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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - May 25, 1966, Bennington, Vermont Convenient Union St. Customer parking and Entrance 4 St t a Ufi is t s a amp a it a a it in do Moor just made for boys and vice versa. Our no. I Henley the most popular shirts of the year As Only our favorite maker can do them. Correctly styled grimly tailored. In lots of smashing colors. Free and easy Cotton knit with built in stretch. Famous for Wasabi Lity. Conservation con venation Progress in conservation a Stone Al i is buried second Section Page thirteen by Law hence j. Pratt soil conservationist Arlington. Crash bang Boom Down comes George Panos old House on West main Street across the Street from the office. I guess this is Progress. The House and restaurant built Many years ago has served Ltd useful life. Modern equipment like the big Power Crane they Are using make Short work of the building which probably took workmen years ago All summer to build. A of Netmop farm in Dorset hollow is also removing something which took Many backaches to build. Currently the Bennington county soil conservation Dis v Ermont milk production goes i it 11 Burlington a never before has so much milk been produced in Vermont by so few dairymen reports or. Raymond h. Tremblay agricultural economist at Ulm in a publication entitled a Large Dairy farms in he says that in the last 15 years the amount of milk sold per farm per Day has More than doubled. Two reasons Are Given for this increase. More than half the farms that were producing milk 15 years ago no longer exist and most of these were Small farms. Secondly there has been a great increase in milk production per cow. Tremblay also reports that bigger profits Are made on larger farms. His study shows that in 1960, Farmers with 80 or More cows received five times As much income As Farmers with 10-39 cows. Tracts new Bulldozer is burying a Stonewall Between two Fields. Here again ifs Progress Gramps or perhaps great Grandfather spent years in Clearing their Fields. Their problem at that time was what to do with the rocks Sothey killed two Birds with one Stone or should i say All those rocks. They built their fences As they cleared their Fields. Oxen were the main beasts of Burden at that time. These slow moving animals and Strong hearted men moved some tremendous obstacles. In most cases they did no to move them any further than absolutely necessary. As a result most of the cleared Fields were Small. A of at Netmop farm owned by j. C. Hubbard the combining of these two Small Fields is a necessity with today a modern equipment. With big tractors pulling a Field chopper Small Fields mean constant turns. Even with today s Power steering tractors this gets to be a chore and cuts Down efficiency As Well. The Stone Wall at Netmop might be classed As a convenience Wall the nearest place to dispose of stones from both Fields. It was Laid up but not with the painstaking artistic ability displayed in Many of our stonewalls. Can you imagine spending a sunday afternoon out on the Back 40 building a Stone Wall they Tell me that this was relaxation and recreation for Many of our forefathers. Perhaps it was a Challenge to them. When you look at a Wall such As the one along it. 30 in South Dorset you can see where this Challenge would come from. Can to you just hear a hum of is can build one like that Imi do one and away Josh went. A of Progress combining of Fields through Stonewall removal is just another phase of the conservation plan being carried out by Netmop. Bennington Anner Bennington Vermont wednesday May 25, 1966 Extension agent s report Burr and Burton student explains hat Constitution Means to me Quot by John c. P be University of Vermont Extension Anent last week i attended the farm Bureau Spring meeting and on the program were three of the Young people who came in ahead on the farm Bureau s essay contest. The subject of their essays was a what the United states Constitution Means to the Winner was sue Miller a Junior of Burr and Burton in Manchester. While the farm Bureau Board was talking about the contest it occurred to some of us that some of us grown ups might profit from writing an essay on the Constitution ourselves As for most of us it has been a Long Long while since we have so much As seen the Constitution in print. Inasmuch As we probably wont id like Here in today a column to have you read miss Miller s essay. It is excellent and perhaps will give More meaning to memorial Day to some of us. Here it is a the United states Constitution has been aptly termed by William Gladstone a the most wonderful work Ever struck off at one time by the brain and purpose of Man in this one document Are summed up the Basic democratic principles of Mankind. As a matter of fact so admirable is its framework that All constitutions since 1789 have been influenced by it. Did the founding fathers and their cohorts foresee its usefulness it seems possible for shortly after the Constitution s formation William Pitt said of it a it will be the pattern for All future constitutions and the admiration of All future generations. A these passages exemplify the feelings of two people concerning the Constitution but to me this document Means much More. I know that i am free from tyrannical Rule because in writing the Constitution the authors adapted Montesquieu a principle that the Powers of government be divided among various officials thus forbidding any Man to hold both executive and judicial offices and a seat in Congress. Furthermore the Constitution limits the United states government to the Powers granted in the Constitution and allows other Powers to remain under the states jurisdiction. However the elastic clause states that the Power of government May be expanded in accordance with the needs of our growing country. Another Benefit granted under the Constitution is that there in t a National con open 9 30 to 5 30 monday thru saturday. Friday till 9 . Nichols mexican inspired makes a fiesta of Dacron and Cotton for coolness this summer so Nice for gifting too this Sta smooth Batiste fabric has a permanent press finish. Beautifully Selloff i embroidered j bib front in a old duster.10.00 shift gown. 7.00 lingerie dept. Tool of daily life but that decisions concerning health Educa Tion police and fire Protection and water Supply Are under state and municipal authority. A in the Constitution we also find the basis for our judicial department. Although it is rather Sketchly described pro visions were made for the establishment of a supreme court remaining details were left to the discretion of Congress enviously though the duties of the supreme court were suitably prescribed for this body has never been touched by corruption and since its foundation has behaved with the dignity befitting its High position As guardian of the Constitution. A the most important freedoms in my opinion Are contained in the Bill of rights. Here we find the principle that the purpose of government is to protect individual rights but that these rights should end when a citizen s abuse of them harms other individuals or threatens Public safety. Other amendments freed slaves protect against the abuses of alcohol and Grant equal voting rights. A thus in 7,500 words is stated the Basic principle of our democracy the preservation of equal Opportunity. The Constitution is purposefully Brief so that it can be developed As necessity demands. The most important element in this unwritten constitutions is the loyalty of americans to a system established by our founding fathers. Every action we execute is guaranteed by the Constitution and is in effect made possible by it. However its future Success depends on the responsibility of ours and coming generations. As Johann Wolfgang von Goethe stated a what you have inherited from your father earn Over again for yourself or it will not be yours Quot a of i d like to thank miss Miller for letting me use her essay in today s column. Now those of you who have White Birches and wish to protect them from Browning up from the Birch Leaf Miner can write me or Stop in and pick up the latest on Miner control. Two newer and safer and More effective compounds have replaced some of the older ones we have had to use. On the farm scene Alfalfa Weevil adults Are not hard to find in any part of the county and we assume they Are laying eggs. Only a few of the damaging larvae Are working but before another week is past you la be getting damage if you Are going to so be ready to act on the Alfalfa on the most heavily infested Fields. Alfalfa is ten Days late As Are Apple blossoms and most everything else. You should be Able to have a Good show of the Apple blossoms this weekend. Among the most extensive of the Apple Blossom views is up on Carpenter Hiu South of Bennington at Southern Vermont Orchards. There the Bloom follows the Elevation of the Hill and is something to see and smell. Coming up is a great weekend for gardeners. It is fairly Safe to Plant just about anything now but you might want to wait a week to set out tomatoes or peppers in Case of a late Frost. Shop at your convenience i we Are now open i Days a week 8 . To to . A new Frozen foods dept. Large drug amp sundry dept. A Complete meat department Willy s variety formerly Pratt amp Riley 300 Gage St. A Bennington sizes 8 14 4 look what do Moor has done with ban Lon Quot shirts now ban Ion shirts Are doubly wonderful in this new ventilated knit tailored by do Moor with great finesse new non Snag mesh no wrinkling or rumbling easy washing just machine Wash and spin dry. Pick from our fresh crop of colors red White w Gold Blue Burgundy Navy. Smart As blazes. Superior do Moor Cotton knit with a Quality look. Slim British placket Sunburst Emblem. In any color he needs for his Slacks and shorts Navy White Blue Pewter Green Burgundy All very washable. Sizes 3-14 do Moor Sun Blazer shirt juvenile shop

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