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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - April 1, 1965, Bennington, Vermont Consol merge in plan double talk two Job corps recruits Bennington Banner thursday pril i 1965 a 7 continued from Page i leagues and study groups met at the courthouse according to the Young attorney who proposed the gathering a to seek mutually common ground on which our various groups can join together and unify to find a workable common and practical solution to our Many Mutual some of the commission chairmen Board chairmen commissioners and Deputy commissioners said they were working toward a an ultimate answer Quot to the area s problems though others insisted on calling their goal a a final the meeting was significant for another reason. Many of the commissioners and Board members spoke to one another. The spirit of Unity even engulfed the chairman of the commission to expand Bennington a water Supply by diverting til Connecticut River and the Deputy clerk of the school District Deregional ligation study committee. Although they were known to have nothing but contempt for each others proposals the two men were seen chatting amicably for the first time in years. A frankly Quot said the clerk to the chairman a i think the Connecticut River is a not quite so polluted though Quot quipped the chairman a was the mind of a Man who favors Deregional ligation of school As a matter of fact the Only person in a bad humor that night was the janitor a Skinny Man who wears the perpetual frown of the Radical right. He sat in his office and dreamed of a new social order in which Public meetings would be strictly forbidden. Finally the Young attorney blinked his gentle Brown eyes and Rose to speak. Some of the older people sighed for they knew this Young Man has a tendency to . Pursuant to article one of the Bill of rights which gives us the right to peacefully assemble and article 20 of chapter one of the Vermont Constitution which guarantees us the right to assemble together to consult for our common Good Quot he said a i Call this meeting to order. A it is my opinion Quot he continued a that a court of Law to wit the supreme court of the state of Vermont would place a construction on these two articles that would make such meeting As we hold Here tonight entirely the Young attorney was then automated . Hipper ii ii i up Power super duper Market depot Street Bennington it. Buy 1957 International with All aluminium Van body 8 x 8 x 16, will sell truck or body or both Only $750. Leblanc s Auto wrecking n Benn. Re dial 4422308 Bennington it. Adver Dittme it a j Vert Lee me it advt1 it e me it septic tank cesspool clogging can now be prevented Livingston n. J. A an amazing bacterial discovery that prevents clogging of septic tank and cesspools with but a Bingle Safe and easy to use yearly treatment a been developed by the fax lab co., living ton . Sluggish systems and Drain Fields also can be restored to Normal by fast acting bacterial cultures. They Are also recommended to new Home owners who can use them As a Quot starter Quot to seed their septic tanks and cesspools. These proven fax bacterial organisms known As fx-4 for septic tanks fx-7 for cesspools and fx-11 for sluggish septic tanks and cesspools Are available locally Miles lumber co. Arlington Vermont smooth out rough roads replace those worn Shock absorbers a in use Only the Best genuine actor authorized parts y / t 239 main St. I he Rolel lad iliac inc. A after la e soil la e serve Tel. 442-5452 Bennington elected Moderator and he in turn called on commissioners and Board chairman to give their views As to where the ultimate answer or the final solution might lie. The first to speak was a Man in a Light Gray sport jacket with Black Orange and purple threads Woven into it. He had written a Book on the a undernourishment of overachievers As it relates to the age continuum in the theory of team teaching Quot which some critics called a the definitive work on the a i would like to apologize for not being Able to employ audiovisual aids tonight Quot he began a but unfortunately they Are being utilized to assist our teachers As regards the matter of comprehending modern mathematics. I would like to report however on the visitations made by myself and members of my staff to schools that Are innovation oriented. A in regard to the matter of our conclusions Quot he declared a we believe that the trouble with this Community is that too Many people begin school before they Are ready. And we feel that too Many citizens have failed to grasp the full significance of the concept of a i beg to differ Quot shouted a rotund Man in a pin striped suit As he puffed furiously on his pipe and sent Clouds of smoke swirling toward the Selling. He was easily recognizable As a planner. A stills Community can enjoy the blessings of orderly growth Only of we effectuate a Long Range plan that Calls for unopposed right hand turns and the elimination of pre existing non conforming uses Quot he bellowed. A labor Leader his face furrowed by Many years of fruitless negotiation for Coke machines and More Liberal bathroom priv Illges demanded the right to speak. A an end to the exploitation of the workers by greedy inhuman management is what we need to straighten this town out Quot he told the meeting. A nonsense Quot replied a distinguished fellow with a Bushy Mustache who someone said had driven up in a handmade Aston Martin. A the unreasonable demands of labor have forced management against the Wall. If we have to install one More Coke machine in my factory it la Cut profits drastically. Lower wages longer hours and More respect for capital is what this Community the Moderator called for order and a Man whose puffy beaming face was As round and As red As the Light on top of the Watn radio Tower was Given the floor. A i would like Quot he said a to express my conviction that this meeting is further evidence of our Community a Faith in the continued growth and development of the downtown shopping District. But i believe Quot he continued a that if downtown Bennington is to grow and develop we must promote promote promote and promote our town and above All support our chamber of there were lots of other ideas about How All of Bennington a problems could of solved with just one decisive action. A bigger and letter fallout shelters a a said a civil defense worker. A brighter Street lights Quot yelled a representative of the local electric Utility company. A we ought to Send More of them Young punks to jail Quot commented a Law enforcement officer. A my group is determined to do Good Quot interjected a do gooder. A disengagement in Viet Nam Quot said a left Winger. And then to the horror of some and the Delight of others a woman of Uncertain age with stringy hair a beak for a nose and a massive Chin unfolded her lanky Frame and before Long was towering above the officialdom around her in much the same Way that it. Everest towers Over the Green mountains. A my friends Quot she said in a deep resonant voice that reach a is a Evv Ontgomery War d Catalon amp appliance store order now for your easter outfit dial 442�?6305 just a y a Cha Rue it you can order up to april 10th. Join the thousands switching to wards store hours 9 30 to 5 30 . Fri. Til 9 00 104 South St. Bennington it. Leave for Texas training lecture series to Repin at Montpelier a two Young vermonters the states second and third Job corps recruits left Burlington by air tuesday afternoon headed for a year or More of training in Texas according to Stella b. Hackel commissioner of employment Security. Boarding a plane were Louis Robideau of Winooski and Gerard Lobdell of Rutland both 17. Mayor Edmund Dupont of Winooski Robideaux a parents and a representative of Vermont a new youth Opportunity Center were on hand to see them off. Bound for san Antonio the youths will have a Short Stopover in new York. From the South de out and grabbed each of her listeners a i represent the Battleaxe society and we battled res a this woman is the Nemesis of Lazy officials corrupt politicians and timid reporters which is Why her words made almost everyone shudder a Little. A we Are concerned about our multiplicity of governments our dismembered school districts and our disjointed approach to solving our problems Quot she continued. A but Quot a and she was shouting now a a there is one simple Way to brighten our Outlook change our approach and vastly improve our the commissioners sat spellbound. The tension increased. She smiled a some thought a Little self righteously. Others recalled that it was the first time a smile had disfigured her face in 20 years. A the solution Quot she continued a is marvellously simple. All we have to do is use organic instead of chemical fertilizers in our now this Fine and elegant woman could have suggested any number of solutions that would have evoked a less violent reaction. Her audience would have even accepted a proposal for the merger of Vermont and new Hampshire with More equanimity. For a and there is no doubt about this a Public spirited people have very Strong feelings about fertilizer. The chief arrived in his Cruiser and sent All the commissioners away each to his own municipality. But no one in Bennington holds a grudge for very Long and so according to widespread reports another meeting is already in the planning stages. Texas City they Are to go to Camp Gary a Job corps training Center at san Marcos in the same state. There the pair will receive classroom instruction in Basic High school make up subjects As Well As training in construction Job skills including heavy equipment operation and maintenance. Both dropped out of High school before their second year of secondary education. Their departure followed by about a month that of the first Vermont boy to enter the Job corps a Michael Forant of Hardwick who was assigned late in february to training in Oregon. All three were recruited for the Job corps by the youth Opportunity Center operated by the Des in Burlington. Actual enrolment and assignment Are accomplished by the corps National office in Washington. A series of four lectures at Bennington College by Kenneth Burke of Andover ., noted author literary critic and former member of the College faculty has been scheduled for the Spring to pm. First of the series a a a Corio Lanusz a and the delights of Only fiction up a the Washington air Force says the a Cdr. Strange love Quot a Story of fictional account of nuclear War by mistake never will come True As far As it is concerned. A it ainu to Gonna happen that Way a maj. Gen. Alvan c. Gil Lem n told a news conference at the Pentagon wednesday. Gill pm is commander of the strategic air commands airborne command Post which is now four years old. Fiction Quot will be delivered at 8 . Monday april 5 in the College Carriage barn auditorium. The Public is invited. Topics and dates of the other lectures Are a Emerson a a nature and i Eye a Quot april 12 a a a passage to India a mystery cosmic and social Quot May to and a a a night Wood a versions con and per Quot May 24. Burke was a member of the literature and languages faculty at the College from 1943 to 1961. He taught literary criticism at Drew University in 1962 and Pennsylvania state University in 1963. Earlier he had been a lecturer at the new school for social research and the University of Chicago. In earlier years Burke was a music critic for the dial and for the nation. He received the dial award for distinguished service to american letters in 1928, a Guggenheim memorial Fellowship in 1935 and a Grant from the american Academy of arts and letters and the National Institute of arts and letters in 1946. In 1957-58, he was a fellow at the Center for advanced study in the behavioural sciences. Burke is the author and translator of numerous books and is a contributor to leading magazines. One of his most recent books is a the rhetoric of religion Quot published in 1961. 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