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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - July 6, 1966, Bennington, Vermont Hinsdale results Green Mountain entries Bennington Banner wednesday july 6, 19m> 9 automotive accessories under $1.00 Economy Auto stores inc 532 main St. Bennington it. Moisture Massage Tor toot velvety. Eresh �?�12? rant Ebeling known for values Lika 0 Rick solid ii stunning plaid great buys in year round therm Liberal Trade in allowance budget terms free service free installation Hinsdale entries tim�?2 09.4 Dally doubt 6-2 1109.40 third Pac a mu��?$500 song Byrds silk 6.00 4.40 traffic manager Kau 6.00 Mike Volos Haight tim#�?2 13.3 fourth�?Pac#�?mu#�?$300 Hulah Bomi a Houle 16.00 6.40 roman Holiday Madison 4.20 Micky Lynn Beckwith tim#�?2 11.2 fifth�?Pac#�?mil#�?$500 Prince he Marshall 30.60 11.20 miss Fajner Brooks Sheldon 5.00 Yankee Dot Andersen tim#�?2 12.4 sixth�?trot�?mile�?$500 Section Many Omeara 13.20 3.80 shining Knight Wolsey 5.00 Welcome Pam Pam Smith time�?2 08.3 s e be nth Pac pm ll#�?$500 Julia Rose Abbot Allen 21.40 7.60 Hal Joy Marshall 4.40 Max flyer Britt time�?2 11.3 eighth�?pace�?mu#�?$500 Wicomico Slatore Smith 3.60 3.60 Sentinel direct Schmidt 13.80 King Barnes Wolsey time�?2 09.2 ninth�?pace�?mile�?$500 magnolias Topsy Wilson 3.00 2.60 fair kernels Crowson 5.00 s k Bumpass Marshall time�?2 12 2. Gangs Pride Pichette 3. Strong player Green 4. Poppy Law Quesada 5. Quick switch Mccracken 6. Princess hellenes Clark 7. Turkey Batter Fairbanks 8. Marlboro Annex Cardella 9. Nit club Marshman 10. Echoes Breese first�?trot�?mile�?$500 rhapsody St Burgoyne 18.20 8.60 Burgess Hanover height 6.00 k c Cress Gagne time�?2 11.4 second�?pace�?mile�?$500 Afton Edler Wilson 8.80 4.80 Fred Flanagan Wolsey 7.00 express Way Gilman 5. Gunmen own Sage 6. Princess Erin 7. Sassy Flash Dias wednesday. July 6, 1966 first�?$1000�?5 furlongs 1. Battle balms Marshman 2. Risky sister 3. King swing Green 4. Sheer blues Minento 5. 6. Martial Nan 7. Heels of Gold 8. Royal Clipper 9. Commo Many Ernst 10. Tomoka 2. Sam Spears Sheehy 3. Morry dares Mattson 4. Keystone Tel Smith 5. Bad boy berth Gilman 6. Lucknow a Ronnie Bushway 7. Miss lady View silk 4. Afton Midnight Wilson 5. Homestretch Bess Field 6. Bambi Maple Croft Gilman 7. Of Tecau a Lucky seven Tracy 8. Royal majesty Mattson wednesday july 6, 1966 first�?trot�?$500 1. Lapsle Maxley Horvath 2. Calumet a Hazel Smith 3. Runnymede Jerry Gilman 4. Bay state Max Tracy 5. Bobbles Pride sch my gel 6. Blizzard key Sheldon 7. Gay Duke Burgess 8. Golden Echo Carlisle a Aromar Toby Richardson bloc Crest Duffy Sullivan fourth�?$1100�?5 furlongs 1. Toy party 2. Boney Lane Thorndike 3. Tuc Noel Kessler 4. Feudal chief Wall 5. Belay not Phillips 6. Bar Pilot Corona 7. Doug a Grey Ernst seventh�?pace�?$600 1. Joe Mike Lynaugh 2. Little Babetta Pease 3. Theresa half Ward 4. Lee Sampson Smith 5. Nifty a Steppy Andersen 6. Delineator Blake 7. Success comets Mattson ninth pace�?$500 1. V j Diamond Mccarthy 2. Verna Duke Mattson 3. Hal Wayne Houle 4. Gay Frank Allen 5. Nan Jean Kane 6. Rowdy Prince Reynolds 7. Jerry s Valley Kane 8. Groton boy Gilman a Sandy Mac Srygley third�?$1100�?5 furlongs 1. Or. Dynow Davis 2. Choo Oruam Pasquarello 3. Crystal Ray Silva 4. Pickering Rose Gino Sanders Lees fifth�?$1000�?6 furlongs 1. Pick no pack Donato 2. Prybell 3. Top ruler Ernst 4. Lha puny Mccracken 5. Sugar and starch Silva 6. Battle stripes Marshman 7. Harlem kid 8. Brom Bones Davis second�?$1000�?5 furlongs i. Osco time in British open Mirfield Scotland up a Doug Sanders of Ojai calif., the first american player to tee off in the British open matched Par with a 71 Over the rugged Mirfield course in the first round today. The 32-year-old Sanders the fourth leading Money Winner on the . Tour last year and Winner of the Bob Hope desert classic earlier this season went out in 36 and came Home in 35. Weather conditions were generally satisfactory with a Light Breeze blowing Over the 6,887-Yard course. The skies were overcast and there was a possibility of rain in late evening. Second pace�?$500 1. Lucky highness Gilman 2. Or. Mitt in Gagne 3. Scottie go Allen 4. Miles Pride Carlisle 5. Dimples fingor Perkins 6. Red my Leary 7. Dottle put Lynaugh 8. Merit Abbey Smith Saratoga entries eighth�?pace�?$700 i. Happy Mike Reynolds 3. Frigid air 4. Willow Brook Dick Davis 5. Or. Smoke Langtry 6. Patsy Rainbow Bain 7. Coffee pot Hoyt 8. Amy Smith Heeney 9. Rambler current 10. Money counter Huff 11. Misty Rice Blake wednesday july 6, 1966 first�?pace�?$600 1. Barb r. Thomas wines 2. The burglary Livingston 3. Sidoo pick Iai Rouech 4. Angelina Desantis 5. Adio song Bromley 6. Jimmy r. C. A Richards 7. Fly Fly aces Bloodgood 8. Cherry Jean fuss a lion by sixth�?$1000�?5 furlongs 1. Lives bit Ernst 2. Lillian Fudonato 3. Phillips 4. Me Wise 5. Khal pass Handley 6. A in Blest Davis 7. Amber sultans so Pruden third�?trot�?$500 1. Edgewood go Erst Berg 2. Van mite Lynaugh 3. Henry a Pride Palladino 4. Swartley Hanover Sheehy 5. Scott a rambler Burgoyne 6. Etch Alden Hill 7. Berle s buddy Proctor 8. Typist Pizzano a Tyson do silk ninth-pace�?$3,600 div. 1. Mike Rainbow Bain 2. Dea Frisky Huff 3. Frosty Helen Boucher 4. Long worthy 5. Mighty Leo Arthurs 6. Valley Bill Hamilton 7. Classic song 8. Mighty ardent Ambo 9. Miss Muldoon Butcher 10. Chatham Nick Heeney seventh�?$1000�?7 furlongs 1. Roving Dame Donahue 2. Bay ionian Pruden 3. Lisa a buddy 4. Captain View Donato 5. Lavaca Toab Pelaez 6. Or. Goldston a Mccracken 7. Roman done Ernst 8. Crack of doom Silva car Wash second pace�?$600 1. Princess Mollie g. 2. Concho half Huff 3. Hazel mite Goodsell 4. Tarts Gale Kelly 5. Rebel Jamie Chase 6. Newport news Heeney 7. Bay state Sean Butcher 8. Billy o boy Arthurs a glory Wyn brooms Mode of Good Quality Broom Corn. Wire bound handle. Soft White fiber with elastic wristlet. Fourth pace�?$500 1. Somers girls Kane 2. Or. Bogey Clough 3. Major Kikis Wilson 4. We Olzer rhythm Proctor 5. Lady Casey Matt son 6. Edgewood spangles Crowson 7. Little Man Folee 8. Fedor Herbert Smith High the i oooo Mike 1. Volar vestiges Marshman 2. Relic armoury Diaz 3. Sunday Sailor Pichette 4. Picador 3rd�?Ernst 5. Bruces budget Pruden 6. Wasny to Lookin 7. Tin Mullah 8. My Janie Gale Pasquarello tenth pace�?$600 1. Dixie Flint 2. Thl Silou Dean Weir 3. Peter up Langtry 4. Sylus rangers Collette 5. Prince Pence Heeney 3. General Byrds Olin 7. Colonie Bey Jevons 8. chances Coppola a win Hill lad handle�?$69,357 a ttendance�?1546 third�?pace�?$600 1. Speedy loud Heeney 2. Shelly Eileen a Bell 3. Jimmy Wlch Olin 4. Early Vernon Slaker 5. Fair Meade Melody Labarge 6. Charming Bay Boucher 7. Silver storm Kelly 8. Francis Hanover Huff a Wyn Crest Ginger litter baskets clip on dash. Washable heavy duty Vinyl in Choice of colors. Fifth�?pace�?$500 1. Tootsie to Smith 2. Sensation Kane 3. Amosson a Oscar Lynaugh 4. Oreca a Harry we Marshall 5. Davie abbe Dale Burgoyne 6. Congress George Blake 7. Morris cinnabar Reynolds 8. Single Mcm silk magnetic grip. Hold keys coms Combs cigarettes matches pencils Etc ninth�?$1200�?mile 1. K s Khan 2. Ai Bobby Donato 3. Parkside drive 4. Stella a chances Thorndike 5. Green grass Donahue 6. Dan a i eat Mills 7. Channel two Donahue 8. Mikes choices Schwartz fight result Las vegas Nev. Up a Freeman Hardin 201, Riverside calif., stopped Sonny King 191, Henderson Nev. 6. Fourth�?trot�?$650 1. Jay bobs Davis 2. Sim Hanover Heeney 3. Midway coast 4. Harry m. A Alkes 5. Miss a Cha Nav Bromley 6. Bonnie i Arthurs 7. Lucifer Hanover Boucher 8. General Sampson Jevons a Gypsy Zephyr sixth�?pace�?$500 1. Cla Haven prancer Houle 2. Gay yonder Lynaugh 3. Sycamore mind silk fifth�?pace�?$650 1. Candy song Davis 2. Missy Dee 3. H. Payne vie 4. Conyer s first Butcher 5. May s choices Dupre 6. Be special Heeney 7. Wolsk Broom direct Smith 8. Happy Nell Dean Geraghty a Shady Dale Pilot sixth�?trot�?$700 1. Black Harp Leslie 2. Nancy s Melody Ambo 3. Vicky Rodney current 4. The Minchy Boucher 5. Vol talc Hanover Larouech 6. High hat Slaker 7. Post Klu Pam Watson 8. Ginger Spring Wood Bonafede a impulse Oum july 7 thru 13 one week Only coast to coast. Hundreds of thousands of homemakers will enjoy pre season savings on cozy blankets now will you seventh�?pace�?$1,200 1. Carol Don s fiesta Davis 2. Car a 3. Irma a lady Goodsell 4. Westleigh boy Arthurs 5. Shady Adios Boucher 6. Gem direct Lefebvre 7. Jessie Mckay of Geraghty 8. Black Stone Prince current a Gold bar drug store Carroll eighth�?pace�?$3,600 div 1. Sharp threat 2. Wood win Lamb main Street save2.05 on your Choice of these Grant Crest beauties. There a a new magic Chee Gas Range designed to please Yod super Nap Blanket in Rich solids pastels it up times. 7�?� v. Rayon 2vv, acrylic. Lifetime Nylon binding. 72x90" weighs in i lbs. Grants exclusive plaids. 90 7, Raven to acrylic 06x90" twin weighs 31 t lbs. Two pin ids. Bound in red. Blue How n or Green. 80x90 plaids 33x Fri sole 5.44 a combination oven broiler with Radiant Broil Burner a automatic Cook and keep warm oven control a removable oven door door seals oven liners rack runners a fluorescent blackguard Light a no drip top a clock with i hour timer a appliance outlet a High performance burners a High simmer warm color coded controls a sealed oven window and Light a 2-piece broiler pan Grant Crest Virgin acrylic Blanket Reg 6 99 luxurious lightweight Comfort. 3-lb. Weight. 72x90" size. Your Choice of 6 fashion colors plus fresh White. A fluorescent blackguard Light a no drip top a clock with i hour timer a appliance outlet a High performance burners a High simmer warm color coded controls a sealed oven window and Light a Roll out smokeless broiler a 2-piece broiler pan compare our Cotton Thermal Blanket at 6.99 elsewhere int lot 4 97 a no drip top a High performance burners a Roll out smokeless broiler a 2-piece broiler pan a 4 leg levellers a red wheel to temp oven control electric 9 94 30�?� magic chef ranges cozy napped Thermal Blanket 3160-1 compare at $14 elsewhere Grant Crist Quot automatic electric Blanket 80% rayon/20% Cotton 6" Nylon binding. 9 Way temperature control. 72x84". Pastels and deep tones. Compare at 5-99 Rayon acrylic blend feels like Cashmere looks hand crocheted. 72x90�?�. Dual control compare of $17 Sale 12 94 no Money Down. I 25 weekly see our window display Vermont Gas corp. 487 main Street Bennington it. Did 442-6318 charge Ltd. No Money Down . Or amt go y Pooh of i red Lxi fou Eoj nov 210 North bin Nin to Ion re b i n Nin ii on t

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