When Archduke Ferdinand was assassinated France Russia Germany and Austria Hungary All with peacetime drafts quickly put millions of men into the Field. America could do no less despite the protest of speaker of the House Champ Clark who declared a in the estimation of missourians there is precious Little difference Between a conscript and a the next month 10,000 troops by then War had made All were sent to new York and the men its prisoners. J Olin son presents medals i n gemini 5 astronauts Washington up a president Johnson presented medals tuesday to gemini 5 astronauts l. Gordon Cooperjr. And Charles Conrad jr., for their record eight Day space flight. In a White House ceremony Johnson pinned exceptional service medals on the pair and chief space Agency doctor Charles Berry a a or outstanding contribution to the technology of manned space the White House Salute which was being followed by a visit of the gemini 5 twins to the House and Senate precedes by one Day their departure on a Goodwill trip abroad As special unofficial presidential ambassadors. Cooper and Conrad will visit six Mediterranean and african nations. James e. Webb administrator of the National aeronautics and space administration Nas read citations accompanying Nasa medals for Cooper and Conrad. The citations hailed their performances on the 120-orbit Mission As having a significantly extended our understanding of the capabilities of Man and equipment under prolonged exposure to space Hight Berry a citation lauded a this in la sir i Ltd thurs a ton England up a sunday Vesper services at the Village Church Are being rescheduled from 6 30 . To 6 .�? so that parishioners can get Home in time for a popular television program work As the senior medical officer in the eight Day gemini 5 Mission a and said it had extended greatly the knowledge of Many a capabilities in space. From the White House the astronauts went to the National Academy of sciences to give a formal report on their trip. And from there they planned to go to Capitol Hill where Senate democratic Leader Mike Mansfield said a recess would be called at 4 . Edt to receive them. first with the features women want most washers amp dryers 1966 models in Stock Mode l lw-670 $21900 2 to 16 Pound volatility 2-Spood action Normal agitation and spin Gantt agitation and spin 3 Wash temperature selections 3 water level selections extra fill sediment ejector Fountain filter washing action dual lint filter Al i porcelain Fin Griffin electric co., inc. 473 Ain St. Dial 447-7733 Bennington

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