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Bendigo Independent Newspaper Archives Jan 20 1891, Page 1

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Bendigo Independent (Newspaper) - January 20, 1891, Bendigo, Victoria National Library of Australia i not mall Oil oho too Sandhurst Livirt a by Abb. Laic 0088 and pc pm Mvi Man he the above is commodious Fri whenever kind Carriage drag. Carry a. 81 Idnea Oak be obtained on toe wadding Aad Plenie Virtu . Sandhurst Paisa of pint inf diag ram in railway Tai Rrapi add it lamp Lalta my the trav refer no having their Waale i Tolar Mia i fated popular Palai Imp Maderal k. Mils medical al thirty huh teat it in Boime. By Telof legally nah Ltd i l or b hair i la not a Dyr in restore obey to in natural 00 _. Otom _ Glossy luxuriant he Bead of Dandruff from failing our. And la Safe k to any of the imported article the Pior. Price 2 6d. At Waller of Beziat Jonq r jets j a a hat been with or. if years Ben to inform h the Public generally i porch aged the Abov nem. And Inlet by Patriot attention to pfc neat and meting class Stock to Melitac of the favor to liberally or. Ingram. The old add Raat a High 81 Jamks Mill Fiaoo Leeor to Ingram Rati . Make All Kii uniform or trav ring Cape for portable fit. The Only Bat a a Jiotti la Grippe. Info golds Una Oil of Euca the owl by. Regh fart. A Shiloh a bottle three ounce sold Are Rywk see that the owl a on the i i Green Label Over inferior Oil Are made up i celebrated Bra accept no other and avoid Ito Ksanie qua Fitilagi oar w. Fwd Ironmonger j oily Diah Tuii 7, w. Fal to Smith Olty. Jul Neva attest City. Por Sarbey 1oei Ehrat Johnw. Paul sole agent a. Fall _ w h lies. Go John w. Fall importer Alt Baij genital Harda Etc. Joha w. Paul Haq 1?0r Sale Glass Oik Cole Paul plumber Hargreave Tutor Rix Tite Otta Gaft Egu i he . Rep payment. John w fall Greaves Street. R Sale or repairs ranges. J a Paul top Sal Fretwork toe W. Fall direct Impf a Ive Hundred Knicker Litand be lid to St All Tiara a Moori. Pro make room for in mints of new to i will Clear out my old 81 la. Fib la. And upwards Tea wines spirits. Ale. At the 1 lowest rat of oath or on teams to an furnishing ironman and crockery at the lowest Poa alb p. A i obidos babe Sandhurst Abb asian or W. Thomp of the United oath 8a Sebastian Haa been appointed a " the Bendigo inde at Sebastian vice or r h. Fletche or Thom Koi will attend to Ptter and also for advertising m the Bendigo Independent Sebastian on arrival of fit at Torii k o w the year Book of a 840 fag a with m a comprehensive and Bell references. All booksellers or i the year Book of Adoti 186 so Aoatoa Street m a Sandhi it notices. Honey Ai article of i 1 T Jaks of a millat a r artello health Tad Siren upon being present augustas who inquired the econ spirit and strength of body at i of fwd i Loten Unelio Exi Pally through hooey externally l it it a common expression tha having nothing to do with the 11this u an error Honey it food concentrated forint. True it Dit the it owl of muscle at does b import other properties no Lett i and Vigo rout physical and hotel Girth warmth to the a item and gives rigor to All the Altal labourer it Giurea strength to the b Force. Ite effect Art hot ilk o Job at he Fritz tic., Bat it Prodani Tho of Salto of which a pletting Sweet disposition and a Bright to the use of Honey int teed of so kind of looking a a pleasant be healthy for the stomach. In or Raspberry or Strawberry Short c Superior. Pare Honey should always to pc family. Honor eaten on wheat Fieri to the health. Children would rather eat in bread Tad hotter lib. Of Honey 2tb. Of Batter and has besides i it is far Mon healthy and pie Aaan tamaras Good while butter soon often produces cramp in the at sourness to Misag and Diar Hoo Wall purified Honey has the q or 4 Long time in a fresh state be Laid in it or mixed with it am a noting in a far Jin Perior Mam Many species of unit May be pm a Honey and by this meat Sill taste and give the stomach a heal has once tried it will not use r fruit la fact Honay May replace aug in the looking of almost say Art the name time greatly add to Ita i digestion All potent a its Effe we a is the body depends largely food received into a poor stems Many an Happy a Moa while go Elised into a healthy stomach is it anti to Many a household. The following Are the few of i things that maw to made with 1 Diodat Moiras. Born Luton cars. One St Horney four eggs Wall beaten Loam half Cap sear milk Taai of notion to Makh it 4s Niff As can \ in a Quick oven. Bonn brow cars. To be Tako four Pound of Honey on versed loaf or lamp sugar one 1 Small Quantity of Eleroy Ono one Gill of Fuso water and Swoap Fonfe Brandy. The hooey and lard a by toiling and whoa again Cool aria previously bleached in the Roi Tass Well let it stand several a Over again very thoroughly. Son omit the cloves and substitute Cardamon seeds g"qa�4f�tn i Orange Peel. Sort apply cum Sak t Arriea Over night chop slightly cum out of Benoy for two hours a half co Floe ups of Honey Ono Huger Ono Coffee cup of malted Taro Teaspoons Fui Salen Tua elect Derod Lemon or Orange Peel and g Yon ban it mix All together s then hour enough for a stiff Batto oven. This will make two Good is born buit Oaks. Four floor two cups of Honey one Tea end Sweet milk two Vespo Onzola Teaspoon Fol Eolia. On Pound Raisin rants half Pound Citron Ono Teusz cinnamon and Nutmeg bake in a oven. This will to Nice months Ai As Whan fresh. Born Srodon Oak. Ono Lav Honey one cup of flour five eggs Honey together beat the White i together stirring As Little As pm Lemon juice or extract Borst tra pen flour one Pound and a half of Horn sugar half a Pound of butter half one Tablespoon Fol of Grona Skinger Aleca Tua or oar Bona to of soda. I the flour and grated Ginger and w a smooth dough with the Nutter i the Honey and Sale rates or soda c hot water. 801 l it a Quarter of an into Small cakes and bake them Tiia a moderate oven. Born Oaks. Three Cape of oort milk half cup Batter soda to mix rather stiff. Horny Cou Xix mix a quart o with Ball a Pound of powdered a Pound of fresh hotter and the Joics Lemons. Warm Theeo Ingre Aioli enrage so Sonea to Natter Ana t Tare very Bard adding a grated gradually two pounds or Loos of sift into a Dong lust stiff enough to i beat it Well All Ever with a Rollion out into a Large Sheet half an Inch rend Sakss with the top of a to neatly a Fleer. Jay them in i slightly buttered end bake them. Bexar air or swaps. On pin butter two of Glass few minutes and when nearly Cole Bis stiff Roll out thinly and bake Jaarus Paira Van Wirg hew sound Napes on the Stem to brat possible pack them snugly with o Stone a Maks a syrup of 41b. Sood vinegar with a Iooss and dam sox of each boil Well together Fos Kirn Well then turn baiting hot of Seal immediately. They will keep wish and Are exceedingly Nice. A plums May be done a this Way. A Mavilo hens vases than put the vessel in a Kheu the same As with sugar. Hoist thirty water beat it and put it in a Bam 1 whisky three pounds of Honey to Deri ado and a Little Mother of v the Barm and put it in the cells time it will contain vinegar a Nam and excellence of tests. Win Abas to make Mead n Best foreign wines put Sib of the 1 Gallons of Watov two Lemon peek k Ito Tom the remedy for Obst spation. Or. I and liver stimulant 2 6d effects in dyspepsia end imply wonderful. For Cong and swelling of the liver strengthens the week slow Koetsch. Clean the comple the proper circulation of the i stomach end liver Stimple a Petite at rid of p Lions removes Fol near Dro Waii distention after Meetie. It is Zolator yet discovered. Dej with Jim a bran Mead Oher St. Kilda. The Roo Iao hair restorer Sod Black hair Price la i the roman hair restorer. A certain preparation for renew to it original color the hair of and whiskers. Largely need Wadiea for preserving their i not Tridiea the roots and Remor dresses the Quantity and rend Apple. Dosa not stain the a Loeb. My be obtained from your hair is failing off or torn cant being different Thooe other kinds should 1 roman hair restorer. Who James Brinsmead chemist h a v a l i. Ohm it and Surgick 4 Howard place 8i oho ios Pef msry mailing Bot and other Nio Ena oks irritable for 01 Henry Hammond pail Graine ,.bwa to Anno that be has taken More commod to Ingram shatter and Hopes i of their support. All orders attic b 0 Sandhurst Boot Mitchel let. Cheapest House in town prices considerably re Soiko and ladies Tab court hoes a 6d for cricketing extra i Sandhurst Boot a Leeball is M. Dombi e. Con i successor to t. Of Premier Cate pastry Cook a a Coni she cheapest and of far the la the City. Wedding breakfasts bating Etc., catered Tot Nolle Ana on the most wis wedding and birth 1 always on Hani cattery Brooke rout e note the address next Knight bros., Floris Sandhurst wedding cards net wedding cards lost n Amer the heed Iro indans Good news for A. Ley boat Are now showing All the choicest goods of the Baa of b by a Ohio in a big line of prints Zephyr cloths at prices to sins millinery a do Large Job line of Bata from 6d, Worth Aix times t rimmed Hals Moat Flabio to lowest Price if want a Good hot Christmas try j a. Let Babb fall mall ban p. Finn & Sand burst and sawing we monumental and Gene Mitchell St monumental Tarda Corner of press Latreea and Lyme to Sandhurst notices. For Ohri item Henry Oro splendid lot of ladies id Brailas to a re j Low Price. Ties Lasot Ocford new Burnt wonderful mooses. Anyone can Don need Cali Tel or about a Pryll Stark Jim. No. Spas pol you was make a song Little and easily. The employ Mer adapted to the Region to Alvie of red la tee. B is and girls ear a Deo. Fail particulars and ii free. Now is the time Don i to is at ones. Stinson and oo., United rat medical. � w Alle i Home Opatz and pharma01uti0al Hare now open their new pharma at my old Adark Mitchell St sanded to and respectfully rest Lnu Anc of the Patr Fenaes of Thair Frieda and tha Public the new build in Haa bean fitted throng be with the latest Applias and stocked with a Complete list of Dru and chemicals of the puke6t qual patrons May therefore de Pei bring 8uppl1 with accuracy and i physicians and family pbe8cbi carefully pie Par at Acyl hour of the Day or Jar h View Point a 0 0 in a t � with pubs healthy fbr1 of oha1 Araos Dunc to the Pulso vaccination ii a Latonia. No i Chat Librn mi7h vac Natri within sue months Atti under of l j Bodigo professions i Ness sir Lott thu directory 1b compiled giving mob information to oar at a glance my see the adds principal places of Basin do. A Swabb a Ltd Mai Job Aston end Illingworth Hugl . Bra Lioums am flip it mrs. M orae Street. Robshaw John met hell Stroe Boot and Boob Hanoi Boot Dowar j.,Boot Walsoe my Toni qty town. 0., it Mia pail mail Bush Makky t. B. Brockway Hargreaves i tree t. sandbars rolling Stock Stock Street. Peter kills mans i 1 Sobol and Marsh Queen Start Terrace. a Bolouri and b Jock 0. High Street. Jones t. 8., Harg Savea Street Dino Boom a Labont a met hell Street. Barb by 0&oth1bb8, do bbl Makuss balls Lyle and Fogarty Pali Mai Davey f., and 0o� View poin Oto Visnor Henry. Hargreaves . Sinclair pall Mali gems bal ibo Momi Connelly t. 1., and 00., Forest streets. A boobs and a Pouoa Bosh. A., near St. Paul s of arc Sandhurst Pioneer a opera Tiro Mit Obell sumo a. Grant hat and oaf a Muff Ingram John 38 High Street Horton Sandhurst hotel of Rifaei of Bull Square. John o Hagan in Imbu bancs Rosm Barr John hug a Street. station Kim and Edwards ?., the Bendigo i Welch w. 1863view it., Opl tailors riot Hibbs and i Colgan m., Hargreaves Street. Tia bbb mat Ohab Hoskins K., Hargreaves Stro Abbt and Tab adv Mai Harwood Joseph Hargreaves s woo turn Matt fact Dob Assoofi Atlow Supply so Street opposite Shamrock i a Felsh Vuk oin in rooms deaf by oct Fiti no i Bay a. And A. High Street Tau Obb Cut Rhimm Ait 1 Hurley John High Street Opp Bers. Wocl Gate George late Oamer next new savings Bank Banks commissioners Batik Victoria Pinsov rotated by act of p funds at 80th Jan 14s 9d, including Reserve fur appointed by go we. M lean Esq. J.p., Grice Esq Archibald 0 Frederic a Godfrey Esq., . Etq., . Comptroller and 1 Moore . General inane Tor on. Accountant George r. a Vinos ban ate open at the following pm management of local Troi Melbourne with Branch Prahran Rioh monies. Mel Bort Bourne. Is. gelling port Melbourne Williamstown Thorn. Victoria Marker Clifton toy Newmarket and Brighton. With Branch at Eagle bawl be land port fairy o Ballarat. Mary Boro Kambool Kyn Ivron Bra will Salk 1 Bairnsdale. St. Arnauli town number of depositor trustees of the band Huri Bank Hong. Borrower la M Intyre , Vila Alex. Bayne kao., . , ,, Hoo. J. H. Abbott . John b Joel i do. E. J heft Rev. W actuary r. F. How head office Hargreaves i Branch office High Street open daily 10 till 8. Wedge saturday evenings for Deposit the Sandhurst savings Bank i Phaiton with �267,684 7� 8d to t teroat4 per cent allowed no to drafts and Money orders Reoe Ivr residents in suburbs and com tend personally and via Hie to t can obtain Fulling traction of a actuary. Full information sent accounts opened by Deposit Lino and upwards. Y Otilea. G. J. Sween e steam saw Mill joining Turners work Geraod Street band have always on hand do Ulsem me a dings skirt Etc., Colonia and foreign Tunt Lions out to any sue build and requisites. Having made extensive Altera improved Mae Hintry we Are not apply any of the above Alio 1 Bolar. A y to o i wednesday next excursion on Sansbu it Kei train i saves fan Huist 30 m turning 8 o clock. Cabs at Sbat Large Kiel s horse must is 2 To Day they acceptors William go bpm Fatima miss Sixton Privat tuition. Those wishing or singing classes ate Verj Lesiw nates. Vacancies for Organ up t upil9 intending to Joii a Eta ones at Ray Wood can i Rev h. J. Cock or mounted c or before the 24 the instant. Ptan Korte song inst w hid borne resumes Tollio 19. Gladstone Street Quarry p Iano Kortyk and Organ. Mrs a. E. B. And the miss Laura and and resume their tuition Janus Mona St. Is grammar Barnard Street head master Arthur i will he open tuesday 3rd of Ola see for Matr isolation Publ mondays and thursday com i 5i i february. r school scholars received. At the Kation examination four pupils first in the District taking Honor u bile three other passed in five s t Kili Anub Fla Vagan i been 9l. Neatly undo Duful in these tax Ali terms at mrs. Fairlis to Job Pokat Hio principal a. Glen of vice print Lopal a. A. Lady principal mrs. Be opens tuesday 3rd i evening classes. Vacancies at the last matriculation pupils passed the largest dumb any school in Sao Huilt. Prospectuses at Robe principal s address Pori it. And re we principals a. H. Freeman m dear pm. D. Assistant a work a nine tuesday 3rd trick Latsiou and Public service special attention will be paid o t school scholars. Classes will be subjects. All letters add Eeast thus St. Andrewes College Wheatland 100 Street will receive in medial v re Sparatt by Gram i for boys and g Macedon Hubb 81 mrs. Adams late of Branov grammar school and Fine class teacher under the education Dei Toria Baring purchased miss a in her favourably known school masonic Hall begs to intimate t Sandhurst that she has removed above commodious premises. Prospectuses on application cur Youlus English needlework Plain an theory and cultivation of Thi from the round and fistula pianoforte. Mrs Adams Wilt give the be a St attention so As to secure a i ing without cram or undue taxi Powers. Go first term commences Febi Antonin Haij. Nig resumes work on monday bookkeeping and in mondays and Tours school of i shorthand wednesday and for references and berms kindly i Morau Esq., Wisian a yer of bin Lan German French 1 also latin. Herr A. Mackenzie Street Sandhurst. Their residences. Of aedes at school of Minos. Q and fridays 4 to 5 ., sat am. French wednesdays. 4 Days 11 . To 12 noon 4 to tuesdays and fridays 10 to i French evening classes at m and thursdays 7to 9. Fee 1 Esh language. Notices. W. Patent Cork collars Ai prevent or care sore is testimonials to be i w. B. Fox 8 Saddler a for Christmas Henry Gro Vlot of Sash ribbons in Ai wide at is Yard. Amoa Lamiti Joyal Princess Iio mom Mew Triumph an of the popular organist the Montagu a torni company. To night tuesday a Gounod master pie a u hot Mui i. Char mephistopheles or. 1 Valentine. A a Bibl. Mia Martha. I and Marguerite. I Wannu students Soldier Pease wednesday Bobe Miao Girt thursday. " ii Friday grand Farow i Benefit t mias Annis month am Brezae Thor Naan a saute m Lon on. Popular Proea i 3s fid and la Box plan at Evan a. F. W. Duval Bush a . Excursion to to january 26, 18 National Holifi Tio Keta May be obtained at Rol Buchan s. Fly t. J. Ander i and . Depot. Pall prices second Ciao adults 8 first class adults 11 fid o tickets available for return for H. Of inc a . Monster fete buildings Mel Bot Sita january 18ft monster Artun Firat prise 1 rip round Tea Loo la dash. Tio Keta one shilling no Tainan de fit pall mall t a 8 m a specially reduce now in operation com said heirs to them Kyta. Particulars Hemming. Agent Nyboe. Notices. Pkg Bendigo Futi r Limite Telo Bou slaving conf plated the Ere tic Tensive new steam Pip making prepared to execute order Iron abide Boubede font Abton and earthenware p from a to 24 inches in dime vitreous earthenware pipe colonies. Iwa p. On. Would Dao or storekeepers and others to their Rockingham teapots Case Bak fancy jogs of Beebe cooler pore s warmer and All k and dome tid pry kind vit., butter dots front 1 quart to bottles from 1 quart to 10 Gallo fein Boer paps Cotta and fancy Ware of or Chimney pots and Chimney diameter. Manufactory a Proto Sau Bui Secretary yes office or. C. Moo Sandhurst. Melbourne depot nor Man to Melbourne. G. D Guthrie Mam filters a special Bendigo r Stock c Carriage and Bugyi 250 workmen constantly Williamson Myers and Melbourne depot3b7 and 839 though trams May ran by i by table steam or Noble be in business we have nought our work is Good and Bargi by reason of recent in our appliances Tuscq reduction of office expense greatly reduced our Price new work. a Mohry Christ Asniw year to d. Whyte and the Leviathan m of the Teapot Obi Melbourne Labh Etc railway travellers guide. As per official time table june 9. 1890.Sandhurst to Echuca. My . , Dap. 4.46 11.46 8.60 door of 6.40 19.98 0.87 Elmort 8-26 18.48 0.68 shatter 6.66 1.13 10.17 of Fehnova 7.60 1.68 ux67 by Ottoa co Simmona. Cohao to Dap. 846 11.6 4.80 Rochester. 0. 18.0 6.8 Belmore 0.68 18.48 6.88 Boonsong. 10.88 1.18 0 8 sanded res. I 11.16 8.88 7 s Savoy orc co Myu Otura. , . No Utthi Jurf 46 vie urn cwt Kangaroo pus u7 j Araa Oso 10 60 4 8 1116 m x Odt co Savoi Tymn. Melbourne _ 640 it 6 ?16 fut 10 47 418 1 16 Sahara 10 66 486 886 1188 dad Edmi co ivol Wood of Halcon avd . %.m. Pm. . A Oshant 11 80 460 8.66 bag Hawk la 44 0 0 Maroon 18 4 0 8 let Bordt 1817 049 Derby 18 88 068 Bridgewater 18 46 1018 Inglewood 11010 80 Kart feg 188 10 40 Olaa Alborn 186 11 1 wed Dahma 8 90 1 61 la 09 Kroog Vale. Bid 86 Wyom Tella 9w 848 Bukraba you. 90s s 1 Barake -9 40 811 Charlton m 967 880 Todd Waddy. Lol6 8 46 Clenoth 10 80 868 Fairria _ 10 43 410 Wyola proof m _1066 4 90 can nov co a Viviav ivol wooo Ivo Saith Bur. . Pm pm. Wynobe Prato Dep 880 1190 60 far raw 848 11 s3 510 Ole Aloth. 864 1144 090 Todd Waddy. 9 7 1167 686 Char non _ 08? 1817 68 Baraka 941 18 88 017 168 1848 687 Wyc Haloua i 1011 11 643 Koro Avalo. 80 116 140 838 wedded Facon in. 815 1180 1.66 800 Ufeo Albyn 889 1144 418 parting _ 867 128 428 Inglewood 990 18 86 400 Bridgewater 818 18 40 68 Derby 949 1 2 617 leichardt10 0 118 682 Maroon _ 10 14 .1 37 647 eaglehawk -.10 86 148 810 Sandbank an10 60 910 030 sign mow co unum avow a Hill. . . 640 11 40 080 eaglehawk. 666 11 66 Sydney slab w 618 1810 Sobena -. 886 18 99 Haywood 946 19 86 10 16 _ _ 7 8 18 68 798 17 Prague. 788 181 a 818 166 1116 Jolo a 888 810 _ Pyramid hoi 866 886 11 46 i Lindtt. 010 860 Mao Draa. _ 080 810 m tra Gowel. 945 886 _ Scuta Kraag Kendeg. 1016 46 1960 _4 90lake Charm 440 _ Myeno Park. 50ladltea 690 _ Swan my 0 0 9 8 Swap Linx co kure ave Saph pm. . . . . Swan bid Dap. 6.45 9.10 Lako Edga m 840 _ Mya Flo Park 884 _ Lake Charm 889 3.30 Rwy Lake 9.68 3,60 Kenag 7.18 18.88 4.20 sooth Kraag tra Gewet /.86 19.66 4.50 Matorna m 7,47 1.10 6.5 Mono a _ 8.1 1.98 6.88 Pyramid i _. 8.11 1.48 6.88 Molo _ 8.80 a 7 8.8 Klim 8.58 8.88 6.80 9.0 Prairie 9.18 8.68 6.50 0.20 Tongee 9.26 8.0 7.6 9.86 Tandara _ 9.36 8.99 7.90 a6o Rayved 9.58 8.48 7.68 10.10 seb Aerial 10.8 4.10 8.15 10.80 Sydney hah -. 10.18 4.28 8.28 ia4s lug Bank 10.96 4.40 8.46 11.0 Sandhurst m an 10.40 4.66 0.0 11.16 Samoa Vic be he Wood and Toom . . A Oshant my Dep 840645 Strath Aeldean 1940 880 axe Creek 19 61 641 Redau � 18 868 kaew Atay _ 194 714 Derc Teal .140 -. 780 Satawh m m 9 6 766 toe orae air. 790 766 940 880 ibo nuo to Hrkac books and Sinnawi. . Am. P. M. Too orae m � Dap. 680 8108 16 heal hosta m 7 6 866 4 Derrial m � 010 416 know Ley 027 488 Awadala m 048 465 axe Creek -.10 6 5 Strathdee Draaye 1011 618 a Oshant in Art. 10 80 686 Kosova Vil co boobs. Koryag Yale Dep. � 0 0 880 890 Bong w l _ 020 346 840 Myria _ m 986 8.0 866 Boert an. -. 10 0 880 090 Boom of Kosova Valb boors dam 560 10 80 046 Myria 1 716 10 65 710 Bong w 78011 10 726 Koro Avak or. 80 1140 746
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