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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - May 1, 1963, Bennington, Vermont 0 a uni inti ii Miaow Mufu segregation integration As they apply to soils by Louis Dondero soil scientists. Many people think a dark coloured soil is better than a Light coloured one. Even the people South of the Mason Dixon line do. How Many times we have heard someone say a a that a a Good soil see How Black the topsoil the color of a person s skin is no indication of his or her Intel Fegence capability or productivity As a worker student or statesman. Neither is the color of topsoil an indication of its productivity Fertility or How Good it is. The very darkest or Black soils Are in Many cases very infertile wet and non productive. The Why behind this segregation of soils on a basis of color is purely one of years of indoctrination by our forefathers. Now that knowing soils is becoming a science we learn that dark coloured soils Are no better than lighter coloured ones. And in Many cases where wetness is associated with the dark color they Are poorer soils. What makes a soil Black is not the elements associated with Fertility but is a High Content of organic material to some soils that Are almost All organic. To have a productive soil you need organic matter incorporated in the i in soil but the amount needed not be High enough to make the soil Black or dark in color. That is if the organic matter is maintained you keep a Light soil productive. The productivity of Good soils is tied to the treatment we give them. The More fertilizer the higher the yield if moisture and cultivation is maintained. Soil supplies Many elements not commonly brought in fertilizer these elements Are sometimes needed in quantities equal to Only one part in a million of soil. One of these that will increase production of tomatoes peaches pecans Corn and Beans is Zinc in the right amount. Production is increased but if in greater quantities it becomes toxic to Corn and possibly to other crops. Treated according to its no and capabilities a soil respond and produce regardless of race or color just As if it were human. Apple favourites Springfield 111. Up a the three leading varieties of apples now being produced in Illinois Are a Jonathan a a Golden delicious and ,"with1jonathan�?� leading in popularity a report by the . Department of agriculture and the Illinois crop reporting service said. Anfu aaa to task foam thu poetic Mustang tillers a a have what counts a till ability there Are three Mustang tillers to choose from. One is est for your gardening needs. Ujj sky 800 trial drive a husky 800. Man Euver in and out of tight Corners and feel the Power that turns r work into pfc Vir fun to run rugged 7va he Wisconsin engine. 13 fast switch attachments for year a round versatility we carry a Complete line of Bolens Lawn mowers. Joseph Nadeau where Venice is fart of the Sale Quot North Bennington buy in sets and save to fad Bond a twin size j sleep sets a lot of famous cold Bond Quality bedding a for s Urr is in Gly i ittle Money 2 to in size mattress and Box Spring sets with healthfully firm construction. Pre built crush proof Borders. Attractive Long Wearlyn g tic Kin g. 2 iwo size Gold Bond mattresses 2 twin size Colo Bond Box Springs 4 pieces Complete Mcconnell Wayside furniture state to. To 2-2931 North Adams mass. Working wives comprise 60% of labor Force what does it Cost to have Mother work outside the Home if she has Small children she May end j up with Only half of her salary declares mrs. Faith prior Vermont Extension specialist in family economics. A recent . Department of agriculture Survey of a group of working wives in Ohio indicated that about 40 per cent of the Gross earnings of a group of working wives in Ohio was spent on Job stated expenses. In the sur i researchers found that employed women with children under six years of age wound up with 50 per cent of their income after paying for transportation lunches child care and taxes. The biggest item for them was the baby Sitter. Mrs. Prior Points out that the Bureau of labor statistics reported 46 per cent of the employed wives under 35 years of age had children under the age of six in 1960. Working wives Are now about 60 per cent of the . Labor Force and the number is increasing each year she adds. Knowing How they manage their households and How much they contribute to the family income can help other homemakers decide whether to try outside employment or not. By far the largest single Job related expense is the income tax the specialist says. Transportation can also be a major item depending on How far you live from your Job. Lunches at work Are bought by about half of both City and Rural women. Vitamin dosage can be harmful if its overdone Are vitamins necessary will two give you twice the Bounce of one according to miss Anna m. Wilson Vermont Extension nutritionist vitamins Are necessary for life processes. Since they Are not made by the body they must be taken in with other foods. However larger amounts have never proved beneficial under Ordinary conditions. In some cases a double dose May actually be harmful she adds. Vitamins Are classified As water or fat soluble. So far As is known at the present time Large quantities of water soluble vitamins cause Little harm to the body because they Are eliminated in the same manner As other substances which the body cannot use. Fat soluble vitamins a a e and k can to stored in the body until needed. When vitamins a or d Are present in excess they can cause a toxic condition which is dangerous miss Wilson says. Who should take vitamins children pregnant women persons on restricted diets and those living in areas where food variety and Quality Are limited. Miss Wilson cautions however that these Are not general rules and any food supplement program should be guided by a doctor. The american medical association states that if the diet contains sufficient amounts of the key foods groups a milk meat fish or eggs vegetables and fruits and bread or Cereal a supplements should be unnecessary. The proper selection and preparation of foods is the most important Factor in an adequate diet. Tax expert s expertise lands him in prison Minneapolis Minn. Apr a Minneapolis Man who pleaded guilty to income tax evasion was sentenced to three months in prison but he was granted a weeks delay in order to finish some work. Herbert Hartman 59, told the court monday his main occupation is preparing income tax returns for other people. . Dust judge Edward Devitt stayed the Start of the prison term to enable Hartman to Complete some of his clients tax returns. Home demonstration in Oles 6truth in packing5 Laws would Benefit Consumers county agent report mushrooms May sprout up again Here talk coming up on Champlain cutoff by Marion s. Harris Home demonstration agent i spent last week at the University of Vermont getting More information to use in my work As your county Extension Home economist. Part of this information i received was in regard to various Laws that affect the consumer. Id like to talk briefly about one of these Laws at this time. We Are hearing a lot about Laws having to do with the consumer and merchandising. Some of this stems Back to the fact that president Kennedy brought out in his news conference that the consumer was the forgotten person and no organization was lobbying for the interests of the consumer. In a not exactly lobbying for the consumer today but i would like to Point out what one of these Bills to Aid the consumer is All about. The Bill is called a truth in packaging a and it deals with unfair and deceptive methods of packaging and Labelling i thought it would be interesting Quot to run Down what some of the things in this Bill Are purely for your information As a consumer 1. Net weight on the front panel of the package. 2. Standards As to location and prominence of the display of the net weight. 3. Prohibiting use of Quantity description words such As giant big jumbo Economy jumbo quart big gallon. 4. Prohibit a cents off a Labelling. 5. Deceptive pictures on packages. 6. Reasonable standards of weight and size Odd sizes would be outlawed 7. Prohibiting size shapes or dimensional proportions which May deceive the consumer like bigger package than contents can fill false Bottom jars oversized bottle Caps Etc. 8. Quantity declarations other than weight like the meaning of the term 9. Sufficient information about the ingredients and composition of goods in a prominent position on the package. What Tau All Means is that the package shall not be a false a hmm to the product sold. Spring weeds miss Anna Wilson Vermont Extension nutritionist says the taste of Spring is right at your Doorstep a the new Spring weeds. Weeds or greens they re vegetables to the nutritionist. Dandel Foti greens Marsh marigolds of cowslip lambs Quarter and wild Mustard kale Are growing wild at this season of the year. They re there for the picking. A i know of no other part of the country where Spring weeds taste As Good As in new England a miss Wilson says. A perhaps our forefathers relished them even More than we do because they had to go through Long Winters without fresh vegetables. However we appreciate them too a she adds. A the sooner a vegetable is cooked and eaten after it is harvested the better it tastes. Its our Chance to capture that delicious fresh the first Spring Weed is the dandelion. According to miss Wilson a cup of cooked dandelion greens with no fat added contains Only 79 calories. This makes them a Good filler for people on reducing diets. This same cup of cooked greens will give you 5v2 times your daily need of Vitamin a and your body can store the excess for later use. It also contains one half your daily need of Iron and Vitamin c. If you feel like trying a variety of greens watch the wet places along the Roadside. Soon you la see the stems with the umbrella like Leaf at the tops. These Are the Marsh marigolds which have quite a different flavor. Tender Young milkweed will also appear and frequent new crops make them last for quite a while. Two of the longest lasting wild greens Are lambs Quarter and wild Mustard. Farmers refer to the latter As kale. Both of these plants Are found in newly planted Fields Between the rows. When about four inches tall they can be gathered by the handful. The olurame Center of everything you want to see Ano do Otrio Okuni Boston common Handy to a subways a theatres a shopping a historic Sites a business districts in Boston modern spacious rooms at moderate rates a end no Corgi for children under 14. Air conditioning 21 to and plenty of parking a including Paca far 1450 cars la him now Basten Canaan underground garage. Homa if a famous Sakla Roan Bostons most glamorous cocktail lounge the Tara ice bar Tho chass Roan the can Sta Latiea Roan and the Tanana restaurant featuring traditional new England fart at popular prices. Member diners club american express end carte Blanche for reservations write to thornes j. Walsh general mgr. Hotel Touraine Tremont amp Boylston sts., Boston a Tel. Hancock 0-3500 leaves Are rather Small. Before cooking them you just snap off the roots. All of these wild greens cooked by much the same method miss Wilson says. Add hot water to about half the depth of the greens and boil them until tender. The boiling time varies with the kind of Green. You May wish to pour off the first water of the Marsh Marigold when they have wilted Down and add fresh water. Here a what she recommends for seasoning Fry out some diced Salt pork and add both pork and fat to the greens. People Benefit nutritionally by eating at least five Servings of different vegetables every Day. Making greater use of Spring greens is a Way to improve diets where Money for food is limited concludes miss Wilson. By John c. Page of Kinty agricultural agent one of the growing businesses in the . Is mushroom growing. At one time mushrooms were a delicacy but today the mushroom Industry Bas made them available to everyone at Ordinary prices and their use is increasing. One of the raw materials often used for the mushroom business is horse manure. The manure is wet Down and moved Over several times to get it to decay before being used to grow the mushrooms on. To get into the mushroom business it would take quite a lot of know How and outlay of Money for the buildings and equipment. With several Hundred horses coming into the area per splitting of main trunk comes when Sharp crotches Are allowed to form when tree is Young. When Shade Trees Are Small hey should be pruned to avoid Sharp acute angles in the main trunk. Better still keep a Central Leader by nipping Back Side branches that tend to Lead. Strong branches come out at right angles or nearly so. Page care necessary in looking pork Cook pork until its Pink color has disappeared completely advises miss Anna m. Wilson Vermont Extension nutritionist. That Means you must always Cook pork thoroughly. Eating raw or partially cooked pork May result in a serious disease trichinosis caused by tiny Worms or parasites called Trichina. You can to see the parasites they Are much too Small. Healthy Swine can Harbor the worm of it chances to be in the feed. Few people die of trichinosis. But it is a serious unpleasant disease that can be easily pre vents by proper preparation of pork says miss Wilson. To test for oneness when broiling or frying chops or pork steaks out into the meat near the Bone. Pinkness indicates that the pork has not been cooked enough for safety. Use a thermometer for roasts. The internal roasting temperature recommended for fresh pork is 185 degrees f. Roast at 350 until the meat is Fork tender 35 minutes per Pound for Large roasts 45 for Small ones of there is any question Cut into the Center of the roast and note the color concludes miss Wilson. Quot for All your travel needs consult Rosasco travel Agency inc. Quot Over 75 years of unexcelled travel service Quot everything pertaining to travel in Bennington use our special Telephone service at no Cost to you. Ask the operator for Enterprise 6859. Outside of Bennington Call collect to 3-3864 and to 3-3010. 90 main St. North Adams mass. Now is the step up to haps someone will make a try at this. About 8 to to years ago there was a mushroom Plant in Manchester which operated for several years so it can be done. We have a bulletin of the subject. If you Are interested in growing them commercially the bulletin might let you know a few things you a run into. Champlain cutoff Vermont agriculture along with other parts of our Economy has Long been interested in the Champlain cutoff. The cutoff would make it possible for Ocean going vessels to go from the St. Lawrence River to new York City thru the Hudson River and Lake Champlain. The St. Lawrence Seaway which opens up the Central part of the . And Canada to water travel makes the Champlain cutoff More important to both countries As it will keep lost coast Trade from weeks school a open House is sunday Vergennes a weeks school will hold its annual a open House for parents on sunday from i to 4 30 . Students have mailed invitations to parents am relatives. Parents Day has been Arnon the outstanding events of that school year for while every Day is visiting Day at weeks school a special program on this Day enables parents to visit All programs and talk with teachers and other staff members. This year weather permitting the activities usually held at the gymnasium will be held on the athletic Field and it is hoped that a softball game Between a team of parents and a team of students will be a feature. Other activities include an exhibition by the drum and Bugle corps and a program of gymnastics b y elementary school students. Following the Assembly at the athletic Field students will take their parents for a tour of the institution and to meet their teachers and advisers. In the event of rain the program will be held in the gymnasium and augmented by the school chorus. Going All the Way up thru the Gulf of St. Lawrence and around Nova Scotia. On May 8 the Bennington county farm Bureau is having sen. James Oakes of Brattleboro talk on the Champlain cutoff and the effect it will have on Vermont. The Spring meeting will be held at the it. Anthony country club. It will Start with a Morgas Board supper at 7. Tickets Are available at the farm Bureau office until May 3 at $2.50. Non farm Bureau members who Are interested in this topic Are Welcome. Nitrate poisons fertilizer containing nitrates most fertilizers which done to have a Zero for the first number do have nitrates can be harmful to livestock that Graze areas to which the nitrates have been applied. After drilling the fertilizer done to fail to wait for a rain to Wash the nitrates off the leaves and into the soil before grazing. Other things to watch out for Are Lead paint cans and wilted Cherry leaves. When using agricultural chemicals follow the Label on the Container and this will prevent trouble in livestock. You get ally service banking with red carpet services at the Vermont Bank and Trust co. Bellows tells cams a Wattle Boro Kuti Ano be a Wincz on the splendor of Beautiful rugs and floors with the let / of i ukr automatic Rug Cli Ahir a floor condition for All new. All purpose. All Quality. Complete floor care unit. Deluxe in every detail. M. I Rudd co 201 South St. Dial 442-9056 time. 14 ski Bird Bennington garage corp. Main Street Bennington Vermont

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