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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - May 1, 1963, Bennington, Vermont Fair Cool Clearing much cooler tonight with lows at about freezing. Thursday fair and Cool with Northwest winds of 15 to 20 Miles per hour. Tuesdays High 55 Low 43 today at 7 ., 44. Total precipitation past 24 hours .42 inches. The planet uranus is in conjunction with the Moon at 2 Tomorrow. Bennington manner Bennington Vermont wednesday May i 1963 Quot a to established 1841. 60th year no. 18,168 Price 7 cents escorting a Duchess president Kennedy and grand Duchess Charlotte of Luxembourg sit together in an open Auto on the White House grounds tuesday. They Rode to nearby Blair House after a ceremonial Welcome on the Lawn of the executive mansion for the ruler of the tiny european country. A photo state Roundup Senate passes $1 million Bond Issue for Forest and Parks development Montpelier apr the Vermont Senate passed today the $1 million Bond Issue Bill to finance continuation of the forests and Parks development program after knocking Down democratic attempts to Amend the measure. The Roll Call vote was 25 3 in favor of passage with afe democrats voting for the Bill despite gov. Hoff a opposition to it. Hoff has called for a delay of a year on the measure pending studies in this Field by his planning Council but Republican it. Gov. Ralph a. Foote has endorsed the Biu. Sen. Frederick j. Fayette d-chittender., who led opposition to the measure offered an amendment which would have Cut the Bond Issue to $400,000 to finance the program for one fiscal year instead of the regular two year fiscal period proposed originally. Fayette said his amendment would not cripple the development program. In fact he said his proposal included $150,000 for land acquisition the same As provided in the original Bill. But the Senate turned it Down by a 21 7 vote. Sen. James l. Oakes a Windham chairman of the conservation amp development committee led the fight for the Bill. Referring to Fayette a proposals he said the forests amp Parks Board has a a conducted a wonderfully Able program Over the years and a if we can to Trust the Board and the governor to continue spending Money in a program already proven highly Satis factory then we Are in a very bad Way sen. Noel d. Viens d grand Isle tried to Amend the Bill so the Board would have to consult local town officials about any land it was interested in acquiring. But this amendment also failed on a 23 5 vote. In debate on the measure yesterday Viens had charged that if the department gets control of any More land in grand Isle county a a it will own the whole he said the state Agency was competing with private Enterprise there. Race track admissions tax Bill is Given unfavourable report Montpelier a rep. Laine Vance of Danville told the House this morning he was offered a bribe to withdraw his Bill to impose a 30-cent tax on admission tickets to the Pownal Racetrack. Vance made the disclosure As Green Mountain begins Job interviews today by Bob ii Agi Kman Pownal a tile process of hiring what eventually will be the 350 to 400 workers directly employed by the Taconic racing and Breeding association today moves into High gear according to Vincent j. Bartimo general manager of the association Green Mountain Park. The . Stevens co., which will operate the clubhouse dining room cafeteria and related facilities on a Concession basis also has some 75 openings. Persons interested in these May apply direct to Gene Streak the company s manager at the track Bartimo said. At 1 30 today association personnel were scheduled to Begir. Interviewing applicants for that approximate 200 Mutu Els depart ment openings and 70 admissions departments openings Bartimo said tuesday. Conducting the interviews for each category will be the superintendents of the respective departments at Rockingham Park n.h., sister Racetrack to Green Mountain Park. Bartimo said that persons who had earlier submitted applications indicating interest in work in either of these two areas has been notified by postcard of Hie interviewing schedule. Specific Job categories in the Mutu Els department include Sellers Cashiers calculators and Money Doorn men. Cashiers and Sellers Bear personal responsibility for maintaining the Correct Cash balance at their individual windows. Any shortage comes out of the workers own pocket any overage however also accrues to the worker. Quot those hired for the Mutu Els jobs said Bartimo will undergo a two or three Day training period prior to the tracks open in May 24. noted that personnel in this department Are subject to licensing by the state. Fee Foi the licenses which Are Issue Obj the parimutuel racing commission is $5. Bartimo said he will also to hiring internal Security men Ushers parking lot attendants and clean up the latter numbering about 25 will actually be employed by the Victory maintenance co. Of new York Cit with which the track has a contract for maintaining the grounds. Green Mountain Park however will select the workers for the new York firm. With the exception of about in year round maintenance men the general manager said All Job cover Only the seasonal period when the track is actually operating. Most workers he continued would be hired for a six Day work week though there would be some need for help which would work weekends and holidays. Bartimo said he has Alread received several Hundred applications but indicated that additional applications for All Job categories would be Welcome. During the hiring period which will be completed by May 17, James Merrow a representative of the Bennington office of the Vermont department of employment Security will be at the track. Merrow will assist by making a preliminary screening of applications and in addition will draw upon the Des records of available jobless workers. A spokesman at the Bennington office said it was not unusual for the state employment department to provide on the spot assistance in places or times of intensive hiring though this is the first such Case for the Bennington office. noted that the department provides on location Aid at the Rutland fair when it is doing its heavy hiring preparatory to opening. said Merrow will be carrying out operations no different from those he does at the Bennington office. But because of the number of openings at Greer Mountain Park it was Felt he see Green Mountain continued on Page 16 gov. Hoff appeals for passage of state Aid equalization plan chief executive tells legislature a Precept of democracy on trial the Bill appeared before the House for its second Reading. did not disclose who had offered the bribe. was challenged by rep. Joseph Caracciola of Bennington who said that if it were True it should be reported to the attorney general. Caracciola said later a i done to think he was offered any Vance told the House that since the offer was not written it was Only his word and the ref Ore could not be proven. said he was approached and asked a How much would you take to withdraw your Bill a Vance was also challenged by rep. Paul Whitaker of Chester who said that if this were True the House should a get to the Bottom of also opposing the Bill was rep. James Lounsbury of Pownal who said it could make the difference Between the Success and failure of the track. A a let a give it a Chance to get off the ground a said Lounsbury. Vance had been speaking on behalf of the controversial Bill and said he had introduced it because a i have no political rep. Caracciola is already on record in opposition to this Bill. had previously said that if it looked like it was going through a tax should be imposed on ski lift tickets. Montpelier apr the House was set to take up today the Bill to establish a litter advisory Board in the i of tray department to run a St Almryde educational program to prevent rubbish strewn roads. The Bill originally empowered the advisory Board to ban no returnable Beer bottles if it Felt this action was necessary. But the provision was knocked out of the Bill by the ways amp Means committee. The measure authorizes the development department to sign a $5,000 contract with keep Vermont Beautiful inc. To conduct the educational program. In action yesterday the House rejected three Bills the weighted vote plan the measure to allow Public drinking i sundays without a meal As now required and a a Deer damage Bill. Under the Deer Bill landowners could shoot the animals any time of the year of certain Trees and crops were damaged by the Deer. Rep. Howard e. Taylor a Westmore was the Only House member who spoke on the Bill yesterday but his emotional plea on behalf of the Deer was enough to Sway the lower chamber. Montpelier apr gov. Philip h. Hoff went before a joint session of the Vermont legislature today and appealed for passage of the equalization provision in the Simpson Aid to education Bill. declared a the failure of this legislature to pass the equalization proposal would represent a Complete failure to justly represent the people of this state. A Complete breakdown of a Basic Precept of democracy and the democratic form of government a the equalization provision of the Simpson Bill Calls for a state Board to decide How much state Money each town should receive for its schools based on the towns taxable wealth and its own Effort in providing an education for its children. The Bill comes up for debate in the House in a few Days. In his first appearance before the legislature on behalf of pending legislation Hoff also said what most of the lawmakers have known for some time a that the specific state Aid formula will be presented at next years special session rather than this year As proposed in the Simpson Bill. Hoff declared action i equalization is necessary now because Vermont youngsters in 1963 Are generally not receiving an adequate education. A we Are underselling them a the democratic governor declared. A we Are underestimating them we Are under preparing them he said the present state Aid formula is inadequate in terms of dollars and a even More deficient in terms of a it is not doing the Job a Hoff said. A it is not equalizing the educational opportunities for our youth a and this is the ultimate test of whether the formula is Good or bad a he said that under the present system of distributing state Mon news in Brief Kota Baru West irian apr Indonesia took Over West new Guinea the last remnant of Hollands East Indian Empire today and renamed it West irian. The United nations transferred control of the Western half of the worlds second largest Island at ceremonies in Hollandia. The peaceful Transfer ended 13 years of struggle by Indonesia for the 159,000 Square Miles of Jungles and mountains and 700,000 papuan people most of the in still in the Stone age. Australia governs Eastern new Guinea. In keeping with Sukarno s policy of erasing traces of indonesians former dutch masters West new Guinea was renamed West irian hot land. Seeks help Washington apr rep. James c. Cleveland in. H., has appealed for a meeting with president Kennedy to discuss ways to Aid the states Wool Industry. In a Telegram yesterday to democratic gov. King Cleveland said a closing of Dartmouth a Mills in Claremont As a result of unregulated Wool imports underscores direct threat to 14,000 jobs in new Hampshire a Wool Industry. A i have repeatedly asked president Kennedy to take action. has done nothing. I urge you to join me in efforts to protect in too jobs in new Hampshire Wool Industry. You can help by arranging a meeting with president Kennedy in Washington with All interested Snow hits Midwest Cool snowy Rainy and Windy weather chilled and dampened the debut of the merry month of May today in areas from the Midwest into new York state. Snow fell through the Western lower great lakes Region southward through West Virginia and in Western new York. One to three inches of Snow was on the ground in areas East of Cleveland to the Pennsylvania Border. Gusty winds up to 50 . Swept some of the Region. Two persons were killed in traffic accidents on Snow covered highways in Ohio. Snow amounts measured up to free inches in parts of Michigan and two inches in Indiana with lighter amounts in other areas. By for education there is no fundamental regard to need. called for More attention to the problem of adequate schools and highly qualified teachers both necessary a to provide a modern and Complete elementary and High school a this cannot be done under our present formula geared As it is to the educational needs and prerogatives of More than a decade ago a the chief executive said. Hoff assured the lawmakers that equalization is no scheme to lower educational standards in the a a minority of towns and school districts now providing an adequate education for their children. A rather the objective is to raise the standards and the Quality of education available to All Vermont youth. Regardless of the wealth of their town regardless of the grand he said some people have tried to picture equalization As a a deliberate design on the part of the state to invade the jurisdiction and the authority of town a this is Patent nonsense a Hoff said. A the paddlers of this propaganda know it is Hoff did not name names but he had identified As chief opponents of the Bill two prominent Small town legislators a former speaker Leroy e. Lawrence of Stamford and rep. Samuel a. Parsons of Hubbardton both republicans. The governor said Vermont is one of the few remaining states not employing the a a mechanical device of equalization. said the traditional role of the Lister will not be changed and added that town grand lists will continue to serve the same Basic function they now do. A the adjustments made by the equalization Board will be solely for purposes of state Aid a Hoff added. A this is an Issue which transcends political considerations a Hoff said. A it is bigger than me As governor bigger than you As a legislature. If equalization is Defeated by this legislature the will of a majority of the people of this state is Defeated too. A blow has been struck at our self respect As a state a a we Are on trial a Hoff told the Republican dominated legislature. A the jury is the Public and the Public interest is at third successive failure democrats abandon Hopes for Federal Aid to schools $10,000 miscalculation will hike sewer tax Bennington selectmen acting As sewer commissioners last night found themselves with a $10,000 miscalculation on their hands. The immediate result will be an increase in the sewer use charge from last years 78 per cent of the sewer users water Bill to too per cent. The error came in the $58,800 used last year As the estimated total water revenues for the Bennington Village and North Bennington Village water systems. That figure divided into the $46,000 sewer budget for 1962 produced the 78 per cent Factor which was applied against individual water Bills in determining individual sewer use Bills. Total applicable water Billings against which the 1962 rate was applied however turned out to be Only some $40,000. This meant that potential sewer revenues amounted to Only some $37,500 instead of $46,000. Selectmen met last night with town treasurer Michael j. Hogan jr., who had furnished the original estimates of water Revenue to find out what happened. The single biggest part of the total error Hogan said came in the unintentional inclusion in the water Revenue estimates of charges for outside water taps. These because they do not Drain into the sanitary sewer were not to be figured in the sewer charge calculation. In what he could Only describe As a a bad mistake a Hogan said the $58,800 figure supposedly did not include revenues from the outside water taps but in fact should have been some $4,500 less for this reason. Another $5,000 of the missing revenues accumulated in various adjustments made to individual Bills after they were sent out. The reductions in each Case were made either where the person billed in fact was not connected to the Public sewer or where significant portions of incoming water were not discharged to the sewer. The ordinance provides for adjustments in such cases. Specifically reported Hogan there was $1,320 in adjustments of residential Homes in Bennington billed but not connected $2,600 in adjustments to metered water customers in Bennington Village a mostly industries a whose discharge was less than intake and $1,150 for similar adjustments for metered customers in North Bennington. Finally Hogan said he had simply a a overestimated by some $800 the expected revenues from see $10,000 error continued on Page 16 Long hard look Montpelier apr enactment of a sweepstakes Bill in new Hampshire lends strength to the idea of a taking a Long hard look at establishment of a lottery in Vermont gov. Hoff said tuesday. Hoff has endorsed a Bill now in the House which Calls for a seven member commission to study the possibility of setting up a state operated lottery in Vermont. The commission would report its findings to the legislature next year. Washington apr democratic leaders of the House education committee have Given up All Hope this year for legislation providing general Federal Aid to schools. They Are dropping it from the administrations education Bill. Chairman Adam Clayton Powell d-n.y., and other ranking democrats have decided it would be futile to ask Congress now to provide Aid for Public elementary and High schools. They still Hope however to keep most of the rest of president Kennedy a comprehensive education Bill in one piece despite pressure from committee republicans to concentrate on a single Section Aid to colleges. Abandonment of the proposal to make Federal funds available to the states for Public school construction and teachers salaries Marks the third straight year Kennedy has been unable to get a vote in the House on what he has called the heart of his education program. Religious and racial controversies plus widespread opposition to the concept of Federal Aid to education have built up a formidable opposition that makes the House leadership reluctant to risk a floor fight. The decision to dump the general school Aid provisions was reached tuesday at a meeting of Powell and his subcommittee chairmen. The committee leaders voted to try for an omnibus Bill containing seven sections most of which expand or continue existing programs. They include a one year Exten Arab threat draws fire of senators Washington apr Senate Republican Leader Everett m. Dirksen of Illinois today called the Middle East situation a explosive and dangerous and said it holds the threat of a third world War. Dirksen thus added his voice to bipartisan expressions of fear of possible Arab aggression against Israel. A if we expect to maintain peace and to prevent a War erupting in the Middle East As is always a threat we Are going to have to Monitor the situation very carefully a Dirksen said in an interview. A you cannot permit the situation to draft too Long because Drift is always dangerous a he added. Sen. Jacob k. Javits r-n.y., who spearheaded a flood of Senate speeches tuesday demanding . Intervention predicted there will be increased pressure for a change in our policy of the speeches were arranged in informal consultation to give emphasis to pressure on the administration. Too years service with Navy band four members of the . Navy band whose combined time in service with the Navy Stop musical unit totals More than too years relax during intermission at the Hoosick Falls Central school auditorium during the Spring concert staged tuesday night. Left to right senior chief John rear Mach 28 years Auh the band master chief Arlington Zetty 27 years service chief Joe Heines la years Aith the band and senior chief Frank Scimonelli a 24 year band Veteran. A capacity crowd heard the band s presentation led by it. Anthony a. Mitchell. Staff photo Edmunds Sion of Aid to school districts crowded because of Federal installations expansion of vocational education Grants for education of handicapped children expansion of Ald to Public libraries Grants to improve the Quality of teaching strengthening of Federal state local cooperative educational research programs and expansion of student loan and other provisions of the National defense education act. Death Law repeal Bill faces vote Boston apr the emotion charged Battle Over abolition of capital punishment in Massachusetts reached a Climax today at the state House where a repeal Bill comes up for enactment in the House. Opponents of the measure continued their Lith hour efforts to Block final passage. The Bill gained preliminary approval of the House and Senate last week. Both branches must formally enact the measure before it is sent to the governor. Enactment is usually nothing but a formality once a Bill has received initial approval. But in the cafe of capital punishment the debate was so heated and the pressure on legislators so intense that the final outcome remained in doubt. In the forefront of the opposition is the Massachusetts police chiefs assn., which has threatened to carry the fight to the voters via referendum at the 1964 general election. Aligned with the advocates of repeal Are several clergymen including till right Rev. Anson Phelps Stokes jr., episcopal Bishop of Massachusetts. Last night mrs. Ralph j. Brown director of the Massachusetts Baptist convention department of Community witness urged abolition. She issued a statement declaring a it is a matter of record that innocent persons have been wrongly accused found guilty and put to death. No human being or instrument of Justice is a group of policemen s wives opposing abolition said they would fill the Spectator s gallery when the House debates the final stage of the repeal measure. Mixed group traces path of postman Chattanooga term. Apr an integrated group begins a walk through the deep South today planning to Trace the Steps of Baltimore postman William l. Moore who was shot to death near Attalla ala., april 24. The six White men and five negro men face almost certain arrest in Alabama. Each Marcher is a member of either the Congress of racial Equality or the student nonviolent coordinating committee. Marchers Are to be accompanied by a truck driven by a member of the National association for the a advancement of coloured people. Moore was wearing a placard which proclaimed that negroes and White persons should be allowed to eat together anywhere. The a Freedom marchers said they Are intent upon walking to Jackson miss., to give their integration views to gov. Ross Barnett. That was Moore a intention when he was killed. An Alabama grocer Floyd l. Simpson has been charged with the slaying. The walkers plan to set out from the bus station Here from which Moore began his ill fated trek. They Call their walk a memorial to Moore a White Man. A we want to hold americans attention for awhile yet a they said in alumnae statement. A we must reiterate mis Man s single yet profound purpose to express the Ideal of human brotherhood by a peaceful walk through the american amp the Alabama safety director Al Lingo has said any such demonstrators will be arrested a it

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