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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - February 15, 1966, Bennington, Vermont Ignoble immobility speeding skiers and by Chester Isi r immobility is a piteous condition. This is nowhere More apparent to the otherwise Normal individual than when he is on a ski slope dressed in shoes not built to slide and assigned to take pictures of skiers and skiing fun that in his Bleak Flat footed Ness he can Little understand much less keep up with. Aside from the distractions and frustrations of not being Able to get where the action is there is the More serious pro in in of photographing a sport which in essence is not for spectators. When you Are in shoes your immobility forces you to in take the stance of an observer. From bitter experience i conclude this is the wrong Vantage Point. You must think of skiing in a flying Mobile Way. The drama of it the sliding Speed Over Snow the sume of powder Bac lighted by the Sun Are things the skier experiences for himself. The Only legitimate emotion when you watch this sort of thing is to want to do it yourself. Most would agree this is not the Case when watching a heavyweight fight or a professional football problem aesthetics and a a involvement aside just getting around with a bag full of film and a swinging camera is the most irritating problem. There is a race let us say at one of the major ski areas. They usually done to run these things near the base of the Mountain because it interferes with Normal operations. So they Block off one of the upper trails erect the slalom poles and you get there one Way or the other. Nobody laughs the ski area managements is helpful with All kinds of information. But when the Man gets a look at your army shoes and cumbersome equipment he always asks a you going to ski a you apologize with a quiet a you live in Vermont and you done to ski a a a Well no but i guess ill have to learn of i keep on covering the ski and then you add a i suppose its like living in new York and never visiting the statue of the Little joke Seldom gets a laugh but you say it anyhow just to show you re a regular Guy even though you Wear graceless army shoes. A Well we can probably get you up there with a Snow cat when there a one available a the Man says vexed communicating without subtlety that you Are probably not Worth the gasoline or the Drivers time. You feel like saying its All right and that you la come Back again some other time when you be you fight a sudden urge for hot chocolate. The Snow cat comes Down and you go up. Riding one of these things is fun. But the Black rubber threads grinding Over the White Snow in a crude awkward Roar while the figures of skiers Dart and whizz Down past your indelicate juggernaut All add up to one thing the Snow cat is army shoes Only with an m Barking while the skiers Speed past the motorized intruder the no skier Driver usually litanies the sins of nutty sliding fraternity especially when one arrogantly comes too close. He is usually a vermonter by birth and accent. His is dressed in several layers of clothing bottomed out by a Thermo undershirt slightly at his win burned neck. A look at that crazy its a wonder More of these people done to get wracked up in Good he a jealous. You get to the top and jump Down into the Snow and into what you Hope will be the thick of things. The Snow is packed hard. This is to the Good since you have often sunk in nearly to your hips in similar occasions. There is another Snow cat at the finish line and its motor is running. The judges Are huddled in Back. You feel the cold on your face for the first time and think of the warm rubber smelling air from the Heater comforting the judges. There is no room for you inside so you stand outside in your army shoes and prepare your camera to record the great events. They picked a Nice Shady spot so there a not much Light. No danger of overheating. You ask yourself a just what is going on Here a and the answer made up of snatches of Reading and listening to the local sports is that the contestants will try to go in and out of the poles As fast As they can ski. So what else is new. You spin through your head a Hundred pictures of Billy Kidd and the olympic champs doing the same thing. The pictures All look alike. So you Content yourself with recording the obvious under hardly agreeable circumstances. If there were no local skiers involved you can to conceive of yourself asking the question Why. Getting set a but when confronted with such reluctance of soul would Karsh of Ottawa Halsman or Ansel Adams surrender Art when challenged by the obvious. You Best year yet we join in saluting Vermont a great ski Industry every banking service the Vermont Bank and Trust company knows Falls chests Siut Tobobo Buti and Bennington a Imp i6lli a foot Btl Luuki orc Mutton the Bank with Quot red carpet service you Cun build this one for less than $2,000 come in and a. J find out the facts Mckinley dial 2-6516 Bennington a Ceramic tub and Shower a Wall to Wall carpeting a thermostat controlled hot water heat a Cable to a Howard Johnson a restaurant and cocktail bar on premises 8 ski areas within 30 Miles a t4 Sci i eolian. Of tote id a on i is. 7 out mile South of Bennington. I Emmonl Tel. 802-442-2322 Svea and Al Anderson a vacation Cabin Darling Kelly s Motel a the banners ski edition

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