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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - April 12, 1966, Bennington, Vermont Nicklaus still has problems wedge game does no to excite him Bennington Banner tuesday april 12, 1966-9 by Richman up sports writer Augusta a. Up a everyone s got problems. Cassius Clay keeps moaning because he has to Shell out All that Alimony Money Sandy Koufax control Isnit quite what it should be and now Jack Nicklaus comes along with some troubles of his own. The first Man Ever to wrap up two straight masters titles does no to particularly like the Way his wedge is working. Before anyone runs out and starts taking up a collection for him let it be noted that he does no to have any great degree of difficulty with the 13 other clubs in his bag. A my wedge play does t excite me a pointed out the Beefy Blond 26-year-old Columbus Clouter not too Long after he climbed into the fancy Green jacket they always give the masters Winner Here. A it could be a lot better he went on. A a in a still not getting As much spin on the Ball As id Nicklaus a Man who has hauled Down <70,000 Here alone during the past four years Wasny to really complaining so much As he was stating a fact. Jack is a rather unusual fellow. For example after finishing in the three Way tie with Tommy Jacobs and Gay Brewer at the end of the regulation 72 holes sunday he did two unorthodox things Springfield College hosts annual Loaches Springfield mass. A the annual two Day Springfield College football clinic will open Friday night april 15 at 7 30 in the memorial Field House according to 1965 new England College division coach of the year Ted Dunn. A total of to College and High school coaches will take part in the clinic which ends saturday afternoon after discussions on such topics As a the Illinois defense a a overview of the Springfield defense a a spread line offence and a the flip Flop heading the list of guest speakers will be Jerry Baker coach of the undefeated Rome . High school football team in 1965 de Paul of peddle preparatory school and Pete Dyer of Dobbs ferry High school one of the most successful High school coaches in the nation who was asked to speak at the 1966 american football coaches convention in Washington . Headed by Dunn coach of the 1965 undefeated maroons the entire Springfield football coaching staff will take part in the two Day clinic. These include Dave Auxter assistant coach speaking on a the forcing unit of defense at Springfield a and assistant coach Jack Neumann talking on a line blocking combinations and fundamentals at Dunn will take on the a overview of the Springfield defense and offence. Highlights of the clinic will be 1965 game films and displays by several of the Large sporting goods companies. The clinic starts Friday night at 7 30 and ends saturday afternoon at 4 . All High school and College coaches in new England Are invited to attend and can obtain further information by writing directly to Dunn at Springfield College. Which he Felt help him in mondays playoff round. First he hustled out in the Twilight of the Augusta nationals practice Green and painstakingly worked on his putting for nearly a half hour. Something about him looking Over the Ball wrong Only he said it was too involved to explain in precise detail. That condition corrected the hungry 210-Pound ohioan realized he still Hadnot eaten his dinner so he took care of that Little matter by polishing off four steaks. Better make that three and a half. He did no to want to Over eat so he gave half of his last tenderloin to someone else. Nicklaus unquestionably one of the finest golfers of this decade and quite possibly of All time has a Way of minimizing his own talents. From the Way he spoke following his decisive playoff Victory Over Jacobs and the battered Brewer monday he almost seemed to be apologizing for his Victory. A i was very fortunate to be in the playoff because i made too Many mistakes he declared. A this was a tournament that was lost not won. I won it last year but this year a Lotta fellas lost it by making a Lotta Nicklaus explained some of the a mental lapses a he had suffered during the five Day grind and then topped them off with still another one when he got Back to the Green jacket he was wearing. A this is the same one they gave me in 1953,�?T�?T he said. A i mean 1963, he laughed quickly correcting himself. A Hogan like that particular reference was to Ben hogans masters Triumph in 1953 at which time Nicklaus was 13 and just beginning to learn the facts of life about Golf. For statistic keepers and there seem to be As Many in Golf As there Are in baseball the 53-year-old Hogan looked Good for a while in this year s masters then tired and came in seven strokes Back. Hogan had the record Here for a dozen years with his 14-under-Par 274 and guess who came along and broke it Nicklaus of course with his 17-under-Par 271 a year ago. He shot a Only a 288 for four rounds this time. Maybe it was that Balky wedge of his or something he ate. One thing it Wasny to for sure and that was his Driver. Jacobs said he went into the playoff with Only one piece of strategy. A i Wasny to Gonna watch Jack drive a he offered laughingly. That was a mistake too. Jacobs missed the Best show of the Day. A father figures keeps track of celts playoff statistics i i a ii i Jesu los Philadelphia up a Percy Manning 147, Philadelphia out pointed Luis Rodriguez 151, Cuba to. By Dick Oeh up sports writer Boston up a he a a teacher of scripture latin greek and ethics but around Boston Garden he a called a father figures a for his statistical studies. The gentleman in question is father John Earley a priest who teaches at our lady of Providence Seminary in Warwick r.i., during the try but compiles playoff statistics and roots the eight time Champion Boston celtics Home in his spare time. Father Farley a teacher for 18 years and a frustrated athlete since he was a boy is just As ready to produce basketball facts and figures As he is to discuss religion. He carries his athletic interest even farther by coaching both Schoolboy basketball and baseball in Rhode Island in Between shuttling trips to Boston Garden. Oddly Fathe. By Bec. Involved As a member of the celtics unofficial but productive family because of a heart attack. The Man stricken was the club publicist j. Howard Mchugh eight years ago. Howie recalls worrying after the attack that he be Able to produce the usual mass of facts and figures for the writers and broadcasters covering the celtics 1958 playoff championship bid. But father Farley stopped into Mchughs Boston Garden office Learned of the difficulty and promptly took Over the task. He a been at it Ever since. A a in be always been interested in statistics a he recalls a dating right Back to knowing baseball batting averages when i was a boy. In those Days if you did no to know just about everyone a batting average there was something wrong with in any event father Farley produced the 1958 statistics and has been turning them out for Bostons playoff bids Ever since. He keeps piles of notes and clippings during the regular season and extracts at playoff time those figures relating to the current celtic rival. If for example you a like to know How Many Points Wilt Chamberlain averaged against the celtics in nine regular season games look up father figures fact Sheet. If you want to know How the celtics and 76ers made out against each other this year last year in the last ten years or since the club was formed As the old Syracuse Nat Slook it up on father figures sheets. He reports such Choice titbits As the fact that ten Boston players fouled out against Philadelphia this season the largest total a since i have been Holder of a season ticket to celtic Home games father Farley manages to see about half the clubs Boston Garden games and of course All their Providence appearances in addition to an occasional trip to other cities. Holder of Abma and St degrees in theology from Catholic University in Washington father Farley admits he developed his statistical ability from his father who at 70, is still Active As a Church Sexton and who frequently accompanies his son to celtic games. A the used to Correct adding machines so i guess its natural for me to enjoy working with statistics. As Long As they re figures on the celtics a father figures said. Red sox elect Yaz Captain season opens with Little Hope Pownal results hard of hearing enjoy Nett pled so re with hearing instruments made to your individual requirements. Call now make an appointment for wednesday March 16, 2 to 3 . Frosts pharmacy 198 North Street phone 442-5980 o. L. Bowzer icon consultant first Poce. Mile $503 Fleming. 54 20 la to 7 so Long Emion Dixon too 4 3 nubbin Mitt Andersen j so to 2.13.1. Also Holly Mission miss Kalona or. Brewer traffic manager. Baby Billy. Second Dace in in purse 5500 Gmuer s Prince Heeney 6 60 3 to j so Cathy j Foster. 3 of j 6f Conestoga Mike Collette a 0 t�?2 13 4. Also primate Bill s Reward b s baby victorious Boyd s Pride. Daily double 5 2 paid 5213 00 third Trot mile purse 5500. Pickney Hanover Marsh 4 00 2 40 2.4c Gemma pick Cross. 2.10 2 40 Scott s rambler Lourie 3 40 t�?2 14.1. Also Haney s Choice Newport Guy ready song follow Mcellen lorry Scott. Fourth Pace mile purse $500. Gene Brewster Story 3 40 7 40 7 20 justly Brave Houle 3 40 2 40 Dillon shy Smith. 2 40 time 2.11. Also Leto go Blue Springs first von s Adios commie a Wicomico Jirav fifth Trot mile purse 5500. Call me mister Smith i so 3 20 7 40 Diamond Vinco Tisbert 2.40 7 40 miss Scarlet Chon Foster 2.40 time 2 12. Also car Speed Way etch Alden. Scratched charcoal Grey donor Fox. Sixth Poce mile s500. Teddy c Oakes. 5.40 3 40 2.40 interstate Proctor 4.40 3.40 Bard blackguard Pike 5.00 time 2 10 4 also babe Bohemia Blue March Little Silver Posey town grateful Bobbie. Seventh Pace mile purse 5550. Piork Pride Kleimon 4 20 3 70 7 so miss Kent Maori or 3.70 2 80 Winnie Over Arthurs 3 no time 2 3 3. Also Mountain master Peggy s Broom Goy Maundy Gay Frank Volo Gem. Eighth Pace mile purse $550 grand ordinal Ferron a 3 of 2 20 7 to Dixie Flint Collette 2 40 2 40 Moonshine Momm. 3 40 time 2 of. Also blocks , anon gallon Brayfield Fedor Herbert Prim Adios. Twin double 4-4-4-7 paid 5153 80 ninth Pace mile. Purse 5700 airtight Ferronto 11 20 2 80 2 60 King Barnes Collette 2 40 2 0 d. A Steppy Anderson 90 time 2 to 2. Also. Nemmo s Rill. Be Sampson. Al Faber Afton december Seaside. Who Poce mile $550. Sportsman s first height or. 5 20 2 40 3 20 bold Eddie Corneillier ,. 2 80 3 70 Wise cel one Pike. 8 00 time ? 094. Also secretory girl Woteca s Horry a Adios Joyce Mono Marvel Diamond Creed a the Pace mile $550. Liny Lind Cross. 17 10 5.10 5 20 Fairst de snippy Mattison 9 10 7 10 Huish Bonnie Houle 4 80 time 2 13.1. Also Syl Ranger Princess Mou e a Cardinal Choice Mike Volo Colby Dart. Per Lee to 7 5 paid 5193 40 Boston up a the weather forecast was fair but the forecast for their october finish was miserable As the new look red sox opened their 1966 american league season today by entertaining Baltimore. Fenway Park patrons needed a program More Titan Ever As Boston manager Billy Herman picked a starting lineup that had three new faces and four More relatively unfamiliar to red sox followers. Three Guys named George Smith at second base Thomas in Center Field and Scott at third base were the real newcomers As Herman nominated Veteran right hander Earl Wilson 13-14 for the opening Day Mound assignment against Baltimore Oriole Southpaw Steve Barber 15-10 a year ago. Massachusetts gov. John a. Olpe will throw out the first pitch. The governor planned to employ his Normal overhand delivery from the right Side to officially Start the 1 30 . Fenway opener. A crowd of 16,000 to 18,000 was predicted by the clubs front office with weather expected to be fair with the High in the 50s. The red sox players who have promised an improved spirit on the club following a series of closed door meetings designed to improve their image monday elected outfielder Carl Yastrzemski team Captain. It was the first time in Many years that the red sox have had an elected team Captain. Yastrzemski a in e c a n league batting Champion in 1963, announced the players Lead made a series of new rules including a ban on pre game clubhouse card playing and a strict pre game reporting time for All players. Violators of these and other rules not made Public would be reported to the club management the left fielder said. The players also elected Relief Pitcher Dick Radatz As their club representative and Pitcher Dave Morehead As his alternate. Joining the three Georges and Wilson in the opening Day lineup were Yastrzemski in left defending league Home run King Tony con Gallaro in right Tony Horton on first Rico Petrocelli at Short and Haverhill a Mike Ryan behind the plate. Scott a 22-year-old, 220 Pound powerhouse was the Center of pre game attraction. He swung a Bat in Fenway for the first time monday and pounded a a flock of practice pitches out of the Ballpark. He spread his distance hits among the Center Field bleachers the bullpen and the infamous left Field screen after beating out the highly touted Joe Foy for the starting third base Job. Mon., tues., wed. And sat. To . To 6 . Thurs. And Fri. To . To 9 . Farm Street Bowling results Pownal entries 451 main St. Boys shirts sizes 8 to 16 Short sleeve Levis Adams clothes shop Quot shoes too Quot full service banking 4 Man needs full service banking when he has the responsibility of a Home car and family. Get full service at the Vermont Bank and Trust company Bellows Falls Chester Brattleboro Rutland Bennington a Manchester member Federal Deposit insurance corporation to Day april 12, 1966 on ti�?pac��?m116�?1600 1. Charming Wilson Landry 2. Tag Mcallen Manzul 3. River direct Constantine 4. Mattie worthy Lawrence 5. Senator Scott Bottom 6. Widows Creek Fleming 7. Game at chances Dobkowski 8. Poplar Jack Berg 9. Lady Pace Schmigel two pace�?mile�?$600 1. Ill Libeth Blasdell 2. Jerry Shannon Houle 3. Proper English Lelman 4. Darn quell Allen 5. Bert s Hawk Haight 6. Shawnee express Manning 7. Bill Jim Job Corneillier 8. Gene Leo Wilson 9. Courageous Victory Heeney three�?trot�?mile�?$550 1. Tyson 2. Rae phone Mattison 3. Purdue Laddie Copeland 4. Fleta Hanover Story 5. Miss Quinton Scott Wykowsky 6. Golden Echo Foster 7. Jimmy aces Schmigel 8. Runnymede Betts Blash a Pickney Hanover Marsh Dianne Linda Mattison f our Pace a lie�?$500 1. Erick s Buckys Foster 2. . Chief Blash 3. 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