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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - June 22, 1965, Bennington, Vermont Summer special by Fred Keppler balloting is under Way for Bowling magazines 10th All America Bowling team. Hundreds of sport writers Bowling editors and commentators vote to select the nations top bowlers for the past season. Bowlers chosen on the first and second teams will be presented exclusive life size Bowling pin trophies. Honorable mention selectee will receive special certificates. Last years close race for several positions on the a All America teams indicates the Well thought out opinions of the Bowling writers and commentators throughout the country. I submitted the following ballot to the Congress at their request first team a Harry Smith Jim St. John Billy Hardwick Bob Strampe and Dick Weber. Second team a Ray Bluth Buzz Fazio Glenn Allison Don Carter and Billy Allen. A a Little Harry Smith finished seventh in the Abc masters and is always a fiery competitor. On the Aba tour he placed High winning two firsts one fifth two sixths Etc. I voted for him As Lead off Man on the first team. In second Slot Jim St. John. He had a tremendous year finishing first in the worlds invitational second in the All Star and High in the Aba tour standings. In third position Billy Hardwick. His Best was 30th in the Aba National however was a consistent High Placer in the Aba events. Holding Down the important fourth position is Bob Strampe who finished first in the Aba National second in the worlds invitational and High in the Aba tour standings. Finally Dick Weber in the Anchor position. Weber finished first in the All Star fifth in the Abc masters sixth in the Aba National and of course the Champion of the Aba tour having finished first twice second four times third twice Etc. He was the High Money Winner with a total of $56,860. The second team pick consisted of Ray Bluth who finished second in the Aba National Buzz Fazio the fifth place Winner of the Aba National Glenn Allison a High Money Winner on the Aba tour Don Carter the a a big name in Bowling had a poor year in the tournament circles but still deserves a place on the team for his outstanding contributions to Bowling. The Best Effort Carter a had this past season was 19th position in the worlds invitational and Aba National tournaments. His highest position on the tour was loth place. The Anchor Man for the second place is Billy Allen who bowled real Well this past year and comes close to the top team members. The Best he did in tournament play was 17th in the Aba National. He was a big consistent Winner on the Aba tour winning first place on three occasions and placing second once. Well that a the Way i voted. It will be interesting to see the final results which will be announced around the Middle of August. How would you have picked them the american Bowling Congress Magazine a a Bowling is published on a monthly basis and is sent to one member usually the Secretary of each men s league As part of the membership fee paid to the Congress. It is considered by Many As the top publication on Bowling activities available today. It is available on a subscription basis to anyone interested in receiving it. Keep pm Rollin. baseball leaders Saratoga results Green Mountain entries National league g. A r. H. Avg. 53 201 39 69 .343 66 .310 57 .310 Aaron Mil Mays of 64 228 48 Torre Mil 54 187 31 Allen Phil 64 240 41 Clonte pit 56 219 35 Pinson can 63 261 44 Clad in Pitt 63 231 40 , of 62 247 40 Var Don Pitt 58 213 24 Rojas Phil 57 184 30 american league g. A r. H. Avg. Davillo Clev 59 222 29 Horton det 48 175 29 Mantua bos 58 212 21 Hall Minn 58 206 33 re non bal 44 170 23 Ward Chi 54 208 34 a Szuki bos 46 166 31 Mcalfee det 58 222 45 Wagnr Cle 58 223 41 65 .391 Howrd was 65 244 28 70 .287 Home runs National league a Mays giants 21 Stargell pirates my Covey giants and Santo cubs All 15 Mathews braves Torre braves Banks cubs Swo Boda mets and Callison phils All 13. American league a Horton tigers 16 colavito indians 15 Kaline tigers 13 Killeb r e twins 13 Conigliaro red sox Thomas red sox Hall twins Howard senators and a i v i indians All 12. Pitching 78 .342 62 .332 79 .329 71 .324 83 .318 National league a Ellis 73 316 reds Koufax dodgers 11 77 .312 3i Jay reds 62j Cloninger braves 10-4 Johnson braves 5-2 of Dell braves 5-2 Farrell astros 5-2. American league a Pascual 81 .365 twins 8-1 Fisher White sox 8-60 .343 i Buzhardt White sox 6-1 69 .325 Aguirre tigers 8-2 Lolich tl-67 .325 Gers 7-2 Pappas orioles 7-2. 54 .318 a Chi baseball standings Kirsty Trot. Mile. Woo. Or Parish Brinson 20.30 7.30 4.90 handsome lad blood Good 7 70 Soo Spring Vicky Hay <00 time 2 12. Also started Bedr Elwood sir Galahad t.k.o., Gerry Aries. Bless Wick second pack mile. Woo morning Aller Kelly 4.00 3 00 2.70 Lucky Ambar fuss 12.70 9.70 to escort Langtry 6 10 time 2 12 1-5. Also started mischief Kyle Northwood Cash. Worthy Law Bess Concho a. Magic Mike. Daily double 5-2 paid <47.00. Third Trot mile woo a s Victory Leonard 2 80 3 00 2.6c Victory Lauradel Chretien 6.80 4.00 fussy Gal Davis 6.50 time 2 10 1-5. Also started Diller Dell Lade mercy. Bermes Lucky boy Kitts boy Marcon Harlan fourth Pace. Mile. Woo widows by. Cole 5 80 4 00 2 50 Hurricane Nellie Spencer 13.30 4 60 Shady Dale Sparky Bogardus 2 90 time 2 113-5. Also started mighty Goose lumber lad Colonie boy colonel Dee scratched Knight Moon. Fifth Trot mile. 9650 Guy Spangler Davis 12.10 6 20 5 60 Candle Pete fuss 5.40 4 00 Eha dares Ellis 3.40 time 2 08 4-5. Also started Burgess Hanover Roval glory Collyer s Pride Sentinel Grattan big Barney sixth Pace mile 860 Stoney Cole 30-10 12 80 5.10 Elk j. Fancher h of 6.70 Runnymede june Huff 3-60 Pownal results monday june i 1965 weather worm Clear track fast first a fur., elm1,808 a Osgood Golley 5.20 3.60 3 by 3 Royal merchant Pasquorella 6.60 4.20 to my Mory Olyce Kelly 6.80 also ran a Don a Jim. Rum go grand Duchess Ireton Boio Quinio Jolly thief. Time 59.3. J scorn �?5 fur., Elm a in 7 better catch Plato 43.80 14.40 7.40 s next governor Cutshaw 14.00 900 i Tony Box Green 6 80 also ran a some step. Worton Bede chronometer free ton con Macut late boots trim willing. Tim 1 00. Doily double 8-7 paid 6204 46 third�?7 fur., cfm., 61,006 3 lotto latin Clork 33.20 9.00 5.00 1 of just smart Morris 3.20 3.20 0 of Ambram Sigler 3 20 4.20 also ran a lady Munising be jongleurs Post Hook tout movie drowsy vol. Tim 1 28 2. Fourth mile elm., 1,000 5 Collo Hao Riggs 11 40 6.20 420 2 Grey slide Morris la of 5.40 6 heels of Gold Ernst 340 also ran a spicy tour wide end deep Nolensville jus buddy major Mission. Tim 1 41. Fifth�?5 fur., clmg., $1,850 5 second right Clork 13.40 7 00 3.60 2 Black Shock Morris 560 3.00 6 hello act Green 340 also Roo a Succo Bone. Natural Brier mrs. C. W. Polletto foolish Regent. Tim 59.4. Sixth i fur., elm., 1,050 1 to Salta King Morris 5 00 4.20 2.80 3 subway strike Cordelia 10.80 4.60 i lady spots Golley 3 80 also Ron a magic destiny big plus in the country Mertzon Sis Princeton Queen. Time .59 i. Seventh a fur., clmg., 1,000 1 sea discovery Ernst 4 00 3 20 2 60 6 Flowers today Hulsi Onder 11.00 5 20 t Lav Oca too Morris Soo also Ron a us glow flight in Scot miss Cross Potch snot chem procrastinator. Time 1 00. Eighth a fur., clog1�1> 7 gulls an Golley 4.20 3 20 4.00 4 wetland Conol Clinch 4.00 5.20 8 my Jon Gal Erdos 5.20 also Ron a Petit Frere peking Duck Quality lad singing River a rocketeer. Time 59.3. Twin double m-l-7 fold $457 00 ninth mile clmg., 1.050 4 Elk Creek King Thorndike a 40 3 80 3.80 3 fancy fan Morris 4 00 2.60 2 Lii puny Mccracken 260 also Ron a Chesty choir Home folks. Redact me Nix Cholm Ogro. Time 1 40.2. Attendance 2,582 handle 141,989 National w los Angeles 42 Milwaukee 34 Cincinnati 36 san fran. 36 Pittsburgh 33 Phila. 32 St. Louis 30 Chicago 28 Houston 29 new York 23 league. Pct. 26 .618 25 .576 27 .571 28 .563 31 .516 32 .500 34 .469 36 .438 40 .420 44 .343 go 31/2 3v2 4 7 8 to 12 13v2 i8v2 indoor or outdoor weather proof Metal enamel finish top. Striking design 9�?� diameter 19�?� High. Sturdy tripod legs. Hurry and save Leisure shoes Adams clothes shop Quot shoes too Quot free parking in rear of store automated . Bigger buying Power super duper Market depot Street Bennington it. Mondays results Houston 6 Philadelphia 2, night new York i los Angeles 0, night Only games scheduled tuesdays probable pitchers St. Louis at Cincinnati 2, twi night a Gibson 8-6 and Washburn 4-4 is. Jay 6-2 and Tsitouris 4-4. Chicago at Milwaukee night a Koonce 5-5 is. Johnson 5-2. Pittsburgh at san Francisco Light a Law 6-5 is. Perry 6-6. Philadelphia at Houston Light a Short 7-6 is. Bruce 5-8. New York at los Angeles Light Cisco 1-4 is. Podres 3-3. Wednesdays games St. Louis at Cincinnati 2, Twilight Chicago at Milwaukee night Pittsburgh at san Francisco Only games scheduled american league Minnesota Chicago Cleveland Baltimore Detroit los Angeles 31 new York Boston Washington Kansas City mondays results no games scheduled tuesdays probable pitchers Washington at Chicago night a Daniels 5-6 is Horlen 6-5. Los Angeles at Detroit night a Brunet 4-4 is. Lolich 7-2. Minnesota at Cleveland night a Kaat 6-7 is. Tiant 6-3. Boston at Baltimore 2, Twilight a Morehead 4-5 and Stephenson 1-2 or Lonborg 4-6 is. J. Miller 0-0 and Roberts 4-6. Kansas City at new York 2, twi night a Talbot 4-4 and of Donoghue 3-9 is. Bouton 3-6 and Stafford 2-4. Wednesdays games Washington at Chicago night los Angeles at Detroit night Minnesota at Cleveland night Boston at Baltimore night Kansas City at new York Twilight wins close one Paris up a French owned heres Iii won the $60,000 grand steeplechase of Auteuil sunday by a half length. Jay Trump owned by mrs. Mary Stephenson of Cincinnati finished third. Jay Trump Winner of the grand National at Al tree England was the Oddson favorite in the 11-horse Field. W. L. Pct. Go 38 23 .623 37 24 .607 i 36 24 .600 Ivr 36 26 .581 2v2 35 26 .574 3 3i 36 .463 to 28 35 .444 la 25 36 .410 13 26 39 .400 14 40 .298 19 time 2 18. Al of started a Joy shed Dele i tone. Mass Kalona. In Fatah. Royal Hal Black. Seventh Pace mile. Omo. My my Arthur 6 10 2 70 2.70 Reb-1 land Marse he Toner it 2 90 3 8a Pon a Lark two Bardi to it me 7 87? also a tart Marion k. To n. A in a lev. Colden Mia. Milt a 0� a 0"v. Eighth. Pac mile 61.86 e t in pm in in a by a a a to 9 50 4.n 3.w s Pease 9.30 5 v vat one Cut a a 2.90 Tim ? f6 a. Alan darted wave r. Pean to it Jde a. Of fre Kin his Bur be. Malone. Ninth pare Mil 6400 pore to of Retten 4.� 2.90 2.50 or. Mad a Larouech 4.60 2 98 one Oga lev foe tor 3.80 a in 2 of a Airn started a of Haven 7 aph it. A Rutn Hemet. I atom Kerne do fran. M#1or Angel. Att. 2.584 handle 148,084. Tuesday Jim 21 194 first�?$1,800, elm., j up 7 up Hor jockey bract up. Be Bay rip Rood patau Krelll hard Loo no boy Art Westmo Wood key Man a Bay hey Falla Ledezma Sno Abe no boy Rondau no boy fair Debbie e. Kelly _ Florian Pooyu Krelll second�?>1,000, dm., i a up i i stray Duck no boy to noddy a boy 1-14 Irish coff it. E. Kelly sir exchequer no Bey Cho cador to Emo All Broom Ledesmo Quick View Donahue _ Stephen Bruce Roll out third�?$1,000, cfm., 3 a up i tor. I gilded one toy 5 hide Max no Bey 7 Steve a f. Johnstone la 4-1 4-1 a1 8-1 a1 in 12-1 12-1 12-1 la Al Al Al Al Al a1 Iai a2 Al a1 Hinsdale results first Trot mils purse. 5500 Ladd Hanover Leyandre 3 80 2.60 2 20 Andy Kirk Turcette 3.40 2.60 isolator Wornum. 2.60 time 2 12. Also signal Light Imperial Mare Tarrs Dora Jio demo Dee scratched. Second Pace mile 5500 Bay Stele Tim Kane 6 80 3.40 3.20 Hobo Landry. 4 80 5.4c Mountain Volo Brown 5 60 Lime 2.13. Also. Co d Spring Sam Wicomico Ace Amber Bello Vita Tono Smoky double 3 1 Frio of Thi re Trot mile 5500 vies mystery Beckwith 10 60 6.20 3 00 Louie Yates Mclarnon 18 00 9 00 Royal Reader Looney 3 00 time 2 11.3. Also Edgewood Giers a Hormig Dell Gemma pick David a s ral Osiurak. Fourth tint mile purse 5500 Rodney Guy Horvoth 9 60 6 00 1 60 Shody Jock Lin Calhan 5.40 j.40 Don Colton Beckwith 30 �?T.00 2. Also Averill boy dub i Len Mac Gay Duke Efta graph. A fifth a coir mile 5500. Dinah c Watson. Jim Iro lit trusty i inc Hogon 390 340 Shem Don silk. 3 70 time to 2. A so Doh a Little Mon faire., or Nshon Princess Choice. Sixth Poco mile purse 5500 Oliver h Cushane. 7.20 3.40 3 20 Shady for Vel Mccarthy j to 2 40 scotch eon1 Morrill j40 time 2 11.2. Also hoi Joy Sooey Marie Arundel boy rhythm kid Shody Doie bother. Seventh Pace mile purse 5500 magnolias i Opsy Wilson 9.40 1.40 j to Happy Mike Reynolds 3.80 2.40 Afton december Burgoyne 9.40 time 2 08.2. Also Wilsontown Iva Long miss Fayr Brooks Georgi Volo Lomas dream. Eighth Poco Mil purse 5600. Vernon express Thompson. 12.40 7.60 3.00 Wicomico stator Morrill 4.20 Goy yonder Lynaugh $ to time 2 06. Also april Haze Frisky Jon White Dale Torongo. Ninth Poco mile purse 5500 for Side snippy Bushway. 37.20 to 2 4.20 Oliver sudden Ray. I go 4.20 Gay Frank. 2.4 time 2 102. Also cohos Gem adorn worthy hoi Ned Rose Croft mighty mock. A attendance 1367. Handle 561,206. 4 poet Grille potion a1 6 Chanco no boy a1 3 Canadian Toyoi Garry Al 2 peaceful Mike Donato a1 fourth�?$1,000, clog3 a up i fur. 6 or. Tordy no boy Al or. Blott e. Kelly Al Pink whip Pruden a1 Sully Calandre Al Edmondo no boy a1 be Diamond no boy Al brom Bones Cutshaw a1 fifth�?51468, elm., 3 a up i fur. I colonel Mont Morris a1 Advance Star Thorndike a1 Willow Street no boy a1 i Spiro Kessler Al he or spank Calandre Al Ell Vee Bee Rigg a Fleet Lookout Rodrigue Al Triangle City. No boy Al sixth�?61488, 3 a up dm., i fur. 7 Green Grots Green a1 1 Mamie relic no boy a1 3 Petit jury no boy Al 4 Milan Rood Ledezma a1 2 o Money no boy a1 4 sheer Blue Wood Al 5 Gall and Honey no boy Iai 1 Philo no boy Al seventh�?1,858, cima., 3 a up 7 Lur. 7 Crete Cyclone c. Maxwell a1 5 Tro Jon trooper no boy a1 4 Cir Nate potau Orollo Al 4 porno no boy Al 3 lady Rhody Patu Ortell Al 2 Wor link Pooyu Krelll Al i door reword no boy Al a ifhth�?61,168, cfm., 3 a up 7 fur. 4 Miu Clemson Pasquorella a2 1 go Danny go no boy Al 5 Liao s buddy no boy 5-1 2 the Start Cangarl Al 3 signalman Thorndike a1 6 Range rider Kessler Al 7 Ronnie pot Cangarl Al ninth to 150, elm., 3 a up mile 2 Nona s Best no boy Al 6 Good Effort Ernst a1 8 Royal Buffet Donahue Al 5 real sport no boy a1 7 go ply no boy Al i Norgo Poe Quarell a Al 4 family dinner Mccracken Al 3 fresh Sticks c. Clarke Iai Bennington Banner tuesday june 22, 1965-11 Hinsdale entries first Trot 1500. Physician Almont Tyson d a Chandy mister Mcabe blizzard key Niblet a cavalcade Terr Dell adorn a stomp collector second Pace 5500 Congress Jon commie c Darnley Abe tis too merry dares third Trot. 5500. Highley a Scott a Romor Toby Rexford Hanover Wortley Hanover Prince Fedor fourth Poe 5500 miss Willie Moxine dares miss Julia b Day lit Boron Dillon sky Ted Jester Lillie Giers a miss worthy non Jeon Adios fifth Poe. 5500. Double Brewer stardust Nancy Bardwell Silver flesh Kitty Adios Irish Cornial lady suffer Oge a Princess Cholee a Conestoga Mike Lisa medium Henry s Pride Greta worthy a frosty dares a worthy Mahlon Ouy Honan totem a a Angus Juno s Gem a Tel s tip Ensign Rose sixth Poe. 500 Runnymede Viola Swan vie Shirley s dream Admiral express ency s dream i Kenney Piork Pride a evening Cost june Elkington a Verna Duke seventh Pace 500. 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