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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - December 18, 1965, Bennington, Vermont 8�?Bennington Banner saturday december 18, 1965 Home demonstration notes Berkshire county to Host Benld Catamount shop projects by Janet Gershaneck Beni s shop classes under the direction of Kendall Adams Robert Howe Edward Ransom and Kenneth Gile have been working on various interesting and worthwhile projects. Adams woo shop students Are completing their Vermont Coffee tables. The tables Are made out of natural Pine in the shape of the state of Vermont. 4 feet Long and 25 inches wide across the top and la inches Aero is the Bottom. The table tops show super and main highways Large cities and the 14 counties of Vermont. They Are done in natural Wood finish with three Coats of varnish and one coat of Wax. The boys involved in making the coffe tables worked under Foreman Steve Therriault. The boys Are Dennis Barry Chris Carpenter Chris Clayborne William Hatch Gary Jelley Gary Hilchey Mike Lane Bruce Lackey Tom Lawrence David Leblanc Stanton Livingston Ben Powell Barry Richardson Ron Toner Bruce Hurley Dick Cutler William Robinson Michael Russell and Francis Knapp. Machine shop students under the leadership of Ransom Are training for a gainful vocation in machine industries. The of the class is to gain a thorough knowledge of machine tools. The shop is a two year program for juniors and seniors Only. When the boys leave Beni they will be accredited for a one year apprenticeship in most Large industries. Seniors in the class Are Ralph Greenawalt Don Myers de Phillips Richard Longton Charles Rice and Burt Ware of Beni. Joseph Cassano and Richard Robinson Are seniors from Bennington Catholic High. In the Junior class Are Ted Eggsware Gregg Blake Paul Davis Leo Gauthier James Gulley Cliff Johnson Larry Lauzon and Harry Percey. Said Ransom of the course a this has been the Only vocational program for 14 years at Beni and i a delighted that we shall have a full fledged vocational program at the it. Anthony Union High. The woodworking in class under Howe has been experimenting on finding the strength of various Woods and the holding Power of nails and screws. The boys tested such Woods As Cherry Oak Cedar Pine and Basswood. They made their own testing equipment. Giles classes have been working on various projects. His 7th shop students display a Vermont Coffee table Benmore North St. Shopping pm quo Bonnington a prices Are bom Herr raised elsewhere Grade students have been making miniature Wood baskets designed to teach them to use three or four different machines at the same time. His 8th Grade class has made tool boxes starting from their Basic drawings made in mechanical drawing while 9th Grade boys have been studying arc and oxyacetylene welding. They Are now constructing projects which require different types of steel welded together. In his 10th Grade class advanced metals the boys Are forgoing cold chisels and turning Center punches in the Metal lathe which they heat treat or Harden and temper to get the right degree of hardness and strength. Grade la boys have been working on an electricity unit in transformers. Boys in the 12th Grade automotive class have finished a unit on brakes and Are presently studying the automotive Cooling system its function and operas Tion. Beni Kitten by Ken Kramer Welcome to Wisdom from Junior High. Another week the students ski Haystack grand opening today saturday dec. 18 come up and ski with us Sui tumult Haystack Wilmington Vermont from Bennington a urn left in Wilmington Pic in Pac reasonable sensible prices open la . To to . Closed wednesday and Christmas i la. Maxwell House Coffee free with $10.00 Purchase below Chain store prices 201 South St., Bennington correction Reg. Prices omitted from Evans to land Sale Craft master paint sets Yahtzee Reg. 2.00 the family game bookshelf games Reg. 2.00 Reg. 8.00 now now medallion number Oil paint set a Matching paint set 9m x 12�?� Reg. 1.50 $<7 $67 56�?� Silt Evans news office equipment inc. 431 main St. Bennington the Banner Reg rata the error cooking chestnuts asians for Christmas visit eighth Grade science classes taught by Hugh Perkins recently tried to find a magnetic Field while doing a study of magnets. According to Dave Finnegan a few science whizzes found it eighth Grade Metal shop classes directed by Kenneth Gale Are making tool boxes that were designed in Robert Howe s drawing classes. Lots of Luck boys eighth Grade Art classes taught by Sylvia Ducharme Are making elaborately designed letters of the alphabet. If you done to know your a b is by now children give up Junior High music classes conducted by Elisabeth Gilmore Are learning to sing Christmas songs. I wonder Why eighth Grade social studies classes taught by John Duval Are studying the revolutionary War. Some students Are writing plays pertaining to that period while others Are displaying the style of dress of that time. The Junior High student Council recently elected its officers. They Are president Dave Finnegan vice president Joseph Monroe Secretary Nancy Makin and treasurer Randy Mook. They also elected members to sit in on the senior High student Council. Seventh Grade social studies classes taught by Marlon Harlow Are doing a study of great Britain. The students Are finding it interesting to learn about new lands. Seventh Grade print shop classes taught by Robert Howe Are trying to make Cave men tools out of Cave men materials. If anyone is injured by a pre historic looking tool Well All know whom to suspect. A a sports is the word in the Junior High these Days. The Junior High basketball team coached by Tom Butterfield has about 30 boys on the squad. They Are playing their first game Jan. 3, against Arlington. A group of boys led by Pete Howe Dave Finnegan Tom Flynn and Mike Betts spend their free periods and lunch hours playing touch football on the East Lawn of Beni. Great athletes Are born when trained Young. Myca notes the Bennington area Myca or. Rifle club will meet at the armory from 9 to 12 noon saturday. The girls Bowling will be held at the Bennington area Myca alleys from 9 30 toll . And the girls gym from la to 12a.m. Saturday under the direction of Ann m. Kuhn and her assistants. The girls who wish to sing Christmas carols at the soldiers Home Hospital and nursing Homes will meet at the Myca building at 2 . Please note change of time saturday. Any who can furnish transportation will be Welcome just Call the Myca office or show up at 2 . The display in the Bennington area Myca lobby during the next two weeks will be on wild life of the area. This is to show the youth and adults what they can see in the Woods Fields streams Etc. Of they know what to look for. Anyone who has or can get something that would help to make this exhibit More meaningful is invited to bring it to the Myca office As soon As possible by Marion s. Harris Home demonstration agent this is the time of year mat i seem to get questions regarding cooking and the most recent question asked was a How Are chestnuts roasted i must confess that i have had Little experience with cooking chestnuts but our Good Friend Anna Wilson Extension nutritionist has come to my Rescue. Here is the information that i have secured on chestnuts. I think 111 try them too there Are several varieties of chestnuts of which the Best known and the most generally used Are the matrons and the Chataigne. The matrons Are the very Large chestnuts which grow in the Southern part of France particularly in the department do Var and in Italy. These Are the ones that Are made into the delectable and famous matrons glaces. Chataigne grow farther North in the Central part of France and Are used for general cooking. It is also from the Chataigne that Chestnut flour is made which is packaged and exported to All parts of the world where chestnuts Are unobtainable for gourmets who crave a Good Chestnut Puree. A of to Cook chestnuts Cut a Small incision through the Shell of each Chestnut using a very Sharp knife. Put them in a very hot oven or under the broiler for 5 to 6 minutes. Remove from the heat and take off the shells. If they Are Well roasted or broiled the skins underneath die shells should come off along with the shells. Put the shelled nuts in a Saucepan with enough water or White Stock to cover them and add 2 or 3 stalks of celery. Bring to a Boll and Cook slowly 20 to 25 minutes. Leave the chestnuts in the Stock to Cool removing them when ready to use. Chestnuts for garnishing follow directions for cooking chestnuts selecting the whole chestnuts for garnishing. A of Chestnut Puree May be made from Chestnut flour or from cooked chestnuts. When using Chestnut flour bring about 2 cups of milk to the Bolling Point for each cup of Chestnut flour. Gradually stir the Chestnut flour into the milk stirring briskly All the time and cooking it Only until the mixture is completely combined. The mixture should be about the same consistency As mashed potatoes. If not As thick As mashed potatoes add a Little More Chestnut flour. Finish by adding a Tablespoon or More of desired of butter. To make Chestnut Puree from cooked chestnuts rub them through a Sieve and reheat with a Little butter or top milk. French and italian chestnuts Are served in place of vegetables. A of baked chestnuts a re move shells from one pint of chestnuts put in a baking dish cover with Chicken Stock highly seasoned with Salt and Cayenne and bake until soft keeping covered until nearly done. There should be a Small Quantity of Stock in pan to serve with chestnuts. Are you weary of the sameness in flavor in your meals maybe you a like to try pickled Black eyes peas. You can use canned kidney Beans of you like. Here is the recipe pickled Black eyed peas 2 no. 2 cans cooked dried blackened peas i cup salad Oil i a cup wine vinegar i Clove garlic or garlic seasoning in cup thinly sliced onion i Teaspoon Salt cracked or freshly ground Black Pepper. Drain liquid from the peas. Place peas in pan or bowl add remaining ingredients and mix thoroughly. Store in Jar in refrigerator and remove garlic Bud after one Day. Store at least two attention bargain Hunters Thomson manufacturing co. Is offering Yon first Quality stretch items Slacks and blouses at bargain prices december 18th 9 . To 4 . Enter through shipping room door on be Mont ave. Days and up to two weeks before eating. You la need a plate and Fork for these. Red kidney Beans and Garbanzos do the same. If you cannot get canned blackened peas any Type of Beans May be used. Best Start from scratch soak and Boll until desired tenderness. If canned Black eyed peas or kidney Beans Are used be sure to put into a Strainer and Wash All a thick sauce. Goo off a before adding of Christmas for your Queen of heart <2 i _ in Frost s pharmacy North St. Bonnington Pittsfield mass. Up a a group of la Southeast asians All employed by the . Information Agency Usia will spend Christmas in private Homes in Berkshire county. The eight men and three women Are currently touring the . Under a program sponsored by the Usia for its employees. The Ber Shire county program designed to give the asians a first hand look at an american Christmas is jointly sponsored by the Usia and the National Grange. The Usia employees in the group Are from Japan Korea Viet Nam the Philippines Malaysia Burma and Kong Kong. Embarrassed prof Manhattan Kan up William Koch an assistant pro Fessor of English at Kansas state University says it sometimes embarrasses him to perform for his classes. Koch a serious student of folklore often stands in front of his class one foot propped on a chair strumming a guitar and singing a Folk Ballad. Here is a recipe for Christmas Kugel Hopf a Beautiful Raisin Pecan bread As Rich As cake. This bread originated in Germany centuries ago to celebrate the holidays. I package of cake yeast Active dry or compressed a cup warm water 3a cup milk scalded and cooled 4 cups sifted flour i cup soft butter % cup sugar i Viz Teaspoons Salt iv2 Teaspoons grated Lemon Peel i Teaspoon Vanilla i Teaspoon Almond extract 5 eggs iv2 cups seedless raisins i cup pecans soften yeast in warm water in warm bowl. Add milk and i cup flour beat smooth. Cover let Rise 45 minutes until Light. Beat butter with sugar Salt Lemon Peel and flavourings until Fluffy. Beat in eggs one at a time. Mix in yeast and remail ing flour. Chop raisins and nuts mix in Well. Turn into greased 10-Inch tube pan or Kugel Hopf Mold. Let Rise until double in size i1/ hours. Bake in moderate Over 350 of 50 to 60 minutes. Sprinkle with powdered sugar of desired. Makes i Large loaf. Ready for food Reno Nev. Up a someone who apparently plans to celebrate during the Holiday season broke into a warehouse and stole 64 boxes of gum 22 boxes of breath mints and six boxes of pills to relieve heartburn and indigestion. Leave the ironing to us i i Spotsel permanent press i i i i i 8 i i i i i keeps its a just ironed Quot look for keeps just toss it in your automatic Washer Tumble dry do not wring. And it s ready to Wear again. No ironing get this great permanent press sport shirt in million mile fabric of 65g Dacron polyester. 35ri Cotton. Subtly muted plaid in a regular Collar Model. $5.95 a Dupont Reg t m Adams clothes shop a a shoes to Quot Christmas ideas from our Large Stanley tool display Uhm i a steel master no. St i vt�?16 02 on and p0werl0ck rulers Arolia Extension Rule Goral in folding Rule longer wearing easier to read Blade Handy built in Belt clip no. 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