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Bendigo Independent Newspaper Archives Apr 6 1891, Page 1

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Bendigo Independent (Newspaper) - April 6, 1891, Bendigo, Victoria National Library of Australia coaches. And Fla Tbs Dale Chaehee a Fol Lan it aka hotel Hwan i treat if o look Noo for Lockwood last Shai corns Wood Toek Newbridge Aad tar Nagoya Tetra bag to total next Day 11 a a. Fiat a Aad parcel Book whip pay proprietor Jelv Lith. 1888. Notices. F w i my Nib hate reduced to Day j. # Ole 3sl� 8e Babati the Trade Piny Aad of Volmi Point lad Nixb Zephyr Bloore for to Day la6d each. Smote Oak Marvel of few a Parry and 00., viewpoint in Botlol of Otil g. C. Evans to a toning i linear thank to the Mablie of Sandbank and it Vicinity for the err Liberal Tnp port be received daring the Pace 86 years bag to a Avonnee that be removed to Tho a. Centrally a equated premise View Point adjoining or. Jaae Boyds where be a now opening a new nod extend be Stock of the All tha latest and Moat popular mob i of id Al Iota a Boatin Attoa of the patronage hitherto to kindly accorded him. A of tryans Hai la Stock a lame Amor Teot of Walnut and a braised pianoforte received direct from the Etie rated Fae brie of John Brato tread Aad Soai e. Lapp and sofa. G. . Had Othar Eada Aat maker which be now off Era to Aba Mablie at Price that entirely diet Competition. G. A Evans by been the local agent for the world renowned Mason Aad Camlla Organ company for the last 88 Yean daring which time he a dial owed of Faaoo of organa of their manufacture and in not one single instance a any Given Acyl Hong pot the Moat Atuf Aotoa. A a Evans Ena tha largest Stock of Nenn and Hamlin organa Iatha Colony Aad now off a them to the Mablie on the most Liberal terms. A riots �7 to to. G. Stivans. A now importing a grand toned Walnut Richord pianoforte with Natal toning plate Iron Frame add All the Kniert which in ardor to Intro darn to tha Pahhe he wid for e abort Lime offer Al the Low Price of to Cash. The Sandbank pianoforte and Organ Bairn eur will be Eood eted by James Gough late of Megaera Goddard and co. Pianoforte Llan Alac to new Loet Doo and the Malo department will be under the Able Brani Gemot of or. George Ryan. Any piece of mane net in Stock will be immediately forwarded poet free to the sender address on receipt of 2 in a Bampi it obtainable in aun Init note the add Rem View Point and loridans build Ings Sandhurst. Aad Noe. 8, .10 Aad 11 Eastern Arcade Melbourne. Oxen d gift Tea cot. Flinders Lane Mil Bour in Plee Eore in informing the Public o of Brnst and District that they have made Erial arrangement with Nion Gash grocery cot. A cease Street pol no Black Swan and Albert hot air to kept the sole Arrenoy for this City for the Sale their deservedly Sincoe Refal Queen s gift Tea i Tine 201 is. 101b and 6lbc, Alee Ufa and fib packets. Handsome pm Leeota of every soae arable kind Vea away to Povch Searem per catalogue. Inde Pao it of the up Feodis prevent. These tees Are excellent Val of being pore Trook and of the Moat delicate Al Vor wad like Goat food give robust health Deooe Good temper and happiness by them end Bonvino Yonn Elvee of Thea nets add Rem Inion grocery store Mcrae Street. Jism Labb Cabinet poktbaitb10a 8d Doc a. In brio photo. Of o. Pierce. Mazag Sandhurst divert and letting Stabler late Cobb end Ca Mandye treet. M. M Namara flu taken the above bailable Aad commodious premises wham every kind of Oga Rifea a Orvee can be on Tbs of Bortnem a Iowa. Wedding and pletto parties a speciality Telephone no a. Gold Miner who suffered from Kardoos Aad wasting debility o of vigor ato., we ret total to baath a snob a remarkable Mannar after All Eua had faded that a will on receipt of a sell addressed tamped envelope Send the M.D. of of. Free to All fallow offerer. Add Rem a Miner p.0., Sydney Sandhurst Coffee Palace hint building from Entrance f railway station 188 extensive addition Are mow a she popular Palava. A , mama pm goods warehouse. Eak to e 8 no Rex the bight Aad to of you Headla and sewing la old age by wearing Scott and cos Pebble bib Otaolea Faaoo Tattoo free. Every Eye recommend them. Atones blocks. Pilor White Traad integrity in i tha cause m oat firm being the Tif by Hill jewel list Scox Nib la Bendigo _ of Bendigo t wadding lags and 18 Carat keeper bother Hamb lev sub so. Gemra Toad three team. A Sliwi zip 80 11 " 1 a and Tomci Aifa Alfip it a medical expert i to thirty Revta team 1 Pabst Pettito la Melbourne gaily Quai Fud waa advert mag. A letter Dally Al the d a l balt i l a i Miami by letter fee la a my Llu w s3odlngtero pay medi Daae and consult bag room Lor Dell. Smith or inns. In s improved hair vigor restore Grey hair to it natural color oo4 � Glossy luxuriant growth 01 mom the Bead of Dandruff prevent the hair from tiling our and 1 of to of. Far Superior to any of to imported article and than the Price. Prices 6d. At j. Wallerus Ohe Miet Mitch Bill Street. We. Beebe and bomb steam Granite and Marble wore if Tobey Street Sandhurst have the beat Mie Duon of Granite and Marble Monument had Tonee end grave in Loq to my Dwaign. Design submitted. A special designor Aleye Gantry Cedar prompt attended to. J nor am the Hatter. James Miller. Who a Boen with or. J. Ingram Tor the Goat 17 Yean to inform i one hot and the Public generally that be Kret lift men me and keeping a to Bank to to next of the Favora of lib Milf Beitf told on the old add Rem James Miler _ Booream Troj. Ingram Plattn to Thapa Opu. N.8.-j.m. Make an Irinda of he p or la and at of Ursa Oil of eucalyptus. The fowl Brand. Registered. A ban Jam Abc Fitle font aim ii Gru pm Kerdano or Ted and Gnu hand a Birtir Khatani pm leading journal in the vhf Fofol he la get of nil it the Mori Beed and Fth beet Edver Talm la Elam so Tom. Last week of j. A lit to ask and Ooza great Bali. If y a mat Good and cheap drapery olo Fth inf and millinery Alisa the now of ceded and pay j. A. Lit Boas and 00. A vol. There you will be Able to an poly All your Wanna a _ lows by possible Cost. If Yoo a cheap and aft lbs hat for easier at Lew than Hal Coit go to j. A Ley Braae and 00. All tha to boomed and one articles required of clothe the Boman form device can be obtained there for a very email Price. Dont dilate Bot Komi at Onoe and ret what Yoo want of the people s drapers. J. A. Ley boast and co. Pan mall. Jour Wood. Firewood. James Brad dish. Fire Woofe ams or Ted Fuce merchant Harg Rivee Street Baton Ida firewood any Kog Fth. Bate Quality at Lawt Prolee Alto pro Daee of All kind firewood and chaff out and Corn crushed for the pub to atom Elpeet rates. Orden by port promptly attended to. Note the Addrene opposite school of minuet hard Mcaree after left. Impossible Bat it b True that the Teapot Cash store and Melbourne Cash store pall mall and Farmers Cash store her Greaves at., sell retail Oroo Erlei wide and spirits Ironmongery True aware end crockery were Leaa than Melbourine wholesale p Iowa. Sow Alt done 7 beat Nee the proprietors Are importers and buy and sell for oath Only. Special attention b paid to on Tea department. We have Large stocks of every description of China and Indian Tea in cheats half chests Quarter chests and boxes which we sell at is is by and la 6d Par la and the support we receive from the Public speak for the vain a give. Preserving sugars s Eltory Varty in 1 Stock also the Bendigo pottery Coy. Jam in All Sices and shapes. Theurgist Stock out of Melbourne to select from and every attention to orders by poet or otherwise. Goods carefully packed and forwarded to Sandhurst railway station and All parts of faed Burlot. The Teapot Cash store Melbourne Cash store and Farmers Cash store. Proprietors pall mull Tab phone 68. Cable address Cash. T oot 8. Sandhurst Boot Palace Mitchell si., cheapest House in town for Boob. Prolee considerably reduced during holidays. Ladies Tan court shoes 6s so Leo tsp Tan shoes for cricketing extra of . Sandhurst Boot Palace Mitchell is j. M. Dower. Proclamation. Be it known to every Mas woman and child. To meet the times assist digestion and Rob the doctors. I am now Belling buns and scones aft the ridiculously Low Price of 8d per dozen 8d per dozen and fresh twice Day 8d per dozen 8d " All the beat Lawes of pastry always on band or supplied As tha shortest notice. E. Conlen the Premier Peoples caterer Hargreaves Eft. P. Finn & co. Pap he Graniti and sawing works monumental end general masons Mitchell Street Simontu Nanalal tasks warns a of mils so if Teveit Virs so soft is Lytte Seton two sati and Hupt. Arnolds Balsam of horehound Arnolds Balsam of horehound Arnold s Balaam of horehound. A wonderful expectorant. 1 bronchitis asthma. Hoarseness. I nothing so quickly cures of Oasis. Bron Ehlts i asthma lost of votes Influent and weak Obett As this Balsam. Where children have whooping cough. I or Are liable to croup always keep it is the Bourn. A Tingle Dodo quieten and gives instant Rells. A i Small a ttys often cores. This is to Bast expectorant now in ass i rapidly relieves the bronchial tubas by dissolving ton congealed phlegm. Sold by All Ohem Lete and agora Keczem Arnolds Balsam of horehound. Ask Tor " Movle and get it. Spurious Milta Mona Are eos Timss offered. The roman hair restorer. A a Roosis Brown and Biao hair. Frio la id. A Oft St. M. As bin Anslie and certain preparation for renew lbs for preserving Magna fluent tresses ign Rishof Tbs Root and remora Wandrus increases and supp by Doss Jet f . A Jahla wog fwd Rani a f Eryn from All ohs Nasf a Bohesal Tad retail Jam my chef diet High Street St. Kuda. To fames Side Ward Esq., Albion bus Abbt eaglehawk. Of Zil i Hava Fth hence to a form Yon that in p Sample of Baer Fth aft 1 took Tan Yoo brewery a myth Alft. Haa been duly and to be of Superior Good Pond Ftika end Haa eld entry barn a Arnof Tatad Bon Fth Senft malarial. Ift b of Raa from my deleted one ind Barth. Lha Tafth Honor to Boob tour Moeft Oba Dlen see rant. A o o b d o picture Frame makes Hargreaves Street. N removed from View Street. depot for drapery a Wauney clothing. Muriel Laal Oshlag t my ammo and repay goods. Enlarged. Building societies. Commercial i and building band James Boyd bad. M.d., pry eident. Sham fi6f Matt. Entrance pm k. Ahara. 6c Monti paid do an ened at any time without took loom an granted an the Noet in no torn m follows for Mary Tran it ftps a blow omit what so Bab to of to bitty Dpi Bobbt of Abt . Thee rates b Flag the same a eom4 o Ibe societies to Melbourne ohs in toe Borrower la a most favourable port Lon m the Loans est to paid off at any tune. Amps fends available foe borrowers of Freehold a Jority on the above favourable menu deposits received. All Porto Ken Nan to Learned at the off Lac Forest attest. Bennhart. W. J. Greets tear rotary. Mutual permanent Ujj Enriqu land Ood building society. Isabol laced i 1666. Lb7. Building Bodetka Rhembert bar Street Ruml Funni Lam Tod a spits w m w we a Yoatta f1.860, a Ifni _ 146,469 nth of i ural ninth ural ninth highest current i atm of interest Bramah and Tabtab afforded i Dupor Toca � Large Boom Osier longer period. Sayings Institute five per cent Obb pub our. Mom atop other Nan to Hoe per a. Bob of daily a Lanoy Halo plated from Day of exp Ohio of withdrawal advances under 80alkone to twelve ran treat interest und by Mutual to id Fon nightly for every la borrowed to att Bobus allowed upon Thea olavae of Advance. 4 per ont. Bonus investments 1 am regulated to meet All Al Faaee Ola Odlag investor. Ralph w. Brown. Beera Tarr. Sandhurst Mutual a investment and building \ shout int to Abbt Artuer. No pair rtt annual Bonus All shares deposits received. Hug hit interest u permanent paid up shares poll part Leslaie of Ipoh eation to Henry y. North. Manager. Notices. Re Tab Murray fishing 00. Messes. Dune bros., being Inton ated in the Flabia Trade for pour year Bare decided to open Tala old eatable need place of business. Aad the being with fint la pish. Oysters. Ate. At Bata to suit Tea time pall mall next lyceum store. Announcement. Mrs. Vallaise Mitchell Street not baying bad a suitable offer for her drapery boat need Hae decided to continue and la now Aboa Riog a Choice a a meet of autumn and Winter Oom Pri log All the latest nut Trier in millinery fora bal and cloth. Jack Eta Chil Dren s of Matume Drees Materia la Aad trimmings umbrella Corset underclothing baby Linen to fiery Glove Etc. Dre making trill be font inked under Pree eol management. Perfect pit and latest styles guaranteed. Credo Inton manufacturing jeweller and watchmaker 7 Pali mall. W atom s s. Vet atones Wathea. Wathea. Watches. Wathea. Watches. V Arehea. Watches j Wathea. A Tobej. Wathea. The largest Aesir Teot of ladies and Yenta Melbourne. Yenta Silver Geneva from is 10a. I " levers beet maker l4. Gold Wateree from Liq. Ladies 1 Suver is Fia. " Gold " ls10. A s Yean guarantee Given with every watch. To Wateree tested and Ragu rated before being sold. C. La the Only new. Liar in sat Dhanrat who can manufacture Bis own Stock on the premise. Wadding ring Aad keeper to order from 20a each. The Public Are invited to inspect our workshop the Only one in Sandhurst. Orto9ington, 7 pall Mali next Hilt Batter rain season 1891. Special notice to Farmer Grain dealer agent a. Dalgety & company limited Wooi Grain and product brokers Melbourne bog of annoy one Bat they Are prepared to restive of wheat. Flour Oats Barley Kaiv peas and Grain of All Dezeri Tiona i their Wirra Hoozee by Markett for Sau 1 Tea if Ebann Manet or shipment to London. In Monente by Ball. Allowed on in Liberal omit and 8. Brock Liy. Watchmaker and jeweller formerly of Joeeph Aad 00. La and beat Plato Ohristo 4r pros Nib new yearn Tirb Ono rite in rent v r sub Folk a notices. 0 r men Only. Tom who Raffer from lot vitality and Ner Power Oen now be positively cored by Auen tirely new system of absolutely no failing Home into wit the vigor of youth restored be if Byma to. The greatest me Toal discovery of toe age a valuable treatise sent tree sealed. Add Raas parisian Agency cos. 80x,786,0.p.0., Sydney. 4?1 to Ftp. P8 a sons of either sex in Muir own to Maumee As Woik for of. New business. Ai meet with wonderful to Goeas. Anyone can do she work too dons need of Apical or about the same As none. We will Start Yoou a to explain Here. Bat you can make a snog Little Fortune honorable end easily. The employment is paste Lasly adapted to the Region in which Tai publication eur olates. Roy and girls earn sati is much As men. Foil particulars and inst notion mailed free. Now is the time Don t delay in write to it at ease. Stinson and of Portland Maine United skates. M u 8 k or h 0 0 8 e. The Bron Otolini is without doubt the most eff Etoal Medicine a Taat for this fatal disease if Given on first sym town whilst its tonic properties sustain the animal s strength its Diffusible odour a Nakly destroys parasites in fixing the Windpipe and air takes of. The lungs. The of Aga removed a speedy to Kraft to health is batted to follow. I Rioe is 9d per my pie Dottle me per assuaging pain and inflammation la Al wounds sad Fie galls kicks strains swellings sri related tendons in horses also or swollen udders and sore paps. Price. Is so and 8s u per bottle. The bid drench celebrated for inflammatory disorders Tach a fevers yellows. Costi Verees red water and in digest m j for off flesh Calvin and lambing and preventing milk fever. Price is id per packet. Us per dozen. The Oas Boub fluid. Unmatched for Colic or gripes and debility horses and for colds chills shivering fits an diarrhoea in All animals for weakly lambs an blown sat la and sheep Frias is Ltd Dot Tot s Ner Dovan Grovenor splendid Stock of Choice an Prefty drapery millinery end nothing All is Job prices to Day the favorite shop. Har t sire St. Notion to the Public of Sandhurst and Bubb Undina District. Ryt Abtin Ferrari licensed Genera Oil Nightman of Blaek Street Sandhurst in thanking Bis names was Tosto Ayers and the Public Gena rally Fop Pate favors solicits a Continua nos of their patronage which will Rae Eive immediate at Tention. All or Dahs Lef at the Panada promptly handed to at the is a Levant nos Sode rata. All orders left at Schall Sroka hotel will re solve attention a indigo of 8 company Core. Coke. Coke. The beat and cheapest fuel for Iron founders blacksmiths team engines or household con sumption. Prices reduced 25s per ton delivered within the City. 22s of at he works. Coke grates from 8a 6d each. Arthur h. Harrison Secretary and a Agar. Gendilo Farmers weigh Bridge. I beg to inform the Farmers and others that i have erected e Fairbanks Standard Weighbridge with latest improvements. I Trust that Rey eleven years experience As manager of the Sandhurst Weighbridge will be a guarantee that both seller and buyer will be treated with fairness and Moore me their patronage Jas. I glib sole proprietor. Dentistry. Of. Or. J. Melrose dentist Etc., of Bull St., in partnership with Bis son or. A b. Melrose has removed to More comm Lions premises in pall mall t where with increased accommodation they will be Able to give better attention to their Sonny friends Aad patrons hoping to retain their patronage announce that in future the business web be conducted As follows j. Melrose and son registered dentists and or wallers Centre Block. Fall mall Opp Aua Nev Law court Bendigo. Fujio Day to Day w. Pasone and sons. Great Clearing Sale. General drapery bargains. Bargains. Bargains in All departments i in All department wet wish to Clear the whole stuck out at less Bao Cost prick. Cost Price. Now is your of haole. A h. Pasone us sons or Apsis bag Lebark the summer is Olour at hand and trip fits and Osmond have enlarged their premises for the accommodation of their customers a sorts of 000 1 drinks Lees ice Oreato Etc every variety of fruit in season. Today Griffith Osmond oof Cut Arden Minohr l St. Or. Jas. Boyd View Point poo Ruri Ufa i by with Furr healthy it mfg free of Ohari also slag to the compulsory i � Vado nation aos ii Victoria no 60 jux Vanoi Natad / within in months after birth undue penalty of 10s to l 8 Fob Omi Boxon or neglect James both , vaccinate or View Point arb n 0 t i 0 e oar pint half yearly Stock taking Sale comm sees to Day. For three weeks All i Puisha sri wll receive extraordinary discounts on All Purchase. Every article will be sold at a great reduction in order to turn cur Stock Ink Cash and to make room to meet fresh goods to arrive there is no blow it is a legitimate Bale to we cordially invite All to give at an Early Call. Beehive watch and jewellery company Hargreaves at., Sandhurst next Andrew s auction Kcomt. A Tuv Jthn b. W. And j. 00., while thank ing Tbs Public for to lib ral Tup pork beg to stats tbsp still continue to execute All repairs of any or lion and As lbs manager has been so Long identified with the ins of leading practical tradesmen the greatest of Ratlif Aotoa May is depended upon. An packets May i addressed the Beehive Watrob and jewellery company Hargreaves is Sandhurst w. Bradley manag a Mvi of new i season s Good Ever seen in this City. Comprising Tbs new Vienna coatings Aad to womb work Setsma fancy Goa tags Melton Etc Nuspl Flent Range of the latest fashionable a Trouse rings in endless variety tha Glia reputation hitherto Bald Hyms establishment As the leading tailor of Sandhurst t to Fimel guarantee a orders entrusted to i heirs is w0 rewire their Moat of Refl Ali. Then note tha add Rem Albion cloth Hall r. Ram age proprietor. Serine on building View it Ert Endito professional and Unni noon directory Boosa Uuna or anoint avd Insi asm Robshaw John. Mitchell Stree Boot and bios Mamta Corunna 9m�jj Boot palate Beehive t. By duh Manns. Brockway High Street opposite 8. A Barracks. Ossa set duo Oise and j Jook 0., High i net. Toosia a Ltd Todd of data Isis i Rah a., a Sec 81, Paul s Church. Homs i in dhows hotel Comer of 801 l i Nowd Market Square. John o Hagan proprietor ivs mass aos hts ban. John High treet. A Nrma sati oils and booms Sas Edwards a q., the Bendigo inde Peaden office. Welch w. 1869viewer., Opp. Mason i o Hall to Tunohun Hoskins j. K., Hargreaves Street. Int Asro Tampa clip Manor atm Harwood Joseph Hargreaves Street. Lill Lohak Der Sutori took i a tapis of whom and my lung Hay a. And j. H., High Street. Tailor a of a thumb and t mar Ley John High Street opposite Gomp Cham Ber. Woe Gate Geosge late Cameron High Street next new savings Bank Banks commissioners savings Banks in Victoria. Incorporated by act of parliament. Been slated toads at 90th Jane. 1800.l5.467,625 14s of including Reserve fund of 1 175,000. Commissioners appointed far to Vernon Donnell tames Grice iso., j.r., chairman we. ,Esq,..j Archibald Carrie Asa. Frederic r. Godfrey ecq., George Meare Esq., 0.m.0. Comptroller and Secretary Jamee Moore . General inspector William Robin son. Accountant George r. Reeves. Savings Banks ate open at the following places under the management of local trustees vis Melbourne with branches at Fate of Prahran bleh Mondus. Melbourne of Arlutha Mer Bourne. St Kinda East Ellingwood Braus Wokf port Melbourne Williams town foots Ray Haw Thorn Victoria Market. Loffton hoi North fits Roy net Narket and with Branch at eaglehawk Geelong. Port land. Port Vairy. Oat Lumaine Ballarat Maryborough Warr Nam Bool it Newton. Hamilton. Stawell Bale Dayl Ryford Bairn dals St. Arnaud and to Hula total number of depositorslbb.47b. Trustees of the Sandhurst Savin of Bank Hong. Bonones la j. ,, Alex. Bane beq.,j up. Hon a h. Abbott . John Holmes Esq., Joel Horswood. Ifie. , Geo. X. Wells. Eco j heft Oman Esq. Rev. W. Williams aet Oary j r. F. Howard , head flee Hargreaves Street West Branch office High Street eaglehawk. Open Dally 10 my 8. Wednesdays. 10 Mil 14. Saturday evenings for deposits only7 till 9. The Sandhurst saving ban Hae now 18.445 depositors with 8907,834 7s 8d to their credit. In Terest 4 per cent allowed no to ls6o. Cheques drafts and Money orders Nestved. Residents in in barbs and country unable to at tend personally and wishing to become depositors can obtain fall Init notion on application to the aet Oary. Full information sent Post free. Accounts opened by depositing one Shil Ling and upwards. Motions should be found in every Boose and Library n Victoria. A valuable work of reference. Vida pres extract mile year Book of Victoria Al ready or 1891. 908 pages Sod map. Phoe m and is per Post 8d and la by. All booksellers and from John Robshaw bookseller Mitchell a Sandhurst or from the tear Book of a Naira a limited 186 osintntt., my Bora. Bendigo rolling Stock co., Carriage and buggy builders 960 workmen constantly employee Williamson Myers and 801 l its. Melbourne depot 88 and 889 Strobe to. We though trams May run by lightning Force i by Cable steam or Noble horse 9 in business we have nought to ear our work is Good and charge air. By reason of recent prove Monte la our appliances machinery and reduction of office expenses we Hare Rob try reduced our Price list for All new work. Peter Ellis and co. Proprietor . Sweeney & co steam saw Mill joining. To a Dong and Turners works. Parsed Street Sandhurst have always on hand do is i aiding skirting Architrave Etc., Octonia and foreign Timber of All Desoria Lions out to any Rise builders Ironmonger and requisites. Having extent Law alterations and erected improved machinery we Are now in a position to apply any of the. Above at lowest the an inspection o for to is inv t. J. Connelly & co. High end Rotert atm Ste Sandhurst Ironmonger outfitters tinsmith an plumber. English and american hard was bar she and hoop lion Plain and corrugated galvanised Iron j Bast electro Ware " of Witney and other leading brands of Cetl sry. Macon s Mil 1 pint 1 and 8 quarts american user Lam Fly trap. Water meters Hose and fittings Baths of All kinds. Ventilated meal safes. White s a sent water filters. Belt so Ganea and charges. Travelling boxes ate. Ert letes Given plumbing Geelt Tang and All kind of Tenet Metal work. G. W. Forres cheap Gash grocery Tea and provision store o rookery b tub were. Prod no a. At lowest prices All order fun orally attended to. T Howard place Sandh to opposite Ferney. Phoenix fire p2 office of London. Derail Ishad 1789. Muti settlement and payment of esses paid everll6.ooo.ooo. Annona la , Anoum match pads Psoas come Law too. Summa cd funds Toasa l1,000,000. Established Over one Hundred or lowest Rater of Premium Mil boons Agency John Martin manager Sandhurst District Agency -8 h. M Rowan agent Tleta la Obama been. Aba Moab school. Work turned monday 6th april whoa pupils May to in Rolls. G ram m a Barnard school tree. Hoad master Arthur j. Pearce. Will re open monday oth apri. Evening class or for matriculation Public vice Etc., monday and thursday commencing thursday 6th february. Vacancies for boarders. State school scholars received. At the recent Katrien i lation examination four pupils pasted one the first in the District taking honors in mathematics bile three others passed in five subjects. School of minks and industries Bendigo. The various classes will meet to Day when Ordo air work will b resumed. D. J. Moorhead registrar. Mind Uwar Arnold Street resumes tuition pianoforte also classes general improvement and extras monday 6th april. It. And u i a s w principal a. Freeman matriculation Public service and a Vining Jinx sirs Freeman and or. Krome mondays and thursdays.7.3o to 10 . Five pupils passed matriculation last year. T pianoforte singing and Organ. To. Mrs a. E. B. Cases beg Ito announce that although she has Given up House keeping she has no intention of leaving Sandhurst but continues to receive pupils Lor lbs present at Mona Villa View Street where the will be assisted by the misses Laura and Ada Ofahey As before. residence View Hill House View St. O k for at h l o h oho 0 principal a. Glen Oliphant. Vice principal a. Ade radio. Lad principal mrs. Oliphant. Assistants a. J. Barbour miss Mackenzie Mist Birch. Visiting master a. B. Roberts . Re opens tuesday 3rd february. Evening glasses. Vacancies for boarders. At the last matriculation examination 12 pupils passed the largest number Ever gained by i any school in Sandhurst t. Kili a 4l Doh of . Lyhl n ii j. M. Flanagan head master. Evening glasses for matriculation Public ser vice teachers and general improvement will be held on monday wednesday and Friday at 7so . Past pupils eminently successful in these examinations. Terms at mrs. Fair licks Mccrae at v he Paratory grammar school for boys and girls Macedon House. Short by. Mrs. Adams late of Brunswick preparatory grammar school and 5m clan certificated trained teacher under the education department of Vic Toria having purchased miss Armstrong s interest in her favourably known school conducted in the masonic Hall begs to intimate to the parents of Sandhurst that she has removed the school to the above commodious premises. Prospectuses on application. Curriculum English needlework Plain and fancy. Binding theory and cultivation of the voice drawing from the round and Fla latin French Ana pianoforte. Mrs Adams will give the above subjects her Best attention so As to secure a thorough ground ing without cram or undue taxation of her pupils Powers. First term commences february 2, 1891. Hall not it school. Bookkeeping and English mondays and thursdays. School of mines shorthand wednesday and Friday 7 30 to 8.90. References and terms kindly supplied by Maurice Moran ksq., Williamson St m. J. Moran. Kyj modern language is German French italian. Also latin. Herr j. A. Markert Osborne House Mackenzie Trees Sandhurst. Pupils visited at their residences. Classes at school of mines. German tuesdays end fridays a k pm., saturdays 10 to ii i am. French wednesdays 4to 6 ., Sator Days Una to is noon 4 to 5 . Latin tuesday and fridays 10 to 11. German and French evening classes at museum tuesdays and thursdays 7to 9. Fee 10s 6d per Quarter each language. Notices. Style and Quality Merit Success. Bendigo Premier Boot warehouse pikes buildings fall mall Alexander and Park Are showing splendid assortment of ladies gents and children s boots and shoes. All Choice new goods. It trill pay Yon to inspect the Stock and see be prices Rover dior s splendid of Choice and vex drapery millinery and clothing All at Job prices to Day the favorite shop har give at. N 0 tic race telegrams and a sporting news from ant part of Australia apply Man Debs Telegram Agency established 11876. Melbourne office24t Noutko St. Y 4t 18 and Griffiths Geelong stores Kangaroo Flat. Have in Stock a kinds of pro Veriss a Large assortment of Ironmonger a Crook Skywark. Stationery ate. Produce Horn feed and new Garden seeds colonial. Fruit Trees sap plied to order Tram Al rat olae Nur Ery. A Orr Ion Thi new liquid Ino Uiol com to Star tailoring co m. Colgan f or May tears Cutter for mean.1 Tatum Basil haboriatbb4tbbbt, under the name and style of the Star tailoring company next to or. Grove or Draper on is october with a carefully selected Stock of really first class English Irish. Scotch and colonial to Reeds r and fancy v Inga which cannot be ensued. Style. Fit and first class workmanship a speciality. By Accord ing to All civility eeg Tunod with strict attention m business be Hopes to Merit s share of Public patronage the seals of k prices will be fix do As to defy Competition inspection invited m. Colgan. Pion to oar Greavin Street Sand met. A Osdon Efi icy. Toan Anit discount society a Atkinson s bin lunge View Street. Money advanced on jewellery and vain Ahie Sof every description. Members of the civil service special accommodated. M Barnett amusements. Royal Princess Ibe direction of met an. Maom ahoo. Unprecedented Sago cat of the popular comedian Grattan Higgs. To night. The Irish detective in which Grattan Rigg will the Irish detective i sustain 7 die in t National the Irish detective i character Bis Mim Able the Irish detective j portrayal of hic Hue the Irish die Odd i made him fatuous through the Iriah detective,./ Oil the old. 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Ghr Trdoe Dir Ell Wal introduce her celebrated Wail ton the bps a Maiden Ai Sung and dam cd by he w the the greatest soc a nightly do Biog to Darrells Long seasonal Ibe Royal. Melbourne. Entirely new scenery and effects. Prices Edrisi i Irole 4r let 2s 6d pit. Is. Box plan at Eva a. Robert Gourlay business manager. Eight hours anniversary demons r ration. Sports. Notice 1 hereby Given that the time for receiving entries for the above sports hat Ben extended to wednesday the k is will try for them Cluni and prove that bus h 3 old established stores stil maintain their reputation a the Best fam by grocers is Bendigo the Bendigo steam laundry company. Head a face the Grotto. Middle Block pall mall. Works View St. North. F. Horror Kab by Ineree manager. Goods called for and delivered. We have or. Nek pleasure m informing the inh Ahi. Taste of Bendigo Utas Risi that the Bov 3t�ir. Laundry will to open for Busi Ness on or about the my of february when a Hope by strict a mention to business combined with first class work and moderate charge to command Access. Price lists and All information will be furnished on application to head office. Yours faithfully p. Horrook3. Orders Ca be seat Nat once. Quant a thaell Street Melbourne. Phillips wheat phosphate. Add. Lood for brain and Norv the soluble phosphates 07 wheat tonic digestive and highly nutritive. This preparation it Eoln Tice. The acid phosphates of Potash magnesia Lime and Iron and is giving the most satisfactory results in diseases reef ing from faulty nutrition lose of nerve Power overwork Etc. It is particularly indicated in mental and physical prostration Blee Plewkee nervousness impotence. Sperm Torrias and the failing appetite and debility t. Old age. It will be found very beneficial in the prostration following typhoid and other fevers diphtheria pneumonia and acute diseases thu preparation is also put a a syrup form Phillip syrup wheat phosphates. Balliol snob elegance and de Roaey As to agreeable to the most sensitive stomach. Phillips palatable cod liver 0i t with the wheat phosphates Loal food l retain Able i the most Del Leet stomach Phillips phosphor Uriate 07 quinine compound a reliable o neral Tottle and . Phillips milk 07 magnesia. A hydrated to old Mameria the Bendigo pottery no 111. Having completed the erection their extensive new 3team Pip making machinery arc prepared to execute order Tom irrigation is to Shire councils contract Ore and other for earthenware pipes from a to 34 inches in diameter. The on vitreous earthenware pipe made in the colonies. The b. A 00. Would also draw attention of storekeepers and others to their manufacture of teapots Oane Bakers White Ana fancy jogs cheese covers table butter water coolers foot i Wanner and All kinds of sanitary and Domestic Ware every kind of Bristol Ware via., Batter rots from 1 quart to 6 gallon. Spin bottles from 1 quart to 10 Gallons bickered or Plain Beer barrel. Bread pans rto.,Eta. Terms gotta and fancy Ware of every description Chimney pols and Chimney lining the any diameter. Manufactory Eprom badent a Beere tary Moe or. 0, Moo review pois Sandhurst. Melbourne depot Normanby Road South Melbourne. Q. D Guthrie managing director. filters a Ephai Aliv
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