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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - October 5, 1963, Bennington, Vermont Bennington Banner saturday october 5, 1983-7 its not too Early to think about winterizing your Home the time has come once again to winterize the Home. This involves not Only replacing screens with storm windows but also having heating systems checked obsolete or workout parts replaced pipes and outside Walls insulated holes and cracks plugged up and weatherstripping attached to doors. Getting the heating system in shape for a Long cold Winter is a top priority Job and one that should be attended to before servicemen have More work than they can handle. A heating system in proper operating condition heats faster and uses less fuel. The first step is a thorough cleaning of the boiler. The next move is to have automatic fuel burners adjusted. This should be done every year even if no other work is required. The Complete combustion of fuel prevents waste and saves dollars. It is also a Good idea to have the controls checked. An unresponsive thermostat can give the impression that the boiler is ineffective when in fact it is functioning perfectly. Old thermostats should even be replaced. Thermostats manufactured within the last five years heating contractors claim Are so sensitive that they keep the House temperature within one half degree of the selected level. As a fourth step homeowners should inspect piping connectors radiators and baseboards. A contractor May be difficult to find a month from now and it May be mighty cold so this should be done soon too. Selecting a heating system to suit a new House or House under construction May be a problem that some new homeowners or remodeler Are facing Madronic or hot water systems Are the most common but electricity As a source of heat is gaining in popularity. An experienced heating contractor can be helpful if it s a boiler that s needed. By computing the heat loss through window Walls and roof considering the relationship of Glass areas and Walls to the Sun and the amount of natural shelter the House has a contractor can determine which boiler Best suits the House. An oversized heating Plant is about As impractical As a Jet engine in a biplane and one that a too Small won t do the Job. And a contractor can place baseboards connectors and Radiant panels where they will be most effective. Electrical contractors can in tall wiring and distribution panels of the proper size and capacity if a new Homeowner prefers electric heat. A zoned heating Quot is now available for Homes heated either by electricity or hot water. Zoned heating makes it possible to have a separate thermostat in each of two three or More separate areas of the House. With a hot water heating Plant zoning requires a separate pump and pipe circuit for each area. Electrically heated Homes have a thermostat that controls the temperature in each room. Typical zoning arrangements often include All bedrooms on one circuit since most persons prefer to sleep in Cool rooms. Another circuit May provide the heat for living and dining areas and a third zone May include the family room and Kitchen where activities or cooking May make Low temperatures desirable. Another piece of equipment that requires periodic checkups is the hot water Heater. All modern hot water Heaters have a faucet at the base of the tank to allow the owner to Drain Muddy looking water from the tank. If this is done every two to four weeks the buildup of natural hard water minerals will be prevented and rust that May have been carried into the tank from old piping will be removed. If the tank is not drained the Heater will thump or crack every time a hot water faucet is turned on. This is a sign that layers of sediment have built up in the tank and that Small pockets of steam in the sediment Are a exploding Quot in protest. The color of the Burner s flame by Andy Lang a leu features question i have been told that Hardwood strip floors can be installed Over Concrete without using Wood sub floors. Our House is built on a Concrete slab. Can you Tell me something about this method which i have never heard of although i put Down several Wood floors Many years ago i plan on strip Oak floors Over the slab. Answer this is a comparatively new Way of installing strip floors Over a Concrete slab. A special adhesive is placed on the floor in widths of about two inches spaced 16 inches apart. One by two wooden strips or sleepers Are placed directly Over the lines of adhesive and secured with one and one half Inch nails. Do not butt the Wood strips. Leave slight spaces Between their ends. Place sheets of polyethylene Over the entire floor overlapping the edges. Now Lay a second course of Wood strips nailing them directly into the first course. Your strip Oak floors Are then installed at right angles to the sleepers in much the same Way As you used to install them years ago. Allow a one half Inch clearance Between the flooring and the Walls to allow for expansion. Questions of general interest will be answered in this column. Individual correspondence cannot be undertaken order your fuel now i enjoy worry free j automatic deliveries budget payments for your convenience Call us now. He a t Utt. In 113 depot St. Dial 2 6343 Bennington should also be checked periodically. If it is not a soft whitish Blue More air is needed in the combustion process. A noisy flame Means too much air or too much fuel or both. Either situation reduces efficiency. Soot in the Burner compartment indicates that the flame mixture is wrong and that the Burner needs adjustment. If the temperature and pressure Relief valve is dripping it should be checked immediately. The valve is there to prevent a possible explosion and should be treated with the utmost respect. Homeowners should also be certain that All piping exposed to freezing weather is properly insulated with fibreglass Felt or synthetic rubber. This includes piping in unheated basements and garages As Well As outside the House. Special wrappings Are available in All sizes to fit the pipes. Frozen pipes not Only cause inconvenience by preventing the flow of water. Expanding ice can cause major damage to piping which could result in costly emergency replacement or repair. Pipes can be thawed with cloths soaked in hot water but this is a slow process. If a major portion of a piping system is Frozen a repairman May have to be called into Clear the lines with Low voltage electrical equipment. Under no circumstances should Frozen pipes be thawed with an open flame. This might cause a steam explosion and is a fire Hazard to Boot. It is also worthwhile to consider replacing outside faucets with the self draining Type which shut off water several inches Back in the pipe and thereby prevent freezing. Summer places which Are closed for the Winter must also be protected from frostbite. The first step is to Drain water from All pipes plumbing fixtures and tanks. To begin with the House s main water Supply has to be turned off which can be done easily enough by simply closing the main shutoff valve. Draining the plumbing system is somewhat More complicated. Supply lines cannot be emptied simply by opening faucets and valves since sections of the piping that Are curved or a shaped will not Drain naturally. Water has to be blown out with a Force pump a Job which should be left to a plumber with the proper equipment. Toilets Are the most difficult fixtures to protect against freezing since internal jets and pockets can still contain water after the toilet has been flushed and All visible water removed from the tank. Glycerine an anti freeze therefore should be poured into the bowl. Since Glycerine diffuses in water it will find its Way into the concealed pockets. Autumn is also a Good time for repairing ceiling cracks and Loose or worn roof shingles. Gutters and drains should be redirected so that puddles that might Drain into the basement done to form near the House. Homeowners should also make sure that porch roofs Are attached tightly to the House so that leaks Don t damage porch Walls and furnishings and weaken floorboards. If rain and Snow seep under doors it s time to get weather stripping. Blankets towels and papers May be a temporary solution but not very satisfactory in the Long run. Small holes in fieldstone foundations should also be patched with rocks or Cement not Only to keep out water but to prevent Small animals and snakes from using the cellar As their Winter Home. And last but not least it s a Good time to insulate the Walls of old houses. Savings on fuel can pay for the project in one season. Homeowners who Are afraid of the mess that installing the insulation makes inside the House can have it a blown in Quot from the outside. Friendly Call Redwood City Calif. Apr q was doing the washing when he wandered in Quot said mrs. Elisabeth Scheel. A i thought he was a big the humane society took charge of a surprisingly docile Fox. Floor Sander rentals just to Voivod our now heavyweight Porter Cable Sander for the Best Job try this new machine. Paper a paint and All accessories h. Greenberg amp son inc. 321 main St. Dial 2-6324 or 2-6325 Bennington it. Rebuilds barn a new barn rises on the site of the original one which burned july 23 at the Millard Vaughn farm invest Arlington. By the obvious Progress being made the new barn should be completed before Winter sets in. Photo a Grimm local heal estate transfers sept. 27 a Francis c. And Doris b. Tomasi of Bennington property on Northeast Corner of intersection of North Branch and main streets in the Village of Bennington to Theodore and Carolyn b. Griffin of Brandon. Sept. 27 a Floyd h. And Julia c. Stewart of Bennington and Ralph e. And Edith h. Steward of Bennington property on North Side of Vermont 67a and on South Side of Vermont 67a to Charles d. And Pauline h. Senecal of Bennington. Sept. 27 a Fred g., Melissa a. And Nelson e. Morse of Bennington property off Oakes Street in the Village of Bennington to William j. And Elizabeth h. Congdon of Bennington. Oct. 2 a Francis k. Amidon executor of the estate of Stella b. Higgins late of Bennington property on the Southwest Side of Beech Street in the Village of Bennington to Thomas e. And Mary p. Dwyer of Bennington. Gerald e. Morrissey inc. General contractors commercial Industrial residential 312 Beeth St. Bennington phone 5701 or 2321 the Beauty is High. The sound is Low. Nauwood acoustical tiles Vinyl coated washable see the newest in ceiling tile. A. J. Dewey amp sons Mckinley Street Bennington do not have to live in a cold cold House clean. Electric heat keeps rugs Walls and drapes clean longer. Look into cd s new Low House heating rate More and More families Ake enjoying Foj ctr pc heating you can to beat electric heat. Space saving. You need no radiators Furnace pipes or fuel tank. Comfortable. No drafts just even constant warmth floor to ceiling Wall to Wall. Room control. Separate thermostats permit desired temperature i Quot each room. Heats there in an instant see your local electrician building contractor or Call your cd office before you build or remodel Central of amp a v or Mont it Eunic

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