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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - May 20, 1965, Bennington, Vermont 18-Bennington Banner thursday May 20, 1985 the aging i Southern governors relent decide to abide by school Bias ruling Washington up a Southern governors congressmen agreed tuesday they cannot Block an order to desegregate schools receiving Federal decided instead to seek modification of the order. They said the alternative would be serious damage to the Southern school system. The governors of eight Southern states met with most of their House Senate members behind closed doors for two hours in the caucus room of the Cannon House office building. Gov. Carl Sanders of Georgia who was instrumental in arranging the meeting told reporters afterwards that the mood of the Southern group was not defiant. It was agreed at the meeting that each governor would pick one member of his state s congressional delegation to work with the governors group in seeking modification clarification of the desegregation ruling. The ruling As it stands he said embraces Many Points that Are not Clear. He said it is confusing for instance whether school facilities must be integrated. The question of integrated bus travel also is left up in the air he said. Quot the governors recognize that we Are a nation of Laws not of men a Sanders said. A we Are going to abide by the Law act As responsible representatives of the people we have been elected to but he said the group was unanimous in its feeling that the desegregation rules Laid Down by the education office were of Quot serious consequences Quot May seriously damage Public education in the South unless changed. Hitlers favorite pianist tells How it Felt to play for a fuehrer editor s note in the following interview the Man who once was Adolf Hitler s favorite piano player propagandist in the West recalls his Days with the nazi dictator who committed suicide to years ago last month. By Richard h. Grow United press International Munich Germany up a the Harvard graduate who used to Lull Adolf Hitler to sleep with piano playing says Der fuehrer never really appreciated him. Quot Hitler listen to me. He listened to nobody a Ernst Sedgwick Putzi Hanfstaengl automated . Hipper buying Power super duper Market depot Street Bennington it. Catalon amp appliance store 101 South St. 442-6305 25 % off atom Wmk Ward on floor models stereos radios refrigerators Lawn Mower at reduced prices join the thousands switching to wards Harvard class of 1909, told up. Now 78, the German sat in his antique filled House in Munich s finest residential area talked of the Man he once called Friend As Well As fuehrer. Hitler committed suicide 20 years ago this Friday. Quot occasionally although this was much exaggerated Hitler would Call for me of he sleep. Quot Hitler loved to hear me play the piano. Wagner mostly. Wagner so Liebe Stodt dying of love. Hitler was obviously impotent a Liebe Stodt was an escape valve for him a Putzi said. Six foot five inches tall Hanfstaengl was called Putzig German for Quot tiny a at Harvard. He rowed on the Harvard Crew. He remembers such classmates As Walter Lippmann John Reed who wrote Quot ten Days that Shook the world now lies buried with Josef Stalin in the Kremlin Wall. Putzi was interested in politics. Shortly after world War i he met Hitler. Quot done task me when a he said. Quot ask me How. Through the american ambassador. He introduced me to Hitler Here in Munich. Quot Hitler was a phenomenal Man. There was nobody absolutely nobody who could stand up to him. All the others were just Quot that fat Goering or Skinny Goebbels Strasser. Nobodies the Bunch of them a Luftwaffe chief Hermann Goering propaganda chief Josef Goebbels Early nazi party Deputy fuehrer Gregor Strasser Are Long dead. Putzi recalled the Early Days. Quot the party stood fell with Hitler. I remember when he went on election campaigns throughout the country. The communists stood in front of test the Best meet the richest looking miser on the Road Falcon Falcon Futura Hardtop Falcon Winner of class a a a Small engine compacts in 65 Mobil Economy run with 25.61 mpg beat valiant Dodge Dart Corvair. More proof you can get Rich styling minimum maintenance High Economy at a Low Price. Come save with Falcon choose from 13 models. Test and the Best see your Ford dealer .00 <233> Wilson Ford inc. Government tackles problems of country a senior citizens the auditoriums tried to beat us Back with clubs. We used horse whips. Quot at one meeting a communist screamed a Heil Moscow. Hitler took a whip cracked it across the communists Knuckles. Then the communist screamed a Heil Hitler. Quot my Mother was american you know. The Sedgwick of new England. Then his Long jaw stiffened. Quot those idiots a said Putzi he was talking again of the nazis. Quot Hitler had the Chance of a lifetime. And what did he do of my god if i think of the idiots. I told him Over Over again to stay on Good terms with America England. The Russia was the real enemy. Quot but Hitler would just sneer refer to me As a Unser mister Hanfstaengl our or. Hanfstaengl. After Hitler took Power in 1933, Putzi became his press agent in the West. Putzi son of a wealthy German businessman had been a Playboy. His part in the vain nazi Beer Hall Putsch of 1923 was a Lark. But things changed once Hitler took Power. Nobody laughed at Putz a a Little jokes anymore. Putzi became frightened. By 1937 Quot i knew i was in the Way. I had opened my Mouth too often. I spoke out. I could never shut up like All the others. Quot so i was to be eliminated. One Day before my 50th birthday i was to be dumped from an air plane. Quot but i knew the Pilot he was outraged. He helped me escape to Switzerland. It was the Start of a to year exile. Putzi made his Way to Canada. Later he went to America aided . Psychological warfare against nazi Germany. He returned to Germany in 1947. Editor s note America s population is growing by leaps Bounds at the same time life expectancies Are increasing. Each Day 6,000 persons reach 66. This increase in Quot senior citizens Quot poses Many problems a for the aging for those who care for them. Up National reporter Harry Ferguson discusses some of them in this dispatch first of three on the subject. By Harry Ferguson Washington up a every Day 5,000 americans turn age 65. It is Safe to say that millions of old people Are living longer enjoying it less. Not All of them of course. Many of them adjust smoothly to their new Way of life learn that there is considerable Validity in the slogan that the latter years of their lives can be the Golden ones. But the hard facts Are depressing. There Are 3 million elderly families trying to live on less than $3,000 a year. There Are nearly 6 million elderly persons struggling along on less than $1,800 a year. That kind of income definitely puts them in the category that the Federal government Calls poverty. There is increased concern by the Federal government including Congress about old people. It would be Nice to say that Congress is acting out of humanitarian instincts but it be True. Congress is concerned because there Are about 18 million americans past 65 almost All of them Are entitled to vote. Any senator or representative who views the plight of the aged with indifference is inviting retirement to private life All of them know it. In the Long history of the United states the Federal governments concern about old people is a fairly recent development. It has occurred for instance in the adult lifetime of president Johnson he mentioned that fact in accepting the annual report of his Council on aging a special group set up to study the problem Quot when i first came to Washington we were doing nothing. Social Security was not even talked about. Old age As i understood was not prevalent it took the combined efforts of president Roosevelt Huey Long a Good Many others to dramatize the situation where we could really do something for the aged. Quot up to that time most of our elections had been run on the basis of whether you were wet or dry prohibitionist of anti prohibitionist klan or Antl klan or whether you were for the local Bridge or against the local Bridge. I never heard of social Scurley until i was 21 years old. All i heard was whether you were wet or dry for the courthouse group or against the reason president Johnson did not hear anything about old people when he first came to Washington was that in the cynical world of politics there were not enough of them to make a noise loud enough to be heard in the Halls of Congress. In this Century there has been a startling increase in the number of persons past 65. Like this in 1900 there were 3.1 million. In 1940, 9 million. In 1960, 16.6 million. In 1965, 18 million. The projection for 1980 is 24.5 million for 2000, 32.3 million. Old people not Only have increased in great numbers but they have become organized vocal. Politicians Are facing up the fact that you had better worry about the old folks or else. For much of this Century medical science concerned itself Moi with the aged but with the infant the adolescent. The results were Gratifying. In 1900 the death rate from the communicable diseases of childhood a such things As measles Scarlet fever whooping cough dip Therla a was 65.2 per thousand. Today those diseases almost have been conquered the death rate is negligible. Then the doctors turned their attention to ailments of the adults the aged again the results were Good. The average life expectancy of americans shot upward in a Steep curve. In 1900 it was around 45 years. Today it is around 70. On aug. 14, 1935, president Roosevelt signed the social Security Law said it was Quot a Cornerstone in a Structure that is being built but is by no Means his words were prophetic. Social Security has helped the aged but it has not solved their problems. Over the years Congress has passed at least eight amendments to the social Security act liberalizing improving the benefits. It currently has under consideration a Bill for medicare under social Security. But the Federal action has not kept Pace with the. Problem even though most of the states also provide some form of old age assistance. It is As dangerous to generalize about old people As it is about teen agers democrats baptists or chorus girls. Many of them Are Well adjusted Happy. But Many of them also Are 111, discouraged hopeless helpless. To them the ticking of the clock Day after Day grows louder until it seems to be a Bell tolling their doom. That is Why president Johnson has chosen this month of May to try to rally the nation to the problems of the aged. He knows millions of them need More Money but he is equally interested in bestowing up them the priceless ingredients of optimism Hope. Washington up a there Are about 13,000 americans past the age of Legal notices state of Vermont District of Bennington is. The honorable the probate court for the District aforesaid in re adoption of Carole a. Cornice to James Joseph Conrick whereabouts unknown. Whereas the said court has assigned the 21st Day of May a.d., 1965, for hearing on the proposed adoption of Carole a. Cor Nick a minor of Bennington Vermont by John r. Martin Rhubye Martin of Bennington in said District. Therefore you Are hereby not fed to appear at the probate office in Bennington in said District on the Day assigned at 11 00 of clock in the Forenoon for the purpose of executing said instrument of adoption or contesting the allowance thereof of you see cause. Given under my hand at Bennington in said District this 4th Day of May a.d., 1965. Catherine c. Behan Register May 6. 13.20 _ be it ordained by the trustees at the Village of Bennington pursuant to authority conferred granted under the Laws at the state of Vermont the charter by Laws of the Village of Bennington that a certain ordinance adopted May 6, 1941 with reference to traffic tickets issuable by members of the police department for violations of the Village traffic ordinance amendments thereof be amended in part to provide As follows for offences 16 17 $10.00 this amendment to said ordinance shall take effect at 12 00 . May is 1965 shall be published in the Bennington Banner on May 20 21, 1965. Approved by the Board of trustees May 18, 1965. Salvatore Santarcangel president Hilda Hurley clerk i by Charles m. Schul peanuts Vou so Voo Jant my to my Hou do Voo bunt just hold the Bat oot in front of Voo try to tap the Ball li6htlv. To a 600d manager its Only the Middle of Mav already my stomach hurts i % Urr a by Johnny Hart Blo lid i by hic Young heart of j Uliet Jones $ by Stan Drake 748 main Street Bennington Vermont

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