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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - December 12, 1963, Bennington, Vermont Low prices a Green Stamps too Admiral Mark of Quality throughout the world for Christmas morning happiness give Admiral Quality Money Down with tradis laity Lenox nylons too extra Stamps with 2-pair Box seamless mesh seamless 60 gauge�?15 denier stretch All sizes Frozen food specials Quot Tor Quot 4 10 02 Carden m pics Carnivalee 6 of baked stuffed pro Broccoli Spears clams Rich s chocolate eclairs Sara Lee Coffee cake cinnamon nut 8 of acc pkg 45 12 of 7ac pkg a finast regular or thin finast Spaghetti Sauck meat or mushroom italian Spaghetti Elbow Macaroni Gino Tomato paste Modess regular Sunshine Fig bars Gold Seal Glass Wax cashew nuts Kraft Macaroni dinner Swanson boned Turkey 2 2 i la pics 1 la pics finast a also Cherry quince mint Rob Apple Cinn. Apple finast a also guava currant wild Elderberry finast 6% of can 49c 13% of jars ? 6 of j cans pro of 24 i la cello 13 of can 8 of cello 7 a of pics i 5 of i cans fruit trial Bountiful i Sli finast 39 Apple Jelly 39�?~ Jelly Strawberry 69�?~ tropical 49 liquid detergent 67 kleenex facial tissue 39 congested room Vaporizer 59 finast waxed paper 49 Wheatena 33 Gulden s Mustard 59�?~b&m Beans 412 of jars i 3 12 of jars i 39 59 i 15 of i cans it pm Bot 4e pro of 0% a Quot 600 Ujj 5 of can 125 it Rous lib 6 of pc 79 45 36 29 pm a yellow Eye red kidney i la 12 of cans space station had St. Lawrence Seaway lots of ground work problems get probed by Elton c. Fay a military writer Washington apr groundwork for the Pentagon s a new Quot program for manned orbiting laboratories has been under Way for months with both the air Force and the civilian space Agency in on the preliminaries. Secretary of defense Robert s. Mcnamara put the project into High gear tuesday with his announcement that the air Force had been assigned full responsibility for running it. The aim is to have an initial Model of a a gemini a Quot without men aboard in near Earth orbit in the first half of 1966 and to have the full sized manned Laboratory aloft about four years from now. Contracts for studies on the project already had been either let or invited by both the air Force and space Agency and the designing of the super powerful Titan Iii rocket Booster was Well along before the formal announcement. In disclosing the space Labora tory venture Mcnamara also announced termination of the Dyna soar Orbital Gilder project. A Pentagon spokesman said today that under an agreement Between the Pentagon and the National aeronautics and space administration it expects Nasa will make available to the air Force the data from its own studies of the feasibility and technique for Multi manned laboratories. Nasa announced award of one such study contract earlier this month to Douglas aircraft co. This study is aimed at refining nasal a concept of a a cylindrical six Man spacecraft Quot put into orbit by a big Booster rocket. In talking to newsmen tuesday Mcnamara Side stepped the question of How Many men would be carried in the air Force version. He said Only that it would be More than two men the number of Nasa s own gemini capsule project. Washington . A Congress has opened an inquiry into the troubles of the St. Lawrence Seaway. The Seaway is More than $10 million behind in its payments to the Federal government a special Senate Commerce subcommittee was told by Joseph h. Mccann administrator of the seaways development corporation according to a new York times account. Clarence d. Martin jr., undersecretary of Commerce for transportation said it appears that income from the project will not be sufficient to cover its expenses and also amortize capital costs until 1973 at the earliest. Originally Martin reported it had been expected that the St. Lawrence Seaway would not attract enough traffic to be self supporting and to pay principal and interest on its $135 million debt to the . Treasury until 1969. Now that time has been postponed at least four years. The special subcommittee to study transportation on the great lakes St. Lawrence sea was in headed by sen. Frank j. Lausche a Ohio. At the opening Day of the hearings tuesday sen. Lausche made what was considered the most unusual proposal of the session a that the Seaway might be Given an assist in competing for transportation business by establishing some form of tolls on the Mississippi River and other Inland Waterways. A i think the principle of self liquidation is sound Quot sen. Lausche said. A if there is to be any change it should not involve eliminating Seaway tolls but introducing on other Inland water routes some Type of user charge or toll to put them All on an equal sen. Philip a. Hart d-mich., asked Mccann if the Seaway Agency has taken any Steps to promote additional traffic. The administrator replied that in 1961 the Agency sought a $100,000 promotion fund and had been allocated $11,000 by the budget Bureau which Congress then eliminated altogether. A this just does no to make economic sen. Hart said. It seems All the assassination probe rower Phi performance precision Admiral chass ii 23.000 Volt Tranfo Riviar powered precision crafted and a Trad Hon on Tai Chat aka Tat a Standard for dependability1 new Admiral Tuncsi Nan. Admiral Eitra Genitive lunar Mcrea tet amplifying Power Tor Tup nor Quot fringe area a reception of picture and sound contemporary swivel cd Binet turns us any Angle for full Brett viewing a wide angles 23�?� bonded picture tube. 23,000-Volt, transformer powered precision crafted Chassis with new Quot super Span Quot Turret tuner insure greater picture pulling Power Only 3.50 Model c3322 23&Quot smart Lowboy Cabinet styling a wide Angle Quot 23&Quot bonded picture tube 23,000-Volt, transformer powered prod Cion crafted Chassis with extra sensitive a super Span Quot Turret tuner Jap adaptable opt., extra Maure greater picture pulling Power even in a a fringe area \ save once wave twice a a Creen Stamps first National store fryers and broilers a 2y2-3v2 la avg a ready to Cook la whole Armour a expertly seasoned delicately smoked deliciously Sweet shoulders smoked u 39 sausage meat 3-us 100 finast a sugar cured sliced Bacon finast a Sandwich favorite Pickle amp Pimento loaf 3 pics colonial a tender and meaty canned picnic 41&0z,3� finest a luncheon meat luxury Leaf 3 i00_ sea scallops 69 smelts it i. 25 grocery specials fresh produce bristling a in Olive Oil sardines no a a a a 2 % 49 Grapefruit Richmond a French style a Green or Wax string Beans 4�?Tss 69 a Quot 4 so 39 Orange Orange pineapple Grope or punch Lincoln juice drinks 2 to 49�c�?z so head asparagus Spears lettuce iceberg head Green giant can for 0 new England boiled dinner a., cabbage native in mph ring a Iii re pro of 12 finast a Plain or cinnamon sugar donuts red a la a Julty stainless steel m Gillette razor Blades is 79 tomatoes cello pc for fresher breath for Holiday pudding listerine Antiseptic Bot 77 dates dromedary 14-Bennington Banner thursday december 12, 1963 suspects gathered mrs to fit your budget the Randall to Jolo Sari 23.000 volts of picture power1 extra sensitive tuner front Channel indicator s it 3 Alnico v speaker. Tepee Copic Antenna i icly Only 2.50 in Model 3302 or �?~3.00 Nam Odd lot a amount of Stock bought or sold in less than the established round lot unit of too shares for most issues. Odd lot trading is popularly supposed to be the badge of the Small investor. Short Sale a borrowing Stock to sell at the Market Price in expectation of buying Back at lower Price later for a profit. If Price goes up Stock still must be bought some time for replacement at a loss to the trader. Over the counter a Market maintained by Security dealers for stocks usually unlisted or. The exchanges. Cuba buys meat Miami Fla. Apr Havana radio says Cuba has agreed to buy 500 tons of uruguayan corned beef. Meat has been rationed at six ounces a week per consumer in Cuba and refugees arriving recently in Miami say there has let Een no distribution of meat for three weeks. By Aden police in Wake of bombing Aden apr police rounded up political and labor leaders today in the Wake of a bombing that killed a woman and injured 39 persons including British High commissioner sir Kennedy Trevaskis. Police acted under a state of emergency declared by the supreme Council of the federation of South Arabia shortly after the bomb burst tuesday at Aden Airport. Among those reported under arrest was the Leader of the Peoples socialist party the party favors the claims of revolutionary Yemen to Aden the former British Crown Colony now joined in the federation of Sheik Doms emirates and sultanate. In the Roundup police were reported to have expelled a number of yemenis. There Are about 100,000 yemenis in Aden. Most of those arrested were understood to be citizens of Aden or the other states in the British protected federation and cannot be expelled. The number under arrest was not disclosed. People drink America s most 400 45q, magnificent Bourbon 255 sir High Bourbon whisky a 88 proof a Oil Hickory distillers Copha May take a year Washington apr some officials predicted privately today that it May be a year before chief Justice Earl Warrens commission finished investigating the assassination of president John f. Kennedy. The predictions followed disclosure by government sources that threads from the shirt of Lee Harvey Oswald the accused Assassin were found snagged on the Rifle which authorities say was used to kill Kennedy As he Rode in a Dallas motorcade nov. 22. As the Warren commission continued its study of a five volume f by report on the assassination an official said it wont bother the White House of the commission takes a year adding a nobody wants a quickie there was evidence from Warren that the commission considers the massive Fri investigation report delivered to the seven commission members monday night just the starting Point for its task. Within 24 hours Warren announced the appointment of a general counsel former . Solicitor general j. Lee Rankin As the first step in providing the commission with a staff. Rising prices heavy trading get people Market conscious by Sam Dawson a business news analyst new York apr rising prices and heavy trading in recent Days and weeks have increased Public interest in the Stock Market. More persons Are getting into it either by actually buying shares or vicariously by talking about the goings on. Yet a lot of the terms used Are vague to Many a Market watcher. Here Are simplified explanations of a few of the common ones you run into most. Blue chips common Stock in nationally known company with Good Long term dividend record and Strong investment qualities. Penny Stock share Selling for less than $1. Cats amp dogs a Low priced highly speculative issues. Convertible preferred share Bond or debenture that can be turned in for common Stock of a he company. Dollar averaging a investing fixed sums at regular intervals in a Given Stock regardless of Price changes. Growth Stock a share in a company thought Likely to make above average gains in earnings and net Worth Over a Long period. Margin account the account of a trader who operates partly on Money borrowed from his broker currently set legally As no More than 30 per cent of Price of the Stock. Margin Call a demand on trader to put up More Cash or securities with the broker when skidding prices mean that customers equity in Stock Falls below or dangerously near the Legal minimum or below Standard set by the Stock Exchange or by the brokerage firm. Round lot unit of trading on the exchanges which is usually too shares except for a few High priced or inactive issues

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