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Bemidji Daily Pioneer Newspaper Archives Aug 14 1967, Page 1

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Bemidji Daily Pioneer (Newspaper) - August 14, 1967, Bemidji, Minnesota Weather continued warm details on Page 3 volume lev number 98 news in Brief Washington. Apr Federal officials Are surveying the capacity of cities to handle medical emergencies resulting from riots with indications Federal Aid might be proposed if major deficiencies Are found. Or. Carruth Wagner director of the Public health services Bureau of health services says the Standard of planning for emergencies always has depended on the existence of Law and order. Rioting he said in an interview a makes it an entirely different Ball Wagner noted that in the Newark n. J., riot there was evidence ambulances were fired upon by snipers. A most people never would have anticipated this a he said. He added some Newark Hospital staff members were unable to get to work because the riot area Lay Between their Homes and the Hospital. He said Good blood and blood substitutes were in Short Supply. A a a Saigon. Apr South Vietnam s militant buddhists a owed today to stage protests against the government s recognition of a rival faction As the country s official Buddhist Church and hinted at a Quot struggle in a strongly worded statement the leadership also denounced the current presidential Campaign and called for Quot drastic they avoided saying what form the protests would take but questions about Quot struggle movements Quot or brought wild cheers and applause from the More than 800 Buddhist followers at a news conference. The Quot struggle movements Quot of extremists buddhists have in the past been Able to help topple governments and bring thousands of demonstrators into the streets. But their Power is believed to have greatly diminished following their clash with Premier Nguyen Cao by last year. It of Vatican City. Apr with Little fanfare Pope Paul i is opening the doors of the conservative roman curia to direct influence by National conferences of roman Catholic Bishops around the world. This May turn out to be the most significant move in his developing program to make the curia the Central administration of the Church More democratic and modern. The move was announced saturday with publication of a signed decree stipulating that diocesan Bishops would be made full members of the 12 congregations the major curia agencies. Seven Bishops will be named to each of the 12 congregations plus three Heads of orders to the congregation of the religious. This Means 84 Bishops from various conferences will come to the Vatican each year to attend the congregations plenary meetings dealing with policy and major decisions. Wow Mackinac Island. Mick. Apr gov. George Romney final push for Ike 1988 Republican presidential nomination appeared to be under Way today following a weekend meeting with three of his major supporters. The weekend was billed As time of rest of relaxation and Romney and his guests. New York gov. Nelson a. Rockefeller. Rhode Island gov. John Chafee. And former gov. William Scranton left sunday still there had been Little serious political discussion. But at a news conference saturday the three for the first time together emphatically endorsed Romney. And said they would work for his nomination. There also appeared a new tone to Romney news conferences a tone that indicated to some there is no longer any question that Romney will seek the nomination. Although he has yet to formally announce his candidacy. Wow St. Paul. Apr Donald d. Wozniak has announced his resignation from the u. S. Foreign service in order to return to Minnesota to help rebuild the democratic Farmer labor party. The former assistant Del House floor Leader stopped just Short of formally declaring his candidacy for the party a 1970 gubernatorial nomination. Wozniak said he discussed his plans with the Minnesota Del Washington delegation including vice president Hubert Humphrey and termed their reaction As last thursday rep. John beatnik. D-Minn., said he would support Wozniak if the legislative Veteran sought the governorship. Wozniak spent 14 years in the Minnesota House 12 of them As assistant floor Leader. He left Minnesota two years ago for a career in the diplomatic Field. A a a Washington. Apr president Johnson Stop fiscal spokesmen Are ready to argue that painful As it is to raise income taxes it would be More painful to let inflation Cut everyone a purchasing Power. Johnson Scall for a surcharge of to per cent on the income tax owed by individuals and corporations starts its series of tests in a Congress whose members Range from grimly resigned to hostile to the proposal. Treasury Secretary Henry h. Fowler budget director Charles l. Schultze and chairman Gardner Ackley of the Council of economic advisers were assigned to the opening presentation today before the House ways and Means committee. Johnson in a series of sessions with House democrats has Laid out the main lines of the administration argument a a deficit possibly approaching $30 billion would mean inflation higher interest rates scarce Money for the Small business and individual Borrower and quite Likely disaster for the Home building Industry. A a a Salt Lake City. Apr families of the nation s 42jkk striking Copper workers and the Dosen or More Copper towns Are awaiting the next payday but it seems no closer now than when the strike began one month ago today. Most people close to the situation the workers company officials and Union representatives indicate this could be the longest Copper strike of them All longer than the six month work stoppage of 1959-80. Quot the bad thing Quot says Bill Prokopis Quot is that Between strikes you never make up what you Prokopis owns a bar in Magna Utah a Copper town in the Southwest Corner of the great Salt Lake Valley. He comes from a Copper family and worked five years for Kennicott Copper corp. Ten cents per copy Bemidji. Minnesota monday aug. 14, 1967 . Planes hit targets near red China s Border Cooling their heels. Soldier of the . 25th infantry division Dangle their feet Over the sides As they Are transported by helicopter into an operational area in the Mekong Delta Southwest of Saigon. The unit was on a search and Clear operation. A wire photo witness in Kennedy death found guilty of perjury by Bill Crider new Orleans up a a jury convicted Dean Andrews today of lying to a grand jury about a mysterious figure in the alleged new Orleans plot to assassinate president John f. Kennedy. Guilty on three of five perjury counts the criminal dist. Court jury decided at 1 30 ajn., after deliberating two hours and 40 minutes. A i really should t complain a said Andrews with a heavy sigh moments before he was hustled off to jail. Quot if i did no to have bad Luck i have any St defense attorney Harry Burg lass immediately announced an Appeal will be filed on Many Points of Law. Judge Frank j. Shea did not set a Date for sentencing. Bur Glass said Andrews 44, will not be eligible for Bond until he has been sen Tito begins peace Mission by Boris Boscovich Cairo a yugoslav president Tito has begun visiting socialist Arab countries involved directly in the War with Israel in an Effort to help Arab leaders find an acceptable Way Oyt of the present deadlock Over israeli Possession of territory captured in the War. No immediate results Are expected but observers believe his Mission will be a Success if it brings the arabs to reconsider and take what Tito called a More realistic approach toward a peace formula with the victorious israelis. Arab discussions so far have entered on a Means of removing the traces of israeli after extensive talks with egyptian president carnal Abdel Nasser in Cairo Tito is expected to go to Syria and Iraq with his plea for realism. Tito s Mission gained importance from the fact that both president Johnson and soviet leaders have sent him messages outlining their views on a solution to problems of the june War. Tito is believed to have acquainted Nasser with the attitude of the two largest Powers which reportedly also Call for realistic policies. He is expected to do the same in Damascus and Baghdad. Tended. Maximum sentence would be five years. The Case went to the jury before Midnight after Marathon debate for five Days and included a sunday session so unusual the judge had to Check the la books to see if it was Legal. The trial was before a five Man jury because the charge of perjury is a Misdemeanour under Louisiana Law. Twelve member juries Are reserved for felony cases. In final arguments the state accused Andrews of negroes wound 5 White men by Bill Neikirk Hammond la. A a group of negroes demanding a we want Beer Quot shot into a crowd of Whites barring their Way to a tavern sunday night wounding ave White men state police said. State police and sheriffs deputies raided negro bars at Covington 20 Miles from Here before Dawn today and arrested 12 negro men and women. Col. Thomas d. Burbank state director of Public safety rushed from Baton Rouge and said several of those jailed had taken part sunday in the Bogalusa civil rights a liberation March Quot which stopped Here for the night in route to the state capital. A but they Haven to been regular marchers Quot said sheriff Tom Sanders of Tangipahoa Parish. A Cpd say they were curiosity . You Gleader of the March denied any of his followers were involved. He said a fall of our people were the wounded men were hospitalized in Hammond. Authorities at the Hospital refused to give their condition. Cot Ray heard of the state crime Laboratory gave parafin tests to the arrested negroes to determine if any had fired weapons recently. Sixty five state troopers armed with riot girls guarded the negro marchers who camped for the night at a school streets of Hammond were deserted in the predawn hours but the atmosphere was taut. Burbank indicated he would try to escort the marchers out of the area before their scheduled to a. In. Departure. Trying a a to play games with the Orleans Parish grand jury which is probing an alleged assassination plot. The prosecution said Andrews wound up trapped in lies. On the contrary said Burglass what the state truly indicated to Andrews was Quot Tell us what we want to hear Dean and then its All five counts of perjury against Andres a lawyer who once advised Lee Harvey Oswald on minor Legal matters were filed primarily because he said he could not identify Clay l. Shaw As the mysterious Clay Bertrand. Dist. Atty. Jim Garrison contends that Shaw 54, a wealthy new Orleans businessman used Quot Bertrand As an alias to plot the murder of Kennedy. The Warren commission said Oswald acted alone in the 1963 assassination at Dallas Tex. The defense rested its Case after playing a voice tape of Andrews replies to state interrogation before the grand jury March 16. A the told them the truth a said Burglass Quot but he a got a Jivey Way of doing it. He told them Clay Shaw was not Clay Bertrand but they say he lied. 2 men drown Over weekend by the associated press boating accidents at White Bear Lake and the St. Louis River at Duluth claimed two lives Over the weekend. Air Force staff sgt. George Mccain 47, of Duluth was thrown from his boat and drowned sunday after a Collis Sian with a Bridge pier on the St. Louis River. His son George jr., 9, was rescued from the still floating boat by . Coast guardsmen. Search operations will continue today for the body. Gale Hoover 52, St. Paul drowned saturday evening in White Bear Lake after his boat tipped Over near Manitou Island. A companion in the boat Dewey Parrott 42, St. Paul was rescued by Neil Houtcooper of White Bear whose boat was nearby when the Accident occurred. Ramsey county sheriffs divers will continue the search for hoovers body today. By George Esper associated press writer Saigon a . Warplanes struck for the second straight Day today at targets just to Miles from red China s Border closer to China than the air raids on North Vietnam Ever had come before sunday the . Command said. Their attacks were along the major Railroad from red China to Hanoi. Navy a6 intruders and a4 sky Hawks from the Carrier Constellation in the Tonkin Gulf raked the Long son Railroad bypass Bridge 63 Miles North of Haiphong. Pilots reported dropping the Southern Span of the 360-foot, four Span Structure. A . Military spokesman said the Bridge is half a mile East of the Long son Railroad and Highway Bridge which was knocked out in raids near the chinese Border sunday. The Navy said the Bridge was one of two bypass Bridges being built by the North vietnamese at Lang son to link with the major rail line. Other Navy pilots from the Constellation hammered a rail siding South of Lang son and pilots said they Cut the tracks in several places. The pilots reported they encountered Only Light antiaircraft fire. No planes were reported lost in the latest raids but the . Command announced that in saturdays 151 attacks on the North an f105 thunderchief and an rf4c reconnaissance plane were shot Down by ground fire. All three crewmen were listed As missing. This brought to 641 the total of grizzlies in Glacier Park kill 2 g girls West Glacier Mont. A the superintendent of Glacier National Park says lightning May have goaded two grizzly bears into killing two 19-year-old girls Early sunday As they slept in sleeping bags in this rugged wilderness. Killed in the separate incidents 20 Miles apart in the mountainous Park on the Montana Canada Border were Julie Helgeson of Albert Lea,Minn., and Michele koans of san Diego Calif. Roy Ducat 18, of Perrysburg Ohio was seriously injured by the Bear that killed miss Helgeson. Forest rangers pressed a search for the killer animals. Park supt. Keith Neilso said his Only theory on the attacks was that lightning strikes in the Park alarmed the normally shy near sighted grizzlies into attacking. Lightning started 14 Forest fires in the Park saturday and sunday. More than 400 firefighters tried to control them. The Park has had no rain since june. A there seems to be an association Between the lightning and the attacks Quot Neilson said a but we can to be sure. There is no Scarcity of natural food and the grizzly is an unusually shy animal. Its strange for them to Neilson said he has had several reports of bears nudging people in sleeping bags this summer but they ran when the campers screamed. The Bear that killed miss Noons sniffed at four other sleeping bags while the occur pans Lay Frozen with fear then attacked miss Koons Neilson said. The others escaped but the Zipper on her sleeping bag stuck. Announced . Warplane losses Over North Vietnam. As the air War came closer to communist China in what appeared to be a lifting of some target restrictions by president Johnson Sharp ground fighting flared in South Vietnam a Northern 1st corps area. Elements of the 1st brigade of the . 101st airborne division starting operation Benton ran into a withering barrage of Small arms automatic weapons mortar and artillery fire from too to 150 communist troops in a Battle that raged from sunday night until nearly Dawn today. The paratroopers said Thor counted 35 enemy dead on the Battlefield Southwest of coastal Tam by about 340 Miles Northeast of Saigon. Two paratroopers were killed and unfounded the . Troops also reported capturing 18 enemy weapons. Another unit of the brigade suffered 12 wounded Sunder night in a 60mm mortar badge fired by guerrillas. Fulbright criticizes Johnson s War policy Vav Ashington a . Bombing within to Miles of red China detonated Sharp new criticism of the Vietnam War by a persistent critic of administration War policy and appeared Likely to generate More debate on Capitol Hill. A i think it s very dangerous and extremely stupid Quot said chairman j. W. Fulbright d-ark., of the Senate foreign relations committee. But Senate preparedness subcommittee chairman John Stennis d miss., said the broadened bombing of North Vietnam reflects a More pressure Philo Sony which he supports. The new level of bombing came on the eve of Senate de Bate on president Johnson a foreign Aid program. Debate opening today already had been expected to bring fresh attacks on Johnson politics in Vietnam and elsewhere in the world. Whether one variety of recent congressional criticism that bombing was too sparing affected Johnson s decision to add new targets could not be determined As the White House fended off questions on the shift in tactics. But it was Learned that Stennis subcommittee heard secret testimony last week from adm. Ulysses . Sharp Pacific commander that Johnson had agreed to some Extension of warplanes options to strike what one subcommittee member called a lucrative strikes sunday against North vietnamese rail Yards to Miles from red China and Friday against Hanoi a Doumer Bridge came after Johnson lifted temporarily two major target restrictions. Pentagon sources say the administration will continue those restrictions except on certain key vital missions. The restricted areas Are a 30-mile diameter Circle around Hanoi penetrated two or three times previously and a 15-to-20-mile wide Buffer zone along the North Vietnam red China Boun-1 Dary. Fulbright said the bombing Norb tries to head off strike Duluth Minn. A the National labor relations Board has called a meeting Here at i . Today Between Union and Industry negotiators in Hopes of heading off a Grain elevator strike. The american federation of Grain Millers have called a strike for 8 . Tuesday for elevators at Duluth Superior wis., and the twin cities if a new contract is not reached. Sundays meeting at Minneapolis was closed to the press. Near red China a is directly contrary to what was the established policy of the government in 1964 and it will Lead the country directly into the most disastrous full rights committee including members already troubled Over Vietnam Cut Johnson s $3.4 billion foreign Aid request by $736 million. Senate democratic Leader Mike Mansfield a foe of increased bombing said he Hopes to hold the line against anther cuts in the Bill but added a i expect it will be Tough traffic toll on state roads Roaches 524 Fly the Amft olates pm seven More names were added to the 1967 Minnesota traffic toll during the weekend pushing to death count to 524, or nine ahead of last years record Pace on this Date. Latest victim was Nail Pederson to of Canby Minn. The Highway patrol said he was a passenger in s Cost driven by Greg j. Kloose 14 of Porter which collided with an Auto driven by Michael e. King 18, Canby. The Accident occurred St a county Road intersection on mile East of Canby sunday. The patrol reported airs. Laura Nustad 50, of Excelsior Minn., was fatally injured Early sunday in a two car crash in Highway i in Shorewood Village. Mrs. Nustad was a passenger in a car driven by her husband Alton 49, who was critically injured. The other Driver Craig c. Melony 17, of Minneapolis escaped injury. Mark Bottelberghe 6, of Marshall Minn., was fatally injured saturday while Riding his bicycle on a county Road South of Ghent Minn. Driver of the car was Cyril polfliet Ghent. William f Schmidt 42, Rural recenter Minn., was killed saturday after noon three Miles South of that town when he apparently fell out of his truck while making a right turn and was run Over by the vehicle. Jean e. Wilson 19, Claremont was fatally injured in a two car crash near there saturday. Aruthr Leining jr., 23, of Plummer Minn., was killed saturday in a car a truck crash 28 Miles East of thief River Falls. Edward Kokal 47, est it Leth was killed Friday night when his car missed a curve and overturned on the outskirts of Eveleth. Odd Job to earn Money almost costs youth his life by Darrell Christian Williamson w. Is. A1 a an Odd Job to earn Money for school clothes almost Cost 15-year old Leonard Boyce his life. He climbed into a neighbors water Well on a cleaning project then faced 24 hours of deathly terror. Tons of Rock and Earth collapsed on the youth 14 feet underground Friday evening and it took some 40 Rescue workers using shovels Bare hands and Earth moving equipment until sat urday evening to pull him free. A i thought i was a goner for sure a recalled Boyce from his Hospital bed Here where he was reported in Good condition today after two nights of sleep. Boyce of Parsley a Bottom near this southwestern West Virginia Community close to the Kentucky Bor Dor was trapped up to his Chest and went without food except for some water and hot chocolate during the 24 hours that workers frantically tried to set him free. Cave in after Cave in frustrated reduce efforts and for awhile some workers feared the Well would collapse and Encomb the youth. After the boy was pulled free the Rescue trenches and the Well in the sloping front Yard of Willard Howell were filled in by a Bulldozer. Smiling from his Hospital bed but still Able to eat Only soft foods Boyce said Quot praying helped pull me his parents or. And mrs. Ben Boyce along with dozens of other relatives and Well wishers visited h i m sunday. Quot i never would have lasted two hours in a place like that a said the father. A the has More spunk than the rest of the family put together a referring to the youngsters to Brothers and Sisters. Quot that a Why i never gave up Hope a the elder Boyce said. A a it a a horrible thing to be 15 feet away from a boy and not be Able to give him your hand when he wants it a he continued. Leonard will be a Sophomore in Lenore High school this fall. His father a former Coal Miner receives about $250 monthly from the state welfare department. Mrs. Howell who remained sleepless As the Rescue workers met one setback after another said later a i done to believe i could have taken it for another she said she was a afraid they would Start pulling him out and the whole Well would Cave Boyce attempting to climb out of the Welc knocked Loose a couple of Large rocks that triggered the Cave in and he was tripped. Rescue operations were hampered by the Loose soil and because he was trapped a Little More than Halfway Down the 21-foot Well. Trenches were dug deep alongside the Well and Boyce was pulled free from below St 5 07 . Saturday

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