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Benalla North Eastern Ensign Newspaper Archives Jan 13 1891, Page 3

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Benalla North Eastern Ensign (Newspaper) - January 13, 1891, Benalla, Victoria National Library of Australia it is satisfactory to know hat ii locusts a hic i infested to Tow for about a fortnight have cleared out. Though the Lih Aoe i Liged their Way Ito fresh Fields and pastures ," t pro. Is Little doubt the by Are busily Plait Iii a Olpinio by . Iling of c6normiious numbers of eggs in Evtif a Vail Ablo spot. Trihey Havo Dovo Jureld much of thl Green grass and a Iii Doe their present Fetui Litany i Garden bul t he Danigel do is not so conspicuous us Silit. Haile Bee expected a thiat.81 Villa is Craso i to itself having pass to through Ali Ideal with Soiot Hiing Lefland to spare. There Arie dark forebodings Lowe ver that hungry Legi Owins ? Beau Tigho l pm tried not for away lid one min Assai ols Emu Plains thu other Day., his horse could scarcely drag Hin through a moving mass of Isu cts. S or , of Wilton g reon Betilla Liis applied for letters Patent " for an invention viz., in improved device for automatically filtering the gauge of Tih wheels of rail a Stock. His application is to Beo dwelt a with on Friday the skill Daliy of. Y february at 3 clock in Olio ate noon All persons Olbie Ting to Tio granting of such application Nim St Leafe Netidi Eti sorry o1yvill not b lio0d. 1 in to the spro Mil of Diphl it Trif a to i Patterson s of Grotta or Robinson denies .11 at Patterson Lior rowed a Topcoat Froin Hisim or Robinson. Mrs Robinsin a believes that Patterson Lori owed thle. Coat Fromi a Ximanis who was in his employ inti. Thle most l Ostli till Bush. Fire the t Ilass Over Fakunl place. Ii Thel Shire. Of. Euron , on Sun Datil oiling this thl inst. A Strong Gale of Ivind ii 1tloio be Orrt was blowing Iril Asil swept Aloin with of fury All Day it defied All attempts to b extinguished. Foiatu Tately towards e., Wii id a hinged and after Ste Lio Mot determined and a herculean efforts Tihe fire a s s a bled. Nth country Deve slated is near Euron Sand covers an Armie of about Mcevo Miles Long by Tahr in wide. It i Calculi to that 0,000icrcs of grass have been destroyed besides scores of Miles of fiening. Luckily the greater numb or of thle Dwelli igl houses were saved. H the Naines of Thel Farmers Burnt out ars As follow. Graham cools ii Chur Owens Stevenson Johnson James Bartram Stolzke in yield Fox Hall Davis Ink to yer it Ivor bros., Elliot Venner Oscr cons she cd Mclinsky 3j le6d, Feguson Stre Var i i lean Bmark Emanil Foster 3 m halon t and .l1enry. T Lio heat at the eur Tori railway station on that Day was 108" in the Shade. ,. I Lio australian no times association Shiavo arranged Witlip the Rill by de i apartment that Side i l trains shall be t Irun stations to j Aill Journo on the occasion of their Otto Jwj oun Darioin , 2gth january. T tickets bythe i train ill be Anil in Swithin threw in com Thi item of the Tiit Tourine a. Correspondent of tithe age writ ing from Wondon says there is every reason to believe that in a couple of weeks the Locust plague will be worse than Over eggs have been do posited All Over tie to strict and Fialer Mac and thelis ill be at the mercy of the Scourge in its worst form the locusts.? viticulture its a Ery f a however Are taking Steps to destroy the eggs by a clarifying their land but is done in a general Way Xvi i ? Little Good can possibly to . I new wheat is now Couming in to Tihe stations on the in Linell to Arr Longn Andis 3s 2 l to 3s 3d per Halcro Are move intents on foot at pre cent to establish Reami res at Stratt Bogic and Moglown Emliy. A census is to be taken throughout Victoria in april next arrangements being at present made for appointment " of enumerator in connection there with. A r hese rotary for a Ricu Tuo says the ago issues a notice to tithe a tact that applications will be received it on persons desirous of Cool to ago for butter Durini the summer i months. The butter will be sorted free of charge a the Newport refrigerating works. The Quantity to he received from each person will be limn cd must Hei of Good Quality in Victoria and packed in sound Export casks or boxes. I -3elivery will be taken by the a Iii y put t at Tihe Newport refrigerating works. Storage will not to allowed of i tiny period to sex Erid ios butt Erli is legibly Bruti at top Iii rid Bottoms i Indis Pattii is butter a. Way Bill living full Partick hears of the Tun umber of casks a r. Boxes together with by rates or mural to and weight Sand Tares must accompany the the butter will to stored at the owne s risk and Nio Ruston Sivility will be accepted by to Lithe department for loss or damage lathe . Teo Al Tury agricultural and i pastoral society appointed to Saler Viso aids report upon certain experiments in regard to rust in wheat have not yet fori Lally ire ported Tih result of their investigations but at a recent a looting come a Lua Hll n inform Cintioni w is limited Lar c. of Lindern being of opinion that deep tillage and Drain Allige re necessary to Check the. Rust. He is Ilot in favour Fotio Early sowing nid con siders the month of May quite soon enough. Thulie earlier crops this year did notes Capo rust whilst the a tort ones did. A lad a Mold Townie was out Hli uting at Sale on sunday a lilt and whilst in the not of aliasing Ai Kangaroo Oil horse. Back his lore fell. And roos., by the Falli ii i. A his holiness to Xiii. His n is led instruction is to the roman Yoh Liolio clergy in Gli Riney to do All in d their Power to combat socialism both a from a pulpit and. By platform. There is Ina a coiling for the a limit t of jurors. In the o Shea divorce Case a gentle Mann convulsed the court by d Iasi ing that the Petitioner i should to sri Lexani Inedra lots suit being pro to local y Udesen Deidad in Parnell be Sheet i Justice but could Only i Ely thai Serelis ii counsel Zihere to do Othia 3u l .isaj.-1. A. Viol i c Spond Niit ii tee Kiausas Follo is in ii ensue pro t posed Wato Scheie of that place a t full Ria of fhe Ligou lors Olf Lii. E our Shire web held Here on we Dune. Day lust to discuss com Donald s 1ti0ce of notion to rescind Hli Applin Tiunis for a loan of Mioney to do the in Elk. The i members of the South Riding two. Of the North living were of opium n that the application should be rescinded but president Thorn mind the control Riding members a Cero Panin Ste it. It being necessary that ii two thirds i Man Crity must carry of remind or Itel Dir moved that a pub li.nieting to held ,.nnd or Dunella. the Samo la held oin Moi the scheme is incr casing i it being generally considered that Violet town lists Rin Turtill an abundant Supply of water apart front the scheme. The Cost would lie too heavy for such a a scarcely populated District. The general charge which has been Unildo against thl Ernp Loyes of the to Liflie Brunch of the Railey depart Mollt of ran it of civility and readiness to Oil legs , has caused the railway comi missioners to Issue a place arc which is now posted Atit to local station. The Sext of to to poster i As follows notice. G i girls porters end other enl lobes Aro by rules of the service required to be civil and oblige big to the Public. The Public Are respectfully invited to report j at 0on03 to Lull station Lorester Ilsy instals nce of incivility or uni conduct on the part of any a upload to that the matter May to thie Tillio. If dissatisfied Isikli the result they Ari desired to with the Frallic a Ranger Spencer Stirret. By order of the commissioners. 1r. 1f. I acis traffic the Silengo of Rill ways opre Nin Theu Colony in 1889 was 2,341, in ,.1890 20_ 7. At the sae of the Sylvia Park stud last week at Auckland new be and the famous horse no Roo Den Fiatt a son of Musket was sold for " 58s0.-the highest Price Ever Given for a Racehorse in Australia. The returns just completed of the Albury custom House show that the .Otal imports for the year Wero �408,979 .Otal exports �1,433,575. 1"he vol us of Stock exported to Ric Toini Wero cattle �503,708 horses f .i136,243 sheep .�110,6q0. L .1 to n o. E tin o f t h h l1 t Ifni , held on tues d by a communication was received from or Thompson resigning his position As principal of Theo Dookie College in cause quench of his having inc up l i similar Post in connect Ion with the new agricultural College established by the Noew South Wales cover Numen. The members of the Council took exception to. The. In Friendly terms in which Imp Thompson s letter was couched and his designation was Usmiani Mously accepted. Professor Brown of the longer Ernouf Model Farn was appointed to till the j. Ii. Graves was presented with a handsome illuminated address by his constituents at Atn Stielerr on new yen r s Day. Some doubts halve been expressed As to the probability of ears Gour Tolay d Doherty two of the defendants in what is known As the alleged conspiracy Case in connection Wirthl Thel Premier permanent building association Boi Gagain placed oni trial. It will to remembered that at the recent trial at the criminal Coutt the jury acquitted the other Defenda tils ult failed to agree As to the guilt or innocence of mls Stra Gourlay and Doherty. Until the attorney general returns to town mid considers the cases it will not Bas decided a Hethier the two defendants will by presented again for trial at the february sittings of the Cim finial court but. In. Accordance with the course usually pursued sub units were served yester Day by the Crown solicitor upon a Elu Niebor of Kvit Nesses who Are required in Tlle in nil tire returnable ont the 1ilth prox. Trio following Alp tired in Friday s ago " under the Hie Adinig of new Ino Lve Witsol to Geo goal Titt Slawi enee and Jeo Toller 13onallt. A Ines of insolvency Init fit Nily within three years Pilot Shad debts and Trade at Albury new South Wales High rent in Ali sur Ira Etc compe to Ion and Slack Ness of Tyndle at Allty find Ial tall. Liabilities �174. 17s an its oi5 14. i,70 is. R 1. S. Implore Assignee. The Prin Cipalla creditors Aro Sydney firms. In conc con wit the Clitis to �800 of mrs last hew Lynn of i cookie for compensation for land talk ten for to titty purposes the of aim wait Napp Eareld at tuesday s Imet. Ing of the Council Pilut a cropped i stun of �200 Iii full Settle in Lect of his Cli l he prospects of the Wynot i l site up to Date Point to at. Us Ishmoll t being obtained. Through putt Tho North Oeast and including i to whole of the county of my oils Raitid the Colbert is \ Llcy very Feori ret Iorns Are below 12 bushels per acre i sixteen Buglioli rec the Rule while 20, Anid Cven 30.bushel crops Laveo Len let. With. An Aco Idlet occult oni the incl Tay tear Drollis of Sai Turlay night not Wlsh Ethyl n Yodts Tran i smashed to pieces. Foi Timi Atily no lives were lost. Benalla waterworks Trust. Ali. Neil i Nathly Nice Etzig Oft i Blody wans held be stolid when the following ii Tiberi s Wei opre sent Conis. W. Stredwick clinic Mina Beian Shortell will no wild ?. Rinell to the civil Espy a la Orrne rec Init. In g the pin Cut of Olhol iut Eif est due. I lid Foi i Linen to " Sifrol Josh clock Ero rate Riniete. And stating the sit to re Ilavu Hall Agrecio to pny8 it Valfio costs i Voto of to hulks passe Iid to or Brok a Roi railway Dopa re to Dut a can in led Init receipt of latter Roe door is triply. -1 Cove id. C from chief Engineer of Victorin water Supply ill Bottino As follows i Hail Bike Favorel with it perusal of the Corres wind iliac Lotwin thle Lineal la Uliter Trust and Tho victorian water Supply Eilart. In tit Relativo to a pro Loistl or Avit Atwoil dec Huron for providing tie town of Ierulli with an Imp Rovil water Bil ply. You Aru aware that i have icon Oloph Nycum l Ity t tue tar Supply Inbi Ellig thu la Yukon River Waite Hiedl am tril Vuturis with Lyle object of conserving anti distil Atu ing a tar Genii rally in to l broken Ali or Ditri to for i Lri Gatil purposes. Trial air. Veys,. Stoni Mgo Sites and Tui in Oil tick .ihpnbo1_.tireo to i being 1iuel, Elul i we i n c o to Yerci Ort Iii Titis ii Llo dloil., to furnished to Thi Itu Nilai Yorr Awonga sleep Parlin trite. In Thile mean Cutie i can say that in in general Melicine i Lave studied the pro Laurel future wants of True Len Allin Shire ii ild now i Login i Givi Littion Ilni a fori Sui plying the town of Luna Llla in la twin he to Lullu i by Ole r engine u Cholla is of explored tile Coli itly ats 1 done. I Hivo wild a Long exp Ereneo us a Wintch works cd Gillice in designing and not Lilly Cairn i in out City water Supply if Ycu require nil Lnig Ineer to the sign it to s8rhrneii,t big to offer my services and entertain the Otil a i Havo no doubt Titis factory Terill Cuneo Birru Aigel blew cnll.?. A oils of pitifully a in Oul. U fron Alfred Tating that lie was a Theroi highly iqu1lillled Lydra Llic Congi Leer and willing to i la Hellen for la chill. It ithe full Winig pay Keiit two per cent. For Trizil s Airvoy Asti intes Alm report t oper cent for apr Lina Niit sur Veckys nid working drawing and two per Clit. For supervision of Woelki Iii ill six per cent. On Cost of it Ini Edward Lynn applying to Hiliare Woit Orlaid Lon to Iii a hot i in Cecil St . I o to c6nsidtreid with other a plications. F Robi Waltor Alliott for the in tension of the water infill to Hiap Reiniseh ill Charles. Street 1 o Bli considered with other a plication. ,. From Dai Evis Sheppard and co., Soith 3mclboili in and j. Anecks and nll., 3101o Borreo forwarding Prico list of waiter Ime tors " Lelo Inch inter of me Cora Davis Shallop pail old co. Una adopted Prico �3 5s. 1 room department of a tier Supply for Arling copies of printed rebuilt tips Lor Tho Iso of the w Atter Trust also inviting itt Eltion to Secio ii 104 of Teulilo Ater let 1890, and i questing that both be publish Eil in a new super circulating in the Trust District. Coin i loan moved to lilt the deportment be asked if it was to pubs la ill the regulations. So could by com. Little and Arris item. Coin Shortell moved Ella title Devoli Iii it asked fit was comp Uhlry to keep slab Section 1 in the Rugiu tons. Coin Istre Weick recon ded the motion Law Hill Wias carried. Coin. M1 Leau Imo Veo a that Regush irions be As Ait Irene it. Chi l Volo Ace econ did. 1 rom ,?2? Ark Tefu Fetiu Xiloj Stoat no och a Rometer to sin pee ions t Arundel spreut ? to the Appi Roal of Thi i with other applications. L Uton 1. Loeb Lehi sending a list of names of persons using water for Garden irrigate tin Antl other than Donettie i poses to Pul sons in Lenolla Veit Nan 23 porous int Blie Nilia East. Olond by Coin. Strudwrick anti St coded by come. 31uleatn that 2 dozen monitors be ordered Antill re tiled to Cost slaters at Cost Jenkilatis and son giving notice that they intend to Alix a water Dieter to their Ovate Olipe. I rated a subject to approval of Cugin Eer. F a rent Jolls Vood applying to have water Laid on to his property ill Holloway sri get. To hobe uti dered Lith other . To Engineer pm. Eo1 Sechli reported As follows i have the hot Nodal to info troll you that the constr Liptrot of Sti Ter in the Tonit for the past four weeks Hota averaged 00,0t0 Gallo lots daily att Tite to railway. 470t0 0 it lists . Sundays incl Edtl ,.otal, ll13,l00 gains tidily. I Hii highest daily Consun Pitiot yet record Tel the railway took plice last Edlio Day and , Viz 50,000 and 5ti.000gallons respectively. As the railway tanks were rather Low i had to turn on the Carrier Street Anin until l they were Lilliel As will be seen by thie Ato ligatures the Netow Mloter Dischl rfcs 10,000 gel lots Ore than ithe Olione did anti i believe. If the pie were Clear at a station it would Dise Halgus twice Thoi quit Talty at Leont. If i know the Cliff Tenco it Sut Taco level but Wien tile station Tate Thi railway tanks could form a. More definite idea of the Aratri thle t alien Ioulia Dis Churgo per Hilum. I hit a so to info rat you that l have ail thie tank thoroughly cleaned of land also the such Roll Ilaine least to from t ten Rizor a also Ungto Stoat Etohal i foetal la the s Inch stand pipe tear Malchan s run. It at foil pressure on it Linday Tor Ting Uttz i Selivon it had Beall All right. It wadis also rustling Oil sulday . M la enl Mito Edt that Tannd pipes with no. Caption of one at Alridge be removed Tild it Onira taken by Corn. Willae and Ltd car Rietl. Clark reported that the hand collected j 98 s 4t since the last meet. rit.re". Tile Secretary reported that Rae is Stero t outstand i la Thile nol Lotut of �1011. Motions. Coni. L Rittman moved the till owners of stand pipes Ott footpaths Reni on Totic to remove Satin failing which the rust will do to. Secon Dodl by com. Little Andl carried. Cowl. L Tea not moved hat i i m Rebec Ehli Thulie i t it s Engineer be Skedel i w iat the Dir Lenco in Price will be for 1 inn to a 4-Inch Tuii and taking up the 2.incttelmiin in the lick mention Reserve for the use of the Llen Alloa fits Rig Lade. To be dealt tit at a special meet. Into to i held on 3jlondny,1t3 Ile lotto instant Coti a it Leen n dust Dittl fool. Little. Second eld that Tho secret orly write to. It Lusignan Toli Derigi hint i the thaut Lesof the Ionuti Scionti s for Lis / services is treasurer at �1 pot Vortis i of i years ipod Titt t Chieti a for �5 Forward Ltd to Haiti Ine Gas Wolik. Comi. Shortill to moved a that the rate t collectors it empower Yoedt to collect till c rates True from tie Gasworks pro Potry t since its Cottam Poncei ent. Novang Steinat i Hartl Lenir Kiln .Otal it Oit til Ritli to t company to Supply lion with. Water i free Acom to Village Sec died i the motion. Com. Stredwick though it it would be As Well to Tuko counsel s advice ii thu matter. Carried Crean i cd vmve., vital refer ii in to cleaning out the Dalve sat tie railway station comm bean did not consider the Trust Shaed Nyiri Rig lit in Leci out the varies As they heroin Side the railway Fence. " Cou. 1t1iibeennmove in than towing to which Tho ?.issiiinbl to Curry Witter Sipply Lel Boiu lne to Sec Heth ller Power cold not a Egi Seii to Liei missioners to Hor Row �0003 for Estenson of thoe minims Kitias inc tar Studi in Fatt the Towb urgently required these. Extensions. Thle increased Supply would begin pay ing it once and would increase their Nievo enu by �50 a year. Seconded by of. We Alonco and Carr thle following co tiits Coin passed for Pym Antii Gove raiment interest on Loans 225 a ,,.14. D9j. Jenhins nid Booi 21 s gel my. Acid Ger 7s go. ,. A came o. O no "a,.siy. 7, a. The adjourned conference sir Iii ill a or wfo1bieierind Otheir members of the wish partly Ith i frenc to Tho question of the Leader ship w hib id Dit to?.?, when the business Waus brought Cone Clu Ion. St a i Iii Oil aril of at bythe co6?i� Fertice is kept strictly secret but an griet Etc is said to9l Hae been co0me tto Flint am o Brief shill t be lie position or Parnell retiring Tempo j to conference held at Boulogne yesterday Between. Tad or Williiam ouija Ridento Araugo i Settle ii Neit of Tho Ali muted Jaife Stidom of Lio leadership of tiie Irish part was Brugli to a close today Bothi dlr Parnell Tisil or Obrien afterwards styled think they hero now every Beason to Hope for a peaceful solution of the Dili Tihy. Or o Ricejr is sith or or Justin 3i.icartly, who Woods chosen Leader of the Lirty by the Init ii Lenox 8thi january. T or Justin m car thy w who Lis been Lader of Secl Fig party is about to proceed to Boulogne for thie purpose of conferring i itch 3i r o Brien. A settlement. Of the Dishi frences let Ween the two sect Oul of thie Irish party is regarded an Bertail to follow. Edvard o Brietze and Villi no Moroney two of the prisoners who in May 188 were Seiten Recd to 10 years Pianis servitude for couple cite in the of Orcier. Liede Ricl coven Fishi Dublin Hanve As Owell is 3iullett- and. Delainey i have Bele Irele ised from prison the usual deduction of time for Good Behai Vior his Lin by Eli i Nade in theh ease. _ in i espouse to the pal Iii mide by or a. J. A four Chieft Secretary an i the Earl of Zetland Zoild lieutenant of j Rehll. For l thu Relief of those us loitering f Omi thei part Ial Fri litre of the potato crop in Iii Elaind up to. The present �6,000 has Betoni in i scribed Liy tilt Public.1 it it ii test reticence is still it Iii Tai Ted Lis to tile nature of Lithe under,2 St Lusiag. Tried i titty. Theo Irish Init Thijs Olio the Colin Fence recently held tit Boulogne. It it Lithe Rei pot widely published Uthit m or Rarell it a agreed to retire provided that lie l r o Brion we re placed in the position of Leader instead of 31rt, Justin j1 c Arth who was selected Lytle r of the so cedi us party. No authoritative statement has yet Beeny publicly Tanedo ,concerning., the not tire of in iced to Iby Mir Parnell anti it v. Obrien at the it is however believed ill o Luiei s to denial not with standing Thall the irl Madel Lold was that 3i a Parnell should retire at till events temporarily Oit conditions that he should be s6ccceded ets l Leader Byler orig inst eld of by or Justin in Carthy. Olio was elected Leader by the seceding party. A confidential conic indication Ian. Bouncing the result of. The conference was sent to lir John d in on who still remains in network Anutt Iho he stir out Seei is. A Ildi conviction to Solerto a sent Tene oof Sitse months a Sutlon hint Iii Cut Kostiou Visith the i in Norair. Or . L?, it is stated is greatly Dis please with the i Sicault of Tho confers. Cinco and has Chat a Iol Leggatt to 31r o Lien r slanting Ilott i intent ded to leave new Yolk for franc oni the following Puatu Dri Aud d. Mint to in the negotiations or Tihe Settle. Menot of thoe Edtl ship question should be Doln Yed Pond it his Art Ivl l Tho executive of the in Tionel Lian. Guck of teat l Rit Aiti is dismissing i of its Servi to those of its tickles a Holst Tyint Pethies run thu it or airellcur0ilta1 Thim Best anal Lina anti Oean i Smi Tuder l sous Iuchi Yeti Kuhn t Lent its y powerful ,.oftemetu in. Coughi m colds i Ilou imn m Ime Telic is jilt Salmon or cubes am Mph a dents of nil Kilnam to they
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