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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - April 1, 1965, Bennington, Vermont 6-Bennington Banner thursday april i 1965 Armour Star Swift a Premium in club to grand Union supermarkets la to a savings up to 40< a la. On your favorite cuts. Coat 6/ay specially selected from the finest Quality beef especially for grand Union and grand Way fresh Haddock fillet fresh clams Little neck a a Rozen Salmon Steak Deal Label Nase a Sanborn Coffee Laddie boy dog food beef chunks a liver chunks horse meat chunks a Lamb chunks 14% of cons instant you ban top round Steak o o Calif. Chuck Steak la 65c sirloin Steak o a re Cross rib Steak Boneless in 89 porterhouse a Quot it club Steak Bone in. 99c cube Steak or o re sirloin Steak top cd o h Bdl a # rib Steak y a a o o a club Steak Boneless .,�?~149 Chuck Steak a a Chuck Steak boneless79�?~ Short ribs a of a a a a ,39� plate beef lean meaty ,23�?~.�?-4_j Cross rib Roost 79 brisket Boneless la. Rib roast oven ready Reg t Cut rib roast oven ready Choice 1st two ribs la. Round roast Bottom 75c 3 Rump roast Boneless la. Rot boast 99 59< Arm Chuck Cross rib roast Bone in 73c v 0 Chuck roast Nudi Cut Calif Chuck roast la. 65c top sirloin roast ,99 95�?~ in a a Henriei la 79 round roast tor ground round ground Chuck fresh la grand Union s Fine Quality foods 4 2 Frozen foods starkest tuna pie Welchs grape juice Welchs grape juice Rich s Coffee Rich grand Union All butter chocolate 8 of. Pkg. 6 of. Cans 12 of. 79 39 35 cake Birdseye h peas"1 celery z 2 Birdseye peas with Cream sauce Birdseye Corn go peas tomatoes a Birdseye j to of do a and # pkg i Pearl onions a Garde Quot hied5 grand Union fruit cocktail Grano Union pears grand Union Tomato Puree grand Union California Tomato juice grand Union 2 49 grape juice m v grand Union Sie Bruec yellow Cung r pm Vii Vej slices or halves fre Shpak pineapple sliced fre Shpak apricots n grand Union cocktail Cranberry 14 of. Pkg. To of. Pkg. 8 of. Pkg. To of. Pkg. 65 49 49 49 49 4 4 3 3 3 3 2 4 1-lb. I of. Cans 1-lb. I of. Cans 1-lb. 13 of. Cans it. 14 of. Cans i it. 8 of. Cans 1-lb. 13 of. Cans 1-lb. 4 of. Cans 1-lb. 13 of. Cans it. Btl. 79 79c 89e 89c 89c 89c 59c $ Joo 39c at sensational saltines 39e grand Union salad Oil grand Union fabric softener grand Union select fancy Ripe olives a grand Union Tomato soup grand Union shortening grand Union red Salmon grand Union sauerkraut grand Union red kidney Beans grand Union sliced carrots 2 4 3 i it. 8 of. Btl. Half Gal plastic Btl. 9 of. Cans Ohhi sat Forn a asparagus 8 8 8 to i of. Cans la. Tin 1-lb. Can Moz. Cans lib cans 1-lb. Cans 49e 49e 39 79 89 $100 $100 $100 peat humus a a Stii Gram i in 4 extra i7h found Chuck Geisha 65 Frozen crab meat fish Sticks shrimp shrimp sea bran0 peeled i la. Sot. 4jf Tell i till a in a Quick cooking poly bag a err Quot 59 grand Union pkg. Sea Brand i la. 4 of. .39 extra Stamps breaded pkg. >.5o de veined Quick cooking poly bag with the Purchase of Ona 4$ of. Pkg. Imported Haynia sliced Ham salad dressing a k 4 whip Enrico Spaghetti sauce Oil verities 3oo Enrico Spaghetti sauce it. Jars meatless Light chunk style starkest tuna 6%8z. Cor Homestead Hale Cut Wax Beans 6 89 Cut Green Beans 6 la 89 Cream style Corn 6 a 89 Green peas 6 89 tomatoes 6 ii 89 of amp Fod floods fresh bake sliced Sandwich bread Nancy Lynn melt a Way Coffee cake or i la. 8 of. Okd loaf a a ii a. 45 pkg. Batra Stamas with the Purchase of Ona i Quot six Nancy Lynn Boston Creme pie clip this Coupon grass seed peat Moss an1 510 a i Brand b-9 ump cub c can o too a Stamps with this Coupon and the Purchase of $5.00 or More redeemable at your Friendly. Grand Union supermarket a Coupon Good thru saturday april 3 _ Ann Dale sugar wafers grand Union saltines so pure it floats Ivory soap 2 detergent tablets Salvo Deal Label spic amp spa n Pink liquid thrill detergent pox acc Bot. I la. 8 of. Pkg. I la pkg. 23 2 43�?~ 25 2 la. 14 of. Pkg. 39 25 35� 83 83 with Purchase of 5-lb. Bag in by a Quot ctn Mac Florida seedless i we a 31 Aln re Grapefruit buy All you want a no Coupon required Arizona juice oranges was Day Miracle i la. 4 of. A cd 3 la. I a of. Of t 5 la 3% of. $1 35 pkg. Vav pkg of pk9 floor and Wall cleaner is of. Ode a of 4? a i it. A it Bot. Of hot. Of hot. Vermont maid buttered syrup 35�?~ 1 63c Crosse i Hackwell seafood extra Bonus with this Coupon Ano the Purchase of one 2 tube pkg toothpaste redeemable at your Friendly. Grand Union supermarket Only upon Good thru Saluter april 3 cod n f limit on c our on i custom t we Reserve the right to limit quantities 12 49 10 59 4 49 tide floor / top Job Carnation dry milk a Lue Label pickled beets Cecal Cream of Rice Pillsbury Sweetmilk biscuits is imported Sweet Yde 2 i.45 cocktail sauce Pillsbury Ballard a 43c biscuits Pillsbury Buttermilk Jas 27 biscuits extra Bonus 12 of my Bot 11 j a. 27< 3av. Fit with this regular 29c sponges available at cram Umo of a. Regular $1.09 Deal Label % 23 sanitary napkins grand Union Handi pack grand Union pm 89 is Coupon and the Purchase two 14 of. Pkg. Modern or cookies Sun Valley redeemable at your Friendly grand Union or grand Way Coupon Soo Hru Atu re april j i limit oni Coupon ret custom i cod g grand Way Kim <��"4� we Are not responsible for typographical errors prices and offers effective thru saturday april 3

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