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Belmont News Newspaper Archives May 15 1986, Page 1

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Belmont News (Newspaper) - May 15, 1986, Belmont, Manitoba A a Vince Orff a nil a a a a a a 3t. Itji i Jorr Ops in. Sex Insh class i a11 n inti Nebr Iii Bel m o n t n Kwh s published in be Mont on 4th St Liteh wet k on in Hui Day 25 c per copy $7 00 a your within a 40 mile retd Tiivi ill adv Aitch $8 00 a year out of 40 Miles in i Anada in Advance $12.00 a year in and other countries in to Vance y a a Cyl thursday May 15th, 1986 Lemoul Nita number 20 Twenty Oei Pilunt Manitoba Bok oco Canada . Of Riverside Council minutes regular meeting of May 5, 1986 Reeve Garabed called the regular meeting to of Der May 5, 1986 at 7 00 pm present a councillors present Reeve Garabed in the chair. Resolution no 1 be it resolved that the minutes. Of the regular meeting of april 15, 1986 be adopted As read Carr. Resolution no 2 by it a olved that the Council of the Rural of River Side approve the paid Geral accounts As per Sheet no 17 totalling $7,103,59 and paid water accounts As per Sheet no 18 totalling $176-a so to it resolved that the coun. Cil of the Rural municipality approve the unpaid general accounts As per Sheet no 19 totalling $2,900.1& and unpaid water accounts As per Sheet no 20 totalling $72,75, Resolution no 3 be it resolved that the Council of the Rural municipality author ize Dave Steinke to attend the Chi Amnion training school in Goderich Ontario sponsored by i Hampton. Road machinery Resolution no 4 be it resolved that by Law no-7 of 1986 be introduced and read to Council a first and second time mles suspended. Carried Resolution no 5 by it resolved that by Law it 7 of 1986 Bezeg a by Law to authorize the hiring of Harvey p f5rd be j now read a third time Aad fully passed in Council carried Corres it Indence 1, a letter was received from fhe 1-h foundation asking for funds. Council feels this Shou id be left to individuals rather i than using ratepayer funds i 2. A letter was received from Manitoba water services Board St i rating that the study will be con ducted subject to availability of a a funds and staff 3. A notice of Public meeting in. Der the planning act for the i of Boissevain zoning by Law was received. This does not of act the i Rural municipality of rive it Side and no reply was necessary it a i 4. Correspondence concerning course for building inspectors was i received. Our inspector will not be i sent. New business much discussion took place con Ujj Kerning construction to be done i during 1986, a list of the work ahead was Given to the Secretary treasurer Resolution no. 6 be it resolved that the Council of the Rural municipality of River Side aspic the Road construction program As discussed for 1986 in the a Hole Guitie Pality Carr reports Reeve Garabed reported on our crushed gravel Supply. He reported it will take at least 8400 to 85 n Yards to do our roads that we adjourn the next meeting to be at the Call of the Reeve Freer Trade will Bene fit Farmers says Clark choir Melyer Plo nored Quot h in honours mrs Mclean at the regular practice of the Knox United Church choir Belmont on wednesday night choir Mem Bers Hono cd mrs Ella Mclean who has been a faithful member for Many years. Mrs Mclyn a bars that she first joined the choir in 1928, when the minister was or w Allace organist and. Choir director was mrs Lawson Whilt or cast ii was sunday school superintendent that a a lot of Sig leg but mrs Mcl and a voice is Clear Strong and True and her con tribute Iii to the choir is invaluable of word Myers president of the choir on behalf of the members presented mrs Mclean a gift of an re Atin for her outstanding contribution to the Church and exp a a a a sad the hone that mrs Mclean will keep on singing us education highlights four h him Lee Clark . Brand ii Souris Prairie Farmers would Rattler a have Freer Trade talks than suffer the consequences of american protectionism Brandon Souris Mph be Clark said speaking in the House of commons. Without a Freer Trade agreement the u.s., Farmers could lose some of their markets because of growing american protectionism said Clark. He also pointed my a that Prairie Farmers stand to gain about $60 Mill on a year if a frer. A Rade agreement is reached . The United states according to a. Study by the Prairie wheat pools he criticized nip president Marion Dewar and Edmonton Book publisher Mel blurt in for their. A doom and Golenp warnings to can Adiani Farmers Abt iut Freer Trade. Made at a meeting in Wynn Furg. Over the weekend. A curiously Many liberals and. New democrats Are so afraid of change that they do not want even to consider Bow we might Benefit for. Oni greater Access to an Export Market ten times the size of our. Own he said. To rep new column Martin Penner agricultural rep the wet conditions of this Spring Are causing a great Deal of con Cern As you look to your planting operations. It might be Well to re View your Choice of crops As to Type and variety. Should you be considering More Short season crops such As Barley polish canola or even buckwheat for the Tail end of the seeding a conling to a letter received from or Joe Tsukamoto Canada and Manitoba appear to live Allen considerably Short of the expected quantities of buckwheat which were to have been expo Ltd to Jap an. As a result the futures prices for this commodity have risen shortly the a Himy economic picture has forced Many people to ask themselves a is it even Worth while putting a crop in a the answer if a a yes As Long As the returns More than pay for the operating costs. At $3.00 per Bushel for wheat it requires 29 bushels a to pay Ioro per acre of Prat on May 8th there were 104 cattle no Costa. Toese Indue $4a for fert 170 hogs sold 8 goats at 3/.00 Hunter saftey inst gators award by Garth Mcintyre the students Fromke in and the senior band had the pleasure of listening to an excellent Pei for to Fiance by the Acadia Junior High band this group of approximately 80 youngsters presented a Lively c. Cert both a stage band amp their full concert band. We were included As their final Stop in a three Day tour of Manitoba a very successful prom supper and dance was held at the Kinsmen Community Hall last Friday night. The Grade i class assisted by or Pickering a prom advisor and mrs Shackel and mrs East pro Vic d a delicious meal or Fuller served As my for the a silly awards presented to the grads As voted up c l by the grads. Music for the Dan in was by Shadow sound. Liis years prom Queen was Kathy Cut h 11 Todd Haslen selected As prom King our thanks to the staff and Parent chaperones Dave Owczar Gwyn Pickering Ewart Hudson Carl Lohman and or amp John Mav or Jim Ball and or Doug Cullen the format for selecting students to receive Camp scholar ships will be changing this year. Each year the Glenboro band parents Assoc sponsors several scholarships to the International music Camp at the peace gardens students must have completed the or. Vii band program at Glenboro school to be eligible. This year any student interested in attending music Camp must fill out an application form to be considered for the $100,00 scholarship Canad Iii funds. The total Cost is $150. Us funds although there Art a limited number of scholarships available it is strongly recommended that All students interested in music Camp grades Vii Xii fill out the application forms. Forms Are available at the school deadline for application is May 20 tie senior boys and girls fast Ball gets underway this week games monday and wednesday did you know that 4�?h began in Roland Manitoba in 1913? since that time 4�?h clubs have spread out Over Manitoba and across Canada. 4- h Wui be celebrating their 75 the anniversary in 1988. As an anniversary project the Manitoba 4�? h foundation is proposing in write a Manitoba 4�?h history Book for this the foundation needs the help of past 4�?h members leaders and parents the foundation is asking people to Send in historical accounts f All clubs that have been or Are still. Active in Manitoba does anyone remember the Northfield Garden and poultry club How about the Killarney automotive club or the Rowland Home dec club ? if there Are past leaders and members who do remember clubs have some of the old books of these clubs or pictures please collect them and Send them a written account of your involve ment in the dub to Mary Mitchell a office 810 Nix tray 401 York Winnipeg Manitoba sl3c Ops the deadline is december 31, 1986 v volunteers ik3nate 04�?Tek 500 hold is to the Manitoba lung association the Manitoba lung association we Ould like to celebrate Volunteer recognition week by publicly thanking All its Medico cd volunteers without our crops if energetic volunteers it would be impossible for us to offer such vital Community programs As operation kick it the family asthma program Rural one Day asthma workshops Freedom from smoking and the lung update workshop we Aree grateful to our volunteers for helping us provide and arrange Community services such As Media interviews displays ser vice group classroom pro sent to inns and professional group pc sensations. Our services were brought to your Community As a result of Valu steers in Brandon Souris Russell Keston Hamiota Birtle Wawanesa on anole Rivers Ninette Mel Ita Killarney Boissevain Shoal Jike Strathclair Elkhorn Minne Dosa Eden Crystal City Belmont and Cardale. A wide variety of Volunteer. Due to the Large number of clubs work is available our Agency that have been and w e still pit Serra and we w Elcome interested Volun in the province some account May be edited or some May not be included. How Ever it is hoped that we can get As Many As do Syible so they can be put on file in the provincial archives if you require More information or have any questions Contact Elk Naie or Marie at the a. Office 523-4510 Mai at a 4�?h happen in a a in Kilburney auction Mart ears. For More information or to Volunteer please Call Cooper at 725-4230, thank you to All our Voi Utec s for your generous donation of time Over the past year i Milizer and chemicals. Given those vels of fertilizer the target yield is 45 Bushel per acre. Given the moisture for planting is it unreasonable to aim at a average yield of 35 bushels per acre the extra 6 Bushel $18 per acre will not quite pay for renting land a but definitely make it Worth w Hile painting the crop. D1 amp d2 cows 46--50 d3 amp d4 43�?46 cows amp calves 740�?760. Bulls 62 Light feeder steers under 500 lbs Plain 85�?90 500-700 lbs Plain 80�?89 700�?850 lbs Plain 74�?79.75 ight feeder heifers under 500 lbs 72�?82 500-700 lbs Plain 70�?77 700--850 lbs Plain 65�?70 Day old continued on Page 3 a Kilburney 4h District Council presents the Manitoba Limiter safety program has been in Coj stench in Manitoba for 19 years All Hunters less than 19 years of age must have graduated from the i hour course before their first lie Ewe May he purchased or has he ii an instr Etc or for seven teen years and is Riiel ured Here reve ivling a plaque for 13 a ears service Ironi or Morris Comeau. Director of the program at the regular meeting of Pelican Lake agricultural society meeting held in the rink on May 13th 86 president Russia go it ver receiving the 4 ii Booster award presented by the Killavey 4 h Council for i poring 4 a work in the by Laura Roc District coun cil representative achievement Days for Many 4 a a clubs Are now Over and Ever one is preparing for rally Day Over the years the projects Avail Able to 4-h members Are constant in changing. New projects Are be coming available and the More familiar projects Are being updated. One of the new projects that some members tried this year is called crowing in this project a member learns about the Art of be ing a Clowtis As Well As makeup and j costuming. They also learn Pant Omine puppetry and other techniques in acting like a Clown. They certainly enjoyed their project and added a lot of laughs to their project and added a lot of laughs to their evening programs another new project is on financial management called a making your Money county Here the Mem Ber learns about record keeping credit budgeting banking values and goals. Its designed to help 4-h members when they Are out on heir of n and Remon sible for Ith Tir own financial arrangements microwave projects were also new year and Here the member a learn what to look for in Ducrot it use them and differ ent cooking techniques. Those members who took this or Oiveri Felt p cd had Learned a lot and were a o mfg Tab in in using their microwaves thereva Ere Elsone so taken in Bee keeping rabbits co ror vation and computer Nroy Ramm mar As Wel. These pm sects. Along Quot a a a a ,t1 the of hrs a Ere undo or a a a Ken this Nast year certainly added us to Verv interesting achieve ment Days. The work that these members put into their projects be seen and the pm and d women aglow Meehong while still awaiting their charter the newly forming Ninette chapter of women aglow Fellowship became Active to Weir first meeting at Ninette school on the evening of april 23, 1986. About Twenty ladies from Belmont Bois a Evain Killarney Minto Ninette tree Bank and Wawanesa met for d program of Praise and worship sharing and teaching in gods word and ministry to one another a needs n gods love and Power. Bev Neumann from Waskada who is vice president of ministries in the Central area Board of Maui i Oba was the speaker. Rev Brian Parker of the Killarney anglican Church was the attending Odrisc. Women aglow Fellowship is an interdenominational world wide organization of women whose Pur pose is to serve women of every age status and culture in love to worship and glorify god and to share the full gospel of Jesus Christ All people everywhere. Each chapter is led by an executive of women who Are prayerfully chosen and carefully screened Ich is responsible to the area Board and through it to the National and International boards. Each chapter also has at least three male me Mbere of clergy who act As advisors one of whom is required to be in attendance at every chapter meeting every woman in the area is invited and Welt me to come to this or any other aglow chapter meeting a never lag in Zeal and in Earnest a Deavor be aglow and burning the spirit serving the to Ord romans 12 11 amplified Bible from Ninette aglow Fellowship chapter aria Giesbrecht. Wawanesa 824�?2323 Eva he Thorington Ninette 528�?3344 rally Efcy will be the next important Date in the 4-h year. Here you will Ste examples of All the projects and the work that has been Dent. Done to forget to Mark dictation the leaders put into their june 2nd As Melita rally and clubs add up to a very successful june 6th As the Boissevain Kilstr program in the area Ney rally see you there

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