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Read an issue on 17 Jul 1880 in London, Middlesex and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Bells Life In London And Sporting Chronicle.

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Bells Life In London And Sporting Chronicle (Newspaper) - July 17, 1880, London, Middlesex July 1880 Price by Rosr 61 bulls life in try and a kd1tiux by Nunu Price of or by by for to Ellie is for rus 5 7 Vermir 7 Hatki 5 2 i of mid Rnic a series of 4 f Rel by file Oclock r tit cultic i jilt at Somerset House to ii ivs Ages to contexts Bills of of Civ Hace Gas n d 0 w n v r k c l u and j c 21 and h i an 5 Vau 1 i 1 Irba Slat for no i firtion i Raj Hank Holiday meet Amir the to want l clerk of the u o i pin i or Uli i Auk Havivi Mila u a Flani Cap 1h 1 k f ii is of ii t f k 1ion k m Ivo v u old 1late of c 1 k by it afro or f to the Cit St Rinji d tit t f Ullh ii Tiik ii n such cars us hit he f if Ilia n Klimi Ramhap Plain it woj Entrance tu3 Irit of tha the u Tkv Yahk two Okah old Sollino plate of s i an 1 p 8t in i Winner in de Jod f r of do 8id fur t0 its it t 2 for Ibatao trite fur Rufii j Kirk item mrja what ii ii Urt e8 Maitland Ali Overstock clerk of Uio Aud Egi Iam Hacks will take place on tuesday and Uia 1th and i f under us rules t f close Ani in adj to Mill Iii car in or or to Mara of a Iundy july to first Tho Ptan to of 15 for throw year Olds and Nair w my alter tic i Tab Minyou Whir Iii m 9 Tulio of Fol Init it Sot f by Bovick Iii Itji to kure is in Amil tolf left in Llort Glit tha 11kof in Splott cup value i for a Tut if any Ift Ortho u Curry of b Handicap Limi St a Chubb p 3 Waii to Wilh Bohnn Leto Tell f r lowest Wight St 71b 0110 t f for two of for Olarti the Winner to n in Uny by pm ens to Froais Sale by x he Aluies at uie Lime of entry bum e3 Flo s Pecosh and Studl sex staked of in Akes if 1c Suva s declared uie flu Fer the pubic com the wet hug r Lorna f Timidi or of i Pinili Villi Khz of lib Mitra lits i title la i h Only liability if be dec fret by a time to be named Boa tie weights Onia mile tree Gulf value 5nn of in sirs for two three 8it Fronir n Jeli Jig Al Lowell 3tb Ifni won n tur Ngi rues Oncea if cos Hon not pm As 00 allowed two fld nn1 2 b a win str 1879 to 1830 of r weight Cipe rare value Lel Lnu Mia f Leas value 30 ton ton tits to carry twice or one f 3 Timot Wirf Cerf 5i Soj once of sons extra enu Aiice s Flyss the Egham welter Handicap of 5 Serj each for Troi Jit added Ibe Willier of Rio after the of the to Tib a atm lowest Wal tit iut 710 to lubes in is three Quarter of a n Tea of walks welter plate of ii any Welenta Are Drar til Cay if of Ura Himl plate Eti Traico 7 for 1 Sov for 11011 inert lost ifs thin 7st tire Hes Srb messes Phat and clerics of Ilio tar Bizup and Hiither of thai meeting of Hie Ici Cluj b fifi Abbot races will take place on la won for Mink Holly str we August 2 and on it Tigu about Hilt a mile Iron uie new Tuil liar Levy 1uod7 Utt Vertre National creep to Chase entirely of pasture and Mere is no Stone bit not having Are to also Podrat Roii Hving Najiy july to Mes Are or to Newton a first the Newton open Hanm Cap Steeple Chase of co of 5 for 3 ions no tier Nurr the Declarer of sits Init Futro ii Tinnie 1 for to uie fund about a lire Tho East Devun Tant Cap Chase plate of 40 Fici Winner 01 Etan is if c r the of the welds Olti Exira Entrance 3 sons to tie Luud about three Miles a plug second oink Handicap Steeple chasm of co of i f 01 s 3 f t to the t Stidsen boy i ice to Lac i in about a Iiene Miniea hours first Thek Kotule Maiden Steeple t Hae plate of 23 for which r time Honvo never to a Steeple thasom list Caiti i als 7ih fax t f o Eitra Nitro 2 sons to lit Cours to Flose Romr at the Zioba by 9 of Bui Chase plate of f repel stored it f never won a Surjie Choie wot in he a Futia Blawut to close july As Selling Chase Plai b of in 311 in 1 1st six and Atzert not 13lb tic r t if entered for Fri Bov allow a so is in about i Tolua july As if Posy flying steeplechase seconded open Handicap steeply apr 41 boys do toe fun Ulm about three a fluff clerk of the at or commercial at on August Kingst Lognion Hunt Rake pub Chase plate f 40 Fiir Jearolds five list six and i1 of 100 Suva or of Tho tally to on Trp 1jy Hui extra enter info 3 sons to the Melfi jail lib to close on Sel Ivy Steeple Chase plate of 25 i1 age Rollst h the to sons if entered Forio sob allowed Hub a tiny Insp Ltd to be Doltl did in trance 2 org Kiili ill Courbe Tuou it a Temple Chape a revile Chase plate of 25 sorg talc Abs jilt two to close to or Stu after the Lourah and uie will be Nials of re b if be Al it islam Money and stakes to be Rieuf Niin horse will not be allowed h will an Entrance fee be f b11 All Entrance Feea Aie to go to the in m it Elf owners to Start in each Steeple we a f u no of action is made to a Winner d Fixsal after that lieu colonel Hoti Cli Fuju i i Captain mess weather or judge and clerk of the Hoq or clerk of the course Ana or honorary Eton Yucom Turlack and Pony and on August a Patty Quiara on application to the Bridge August 1 Skom tub great Tlam map stakes of n oth Mitzi to i if the no tha 10 of l 5 m to to f n Trio no Mil 10 a trip Imi a make i iwo Over railway Arras a Floc in of tar Jelv 1 ii and Liui Iii or or to the clerk Thork clerk if tie Croydon Hack it ouday meeting will take the of a acing and National the races or to to mfrs Ilia Ckik of the by Init say plate in Gera the Winner to he l i n for 0 ontiauce3 each 6f a try tvo Yrau plate 105 for Colts 8t Ftp Lars St win Una id by auction if morn re no 8ja allo Wol in if for 5u ivs 12lu outrun Tel i Eracli Csc Lam Mait cts or or clerk to i Vitse Gnu it apr in Nuong n 1 further Paru Clara of Hilj l ewes Summiel meeting will Uke place Ami August c and tit Ler the Bulski of the tint hit Lair is with cop t i a Nett Neil f or u messes of Jurij l 8sc3nd the county in Iuie or by Nib scr i f h 5 Sura Only if forfeit Avoca two 3 ear it air 8 t fund an i a Jinx it Sid Mart 8 Noirl Iiri ii aug utter Wuu a Raco of Iri Sun As Racca value Suva to o of Thrpo four it Tel Bur any Winner of or ii Toifl of tvs tint to this allowance n wiiii1 in san or 188 i f any we put Furaus race value 4 0 01 twice or inca of c i so both or i f so Jetti in tb1 rap to in void at the u t f the Cieck Tulve Entrance s five furlongs und a fear messes Pratt and clerks of the t Edgar second summer meeting jute a will Lake place on and August 10 and a Cut the Rii Kiun under the grand National the following Racas Clian nil name to 011 hurl l mean Pratl Ami con or Evwin trek or Uchal St Mary York or to or Clrk of lha thursday july m ki1wt the Cleveland plate of 60 for Hona Hunt Fra Fiur j ear Olds list five six ant Angeii 12si 21 b is win Nerol my race mine to sons in 1st or j8itl i twice of to so thrice 4 or Onca of 100 Bivs Juh extra Eit Reina be Inauen four Olds at starting allow Tel la Enid Inisi Iulg h Taraea not being Maldon Al that Hare not win id l73 or s8f Al Al e year Sli in 1 us wanly irid any Quai tier of to the of the Fane owner Nav run for shh place to the a limn to Brulor Tho new Rule Entrance k Sova each Lugo to two on the Siscone the Selling Hunters plate of for Bona Fufla Hunters Jess bomb is Hie list six Ami aged list the Winner t be by or Giva if for 60 allowed 7ib any aur Plua id Liq of the Winner tuba Amjed Between uie Nec Giitl horse and the fund and number of Hoies the property of the a Menwer May run fur this f to by persons i Allieri tinker the new Rule Entrance 1 Sov each to go Louia two mlle on the Dit summer meeting will top on a pit 27 ant Deng tie two Alsys immediately following York August Unter tha ruled of the following and name in tuesday july 31 to mtg win n old me cars Hrat and curb coi Luu or Newnum Kcf or Klee can t Ork or or a u Sou Clort of i course fi11st th6 Prince of Wales is Katy 11 5 bos it the latter to Trio with in two Junr coins an it urea aim Trelor thug Psi a Winnor to carry Cia Ali rare or of any Tare Valm extra Milne a at Start Luv Tib the a comi his Staie Al Vic the g of in sons 2 i latter to the a attn in Coj a Winner of Nuy mull map after die Are to Torry of two or of any race alow 2ao sets Lulb the second to Sive his Sta fee one mile Aud a tha visitors Handicap plate of throw year Olda Ndu words then Lizaer of any Handicap after die Ricciar Tuluii f the of gnus to carry or of any race value to 121b extra extreme any thumb for of the Rittne owner Niu for oils plate Entrance j Ion each i go to fire second londe9booron Pla Bof Tor two Ymir flutes my Pel Tilmus St Winner once 11 Orry twice Usiri or the Frinco of Salies ids piece Long Day or any Nice sors i2ib extra Maidens at Al Iowa 7b any in Bur of i f e property of the Sams May run this plate 3 3jvs each to three Quartini of a the Scarin Tomii foam map plate of i5js for thre year Dis Birl upwards a a mar of any Tiani Cap the weights Are it carry of or Anric Stalne 150 or of uie Ganton on tha preceding Init Eitra pity Iii Arnber of horses of the Watne owner May run fur tins Plarpa Entrance 5 miss for 3 Bovic each for you s haters in 31 to the Uno me and a Alexandra plate of thre year Nam upwards a Winner of any after the Decla Raicic f the wog Lna Loo very of or of any Raca value the Elf los h and f Cap plate on the pro Cellule Star extra extreme penalty any number of the property of the owner May run for ills engr Taco 3 Soto each to go to the of n a nomination Feeck 103 will be charged for each entry which will in clude or a inn perform House Malton clerk of uie Bortei of Ireland Union cock san motive county Down in Trie Kume Riate or o 1 of in Lafevor Ritj in Aud m Aud and Fui Kwong stake the Kilmory for Sll aged at los Winner and second Tii Iid and fourth sixth Fly Eiith and eighth i the St a for an unlimited number of St Titi per cent will be deducted from Winn incs for Wentworth Hoys nominations in the cup to be Tiven with the on or before Hoglo to have uie 1 he t be named to both and All a nary Motif is on september when draw Wilt Lake Pac n 3 o dinner it c firm Komi Viator required to Lake a ticket at dinner Abo provide i a g Artel ssh n to to mar first 2i go following with Cafiso the meet lip do by the National club and and or Pitchu Dement of the meat Fig or Cestary by Wei Hor or any Cjuan will be determined by the is Swartly nominations for the Brownlow a compared by or Felt for Fach nomination to to taken on or before August the of this stake to be decided previous to the draw by tha subscribers Captain Robert Christophe hotel take Tho two horses named sans repro he and b Holwey a Malen Are not taken from me and their Bill be Soli by auction at Tompkins to pay their bin of de fraud lion fishing f now open in to Waters of this toe lion is Cele oratto for to Fine Stoyte u Oll excellent bed and do bldg wedding dinners for or Small parties families or gentlemen boarded by the week or mom late Steward of her Jinai Estry e Fob fast lies the Royal hot late John enlarged and offers All comforts and can Renie uces of a Flora class charges very under uie personal management of the or Joseph Many fears proprietor of the late webbs Goodwood beet quarters for visitors to Gro Wood will a found at tha Eugyal Beach mansions famous terms Moda for Tariff Ului apply to mrs to her majesty the James and fish and Heit orcs Oxford Street nearly opposite Tottenham Ullh Branch for a Price Usta special other Penon or firm to tote Trade Naa any ngut or True to use the name of secondhand Silver new invites the attention of the Public and clubs generally to his Large Stock of secondhand amongst which will be found Art Lulf s of All lands i table for and other and every Day in Many los Tances at half the original Phillips to Call the attention of connoisseurs Tony Stock of antique new purchases All kinds of and wet twin Ign and new for secondhand Dia and watches by Emi Bemi West end Tab of Lellam a Teton Barnes Torl Waart i and be Lof and Lin Jtj Pon Okkum t u and nni1 excursion y Ciu will run is incl or i s j Moi v new a Tatino Bruni Loute Frencl new at each can be in Oliaf Neil at lha an i Tii Ontl Haunera in Bah general i d l a n d h a i l a y to fit 1st Auk Tii Iko a otitis Ava Ini cd he com m Avail Abl Aid listed by the John guat Kastein k a Al cheap Matuk Cir Len tick to Ara now United to Yak Mol Ilar i Verc Vitin Uuie Ami a a Ibntal thais to if arc Ami blur Wickli the 8 to a ainu tick its Crary sunday and Mon Sylo Aud Ching font i r full Cru tuners ate hand Bali frn4 time Imi ii acting general re3attas k gait Amateur re Patch Day jilt Semok focus ii trance is 8knmou pa1ks Entrance Len sculls ennui be Stan cult Eligius Entrance Dumoit Kollus Entrance i2i Jun foil sculls Entrance 10s but Talph a gtd Entrance 1 july first open to Al yachts for 2 tuna and by Ward Fps i edit race Lufi to a recognised yacht second Prie second Hack open o a yacht belong Lafr Toa Retog Nivert yacht for above 1 1 tent i i not exceed lug is tons first Unze it oud Pelza i nuance 10s Tui it to All who need not be Memberg of a Yac tit for yachts exceed lung 11 Tous Erst prize Sec ted pane Loa entries to close j uly the be Yonl Polit will Tot be Given any Casa unless Puree o More i Aliu Lees Hon athletic sports entries close july wednesday Northampton Amati suit athletic club four Fenta annual d on Bank holi Prog arms Leo 22fl 410 half Yards Ali Miles nil Ana pole x20 Yania f Rogiani Piuos Aud All particulars of John Hon Bedford Amateur athletic August Follo Nln hand leaps Are open to amateurs Yards one mile hid of Trad 880 Yards and 180 Yards there will Ulso to a Raco for run or walk for 30 for i Ngat Nares Apulu to the non a jul stud Hill Elnel Tutts Cluse july i Littlehampton athletic Bank August too advertisement under the thirteenth annual meeting of Hie Victoria athletic Stoke be held on tuesday a casts and value of prizes nearly programme of Iii Cycle Ona i Nikanj value 7s 3s two if s arid diva u first value 3s 8cuatcii i y i and in first Valus and l to make of if Vine n t Huaie mile value and Gold value 5s Handicap j30 15i and two value 3i to Ani two Miles value 7s 3a Xvi Neil mile Steeple value 5a As entries close on july forms can be obtained from Accident insurance company i Bani general i personal hallway 1 Eatn by Good shooting in of an Huniu Over acres of and pheasants 200 acres of a too tame Bardi to Sulls life 0 be pursuant to an order of the Hunting and livery be disposed the Wal known first class established by the Lalo or Jsamuel of Picca Aud recently carried on by or Joseph at aided the premises Are situated in the very Centre of the Are opposite tie litre and contain Loose boxes for 32 to Gettier with every convenience for continuing an excellent the Stock can be taken at a and be reduced to meet tha convenience of the it is Seldom so genuine a bus Luesa la fur apply to air Aifred for the very Superior Iron screw steam red Hose of 8 titled with the Best modern com Pound capable of driving her at a Speed of 13 the boiler is practically in line weather ked Rosaa Teama 12 of knots an hour at 8sa upon a very Light of fuel f or and High rate of the bunkers Are arranged to hold about 180 tons of thus eminently fitting her for Long foreign the accommodation below is exceptionally Large and coupled with we sch there is a charming deck she will be sold All Complete with b most ample outfit of acas she is now in Little or no outlay will be is fitted a a Haworth steel rifled Pivot As Wall As with a Stevia the lied ruse a solely being sold with a View to the Purchase of a smaller vessel for Home therefore a first cows steam yacht of 15 to 200 tons Woi ild be taken in port for further information regarding the Sale or apply Only to 6t Clare naval Castle t added and stud educated business great practical experience in farming my Borse ue3i11es appointment As manager of borne stud farm where strict application is High salary care of Tim Tesij the fir near b Liming h Ead or stud Groom wanted for the continent responsible place for suitable Royal yacht Squadron cooking i Ippa Batus has seen air pulled to mor than yachts on and and co a wound poro Elala and Robt flt Unga of a Morid Luuri Fratea sales of houses Tattersall will hold Theiu tuck says sales till further Tatte Wall request All ital out Abd Kussen to the in Cue of Uia of either or Tab Rall or Mrky Tafb wid Lolk Paiik will Pell he a Tel a Ili Lahov owl tiny in hour sixty a Kuhn Maup the key at Modle thu in boat Kluiber can i Only to bad on Oil Calion to Mes Ira Tatt Crisai tatter3all will sales o Hait skis Al their Luuy accost Adell Canni still Al m by Tat Lole Hortn m monday next without prep ctr of Tobert Esq 15 bands 1 Inch Yean old Back and car Lea a the la Nanton Flom b Ngooi ague weight Wall i both in id ii in the Park Tua Soraci 1 iii3 very Jim to be sold by by Tat nor Albert Hyde on miday nil by direction of the o uie Litte pm loue i Eucl Long Cluj Mii it by Scy Winner of Ruth loud Ai Likely Tom fee a valuable a roof a Bay 2 years by Rosst of of by a Bay Hack by than by Mai Bourne a capital an would to nuke a Good Brood to be sold by by Tat near Albert Hyile Oil ecu Iii next valuable Etc a Chesner yeah Liefl by moorlands out of Adriatic by Normanby out of by a Bay yearling by scottish chef out of at Ralty by Vedette out of by the Listar a Boan yearling i by out f g by out Iford Max ties by the rata Jan of by Touchstone surveil by i Ilehr of m a Broin 4 yearn by o Fri by Airey served by Vacona by but of Loftly by Lambton served by a Brown 2 by dutchman Cut of by pen t 10 Bufi sold by by Tat near Abert hyd6 on monday Neit a West to borne a boy 2 years old by k lighter St out of to Floii Etnan 1 Ami fit to Bay 2 years by Knight of St out by Robin in it or wild 4 years by Winslow Cut of Tbs Plum a lbs la by six by dim by in Garter Hunter Winner of Hunt Itee Jill Posaas Aud hurdle a by utter lady to our arcs Hawthorn with her engagement Ila in Tho stewards cup aug Chester heir cup at Follett Lafr valuable Bay yearling by out of by by tie tartar i by Boan Yak Vulin by out of by Detour Halout of Irish Bell Oxford mixtures Chesnut Etc Arlint by to re sch out of by Thormanby out of by Stockwell a very powerful to be sold by by Tat Albin Hyda on monday Cerf the following Bokou mauks the by by rat Tilan nut of by touch Stone served by of so Bay Marc by Orest oat of lady by Zamoun Een cd by buy years by it of by professor a Rey out of by Tob i Stone served by Toynbee annual to be sold by by Tat Albert Hyla july without Reserva with trin exception f Thi Tkv which have been up gnarly the property us or Iuit Loup to great lady Lemish Polo laugh tag the Guey Das Muon Meokui i major loud pee Iii i ukr i n1m go Ken us Ink a1iss by messes important Sale of the Viktor Nyrl gk02ge id including 17 late lha property or cart Raj the stall or the Grey and valuable mares and the property of Dot tenant nearly All if Lilc 111 sold by kind permission the the mul at Spruil at by Oil August Al 1 at Ali Oclock the property of the executors of Tho late Esq Albert vector Winner of Many races and lure of re martyrs out pro Cesbon by dam the by out of lady George Frederick Chen tit nurse Winner of the Aud own Broil or to Albert Bay by Macaroni out of by Lou p Gat Fri out of the by a Jira it prize Grey Palm out of Elle f Formosa try her train try Tomboy out of by Winner of Ascot Bis Stock Are the following valuable yearlings Bay by Spring Flold out of dam of by wild her dam tens Loa dam of of tips by by lad Lator out of a Mare by cad her dam by Vvhs joker foaled May Chisnut by Mortimer out of Armada Flam of by her flan Laly by suck sellout by her Ilam by Pantaloon foaled february Bay by no Larry out of by Vedette out of a by falstaff out of cuter to pot Pey foaled february it Bay by carnival or oat3 one of by Albana out of by Ortaldo foal Al May without the of a Nobleman Banc Lifke dam of several by Stockwell out of by her dams hipster Dea by Job anti covered by see last service june by the out of by her dam lady by Huley moloch covered by last May touch me not dam of tangible and Many by Touchstone out of by her train by defence covered by Craig last service april above three mares All had foal this without the property of Daniel who la gov 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to by Blair Athol out of by her dam by Slane out of by Taurus covered by last service february is Garter Queen by Knight of the Garter out of by her dam Kilty by Robert de Gorham Ciao of Milf in out of b Walton covered by last service March Colt by Cadet out of Garter Queen foaled february by Blair Athol out of Marjery Daw dam of sea by her dam by defence out of by ban dam Young by Mel Lula covered by wild jut Bert Lee Quill Pill Ernulf 800 f May i Merit by or by i by bails an out f Jihun hark by to rally the Wirg wit of of last service nut filly by out of Burneile foiled March by mar Artil out of Lay Al by Cut t Al a Rucj by k 1 b s l Bot t ice maidu Little of Many by 1 Hor dior Iam by oui cd veiled of Bia Ajril Bay com by wild oals out of Little pm Cess Moaje Al atoll without the into Tho per party of Rte Claisen of Hebe Athol by ail out of dam of Jill of by it Orianni Jim Hertwig incl author Civ Cifrik y Itiat in Chi Wojt Killy Kua by Fredrick out of Athos foajf1 Feu Rubury Landlady Hilmu by Aviivii Durer of inf n Al Lif her dam by m by advice a ii co li1 by Albert Victor of Landlady Wallet atom Cocrof am of her a a rare by i by lir ruin by Titan Buciu by Radii Taiwan of cred by maj Bay cult by Albert out of maltese Croo i Altman Fla Mauf v by out of 1 he air try Al by by erts Ivy v a Ilardi a Luksta w by Albert Victor nut of uni trooper i Tinner of Many races by Marsrow dirt of 1 Rier lha Dumoi Tourne to Terni try Ati vice a i it Lyon beef Wiki Abr l Mivy Long or on bar i in by us co Streil la Sao list a vice Iii he Filli 8iv of in Iii by by u met Al Bay a by Lini of Princess of Wales if air re i us a Ixia Vuk Buckwell ii to Lii c a Crew to 1 be incl of i Chi cult lot ulue gown out of above lord mire Ruales Maba y make u m dear on i out of by it it Liy iut of 1 lie by Umo covered by or air Iii w ski apis woman by Tarn Val Cut of vat Celii Aler Usu Blair to George by iut of for Lucish of covered by last service Elt h1 b of by san Cowell out of by nun Mitrou Itie 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