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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - December 24, 1965, Bennington, Vermont Is or. . National window the common Many a a sucker by Lyle Wilson United press International this should be the most expensive Christmas Ever experienced by the american people. Reason the Cost of living is at an All time High. The Cost of living goes up in proportion to the steady decrease in the purchasing Power of the Dollar the Sambuck and that splendid item of currency the grand. Citizens seem not to be aware of this grand larceny being committed against them. The common Man so beloved by the politicians is More loved for being a sucker on election Day than for wit or Wisdom. It is the common Man and his wife meaning most of us who have kept in office Over the years the soft Money politicians. These easy Money operators do not act to prevent the destruction of the Dollar. Instead of protecting the shrink we Hope Santa is generous to everyone Hurley Bros. Ing Dollar they whoop it up for programs that help hasten the Day when the american Buck will be Worth two bits or less at the grocery stores. It is the misfortune of the american people that the politicians have found this system to be Good politics. It gets them into office and keeps them there. It is the Good Fortune of the politicians that american citizens do not have the Wisdom to beat this Shell game. The fat cats who own stocks and real estate Are not much Hurt and May be much helped by Money inflation. It is the Little Guy the common Man who is Hurt. So what does the Little Guy do he Steps out with his missus next election Day and votes to keep in office the same politicians who Are burning up his savings his insurance policy his wages and his future. Some time ago a scale of the grand larceny being committed against the common Man was published by tax foundation inc. Of new York. If you had purchased a $1,000 . Bond in 1949, shrinking purchasing Power would have reduced the value of that Bond Over the years like this 1955, $889 1959, $818 1963, $778,and 1964,$770. Those statistics should mean something to the common Man and his missus the most numerous voters in the United states. But they seem not to mean anything at All because the common Man persists in his lunacy that the spending of Federal dollars does not Cost him anything. Such spending does in fact Cost him something in taxes and More in speeding the purchasing Power. Currency inflation is deadly to the family or the individual on a fixed income. The wage earner can Hope to increase his income with some expectation of realizing his Hope. The pensioner More often is stuck. The politicians have persuaded the trusting common Man that All he gets from Washington d. C., is free lunch at no Cost to him or to his family. The common Man is a sucker for that kind of hokum. Well my stars this is Christmas eve a a a now you have Good fun during the holidays watch your Waistline Hemline and that White line on the Highway a come visit us soon. Workshop get a n in i Moton it. Vermont restaurant Bennington Banner Friday december 24, 1985-15 extending greetings to everyone Gower shop 229 North Street Fennington Vermont she does no to know a lot about Money but a wonderful Way for her to learn is to give her the present with a future her own savings account with us. Shell learn Thrift the value of Independence and the importance of keeping a Bright Eye on the future. These Are precious gifts to bestow on a child. Think about it wont you then do your gift shopping for your children with us. Sincere Best wishes for a very merry Christmas j. H. Winslow plumbing Aud heating Supply co. 303 depot St. Dial 442-6308 Bennington it. Most i i important present a child could get Hap to t Christ it Nib tiles Poti nub pours. Wassick a service Bennington cooperative savings amp loan association 11614 South Street Bennington Vermont Hunt St. Bennington it. May peace enter your heart do c my Africa incorporated \ Ermo it North Bennington

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