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Bemidji Daily Pioneer Newspaper Archives Oct 19 1970, Page 4

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Bemidji Daily Pioneer (Newspaper) - October 19, 1970, Bemidji, Minnesota Csc club to hold can contest the Bemidji state College conservation club reports that the drive for collection of disposed beverage cans has been continued until saturday. It 24 collection hours saturday at the West end of the physical education Complex parking lot w til be from to a in to noon and All clubs and organizations participating in the can collection should plan to have their totals completed at this time prizes in the collection contest is $15. Or a plaque a tee of is for clubs and organizations or 25 cents tor mix ideals is charged to Debra it expenses and individuals not wishing to compete can participate tree of charge All area individuals and organizations Are Welcome to participate monday of. It. 1970 Ohl Berg por mayor Lav a vote nov. 3 Bill Berg has courage integrity dedication vote for Berg por mayor Poi. a Struc. A dim o for of Berg ecu let Quot a a. Cir be or Tiff. Be re a m or by Hal Anderson autumn chores it appears that the time has come when we must spend a Little less time hiking and a Little More time doing some of the autumn chores around the Homestead. Our recent foretaste of Winter caught us unprepared and made us realize How Many Little jobs remain to be done before Winter really arrives. We didst accomplish much on that Snow y weekend first because we had some very pleasant guests to entertain and second because of the weather. Our guests left on sunday afternoon we always have a sort of empty feeling after Good friends have departed and to fill in the time. I sat Down and made a list of the things i should get done before Winter some of them like putting on the storm windows. Are absolutely essential others such As cleaning up the Garden should be done but could be delayed until Spring. Perhaps your family has a list too Here s mine split Wood for the fireplaces fix the tractor it does no to run and i need it for some of the other chores it haul manure for the Garden have the Garden slowed fill holes in the driveway Poison pocket gophers in the tree Fields count the Christmas Trees to see How Many we have to sell this season put the Lawnmower and outboard motor away for Winter and bottle the Chokecherry wine we started last August. A few other items might not seem essential but we will probably find time for them Check Deer Hunting areas before the season do a Little More grouse Hunting and go Walleye fishing at least once More. Some of the autumn chores that took a lot of time in my childhood Are no longer on our list. We no longer spend a Day or More in digging and sorting potatoes for Winter storage our Home has a heated basement so we do not have to put tar paper around the foundation and Bank the outside Walls with Straw to keep out the Winter drafts covering the Well and insulating the Stock tank Are things of the past too getting our fuel Supply Only Means filling the Oil tank not cutting hauling bucking splitting and piling a dozen cords of Wood we do use Wood for our fireplaces but mainly for the enjoyment of sitting before an open fire we Don t depend on it for heat even though our autumn tasks Are not As essential As they were in the old Days having them completed gives us a it Ense of Security we feel that we Are prepared for the onslaught of Winter weather no matter How fierce it May be i m glad we live in an area that has such definite changes of season. Our variety of weather always gives us something to look Forward to the expectation adds zest to Lite in addition if it weren to for the expected coming of w inter we might never get Start cd on those chores. Attention senior citizens Bob Falk and or. And mrs. Gust Sandberg Bob Falk understands the effects of increased costs and higher taxes for our senior citizens on fixed incomes. He will continue to work for solutions to these important problems. Return Bob Falk to the legislature pc1. Adv. A 0�ae�-d be Tea by senior citizens for Bob Faik cd Quot be me in n Paulson Bemidji Minn and Agnel be Raub b ack Duck Minn co chairmen. International feast slated at College All area residents Are invited to participate in an oct 30 International a feast of nations being sponsored by the International student club at Bern id ii state College the banquet will be held in Hickory Hall at Csc. The dinner w ill include dishes from 15-20 areas of the world prepared by Bernie Williams and the Csc food services staff. Main speaker for the dinner program will be or Joel Fisher. Deputy assistant Secretary of state and assistant Counselor to president Richard Nixon or Fisher will also address a Public gathering later a it part of i United nations week at Csc. First of its kind in this area the dinner is open to the Public w us tickets soon to be on Sale in the Csc business office. Beaver i Mon. Boo Craft. Ken k Thompson jewelry Johnson Corner drug and Glass Block drugs further information can be obtained by contacting mrs Loma Sullivan at 755-2u24. Or International student club president Moses Tsang calling All boys and girls age la or Over Here a your Chance to earn some real Money the Pioneer has a newspaper route open includes Paul Bunyan trailer court Roosevelt Road Lake St., s. Stoner and portions of route 4. 41 customers Contact. Jim Wynne Bemidji Pioneer 751-3740 o a b 3b0 St. A though your building is Quot fireproof Quot and May not Burn its contents will. A heat from a fire in a nearby building can destroy your vital records. A records in uninsulated steel files and boxes Are just minutes away from ashes. A if the contents of your building Are not protected during a fire water damage alone could destroy your records with a Victor insulated Safe co. 516 Beltrami Bemidji How Safe Are your records. Now before you sign a contract for a packaged Home come to. Erickson Hel Leluron vye co. For a free Price estimate and comparison no mail option know what you Are buying and signing you owe it to Youw we dare to compare Winter coatings a Wool and fake fur a 54&Quot a 60&Quot wide 15% off savings of $1,000.00 not uncommon at Erickson Hellekson vye co. In Triam discuss academic programs at Csc or. Garry Hayes director of academic planning and curriculum development for the Minnesota state College system visited the Bemidji state College Campus the past week to discuss new academic programs and program a men s lib a needed changes at Csc. Here he works with College division Heads on program planning. Left to right Are Myron Swanson head of the division of humanities or. Hayes and or. John Yourd head of the division of education. Csc photo by Jayne Rasmussen. By Tom Tiede new York Inea women s liberation groups complain that Laws discriminate against their sex. They mention abortion and prostitution statutes for two. That obviously pick primarily on female offenders. The gripes however Are not Likely to gain much sympathy among people in the crime and punishment Industry. Too Many knowledgeable pros believe that if anything the Law is discriminating by lenient with women. They cite three examples police often ignore women to concentrate on male offenders judges often Are reluctant to jail mothers even if imprisoned women usually live in better places than men. Says one authority. Judge Laurance Hyde of the University of Nevada a your whole culture makes it hard for a Man to Send a woman to the Penitentiary. I done to think we hesitate on a woman who commits a violent crime. But for Many of them who commit smaller offences. I think we give a says attorney Douglas Rigg. Berkeley. Calif a a in be been in the business for 30-plus years and i think we definitely tend to give women special consideration. I guess it goes Back to English Days when pregnant women used to stand before judges and plead their there seems to be Little statistical evidence to support what either of these men say. But or. Preston Sharp of the american corrections association grumbles a there seems to be Little statistical evidence in most areas of corrections. We can find out How Many whooping cranes there Are in the United states on any Given Day but we can t find out How Many men and women Are in the closest numerical hint is that whereas 13 per cent of All people arrested Are women Only three per cent of the state and Federal jail population is female. This is not precise proof since most crimes committed by women usually do not warrant Long incarceration. However one Eastern police chief says a you Don t need statistics for proof. The proof is in the precinct and the courtroom. Police will go for the Man figuring he s More dangerous. And since no judge enjoys putting a woman behind bars he is much More Likely to put her on probation this opinion is supported by mans trial judge Miles Mcdonald of Brooklyn for one. Admits it frankly i believe when it comes to sentencing women Are sometimes Given social consideration. If Only because they Are not As Recidivi Stic As men. So if a woman comes before me. I have to use judgment does she have children0 will it serve any Good purpose to lock her away ii i can. Yes. I will put her on yet even when a judge decides differently and sentences a woman to prison she is undoubtedly better off than most men facilities and treatment at Many women s institutions Are far Superior to men s in neb Aska to illustrate there Are More than 600 men serving time behind 100-year years to crack Down suddenly on women offenders. Authorities feel women have been handled More or less correctly Over the years. What officials would like to see is male offenders Given the same handling. That is More concern by arresting officer presiding judge institution Warden and the Public at Large. The belief is that perhaps 90 per cent of All arrested persons in the nation male or female Are not Security risks. So matters such As Quot probation sentencing and jailing should be reevaluated in Light of this. Old. Machine gun guarded Stone Walls. The regional women a prison by contrast holds less than 53 and is located in a pastoral suburb. It has a skimpy Chain Fence a no guns no grim guards. No lockstep routine. Its almost pleasant. The Nebraska situation is repeated in most states and no apologies Are Given because of it. A a we be always treated women with More dignity a says one Veteran Midwest Warden. A to my knowledge nobody has Ever questioned he a right. One reason is that women have traditionally committed far fewer and far less severe crimes hence falling into a special category. But authorities agree times Are changing. According to Fri reports crimes by females Are growing three times As fast As male. And there is evidence women Are committing More violent . A 31 per cent hike in female robberies last year. This trend says the Aca s or. Sharp is Quot probably caused by the new political activism. Another obvious explanation is the increase in female narcotics yet. 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