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Bennington Banner Newspaper Archives Dec 10 1965, Page 8

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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - December 10, 1965, Bennington, Vermont 8-Bennington Banner Friday december to 1965 North Bennington ans wrestle with proposed unification act b7 Elizabeth Dwyer North Bennington North Bennington trustees got a Good look at the first draft of a proposed unification act for the town of Bennington and had a Chance to discuss its ramifications in detail when they met thursday night at the firehouse with members of the town unification committee. I representing the unification committee were chairman Arthur d. Taylor Clement p. Gilchrist Bennington Village atty. John m. Williams i and town counsel Norton Barber. Also on hand were fire chief Martin w. Percey Richard Corcoran and Edgar t. Matteson the latter a local Village trustee. The latter three were appointed by North Bennington trustees to serve on the 25-Man unification committee which has been working for the past year to study the possibility of town unification and draft an enabling act for presentation to the legislature in january. Trustees present in addition to Matteson were chairman Fred Welling j. F. Lowre Sanford Buxbaum and Kendall Rich. Also invited was Lawrence f. Powers of the Village zoning Board and one of North Bennington s representatives on the regional planning Council. Last night s session was the third this week for unification committee representatives who met with old Bennington officials monday and Bennington Village trustees tuesday to go Over pro visions of the act in each Case with particular reference to the manner in which possible future unification of All town governmental units would affect the no Independent municipalities. These include the villages of Bennington old Bennington and North Bennington and the Bennington Rural fire department. Taylor explained that the Cornin Luttee is anxious to get reactions from the local groups and using any suggestions As to change As guidelines have another meeting of the full unification committee to Hammer out a final draft of the enabling act. He noted that if the act is approved by the special legislative session hopefully in january the next step would be to hold open meetings soon thereafter in All the different villages Etc. In order to acquaint voters with terms of the act. Timetable the timetable outlined by Taylor suggested an Over All town vote near March i on acceptance of the act. If this were favourable he added the next step would be a vote in the Village of Bennington on acceptance or rejection. Of the Village were to accept the act this would bring about a unified town. Within 30 Days from that Date there would be vote in the villages of North Bennington and old Bennington to determine whether they wished to join the unified town. Assets and liabilities in discussing the proposed unification act provisions it was noted that if or when North Bennington voted to accept the act this would in effect give up tile Village charter and All local office building review tonight Manchester a selectmen Here will meet tonight at 7 30 with Norman Stratton of Norman construction co., contractor for the new town office building. Selectmen said they would go Over terms of the contract Quot paragraph by paragraph Quot and then formally sign it with Stratton. An agreement with Stratton has already been signed which was conditional on the favourable vote Tor the town office in tuesday s election. Government functions. All assets and liabilities would then be the property and responsibility of the town. It was outlined in this connection that North Bennington now has the largest debt in proportion to its grand list of any of the three municipalities. North Bennington s municipal debt is $45,000, with a grand list of $13,500 total listed valuation of property divided by to giving it a ratio of 3.1. Bennington Village with a debt of $65,000 and a grand list of $81,000 has a ratio of .80 to i while old Bennington with a debt of $14,000 and a grand list of $5,000 has a ratio slightly less than 3.1. On this basis it was noted that North Bennington was getting a bargain. Town counsel Barber said that under terms of the town government set up spelled out in the unification act. A number of jobs would be done away with including his own. Under the act selectmen have authority to hire any required Legal services instead of having a elected agent. Under the terms of the act the unified town government would be directed by a Board of six selectmen elected on the basis of two from each of the three election districts set up by the Board of civil authority in accordance with the redistricting act of 1965. Taylor asked for an expression of opinion As to whether North Bennington would favor such District representation or a Board of selectmen elected at Large in the whole town. He got an emphatic unanimous opinion from North Bennington Village fathers that such District representation would be the Only Way they would feel justified in accepting the unification idea. Town manager local trustees were also in agreement in approval of the provision for a town manager and the Way in which the Job would be handled As outlined in the proposed act. According to this Section of the act a town manager would be appointed by the selectmen for an indefinite period and be responsible to them for his actions. Barber explained that it is carefully set Forth in the act that if a manager proved unsatisfactory he could be dismissed in one of two ways i. He could be summarily dismissed after a 90-Day notice or 2. Selectmen could give him. A hearing to get All the facts in the matter and then make a decision after taking All these facts into consideration. Quot it is absolutely vital in this form of government that the manager and the selectmen work together Quot Barber said. Quot if residents have gripes against a manager they can go directly to the selectmen and demand action rather than wait to vote their those present who recalled town manager Battles that have from time to time occupied Bennington observed that when the town manager system was voted out some years ago voters were voting against the Man in the position rather than against the town manager idea. Fire department one provision of the unification act As now worded Calls for the merger of existing fire companies Bennington Village North Bennington and the Rural under one paid fire chief to be appointed by selectmen. Several trustees questioned the desirability or necessity of having such a paid official who would be Over All Boss of the present companies which would probably operate under local fire captains. Welling questioned whether the Job would warrant a full time chief and asked whether he would also supervise the fire alarm systems Etc. Quot if we had a full time paid chief i d like to know what his full duties would be Quot Welling said. Chief Percey defending the full time chief proposal said that fire Protection activities require second printing a where the Light Falls a a portrait of Edwin Arlington Robinsons by Chard Powers Smith Smith has Dona Wall by his old Frond and master. A has not Only Modo Good Usa of his own recollections but As his nates show has Dana a careful of of research. This is Tho Hast beak on Robinson a have and i recommend it with enthusiasm. Grenville Hicks in the saturday review this Book does three things Ond does them very Well. The Memoir of a Friendship a re estimation of Robinson s position in american and indeed world poetry a re exam nation of the philosophy that informed his work. What has never bean done before in the presentation of the Central drama of Robinson s personal life. Maurice Dolbier in the . Herald Tribune and the Philadelphia inquirer now As a move toward Robinsons Centennial. There Ara signs of his re emergence As an important poet. This eloquent Book by Chard Powers Smith should do a great Deal to help. Although his study of Robinson s Puritan heritage is valuable and his reminiscences of the Man himself Are delightful it is the romantic revelation which. Will draw prime attention. Quot where the Light Falls Quot is. The Best Book we have on Robinson. Winfield Townley Soott in the new York times Book review available from the Macmillan co., 60 fifth ave., new York 10011 or your local bookseller an increasing amount of time from those in charge. Quot with Volunteer companies somebody has to be responsible for checking equipment seeing that trucks Are at the ready and taking care of daily requirements needed to keep a fire department operating at top efficiency Quot he maintained. Others however expressed scepticism As to whether one Man would be willing or Able to run around from firehouse to firehouse every Day starting trucks checking alarms Etc. Taylor proposed that another meeting of fire department representatives some trustees from each Village and members of the unification committee be held in the near future to Iron out objections. Zoning control North Bennington trustees took the matter of turning Over control of its zoning ordinance to a town Board As provided in the unification act with a fair degree of Calm. Although Welling noted that North Bennington has a Well thought out zoning ordinance designed to maintain the Village in an atmosphere that has grown up naturally he said he Felt that a town Board could be depended on to follow wishes of local people in keeping All provisions of the ordinance in effect without granting undesirable variances or changes. It was suggested by North Bennington officials however that a zoning Board be appointed on a representational basis which would give local voters More direct say in the matter and the unification committee agreed to accept this As a useful provision in the act. Highway function Matteson who has served As chairman of tile unification sul it committee on highways and police outlined the thinking of his group in combining All Highway function under a Foreman who would be appointed and responsible to the town manager. Matteson said they had worked with the two Village Highway commissioners retiring Thomas l. Toge Theberge of Bennington and Francis Lauzon of North Bennington and there was agreement that under unification of All Highway departments each area would get better and More efficient utilization of men and equipment. He noted that there Are still some questions to be ironed out in regard to combination of Highway and sewer departments. He also discussed How police Protection would be extended throughout the town and said the committee feels this could be handled by 15 men and three cars. This suggestion was also greeted with some scepticism As it did with Bennington Village trustees. Water department Williams outlined the manner in which the water departments could be handled under a unified town government. He noted that there Are a number of problems that would arise from the fact that both Bennington Village and North Bennington have systems that Are restricted under terms of deeds of gift. Quot this is a Pandora a Box of problems Quot he remarked Quot and what we have tried to do in the unification act is leave the whole question subject to flexible hand Ling and eventual solution and clarification by a higher effect on taxes the bad news As to what unification would do to the tax picture in North Bennington was left to the last but when the finance committee chairman had finished explaining his careful analysis of expected tax rates the news turned out to be Good instead for North Bennington. Gilchrist explained that in projecting tax rates his committee had added the 1965 operating budgets of All municipalities involved and found they totalled $722,500. He noted that his group had made a careful and conservative estimate of savings expected from unified government operations arriving at a total of $684,000. On this basis the North Bennington tax rate would increase 33 cents Over the present. However it was noted that the Village would be getting among other things full time police Protection that it does not now have. Police it was estimated that even part time police Protection undertaken by the North Bennington Village on its own would Cost at least $6,000 per year which would mean an increase of at least 50 cents in the tax rate As compared to the 33 cents increase under unified government function. In this connection Gilchrist also pointed out that a sizable increase in the grand list of the outside town can be expected soon which would further broaden the tax base and result in a further decrease in the North Bennington rate in the future. Summing up changing hands a shown after the Sale of the Snow Valley ski area in Winhall thursday Are from left. Atty. William Sennett of Bennington atty. Murray Kalik of new York City or. And mrs. Fred Colclough of the worthy inn Manchester former owners of the ski area Marvin Ladd Parker new owner and Parker a Fiancee mrs. Avis Tifft co owner. Sennett represented Parker and Kalik col Clough in the transaction. Ringheiser Snow Valley ski area changes hands in Winhall trustees agreed that the meeting had been helpful in their thinking. Quot we at least know an awful general contractor lot More about unification than Chester area. Manchester a the Snow Valley ski area owned since 1950 by or. And mrs. Fred e. Colclough operators of the worthy inn Here has been sold to Marvin Ladd Parker and co owner mrs. Avis Tifft his Fiancee both of Manchester. The Transfer of property which took place thursday afternoon Marks the third time the Winhall ski area has changed hands since it was built by Paul Kollsman a new York City inventor in 1939-40. Parker who will operate the area himself has been Foreman of the facility for Colclough for the past seven years and is a in the Man when we came tonight Quot they summed up. Welling explained that while certain advantages of unification Are apparent North Bennington people have traditionally exhibited scepticism and downright dismay at the thought. Quot Many residents Here Are afraid that if we become part of a bigger government unit we May be treated like a poor relation and our needs and wishes ignored Quot he said. In this connection there appeared a guarded acceptance of the fact that with shrinking boundaries and closer communication this fact of local isolation May be forgotten. Local officials mentioned that North Bennington ans have always liked to feel close to the base of operations and services and despite any obvious advantages of unified town government there still remains in the Village a hard Core of thought under which a 13-letter word that begins with Quot a Quot and ends with Quot a Quot is still a bad bad word no matter who you spell it. Under the previous ownership the area was open Only for weekend skiing but Parker says he will operate daily during the Winter season. Facilities at Snow Valley include one lift and one to bar for a total capacity of More than 1,500 rides per hour a ski shop cafeteria and ski rental shop. Private and group ski lessons will be Given by six instructors under the direction of Pete Muska who also headed the ski school under the former ownership. The six trails according to Parker Are rated from Novice to expert on the 700-foot vertical descent Mountain. Parker said the area s parking lot has been enlarged to accommodate 300 cars and buses. A new ticket office has been built at the base Lodge and a new ski shop constructed. Lift Cable reels Are being lined with rubber to make a Quot smoother ride Quot Parker added. For the future Parker says he plans an ice skating rink and possible additions to the lift sys 9 to 9 wed., 9 to 6 mon., thurs., Fri tues., Sot. Benmore North St. Shopping Ploxa Bennington Quot prices arc bom Here raised elsewhere Quot new v-6 fun Power to now two great engines hot new 160 he Quot a or a a Hurricane 4. The jeep v-6 zooms along the Highway like it had wings that s Why we Call it the flying jeep with 4-Whddl Drift. Universal. And of course off the Road is jeep territory 81�?� or 101�?� wheelbase hard or convertible tops new colors trim bucket seats. Tour in got to drive it to believe it see your \jeep9 seeder look him up in the yellow a sets. Tem but doubts he will install artificial Snow making equipment. For the summer tourist Parker plans to build 20 campsites in the area. Parker though not now a skier says he will take up the sport. He lives on Richville Road. Tri Valley sets meeting tonight Manchester a the steering committee of the Tri Valley regional school study committee will meet tonight at 7 30 at Manchester elementary school. According to Eugene v. Kayatta co chairman the meeting is Quot an intermediate one which will collate the reports from the individual study committees formed at the last the committees finance Plant and location curriculum and enrolment have been meeting for the past three weeks and will make their reports tonight. Arlington Helene Thompson 375-2325 through Courtesy of the Arlington Lions club the town has a Gay festive appearance. The Lions worked hard All sunday afternoon and evening stringing lights across . 7 and part of the East Arlington Road. They also put up a lighted Christmas tree in front of St. James rectory. 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