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Bemidji Daily Pioneer Newspaper Archives Oct 19 1970, Page 2

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Bemidji Daily Pioneer (Newspaper) - October 19, 1970, Bemidji, Minnesota I i i a Daitor pm War monday. Oct. I Tiro so much for the soviet Sui base in Cuba plan any More budget raising ideas.? a a to a a a i ii a a. R via u. Re if 7. Bern Iii daily Pioneer Btl Avrami a. Mum amm Dill nip daa Aari Aal i ill a Yoby i let a a or a a oreo oct m Williama pvn Isher we Bill Reeves. Bust Nan Manege Kin Curley editor Jim Winro of Xuy Gatior manager Palmer Berg Plant superintendent editorial Page editor a Ken Curley. George William i by do inc associate0 Friss to a to of a Ted pm it n tidal is Steavely to the car recall lit Tiaa a i All local Newt printed in Tim subscripts mates by hut. Yacai treat a aaa Sib a year by mail. Alt Attar $17 a year by Carrier to $1-25 per National new spam secant tint Pataye pit Al Batalin. My in. Sami a it Quot in met amp to it new Ott agnews right of free speech in a recent television debate with four representative College students. Spiro Agnew defended his celebrated attacks on effete snobs a a Radical liberals and the like against the students charges that he was polarizing the country let me Tell you one said the vice president. A i am not going to Stop saying what i have to say about them in a Way that i want to say it. Because this is my right of free speech i Don t have any idea of allowing anybody to repress me. Any More than you nobody Ever came to his defense he reminded them when unkind things were said about him by political opponents that he was a Quot two bit Hack politician or fourth rate Hack politician a now it is certainly True that harsh and extreme things have been said about the vice president and that his critics have eagerly seized on his catch phrases and alliteration. Completely ignoring the contexts in which they were made or the precise targets to which he limited them. It is also True that the vice president theoretically has the same rights As any other citizen in fact however he does not. He is both something More and something less equal than the rest of us. When he Speaks he Speaks not Only As on individual or a politician but As the occupant of the second highest office in the land. Even someone so exalted As a senator can get away with delivering an extreme opinion. He can attack some group or individual or policy with the greatest intemperance and most of us will shrug and say Quot that s but even a moderate statement by a president or vice president a simple reference to Quot Campus bums a for instance can make headlines Blossom and cause All kinds of repercussions that May not be fair it May be an infringement on their rights of free speech but it is one of the inescapable disabilities of the offices they hold. It is stupid to say As one student did that Spiro Agnew is responsible for some of the violence in this country. But this student and others like him think he is and that May be just As bad. Of course if the vice president were not around they would blame somebody else. But the vice president is around. Spiro Agnew says he is not going to change his act not when he a still packing them in and millions Hope he never does. But All things eventually pall and there is such a thing As reaching the Point of diminishing returns. Berry a world in almanac if happened Here ten yearn ago today october 19, i960 a hearing onto a petition of the estate of h. A. Krebs seeking reimbursement for that part of the former High school athletic Field recently sold to the state of Minnesota for use by Bemidji state College was recessed pending the filing of briefs by the two parties concerned Bemidji weather continued Cloudy with a hard freeze with a High of 47 and a Low of 27 parking was again a major item of discussion at the regular meeting of the Bemidji City Council with the Council approving a plan to install parallel parking in the downtown area and taking under advisement a suggestion to initiate one Way traffic on Beltrami and Minnesota avenues. Twenty years ago today october 19, iwo a 1051 budget calling for an increase in spending of $24,000 was approved by the Bemidji City Council of the increase some $15,000 was for salary increases for City employees. Other Large boosts were for improvement in Street lighting and new Street department equipment. Of the $237,936 budgeted $124,000 would be raised from liquor store receipts licenses and tax refunds on cigarettes and liquor from the state. Thirty years ago today october i. 1910 John c. Gustafson of sol Way made history repeat itself when he won the 1940 Beltrami county urn husking contest his fifth in the six years the a vent had been held the View from Here �?T71 legislature to face a monster problems Gus wins $500 still not capitalist Gus Hall. Chairman of the communist party u.s.a., won $500 on a $1 lottery ticket in new York states monthly education lottery. Hall quickly made it Clear that the Windfall would not make a capitalist out of him. It takes much More than that a he said. Actually it takes much less. It does no to take any Money at All. Capitalism is not an account in the Bank but a philosophy just As communism is. A a capital does not mean Money. It Means anything that people attach a value to and Money is merely the medium by which people barter and Exchange those values. Unlike communism however capitalism is not a rigid ideology based on revealed truth but a flexible pragmatic approach to human needs that has matured and been modified Over the generations a system with great flaws but also with great triumphs. Capitalism thrives in an atmosphere of individual and political Freedom in which both its shortcomings and its potential for Good find greatest scope. Communism demands the repression of the individual and cannot tolerate the existence of political rivals. No it will take More than $500 to make a capitalist out of Gus Hall. By of in Holwick Minnesota news features when the 1971 legislature looks Over its Agenda several items that Haven t bothered it much so far will loom up As monsters that will have to be caged before they make has beens out of quite a few members this session legislators will not want to be caught napping while the bureaucrats again run up the Cost of government there will be scowls by Many citizens in the election voting in an awareness that non attentive 1969 legislators let the bureaucrats hike spending for fiscal 1970. Ended june 30. By $600 million to a grand total for the year of $2 269 billion legislators who feel comfortable in their $4,800 annual salaries for five months work every two years plus generous living expense allowances and a retirement program unequalled anywhere understand they la have to do More than dream this session the legislators pension program provides they can collect at 65. A full 40 per cent of their monthly pay after eight years in the legislature this Means an average legislator who has eight years on his record after 1965 can collect $140 a month for that period in addition to Hoo for each to years he was in the legislature prior to 1965 with possibilities of such income legislators will aim to stay in As Long As possible Hough on spending legislators in 1971 will have to be rough on the spending proposals. Programs will have to be Cut. Budgets slashed and Many state employees lopped from the payroll. Taxpayers won t accept shifting the Burden from one category to another. They know have to pay All the taxes that no one escapes the just the unjust Rich or poor. They re aware that every tax dime collected has to be sweated for and they re the ones who sweat for it. Now. The trimming will have to affect All budgets but let s look at some of the big ones highways. School aids. U. Of Minn Public welfare personnel the silent facts and figures about each of these will be brought out in successive columns of this feature. Let s look first at the Highway department which recently touted every Highway user with a demand for $44.66 from each of them via a v t cent increase in the state Gas tax a 15 per cent increase in the motor cent increase in the motor vehicle License fee and a straight $9 Flat surcharge on All vehicles to be added to the $140 now paid by the citizen Highway user. The assessment for using the roads after next july i would be almost $185 the Highway department s demand is for a total Overall increase in taxes paid by Highway users of $77 million Over the $313 budgeted for this fiscal year add the anticipated a natural Quot increase in Gas taxes and car License fees of $10 million and the department will have $400 million to spend. No reasons rarely does the Highway department give any plausible reasons for its demands for increased taxes it does not seek Highway user Confidence by explaining what happened to its revenues it simply emerges with a take it or leave it notice which might As Well say. A give us what we want or you get no its just that brutal. The figures show that during the last ten years the department has collected nearly $2 billion but says plaintively that that has not been enough to build All the Bridges and Straightaway required. It has not told the legislature nor any other body what it did with this Mountain of Money apparently expecting the Public to have Faith in its judgment Good or bad. It could be that internal economies Are needed. The department has a payroll of 5.800 that takes away nearly $50 million a year. It buys huge tracts of land in the last two years the state spent $47 million for land most of which was for Highway right of ways. Its extensive maintenance program require vast numbers of equipment the value of which Only the department knows. It seems to Fumble too. It bought a half million Dollar computer some years ago but seems to find its records gathering so fast they have to be destroyed before even being studied employees say. Look to Wisconsin the legislators might look to Wisconsin for guidance. Wisconsin has a half million More population than Minnesota but its Highway department gets along with 2.000 fewer employees and a payroll some $20 million less. Instead of a vast unwieldy and expensive maintenance set up. Wisconsin does All this sort of thing from filling cracks to removing Snow in contracts with its counties. This eliminates duplicate equipment. Wisconsin a Highway officials claim they get everything done that Minnesota does at less Cost it would seem so. Too because All roads Are smooth surfaced even to the townships and the going is comfortable for the motorists. Iowa with an operations plan similar to Wisconsin a snorts at the fat lady playing jacks clumsiness of Minnesota a antiquated method of building highways. Today in history on this Date ten years ago or Martin Luther King or and 52 other negroes were arrested during a sit Down demonstration in a department store restaurant in Atlanta. A five years ago in the dominican Republic rebel partisans and dominican troops clashed in the capital Santo Domingo one year ago two armed passengers from East Germany hijacked a polish Airliner and forced it to land in West Berlin galust dust dead horse a Dpi or Mia Lac 7 think i la lire dangerously and try the filet of Mercury Quot Ever wonder about world s weird jobs by Bob Haring associated press writer Newark. N j a have you Ever wondered about the wierd it Obs of the world like. Who puts the Jelly in the Telly doughnuts or who stuffs the Cotton in the aspirin bottle or who pins the pins in the neatly folded new shirt or who ties the laces in a new pair of shoes it s easy to imagine the crises that might occur if none of these jobs got done. At the same time a to a hard to imagine anybody spending a lifetime or even a 7>2-hour Day stuffing Little bits of Cotton into Little Green bottles. In older Days the spirit of taking Pride in one s Craft helped. But it is a Little Tough to imagine taking a great Deal of Pride in being the world s Best doughnut jellies and just How would you judge anyway presumably whoever puts the Jelly in the doughnuts uses some sort of a pastry stuffing device a thing that looks a bit like the clothing casing around some types of Bologna. Squeeze it and Mir out plops a Blob of Jelly to be surrounded by doughnut. But what sort of standards determine the great jellies How Many doughnuts you can do an hour How much Jelly you squirt into each doughnut or How Little or is it How you hold the jellies or the finesse with which each plop plops feedback comments from readers Anderson statements said false to the editor your article of sept. 29 carried some very bold allegations by Wendell Anderson concerning his race with Doug head. I think it is fair to have a Man answer for his record. Doug head is a firm believer in this philosophy. He has proven himself willing to meet the issues Headon and the voters of Minnesota know exactly where he stands on each Issue. W Hen Doug head campaigns in an area or in a Community he talks about local problems How they compare to issues around the sate and what he feels should be done. When Wendell Anderson was in your area he said that Doug head a a refused to debate publicly with he specifically mentioned other invitations from Duluth and Alexandria television stations. Or. Anderson knew that he would debate Doug head on oct. 2 in a special debate sponsored by twin City Federal savings and loan association. The Duluth debate is scheduled for oct. 23 and the Alexandria debate is scheduled for oct. 29. Both stations Are awaiting confirmation from or. Anderson How soon or. Anderson forgets. When or. Anderson campaigns he promises much and emphasizes How Tough and fair he will be As governor. My question is How soon will he forget thank you for your time. Sincerely Larry Gadola head for governor staff lady mayor would hear this plea to the editor what a Happy happenstance that we have a woman running for mayor lets elect her ladies. Its our one Chance of getting a Cen trally located women a rest room at Long last. At least a woman mayor will try to do something we Hope that we have begged for so Long in vain. Not everybody has a car and a lot of us have to walk Forth and Back when we need to shop for supplies. And it is terribly tiring to go from store to store and find no place to rest for a bit and refresh ourselves for the walk Home again. There Are so Many older folks who can to drive and Many younger women with Small children whose husbands have their cars to get to their jobs and All of us do have to get up town fairly often to buy needed supplies. We know this town is not so poor that the distaff Side of its citizenry can to have this badly needed place to rest a bit. It seems that it has been just the City fathers stubbornness. Maybe the lady mayor will be just As stub by in seeing to it that the women and kids get some favors along with the rest of the big spending. Sincerely mrs. E. Nelson Bemidji hotel monday ice Box tops club meet in room 114. Senior High school. Monday at 7 30 past presidents Parley meet with mrs. Herman Niit Tel Holtz. 917 Minnesota ave. Monday tor a 6 30 potluck supper Sweet Adeline regular rehearsal and guest night at first presbyterian Church Monda it at 7 45 . All interested women Welcome. Square dance beginner lessons every monday from 7 30 to to . At Lincoln school. Sonny Schultz instructor. Bemidji mothers club meet monday at 8 . With mrs. Paul Forsell 431 Central Avenue with mrs. Ann Stennes co hostess. Tuesday Northern Pat will meet tuesday oct. 20 at the school with room visitation from 7 to 8 . Coffee will be served following the 8 . Business session Grant Valley homemakers club meets tuesday at 1 30 . With mrs. Larry Burgoon. Members Are to bring sequins glue Felt sprayed bottle and Light bulb for the handicraft project. Lincoln school Pat will meet in the cafeteria tuesday at 8 . With the teachers providing the entertainment first Grade mothers will serve. Paul Bunyan chapter specs qua will rehearse at the first lutheran Church tuesday at 8 . Alcoholics Anonymous and Al anon family group will meet in the United methodist lounge tuesday at 8 . For information and transportation Call 751-1362. Central school Pat meets in the cafeteria tuesday at 8 . Doyle Aultman will be the speaker. Kindergarten parents serving. Wednesday Bethel lutheran women a groups meet wednesday As follows Sarah group with mrs. Verner Miller route 2, Bemidji Ruth with mrs. Harlow Bergstrom route i Bemidji at 2 30 . Martha group at 8 . With mrs. Bud Saar route 4 Mary at b . With mrs. Darrel i Puderbaugh 1107 Roosevelt re first Baptist Church missionary society meets at the Church wednesday at 7 30 boxes will in packed for her Vic men. Hostesses mines k Masterson Lydia Topping Mae for Seth and Marvin Mot presbyterian circles will meet wednesday As follows Circle i mrs. John Kemp. Route 5. At 9 30 a in Call 751-5761 for rides Circle 2. 8 in the fireplace room hostesses. Mrs. Mildred Slough and mrs Bill Parker. Circle 3 at 8 with mrs Mark Witmer. 2332 a Alihan Avenue Circle 4 Vuth mrs. Roy Gregg. Route 5 at 1 30 . Circle 5 meets with mrs Herb Warfield. 1318 Bemidji Avenue at 1 30 or Ham Peterson co hostess Circle 6 meets with mrs Ham. Pihl. Birchmont. At 2 . Circle 7 with mrs Doug i. Bemidji at i 30 pm United methodist circles meet wednesday As follows Circle i with mrs. Wagner Collins. Wilton at 9 30 am. Mrs. Perry Armin. Co hostess Circle 2 with mrs a has. Sattgast. 700 Minn ave at 9 30a.m. Mrs Roland Baxter and mrs. Olive Glenn co hostesses Circle 3 in the Church lounge at 1 45 hostesses Mes Kerne Kanne. Pearl Britton. Archie Gwinn and Clara Porte. Circle 4 with mrs Clair Siple. 1601 Bixby Avenue. Mrs Earl Shaff and mrs Earl Winters co hostesses. The Tomb of the unknown Soldier of the american revolution is in the churchyard of the old presbyterian meetinghouse in Alexandria a. State senator hit exp Orinoco at mayor off Bemidji hat Mack Chat award off Tho problem off Tho Poolt hoi. Adv. A prepared and ordered inserted by Oman Volunteer committee Bernard Miller Trees. Chief theatre Hpe i Hove f a i s Al a do pm a f m in of in m Rui Day Din Kazan �ssmbiw1ximd Tim is it toy of Flash Seaway a mat. Olin Btl tart w a Odd. A it by he Mumm end Send mid of owe am Dowie a it a a a a we"�?1&Quot a Quot a no Ament Quot ext Charta magi technicolor Dana vision from Warner Broo

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