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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - June 4, 1966, Bennington, Vermont Save. Cash amp carry at Llu he ,.ts 4 piece Complete with carrying Case Complete with stand Bennington dial 2-6325 trained heating j specialist on Call 24 i hours a Day automatic i fuel delivery budget fuel of i payments install and service furnaces and boilers hot water Heaters i treat your storage tank i with a rust inhibitor \ clean and adjust burners fully guarantee All work and offer Protection insurance against breakdowns i fireplace units Brick Cement Shaftsbury Road health dept. A announce regulation Bennington Banner saturday june 4, 1966-9 Burlington a in order to Render faster service to builders the state health department announced today that beginning july i of this year plans of Public buildings or land developments which do not Bear the Seal of a registered professional Engineer or when applicable a registered architect will no longer be accepted for review. Plans of All Public buildings must be submitted for approval of the state Board of health no slave Trade Detroit up five Days a week a group of new York City businessmen buy and sell Alice Becky Bessie Jennie and Maggie. No they re not slave traders because the names Are not those of ladies but of corporations whose stocks Are listed on the new York Stock Exchange according to the Quot acronyms amp Initialises dictionary Quot published by Gale research co. Here. Prior to construction. A Public building is essentially any building except a single family owner occupied dwelling. Plans of land development which include lots of less than 40,000 Square feet upon which water Supply and waste disposal systems Are located and lots of less than 20,-000 Square feet upon which either of the two systems Are located require Board approval. It has been brought to the attention of the department that Vermont statutes require the services of registered professional persons to be it i Zed when put lie health or Public safety is involved. The department to views the plans to assure pro Tecton of the Public health. The strict adherence to the statutes in this respect will hopefully bring to a close the Era of a a plans and sketches drawn upon wrapping paper paper bags and occasionally pieces of lumber. Professional plans will permit department engineers to review the proposed construction in less time than formerly and better enable them to pro Cess the great increase in volume of plans of recent years. Trees lovers help Cool House John in. Moore building contractor Arlington Vermont Hodgson "�?o5�&Quot&Quot&Quot for further information brochures Etc. C All Arlington 375-2565 waterfront construction a construction of a new waterfront Dock at Lake paran in North Bennington is now under Way. The steel girder affair will serve both As a mooring for boats and As the platform on which a diving Board will be mounted. Construction of the project a major new addition at the Community recreational area is being carried out by Burgess Bros. Hagerman Shaftsbury transfers Shaftsbury a mrs. Elizabeth King town clerk reports the following land transfers during the months of april and May. Clarence and Belle Decker Shaftsbury to s. Joseph and be clue o Connor Stratford Conn. Five acres and dwelling on . 7 in North Shaftsbury. Charles and Margaret Perkins Shaftsbury to Merritt s. Or. And Shirley Hewitt Shaftsbury one half acre and dwelling on Highway leading from North Bennington to what Creek . Merritt s. Or. And Shirley Hewitt to Charles and Margaret Perkins 2.99 acres in a Harvest Hills development. Paul e. Warfield Shaftsbury to Clifton g. And Ruth i. Carter Glastonbury Conn., five acres in West Shaftsbury. Thomas w. Hall or. To Kenneth n. And Alma k. Corey Shaftsbury land in a Thomas Hall Village Arnold and Georgiana Wright Bennington to Thomas w. Hall jr., right of Way across land in a Village Edwin a. And Barbara a. Colvin Shaftsbury to town of Shaftsbury land for Public Highway a Colvin so called. Exella m. Harris Shaftsbury to Charles m. And Lillian j. Lancour Shaftsbury land East of it. 67a, bounded by Harris and Lancour. Cleo c. Webb Shaftsbury to Dorothy Webb Baker Pawlet seven acres at North line of town of Bennington. Charles b. And Ruth w. Lack Shaftsbury to Herbert and Ruth Douglas Arlington land bounded by mrs. Hans Gaye a hollow Road a Highway from Shaftsbury to . Stevenson and Rutland Railroad. Howard c. And Mary o. Stevens Shaftsbury to themas w. And Beth m. Demars Shaftsbury land and dwelling on Eagle Street bounded by Eagle Square mfg. Co., Abble Laclar and Highway leading from Shaftsbury to North Bennington. Earl t. And Bridgle f. Thompson Bennington to Barry d. And Paula j. Shanahan Brick town n.j., 16 acres a Oak Hill Alice m. Miller Shaftsbury to Victor k. And Martha c. Geissen Germany land on Ehrlich Road Stevens Shaftsbury .96 acres in a Thomas Hall Village Charlie e. And Nancy e. Greene Halls Penelope tex., to Raymond g. And Rose Marie Moffitt one acre bounded by Ernest Hoisington Safford Burt and Highway leading from Bennington to Arlington. Charles e. Or. And Shirley m. Goodrum Shaftsbury to Theresa b. Wood Shaftsbury House and land on Sycamore Lane bounded by Stoothoff Poljacik and Colvin. New York up a protect your House from the suns heat and you la keep it significantly cooler make it More comfortable Ami reduce the Cost of air conditioning. Trees a tall Leafy ones properly located a Are an Ideal Way of modifying the Sun s effect. Home landscaping should be planned with this in mind and Trees planted to provide Shade from Sun to serve As windbreaks privacy screens Etc. But with the Best planning Trees still take years to mature. In the meantime there is much a Homeowner can do to reduce solar heat. According to Peoples National fund inc., nationwide Home improvement finance specialists Louvere screens roof overhangs and roof colouring Are among the most effective Means. William r. Hobson executive vice president of Peoples National said that lovers most frequently used in the form of shutters Are very effective in cutting the amount of solar heat allowed to enter the House. On the South Side of a baud Long he said lovers can reduce this heat by As much As 90 per cent. On West and East windows they will Cut heat by 50 per cent or More for most of the Day. A shifters and other louver effect panels Are a simple and inexpensive Home improvement project that can enhance the appearance of Many architectural styles a he said. Venetian blinds which operate on the same principle As louver screens also Cut the amount of solar heat entering a room but Are not As effective As an outside louver panel Hobson said. He said venetian blinds can reduce heat intake by 25 to 50 per cent depending on color and the Angle of the slats. If a new roof is being planned Hobson suggests extending the roof line of necessary to provide Shade for the win Dows. Roof overhangs of the prop solar heat by 70 per cent. They or length he explained will keep Are Best with open sides and must the Sun from hitting windows thus cutting heat in summer but allow Sun to enter the House in Winter when extra heat is desirable. An experienced Home improvement contractor can Best advise the Homeowner on the suitable Type and length of overhang. Roof color is another important Factor in Good solar heat be wider than the window to keep the Sun out longer during the Day. In the Early morning and late afternoon however awnings jul not protect the lower parts of the windows. To further Cut solar heat Hobson advises homeowners to avoid placing Blacktop or Concrete surfaces adjacent to the House. These surfaces will reflect and re radiate heat into the House. For Al urn. Instance direct sunlight that Long roofing materials to urges. A a cons Der Light Shim Fahre Nhey a we heat a a Slack. Gles for their heat reflecting surface t0 12o decrees Hob Cap arbuities. A Light roof will top surface to 12u degrees hoi it re a Belroi in planting with heat control fit a f w sinning in nos White in Man do he Sald Shade Trees on Al o a of inc inf s a nov the East or West will Cut Down Marble pm significantly on the amount of about a third As much heat As Toj j1gt the dark Rhyns a a Sun but he warned care should me Park clips be taken to keep Large shrubs awnings of Light coloured met away from the Side of the House a1 or Canvas can reduce direct to permit proper ventilation. Harwood House and so called. Thomas w. Hall jr., shafts Bury to Howard c. And Mary o. Insulation important Winter and summer Kendallville Indiana. . Shallow Well pumps convertible pumps we carry a Complete line of deep Well pumps submersible pumps sump pumps water conditioners. Gerald e. Morrissey inc. General contract engineering commercial residential Industrial 312 Beech St. Phone 2-5701 or 2-2321 Bennington it. New York up a insulation is just As important in keeping a House Cool in summer As it is in keeping it warm in Winter says a leading authority in the Field. A the same rooms that feel like the inside of a Freezer in february resemble a steam Bath in july a according to James j. The fast Complete Oil heating service Complete Oil heating service Means that you can get everything you la Ever need for total Comfort from away. Burners hot water Heaters fuel Oil emergency service cleaning and adjusting budget plan installation and repair a Complete package of Home heating products and services to make your life More enjoyable. Here show it can work for you 1. Trained heating specialists trained heating specialist from away can make your Burner produce All the heat that it is capable of producing. Away service men Are graduates of the Boston school of advanced Oil heat. They have received training in the most advanced procedures in Oil heating so they can service any Burner. Their efficiency can save you fuel and Money. 2. On Call 24 hours a Day on Call 24 hours a Day away service men can take care of any emergency Day or night regardless of the weather. You will be Given a Telephone number to Call after working hours to insure prompt service at All times. 3. Automatic fuel delivery automatic fuel delivery to your Home in the worst Winter weather Over the roughest roads is scheduled automatically according to weather conditions in your area. You la never run out of a Way fuel Oil. 4. Budget payments budget payments Are easily arranged with your local away Petroleum Plant. This added convenience permits you to pay a regular monthly amount and eliminates big Bills when unexpected cold weather strikes. Call for an appointment today away Petroleum corp. Max Perrotta mgr. 270 Hunt St. Dial 442-6800 Sullivan of Allied chemical corporations Barrett division. Consequently Home owners should do something about their insulation now rather than wait for the return of cooler weather Sullivan advises. The reason insulation is important the year around is that All air moves from warm to cold Sullivan explains. In the Winter the warm indoor air tries to escape outdoors. In summer the warmer outside air attempts to come inside. How much insulation is necessary Sullivan says experts advise six inches of Selling insulation or equivalent and three inches of insulation in Walls. If rigid urethane foam a new insulation material is employed he says these amounts May be reduced by one third. Insulation is not necessary in a heated basement according to Sullivan. If a House is built on a Concrete slab there should be a Belt of insulation around the outer Edge of the slab and if possible Between the slab and the footing Wall. If the House is built Over a crawl space the sides of the space should be covered with an insulation Board and the ground with a Good Grade of roofing Felt. Bennington it give dad solid Comfort. A genuine leather chair from $156 Bellemare amp sons North Bennington Rood Tel. 2-6009 Southern Vermont s oldest plumbing and heating concern 303 depot Street Bennington Tel. 442-6308 delivers More Gallons per Dollar at Depths to 25feet. Maximum self prior eng characteristics continuous duty capacitor motor for Long trouble free operation. Flawless workmanship precision machined parts of non Corro Dible materials. Available in sizes to 5 horsepower models for up to 7200 Gallons of water per hour. Comes completely assembled in one Carton with Choice of 6, 12, 30 or 42 gallon galvanized tank or with separate tank to 525 Gallons. Sou Thern Vermont a largest pump distributor a alms Low plumbing amp heating Supply co. Deep or shallow Well. One pump does it All. Use it for a shallow Well system. Later if water level drops remove the Jet and move it Down into any 4&Quot Well and you have a deep Well system no other parts to buy. Available in sizes to 1-1/2 horsepower models As completely assembled package with Choice of 6, 12, 30 or 42 gallon galvanized tanks or unmounted with separate tank to 525 Gallons. Delivers up to 1875 Gallons of water per hour

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