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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - October 20, 1965, Bennington, Vermont 16�? Bennington Banner wednesday october 20, 1965 australian school for Prince Charles London up a Buckingham Palace announced monday that Prince Charles will attend school in Australia next year. The heir to the British throne is 16. The Palace announcement said Charles will enrol at a Church of England school too Miles from Melbourne for the 31/2 month term beginning in february. The school is the a Tim Ber top Branch of the Geelong grammar school. At the completion of the term the Prince will return to his present school Gordonstown in the scottish Highlands. Geelong is one of australians leading prep schools for boys. The a Timber top Branch is in rugged country in the wooded Foothills of australians great dividing Range Northeast of Melbourne. It lies Between Mansfield a major sheep grazing Center and mount Butler. Murtaugh starts War on Bear baiting honorary chairmen a or. And mrs. Howard e. Weinle of Burlington former tuberculosis patients who spent almost a year in a Sanatorium have been named honorary chairmen for Vermont of the annual to Christmas Seal drive which will Start nov. 16. Montpelier up a a it s no better than tying an animal to a Post and pounding hell out of it with a this remark was made by an angry Man at Montpelier who happens to be Vermont a fish and game commissioner. He was talking about the practice of caging Small bears sicking dogs on them to run them up a tree and then shooting them from their Perch. The commissioner Francis Murtaugh said tuesday the practice is a not uncommon a and seems to be entered in the Stowe Morrisville area. He ran across a Case of Bear caging a couple of weeks ago. This is the Way he tells it historical note Stanton to. Up a tourists at Maramec caverns on . 66 get a laugh out of a sign which reads a Jesse James crept the notorious outlaw used the Cave As a hideout during the 1870�?Ts. At the Mary Mcclellan Hospital laundry employees Wash 300,000 pounds of Linen a year Cambridge the Many employees who staff Mary Mcclellan Hospital Are the six who Are in the Hospital laundry which is located Over the powerhouse on the Hospital grounds. The Large airy Well ventilated room is presided Over by mrs. Delmar Gates laundry manager. Her husband is Washman and there is an assistant Washman. There Are also three women who mangle fold and press. The women take turns each on the presses otherwise everyone does the same Job Day in and Day out which they prefer to rotation. Mrs. Gates says the Hospital has been passed for providing such airy quarters since Many Hospital laundries Are located in a basement Corner. There is a separate smaller room at the Mary Mcclellan where clean Linen is piled on marked shelves according to its condition and extra Linen is stored. The laundry takes care of All patients Linen Linen twice weekly from the nurses Home Linen from the maids dorm and the men s dorm including All uniforms and Coats except for most nurses who usually launder their own and Linen from the operating room obstetrics and a Ray departments. During the past two years the laundry has taken care of around 300,000 pounds of Linen per year. The Linen averages about 15 lbs. Per patient Day depending on the number of very ill patients since they require More bed Linen. The laundry averages about 221 loads per month with about 14 to 15 loads on mondays and averaging nine to 12 other Days. Mrs. Gates has to keep records of the amount of laundry finished and the types. There Are Large Scales in the front entry of the laundry and soiled Linen is weighed As it comes into the building. The equipment of the laundry includes two washers one which holds about 160 pounds of clothes and a smaller which holds about too pounds which is used also for laundry from an isolation Case two extractors one a 40 Inch which holds Between 75 and 80 pounds and a 28 Inch one which holds Between 50 and 60 pounds two tumblers or dryers for about 25 to 30 pounds of wet clothes a a two girl return mangled and two presses which Are used to press uniforms pants Coats and shirts. The presses Are run by compressed air the rest of the equipment by steam. One mangle and the smaller extractor Are the Only pieces of equipment which were in use when the Hospital opened. All machines have safety devices to protect employees. For instance the larger press mangle has to be started by pushing two switches on the front and takes two hands to operate while it Only takes one hand to Stop the machine and automatically lift lid. Full service banking a Man needs full service banking when he has the responsibility of a Home car and family. Get full service at. The Vermont Bank and Trust company Bellows Falls Chester Brattleboro Rutland Bennington Manchester member Federal Deposit insurance of operation the Large a two girl return mangled takes two to hold the sheets and spreads As they Are put into the machine. The ironed sheets return to them below where they Are putting More sheets into the machine. About 15 sheets can be left in this return area As they come from the mangle before the girls have to Stop and fold them for packing into the Large laundry baskets or carts. As they put these ironed sheets into the carts the girls sort them As to better or not so Good condition. Linen to be mended goes into still another cart to be sent to the housekeeping department. The Linen from All floors and departments is collected by the truck Driver from Hospital Shutes and put into Large hampers and taken Over to the laundry. The laundry is brought Over about every hour beginning at 6 30 . And continuing until 1 30 or 2 . The Driver returns the clean laundry to the Hospital in other carts during the Day taking it to the Linen Supply room at the Hospital. Linen from the operating room obstetrics and Central Supply goes directly Back to those departments and Linen from the nurses Home and maids dorm is also directly delivered. Uniforms Are put on hangers after pressing and taken Back to the Hospital that Way. All laundry As it arrives at the Hospital including the laundry bags is dumped into the Washer and it is run according to a special formula. It takes about 35 minutes to run a Load. Then clean laundry is taken out put into a tub on wheels and loaded into the extractors and run for 12 minutes taking out the water in the clothes without wrinkling them. Linen is sorted from the tumblers according to what must be thoroughly dried partially dried or that which was to be put into the mangle which be dried before being ironed. Linen in the tumblers takes 25 to 30 minutes to completely. Then it is folded and put into the Large carts for return to the Hospital. Two loads of clothes an hour can be finished with All this equipment. Employees in the laundry each have their own work in finishing the laundry but when one finishes his Job he goes to help out on some other Job. They All begin work at 6 45 . And leave when All the Linen has been washed and ironed and put into baskets. Someday they May work overtime hours depending on the Hospital census sometimes they have to come in on a sunday morning. Actually As with a household laundry is never All done but the employees make sure that there is an adequate Supply for the Hospital departments and for patients the next Day. They intentionally leave a few pieces to be finished the next morning since they must have something to work on until the laundry coming in has been washed. Or. And mrs. Gates began working in the Hospital laundry in March 1955, she As manager and he As Washman. They had their own laundry business three years. Before the Gates came the late Creasie and Wesley Sands were in charge of the laundry after the Hospital opened in 1919. Mrs. Gates says that an Effe Cliency expert helped them organize the laundry in 1956 and set up the present system which requires fewer employees than formerly. He appraised the equipment and planned what new or renovated equipment was needed she added. The efficiency Man also set up a different formula for washing clothes which Calls for running the clothes seven minutes in so much measured water in the tubs at a certain temperature to remove any blood spots. Then another temperature and amount of water is used for another length of time to assure clean White laundry. The Washman has to keep track of these fillings manually although the formula is marked on the machine. The same formula and systems Are now being used effectively. At that time the washing of All laundry together with the exception of that from isolation was instituted and the sorting of it after washing which is much More pleasant for employees. The Hospital department is a member of the american Institute of laundry which provides assistance in removing stubborn stains and gives other advice As needed. It will also run tests for members on fabric and makes analyses. The Institute sends Sample materials quarterly to the Hospital laundry. These Are washed 20 times along with the regular tests Are always rated excellent a i got a Call from or. And mrs. Arthur Williams out in Fayston and they told me there was a Small Bear caged behind a restaurant near their place. They said they heard that there was going to be a Bear shoot. A i went i Down with the game Warden. It was a Little fellow about 75 pounds. There was a pail of mangy looking apples nearby for food. A i went on into the restaurant and asked about the Bear and what was going on. I made them think i was interested in getting in on the Hunt. Well there was this Guy in the bar with a big Grin on his face. He told me to go on into the Back room and talk to the fellow in there. The upshot of it was they were going to have themselves a Little Bear Hunt. I told him who i was and that i considered what they were doing pretty Wormy business. A this Guy called me last week said he was going to fix me. But he does no to have the Bear anymore. Or. And mrs. Williams bought it from him and turned it Loose. He a not about to fix Murtaugh says most of the bears Are trapped by a Ridge runners up in then the word is put out that a Bear is available. Most of the Hunters that go for it Are from out of state. A you know the kind he says. A they get a couple of jugs with nipples on them up at their Deer Camp and when they have skilled enough they go out and have a Little Bear Hunt. A Well this is the lowest piece of business in be Ever come across. The people in it Are the same Murtaugh said he is going to make sure that an anti caging Law goes into effect after Bear season is Over. A a in la do any Damn thing i can to put a Stop to this Wormy form of entertainment a he said. Cd Parley oct 28 in Montpelier Montpelier a civic leaders and officials have been invited to attend a Day Long civil defense conference to be held Here. The conference will be conducted by the University of Vermont evening division civil defense program in cooperation with the Vermont state civil defense division. Frank Preble is coordinator of the University a civil defense program. The conference starts at to . In the state House with a Welcome from . Alexander commissioner of Public safety. At a morning panel discussion the following topics will be discussed a the National civil defense program a Laurie Cormier director of Region one office of civil defense. A the state and local program a it. Col. . Delorme military support plans officer Vermont National guard. A emergency readiness a Victor Mcdavitt general defense coordinator new England Telephone and Telegraph. Three workshops Are planned for the afternoon session. The first workshop is on natural Dis a sters and will be conducted by Byron Hathorn and members of the Vermont state cd division. E. Dean Finney general manager of Wtown St. Johnsbury will Lead a discussion on emergency broadcast systems. The final workshop is on a civil defense training assistance panel members include Preble Edward Rommey cd adult education program and mrs. Gertrude Hodge Vermont cd division. Chester s Baek Hollywood upi1�?chester Conklin the old Keystone Kop come out of retirement for a role in a a big hand for the Little Huo a a classifieds Legal a a monuments cemetery lots 5 Rock of Ages Granite Barre Guild Seal. . Carver. Call 2-4808. Display at 126 Washington Avenue. By appointment appreciated. Personals mrs. . Of North Benn lost 6 7-8 in. From her body measurements with 8 visits to stay trim studio 442-4771. Bennington lanes. Open monday through Friday 3 . Win free Bowling every Fri Day night Moonlight Bowling 9 30 . Open saturday 9 30 ., sunday i . Wedding invitations announcements cake decorations imprinted napkins and matches Guestbooks. Bennington bookshop 416 main St., phone 2-5136._ we will be closed saturday at noon beginning aug. 21. Bennington farm equipment. Humane society 8 found Woodford male Tan and White part Collie female Beagle South Shaftsbury in male part Shepard White and in male Collie West Shaftsbury Bennington county humane society 375-2898. Automotive agencies to mob Austin Healey. My sport Sedan. Sprite. Vie faults motor sales service. 207 Sute Road. To 3-7746. North Adams mass. Test drive the 4-wheel drive Toyota at Spike s. Call 442-9884. Automobiles for sole la of car selection. Karl a motors Coiler of Hunt depot streets. Tel. 442-9366, Bennington. Automobiles for Sale la 1960 Simc a 4-door, Good tires radio and Heater. Reasonable. 631 main St., Side door. Special �?T63 Chevy 4 dr., 6 cyl., std. Shift. Only s1295. �?T62 Chevy Bel air. 8 cyl., 4 dr., Power s1395. Thurber a garage no. Benn. Rd., dial 2-5481 or 2-2955, Benn. It. . _ Inq can. 4 door Blue. �?T<4 Cadillac 62 full Power it. $4295 �?T54 Corvair Mon la 6 cyl., std., 4 door $1595 53 Oldsmobile 88 8 cyl., sports Coupe. $1995 a after we sell we server 289 main St. Bennington 442-545 i 1958 Chevrolet new tires no rust. Riding Lawn Mower. 5 h.p., 26�?� sweep. Best offer 447-7634 Monument a motors authorized Volkswagen sales and service 63 vow deluxe station Wagon $1195 �?T60 valiant 4 dr., Sedan $495 dial 447-7561 Hunt St.,Bennington, it. Classifieds capture Cash la Charlo m. Schul of am i s r it South f that v Ujah .1 \ cd a r a i Val Al ill. In Johnny Hart i there i am an artery a a windless Bird with hairy feathers. Dirty. F j Momic in hic mini m ii no ail Iff pc a place Man if i pid i in where Steve p80ba6lv find is stationed he had just been wow i y sent Bach. To the . School. I of technology in Dayton Chio a a ten Channel 10

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