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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - September 1, 1965, Bennington, Vermont 20-Bcnnington manner wednesday september i 1965 German nuclear policy newest noise in a to Bac stairs on firing Mission gun crewmen of b Battery 5th howitzer battalion 76th artillery take a break Between firing missions during their recent two week summer training at fort Knox by. Army reservists Are from left spec. 5 Walter Hewes of Brattleboro sgt. Harold Snow of Bernardston mass., and spec. 4 Ronald Lindsey of Shaftsbury. The nearly 300 Vermont reservists returned Home saturday. De Gaville leaves on Viet Nam peace ambitions by k c. Thale London up a the Western Alliance already badly shaken by Frances go it alone policy in Europe has come under severe pressure from yet another key ally West Germany. The Bone of Contention is the projected inter Allied nuclear Force which if established would give the Federal government a say in nuclear strategy. But agreement on such a Force seems a Long Way off. West Germany feels frustrated by Anglo american indecision on this score and is also becoming suspicious of alleged British moves towards unilateral nuclear disarmament in Europe. The forthcoming West German general election sept. 19 is a major Factor behind the stepped up Campaign in Bonn against Anglo american nuclear policy. The Campaign coincides with current United states and British efforts to get a nuclear nonproliferation agreement with Russia. The russians have said All along that conclusion of such an agreement is conditional on the scrapping of All plans for a nato nuclear Force. The russians Back their demand with the argument that West Germany is itching to get its fingers on the nuclear trigger. The latest clamor in Bonn for German participation in Allied nuclear strategy has tended to toughen Moscow a stand. The fact is that the United states and Britain have so far been unable to agree Between gemini-5 flight proves Man is space capable Paris up a French presi have to involve neutralization Dent Charles de Gaulle has of All Southeast Asia and with chosen to leave the world still drawl of All United states guessing about his peace Mak forces from Viet Nam and that Long ambitions in Viet Nam. This can be achieved Only he May lift the curtain a lit through peace talks in which communist China would take part. In All this de Gaulle a own ideas no longer seem As far decides the to Rne Apar it rom these or Stdeni Johnson As they did a year ago. In fact French officials concede Washington can not very Well do much else than what it is doing in Viet Nam now namely watch for every Braet is we Tori Quot he so talks pm fable Opportunity for peace talks and at the same time tie in his sept. 9 news conference. But for the time being he is playing it close to the Vest to ensure the maximum Impact of and when he is Ripe to intervene. De Gaulle a decision not to reveal his hand now became Clear after cultural affairs minister Andre Malraux reported to him and the French with chinese communist party chief Mao tse Tung and other peking leaders. A statement read by information minister Alain Peyre Fitte after wednesdays Cabinet beef up its military position so As to be Able to negotiate a from strength when the time comes. What does disturb de Gaulle meeting with All indications of according to French officials is de Gaulle a personal author the total Lack of Contact be slap described Malraux stalks tween the United states and As a of great the statement insisted Malraux did not go to China to discuss a possible Viet Nam peace settlement. But it spoke twice of the a a realities of present Day China and stressed the a a importance attached by France to China a role in the world. Otherwise it gave no real insight into what took place in peking or into de Gaulle a future plans on Viet Nam. There seems Little doubt however that de Gaulle remains convinced the Only possible ultimate settlement would communist China. It is Here officials say that he believes that ultimately he can play a peace maker s role by acting As go Between Between Washington and peking. But this is a Long term Prospect. Malraux stalks with Mao tse Tung and other chinese communist leaders apparently showed no readiness on peking a part to negotiate. On the contrary he was said to have found them completely unbending. So though de Gaulle remains convinced the Viet Nam War must be settled some Day at the conference table he still appears unsure How to bring communist China to it. One thing is certain according to French officials a de Gaulle will make no Public move in this direction until he is reasonably convinced it will succeed. Until then he will continue watching and playing it close to the West. Cape Kennedy up a americans eight Day gemini 5 orbit flight proved today thai Man is physically ready for a two week space voyage this Winter and a Moon trip this decade. Or. Charles e. Berry head of the medical office of the manned spacecraft Center in Houston said tuesday he was a a delighted with the medical condition of Champion astronauts Gordon Cooper and Charles Conrad. They withstood the record shattering journey so Well Berry said that a a in a go tomorrow on a More extended tour of space. Conrad and Cooper moved into the third Day of reviewing their journey Happy to know they will see their families sooner than they had thought. They will get a break in their la Days of Post flight seclusion to Fly to Houston thursday and were expected to see their wives for the first time since the aug. 21 Blastoff. Earlier space officials said they would not be allowed to visit their families until sept. 9, when they Are scheduled to report to the nation. Berry said that they appear in As Good or better shape than those drafted seen i to serve Iii v Iet Nam washing Fon up a Dur that word came today from ing the next year the nations selective service officials who stepped up military Effort in said that the notion military Viet Nam is going to become a manpower needs can be met very real thing for about 400, As in the past through a draft too Young americans in both Pool of single generally unit single and married draft categories. Likely a Surv cd fixes Fraet height j a of 13,905 feel Washington a the Canadian Mountain named for the late president John f. Kennedy has been Given an official height�?13,905 feet above sea level. Snow covered mount Kennedy mount Kennedy was the highest a climbed Mountain in North America when it was ascended in March by a National geographic Boston museum party including president Kennedy a looms up in Stark Lovely spend brother sen. Robert f. Kenner above the craggy tips of still Edy. Unnamed mountains just East of sen. Kennedy described the the alaskan Border in the St. Peak As a magnificent. Stark Elias mountains highest Range he said a i am sure in North America. That he president Kennedy would mount Kennedy was discover be pleased that this lonely Beau de in 1935 by a National geographic society expedition. Its official height was recently de Tifful Mountain in the Yukon Bear his other climbers in the party Ter mined by the u. S. Coast were James w. Whittaker the and geodetic Survey and the Ca first american to reach the sum Nadian department of milling and met of 29,028-foot mount Ever technical surveys. They made est in 1963, and Barry w. Prath a traverse Survey extending from or also a member of the mount the Alcan Highway in Canada Everest expedition. Of alaskans Yakutat Bay. The climbers festooned the surveyors anchored a Bronze Summit with flags Canadas two disk into the Granite face of flags the old and new the . Mount Kennedy 480 feet below Flag the Kennedy coat of arms the Summit. The Marker will a National geographic fall and serve As a fixed Point for fun a climbing club Pennant Ture mapping surveys there. The recent surveying opera the geographic position of tons in the mount Kennedy area mount Kennedy was fixed As Fol carry on work begun by the lows 60 degrees 20 minutes National geographic society in 28.2 seconds latitude and 138 1935 when or. Washburn a a degrees 58 minutes 02.6 Sec a edition explored and made the ones Longitude. The Bronze Mark first maps of almost 5,000 Square Eros exact position is 60 degrees Miles of unknown Yukon Terri-19 minutes 56.31 seconds Lati tory. The expedition discover tude and 138 degrees 58 mined 19 mountains More than 10,-utes 21.91 seconds Longitude. Too feet High. Meanwhile an expedition of Majestic peaks were named the National geographic society for Gardiner Greene Hubbard and Boston museum of science first president of the society has been mapping the immediate for British lord chief Justice mount Kennedy area to gather Alverstone and for a. Lawrence data for a comprehensive Topo Lowell who had just retired graphical map. This Survey was from the presidency of Harvard made under or. Bradford Wash University where John f. Ken Burn who led the 1935 disco Nedy later studied Ery expedition. He is director mount Kennedy was discover of the Boston museum of science. E 3.3 Miles East of a Point almost exactly Halfway Between Rill i in six or mount Hubbard 15,015 feet and mount Alverstone 14,500 fee aboard Lake Cham but it is not Given a formal pm Vin at sea up a when name until Jan. 2, 1965, when Gordon Cooper and Charles con the Canadian government an Rad finally get aboard the renounced that it would Bear the covery Carrier Lake Champlain name of the martyred u. S. They will be Able to travel in president. Style. Fittingly the Mountain not Only the Crew rigged up two seats stands close to the inter nation upholstered in Gold coloured a a1 Boundary its Sharp Summit trial on top of a flight deck and precipices of ice and Gran tractor in Case the astronauts Ite epitomize the mighty Moun want to ride when they come Tain grandeur of Alaska and the aboard after their splashdown. Yukon. Cached men Between 19 and 26 was a mistaken one. Few of those drafted Are Likely to see service in Viet Nam itself where the troop commitment is mainly made up of voluntary enlistees. But draftees will be needed to fill gaps in the ranks caused by transfers to Viet Nam from . Commitments elsewhere. There Are a total of about 17 million men in the United states in the current draft eligible age Range of 18 to 26. Draft officials said however that the number of Able bodied single men in this total who would meet All the various requirements for the draft will be insufficient to meet demands. The officials said that the first to go into uniform would be an estimated 160,000 Young bachelors Between 19 and 26. They said that starting in november local draft boards would be ready to begin putting into effect in their callus president Johnson a recent order that men married after aug. 26 be treated the same As bachelors. By Early next year some childless men married before aug. 26 Are Likely to be called the officials added. Selective service director Gen. Lewis b. Hershey expressing contempt for Young men who rushed out on the eve of the aug. 26 deadline to get married in an attempt to beat the draft has said the government was considering drafting them anyway. He added however that they would be Only a a drop in the bucket among the total number of eligible. Under the orders issued by Johnson last month for a troop buildup monthly draft Calls have so far been doubled to about 35,000, and with the first increases coming this month. Based on these figures officials said indications Are that the draft will provide about 400,000 men for the military next year. The army will get the bulk of these men but the Navy has asked for 6,000 men in october and probably will panties Driver Milan Italy up a bus Driver Angelo Ferruzzo splashed a group of people waiting at a bust Stop on a rain soaked Street tuesday. The infuriated victims dragged him from the bus and pulled off his pants. The hapless Driver returned to the terminal in his underwear. The gemini 4 pilots did after four Days in space. Today a schedule for the gemini twins called for More of the routine medical tests they have faced since their sunday splashdown and More of the a a debriefings needed to prepare for future space flights. One result of the gemini 5 flight was revealed tuesday. President Johnson approved a new policy that will promote Conrad from a lieutenant commander to a commander in the Navy. Cooper was promoted to a lieutenant colonel in the air Force last month. Berry said their flight gave a medical go ahead for the two week gemini 7 flight expected to be made by astronauts Frank Borman and James Lovell in january. The flight surgeon also reaffirmed his immediate conclusion after the gemini recovery that Man can stay in space Long enough for flights to the Moon and Back. The first Moo shot is set for 1969. Themselves Cai How to Settle the problem. The two Western nuclear nations Are agreed that West Germany and other nato allies should be Given some degree of responsibility in nato nuclear policy. But they differ on just How this can be done without giving West Germany a Finger on the trigger. They just want Bonn to have a Finger on the a safety Britain has of late made it Clear it wants to retain a veto in any nato nuclear Force and so does the United states in principle. At least some of Germany a influential politicians oppose an Anglo american veto and want majority Rule in any inter Allied nuclear Force. The United states recently put a plan to the russians in Geneva for a nuclear non proliferation treaty which it Felt left the door open for an eventual inclusion of West Germany and other allies in some form of nato nuclear Force. The russians rejected it. Former Federal Chancellor Konrad Adenauer a who still leads the ruling Christian democratic party in Bonn a was outraged by the american plans alleged vagueness and termed it an outright betrayal on the part of the United states. Since then the former Federal defense minister forceful Franz Josef Strauss has added his Sharp criticism of alleged Allied duplicity and feet dragging. German suspicion has been heightened by Britain a latest decision to replace some of its nuclear artillery with the British army of the Rhine with conventional weapons. This has led to charges Britain is engaged in some form of unilateral nuclear disarmament in Europe that will leave West Germany dangerously exposed to soviet missile Power. Vigorous assertions Are being made in Bonn that German interests Are being neglected by wavering allies. And Allied diplomats think that something will have to be done pretty soon if the process of erosion in nato is to be halted. President s Church coins a ecumenical by Merriman Smith up White House reporter Washington up a Back stairs at the White House president Johnson a Hometown Church is becoming known As an Active demonstration of the ecumenical spirit. The first Christian Church of Johnson City tex., last sunday had in its congregation in addition to the president and his wife such Well known catholics As the younger daughter of the first family Luci 18, and Lawrence f. Of Brien the new postmaster general to be. Also on hand was ambassador Arthur j. Goldberg of the jewish Faith and a capacity crowd of protestants. Few churches even those much larger can boast such ecumenical attendance. It should be said for Luci and her recently embraced catholicism however that before she went to the Christian Church in Johnson City she at sweeps Backer is a candidate from Vav Winooski Winooski up a Democrat James Shea has announced his candidacy for one of the 15 seats Winooski and Burlington will share in the re apportioned House. Shea who fought hard for a Bill that would have set up a state sweepstakes in Vermont is a former mayor and councilman of Winooski. Another Shea sponsored Bill that went Down to defeat in the 1965 session was a measure that would have placed Cable television companies under the jurisdiction and regulation of the Public service Board. Shea indicated that of he wins he will has 3 another crack at the sweepstakes Bill which has gone Down of defeat in two successive sessions. Tended mass at the Catholic Church in Fredericksburg. Luci is growing into a most attractive and level Heade. Young woman. She seemed a bit put out last weekend when the newspapers of the nation printed one of her longer poems this one dedicated to her fathers 57th birthday. It was a rather intimate poetic work which Luci never expected to see published when she wrote it. When reporters thronged the lbs ranch last sunday for the presidents news conference during a Post conference social hour Over Coffee and cookies the president was asked How his daughter came to produce an entire volume of poetry. The president grandly turned the question Over to Luci who was standing nearby. She did not want to discuss it but her father had pushed her into the Center of attention and she had to say something. After debating with herself for a moment she came up with a quite Lucid explanation saying that like Many Young people she had scribbled poems for her own interest since she was eight or nine years old. She said her father was a most difficult person for whom to find gifts. Thus on his 57th birthday she decided to have her girlhood poems bound. She gave him the volume last Friday As he celebrated his birth Day on the ranch. Her Story had no big punchline then. Was no laugh or Point of drama. But what made it interesting was the sure footed and no nonsense manner in which she explained her poetry. Not once was she at a loss for words. And not Many teen age girls could conduct themselves so coolly in front of a group of highly professional reporters and photographers. Want More. The marines also Are considering taking some draftees. Exactly who will get called depends on a number of factors including statutory requirements and manpower situations in the specific areas administered by local draft boards. Of the total of 17 million men in the proper age group Only about 2 million Are in the unmarried or childless married categories classified a a or available for the draft. Officials say pre induction tests could Cut this Pool by More than half. Then More than half a million men classified As 1a Are in the special consideration married class who because they were married before aug. 26, will still be Given preferred treatment under an executive order issued two years ago by the late president John f. Kennedy. About 300,000 i a a Are 18-year-Olds who under a 1951 draft Law provision cannot be called until All other Las have been drafted including men past the present draft cutoff age of 26 who have been granted a deferment at one time or another. This group is subject to Call until age 35. Berkshire Art group offers Competition Pittsfield mass. A some 1,500 invitations have been sent to artists in seven states to enter the nth annual regional Competition of the Berkshire Art association which is offering More than $2,800 in awards and Cash prizes. The Competition in which a one Man jury will select works to be shown and to receive honors is open to Amateur and professional painters and sculptors of the six new England states and new York state. The exhibition of selected works will be at the Berkshire museum Here oct. I through 31. Juror of selection and award will be Gordon Mackintosh Smith director of the Albright Knox Art gallery of Buffalo . He will be in Pittsfield late in september for the burying. Information brochures with entry forms Are available at the Berkshire museum and at museums Art galleries and libraries throughout the Northeast. Baa officers noted that one change in the rules of the Competition is elimination of the privilege of submitting paintings or sculpture in crates this year All entries must arrive at the museum unrated. In i Hail m. Schul that amp Youb Idt pushed me Douin and vol a re afraid to do something about it a Rne All. Right i la 60 out i Here i la either7�auh him a lesson or get it self killed or i that s the spirit Sidney or the Bush us v / a to Liyim Hart what new features Are it Gnu putting of the wheel this Vear ? whar do they do Cit Pur last Vetari i Model out of style. 1 a aim Boi to v j a Ioard e some c i hash Marks a r a Low the sides. I # Quot a ill in a to _ c5m i z Al Jil Yra Ltd it a _ i a a j to to a ill full Iii m-3 fact i outline he s listening to a Ball game again with his new Little transistor radio Ano ear plug 1 h ill put v a Stop to this j nonsense \ once Ano por All As p to i o fell c a t hic inuit a Steve Laim non m in Toni Amil co a rape commander in a we have i am not being Fri to lou9 i Madame Hoo a commands that a i prove myself 1 a traitor to the or by i commitment of a crime in the i uniform of the soviet Navy i we can produce a British Navy uniform with soviet insignia n in i it Good then i shall require a forged letter prom the Raf commander in Hong Nong to the of Rel Tor of the Hospital in which flying officer Mew Hasty is a patient a i it will order him to release her at once for an inter National briefing on the Madame Hoot Case then i shall meet her and disgrace my government heart of Juliet Jones ii it stall Drake

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