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Read an issue on 24 Apr 1880 in London, Middlesex and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Bells Life In London And Sporting Chronicle.

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Bells Life In London And Sporting Chronicle (Newspaper) - April 24, 1880, London, Middlesex And sporting april Price by Post Bells life in Fri std Tatry and a l ate edition r or by Post Sui Tim to Chabes foe Matio ctr anti made on moderate terms for a series of reach bus life office by five Oclock for the next Days Post Onlin to be made payable at Somerset House to w office Crews a efts Ftp plied weekly with of a tuft n application t race Kent Derby Wye will Tytka Pate on May under grand National bunt a i wow train of firs class carriages will Leare London la toe morn in Stuj Rizw to Tab of Tel Sis Crumn i of two go Litas will be Ltd Mitt free to the stewards to doff in lab ground Rod Grupd Thel Vve Handicap hurdle race of s sets neb for wiiiiwiit3 added any Winner after the publication of the of the of Merb tourers my extra Entrance 3 boys each Al out two mlle and a Hilf of Teru fleets of to Clow to the clerk of the mail ii or messes Pratt and on May it Fruh towers Handicap hurdle Back off r with so avs added tiie Winner of it Handicap Pimp Calind of Are weights nod of the i Lub extra Entrance 2 Soti each to o Over eight flied to of to close As for the Wye is Flatla Cerf 3 Iova each for a Tab 40 Tori fined for i 1 Riun tem four year Olda list five tart Mai Buttny Winner a Hunt erg Flat race value 60 in 1879 or to carry of Ico my Hub with an my or f Khz Fri usual Flat race value so won in 18tb or if entered 10 be nil act Iii for allowed rib Entrance 2 each to close As for toe Wye a Milit by Hunters Flat race of 25 for Hunters Bra me Trie property of officers full pay of the army or Navy i2st each Iii Trof Ktut r Steeple Chase value 30 tors 71b Eitra of ssfiv81 of to oboes slab extra Tobe Ridden for by or the army or Navy eat Ranco 3 sets Emch two to close As for the Wye the Ash Ford Hun team value 40 for Hunters four year own lost five six and aged list Tib any Winner of Flat Hun fee or Steple Chase value 26 since october twice or if so three of 60 both 211b extra in nos Itiat Hare lifter Wii a Flat or race value 8n bits allowed it Massi totals that won a hurtle race or Steeple Chase value m Entrance 2 sums each two Over eight Fly pets Osbu Alloi to the clerk or the at the Victoria by 7 Oclock the ngut before local Hunt is Flat a plate of 26 for mid Enthat have been bunted with the Earl of Tickham Chounla Totua four j ear Olds i2st ill Ltd aged Jurt la 4f or Steeple Chaniev or Hunters hat with 3lb for each additional win to be Frlj Bafry ing to Rule by far Mia or a Wrons elect Al annually us qua i tied riders Entrance 3 Cov Tad Lolohe two to close As for the Ash fort a Selling her Elk stakes of 3 sets each with 30 sons added Flo list sex Ayrf aged list lob the Winter to Oes Lilby auction Tor to has if entered for 50 Sova allowed la Wrai Withare Huirt Letrace since tight Flag Tithof by to Clottea Foi Tyr see Bavins dated april mtg Iris of lord her or John Meir tie Kyle colonel attain 11a Iii Captain Tempton Park May my Ine following my name to or clerk of the Matt Rind Park old or Venn or onto mar april the Kempton May Handicap of web with Ion added in Tenn 3 Icv each the Kemp Lon the Holsgr welter Handicap plate of Loob Entrance 3 to etch tie last Glt fur Loon of the Hampton the 8unbuby welter Hani Cap plate of Entrance 8 to7j Sash the Lait fire furlongs of the Kempton the Kempton Park May two Kab old plate of 800 entrant t its for 3 for the Lut fire f Urlo ogs too Kenton two liar old 8ellino slate of i Cost the win Nero be lout by auction for Loo if entered to be Lod for w sets allowed Sib Entrance b Tovi Tor s son for nou the Lut f Orlondi of the Kempton oaer1ck bed Leno pl4tb of for All aces two year the Winner to be by auction for Ico in if entered to be Lold for 80 sets aligned Jib Entrance 6 son for s Ion f or not artery the Lut five Furlong of toe Kemp Lon Meim Maitland Park Harert Tock clerk of the Coune and the West Kent Hunt and Sevenoaks annual 8tbkplk chases will uk0 place of or near May under Tat grand National on or before Tom Lay april Money must Lent with us Holoun to be declared at the tame new military Hunters Steeple Chalk of s with 3080vs for qualified Bun ten Mon Rene to officers of the Reg Tolar yes tangy and militia quartered inthe county of and to of Ridden by the tame four Woidt list five list Lumn Doged i2st 7lb winners of Steeple Dum value m Iota 7lb two calf Milb extra Lead go oboe or fun Bury of the South 1880 York Spring Mil the Craven stakes of i with 1qo added Fot Turee Yea Olda it four sat five and upwards 8st 12ib mares and Geldun allowed Sib Attiq Winner to be sold by must Lon for Soo dots if for sors if for 100 sob if to be Lold for 500 Sova to carry 141b extra of a the Glasgow plate Handicap of for to Bow year Olda Ani upwards 3 son Antr Anoe met the londe5borouoh cup of 100 in added to a Han Teap stakes of 5 for three year Olds sad upward the second Bone to receive 2o out of the stakes the above rakes to close Atid name on april to Mai sri Wea messes Pratt Aud or to the clerk of the course i Richard clerk be Wahlby Fiscu i messes sir or clerk o Coune and Hall Green Steeple chases on Mon Day and May in and Balf from on the under grand National first rated Maiden bunt Steeple Chase of 30 for Hunten that Havo never won a Steeple Chat ser hurdle face value Soti four year Olds lost five years list six and aged hones years and up Anis that have never a Rice of any description allowed 51b to be Ridden by in Ruiu who have never Ridden Lor Bare rib Veitia about two Miles and a half Entrance Hall Burren open Hunters plate of 45 far Bona fade Mieri four Jearolds Flat five year Oldie hat six and aged a Lichen of any a Pepie in 1873 or 1830 value 30 sons licit Init three times bulb sons or Cero of in sons 2mb extra horses Ali thave Uever won a Steeple race value 23 year Olds five year int bed lib no restriction Ai to riders the is Conral to receives sons out of horses fire years old and Varrati cot and not having won a hurdle in or allowed 3jb Entrance 3 boys to the about three Hall Green y plate of 5 for Pillow aug that won the Rollo and not exceed wtd7lb the Steeple Chase course the Winner race the previous Day to carry Tib penalties Entrance 2 the Funi he by l Oclock in the Day of 1 de measured in the shoes they run Scurry 2 w Lut winners if wed rib Havno won a Steeple Chase value 20 in by this without winning 2ln js7 Entrance 1 to be js1 Al by 9 Oclock on the caulk before run Niue two Miles no restriction n to or n7 with exception of the Bobyn v l which closes the evening before run Loir Feln plus an Jtj at a bal time of entry and colours declared property of Trio iame owner Scales and of after the oa1 is the u the of the no managers of the races ived on account of the race to be or whomsoever they May in Earl of Rahaii i i Thomas Joe Hunt Steeple on april can be obtained of the Mesi qoma8 and East kidin7g it Job the Beverley cup o son boys in for three Yearl Olda and up Acda ent Raike Sova a a the West Wood Handicap Plite of for three year upwards sets junk fifth year of the Watt memorial a piece f Plata Talu Kors Lor three year Olds f at four five and 2lb Maarea and Gelli gifts allowed 3b the Winner of any race in 1870 or 1880 value 100 boys 10 carry of or Oue value 200 Sova of or Neof so inti lib horse it Starling that never won Loo sons Atanov one time if three year Olds four lire Aud upwards Hub once Nind and a distance Entrance 3 theadora a takes to close and name on april to messes Weatherby clerks of the messes and clerks of the wirtes not High list h iry Licu once twice lob b Entrance 1 Sov to about two Bridgnorth Hunt Steeple chases will take Ulace under Oran 1 National Over a All with natural on tuesday a Pru Trie Bridgnorth open Hunt i Teeple of 3 sons for Wylli 40 boys for Hunters Entrance 2 Sova to the about three a Selling Hunters Steeple Chase 2 sets each for Star with to 3013 for Hunters out Rauco 2 sons to the about two the Wheatland and alekigh10n cup value 30 sets cup or at option of flu Nero sons to the about three the licensed Victualler pl4te of 30 for Hunters that have Neier sonar Acaf any description up in the Day of Tot each any Winner after try to carry extra Entrance 2 sons to about three a Galloway 8teeplk shape of 15 soy to the Winner and 3 Sooj to inn each Jylli allowed every extra Maidens allowed Jib ent Neej to the wheat Lanful and Abr Teton Hunt the Bra str North open Hunt Steeple and licensed plate Tho self no and Galloway chases to close with the Hon Sec at 8 Oclock on the evening before horses entered in the Galloway chose must be at the Crown Brit Leno m Oclock on the Day of the to be with a Ceri Traia of height must be obtained from the person and no objection to that certificate will be Temei colonel Captain Good Lyde her Baldwin 1 Jah Peli for particular apply to John Stratton Hob Crown Manchester summer tues and May Aud to close and Nam on wednesday april 28 first the Salford Borough cup of 300 added to a Handicap sweepstakes of 15 sets 10 it Entrance 3 the Only forfeit if Thwin Norof n Handicap after the pc Lavallon of the weights twice or of the value of 200 lots Job extra one the Philips Handicap plate of 551 sets a Winner after the declaration of the we Phon twice or once of son Sori lib extra lowest we lit to be 6at 12lb Entrance 3 sons about five the John gaunt stakes of for two year Olds Bat three sat four Jost tire and upwards Init sub Maris and geldings allowed Sib the Winner to to cold by auction for200 sets Entrance a Soto six a Hunters Flat race of 6 song each with 100 sets for Hunters under Graml National Hunt rules four year Olds five and and 12st old winners in 3870 and 1689 Selling races Etc opted of 50 sets of 100 Sova or of 200 sob extra five year Olds and upwards that have won a race except a Selling in 1870 or j880 allowed 7 b horses entered to the clerks of the course to be sold by auction for 150 sets by 1 Oclock the evening before running allowed 9ib in addition Entrance 3 sets the liability except clerks feel for no Starten two Miles on the second the mat cup of for three year Olds four 9it the and upwards 9it 13b Rontrea and Gei Donsa allows 81b the Winner of a weight for age race Selling race in 1883 of Iso g once twice or of 800 sets twice of 300 Sovi or once of i lib extra horses that Hare Nero won a weight for age Rae except a Selling or a Handicap value 4 x to de if years old four incl upwards and hoses entered to the clerks of the races by c Oclock the it Enung before running to be sold by unction for 609 sets allowed 71b la addition Entrance 5 or 10 is for starters one the Public auction stakes of 5 sons each for with 200 for two year Olds purchased by Public auction in 1879 for not More than songs culls an flies fist jail Boie purchased for not More than 400gs allowed songs Ano prs looks 70gs 15lb winners Selling Stokes excepted of 2rx avs twice or once of of sets 9lb extra Entrance 3 sons five the Derby alleged plate of 250 sets three year Olds four and upwards lost 4ib mares and geldings allowed 31b Tjie Winner to be sold by Audilon for sons if for 150 sors allowed 71b Entrance 5 Lovs one the duchy welter Handicap plate of 200 goes the Winner of a Handicap after the declaration of the weights twice or of 200 sob lib extra Entrance 3 sets the lowest weight to be 7st 41b six the stewards plate Handicap of 300 sons the Winner of a band Cap after the declaration of the we hts twice or one value sob or of any Handicap at this meeting Loio extra the lowest weight to be 6st 4ib Entrance 3 Sova about eve third the City welter Handicap plate of Loo i a Winner after the declaration of the weights Tivice or once of 3tto Novi lob extra Entrance 3 Sova about fire the Stamford Handicap plate of 159 sets a Winner after the declaration of the weights twice or Enre of 200 Nova Lola extra Entrance a ions six to be handicapped the night before fourth to close on april the de Trafford Ryel Teft cup of 300 to it Handi Cap sweepstakes o 10 sob for starters a Winner after the declaration of the weights twice or once of 200sovs 101 b extra West weight to be 7st Entrance 3 sets one mile and a Bromyard races Are fixed for thurs programmes can be had on application to tha Honor Ary athletic sports Hitchin ath Lutio to be held on the hot Chen Cricket Whit May open to members of All recognised Amateur athletic or Lii Cle clubs 100 Yards Flat race j20 Yards hurdle race 10 High Broad Quarter mile Flat race mile Flat race 200 Yards Flat for boys under Quarter mile hurdle race 10 three Leq red Tacq of Wab Parish v 10 a Challenge value St Consolation 300 Al to commence at 1 entries u to Malo to franch stat Long colours and on or before May no poit or Hon Secretary and or Thomas q Queens College athletic ninth annual meeting will be Halu on grounds of tiie North of Ireland Ormeau on Friny and May 17 Ana Antkies must m in or May preg Nominea ind All further particulars May be read on applying to Hod Museus sales of horses Tattersall thursdays sales have commenced for the Newmarket Tattersall will have a Sale of thoe ouch bred on part Loulas tent to Albert Gate by Monsay mornings Post willbe m mme for the or to the but Mil on m e u q b Tattersall will hold sales o and Bugby in Mit Ecsi won or Toimi Ana lulls to be male to mean Albert twelfth annual 8alb of the scorn Tattersall Hare received instr master of the Quorn sell by on the i7tn of forty which ha7s been bunted Tula also pack and ha11nes thus Date sold by by Tat near Albert Hyde on v the following bobhb3 and the property of lord Bend blown m hands a inches bred by owne h hands 3 inches 4f Jota a years j Black n bands aged can Trot i mlle Goc be sold by by Ahert by Dotso Toje Follro wins bunted with the War i Heythrop the property of Esil the by Muter Bagooc by blood f All the with the exception of the carried to is Rio be sold by by Al near Albert Hyde on monday next the following sterile the property of a Gene i Man a Chesnut by Benevent out of Taffy 6 years by Lam to out of 4 years by Pagan no out of 4 years by wild Oats out of All the above Are Good junipers and 4 Are qualified for Huntera to be sold by by Tat near Albert Hyde on monday next Ibe property of a Genteman Bay reining Good Hunter and Hacic hunted All the season in the old Matuu Houstain Brown about 14 hands by lord a Melra Winner of Galloway Steeple Chase at Daventry Ila month Bud other Pony roots Good boys quiet in and carries a thursdays be sold by by Tat near Albert Hyde Park on thursday next the property of a gentleman c a Chesnut bands 5 years old has constantly hidden and driven in i Ogle a capital Hack very fast in a to be sold by by Tat on thursday april k Day the two thousand Stu out the following Boito cd in uie property of the late lord Kluvers Bay 6 years by general Peel out o a Chesnut s years Thunderbolt out o Flower by a Cha Sinit by am foaled by Hlali to be sold by by Tat at on thursday in the to Clesa previously disposed the property of a Zodle Ujj Bay y ears of by out Olga by aped a Chasa to be sold by by Tat at in thursday in the to thousand guineas the fallowing two Veau toe property Fagent Armau Bay by Typ ceus out of Bay by Paul Jones out of Belle of to be sold by by Tat at on thursday la two thousand guineas on thursday la two the property of a gentleman a Bav 0 years by Wingrave out of a Hunting Mare Gool and been broken to to be sold by by Tat at april 2 Day after the two thousand the property of Christophers Bay 4 Yean try 8ea saw out Anthem Ihms e and in training he is Freo from All to be perfectly can be seen every Inori u Tori tiie Heath at or at or Graham any alter Oon Between 13 Aud or 5 an 1 0 ill be important and special Sale of hounds and to be sold by by Tat saturday May commencing at the following Twenty couples of old and about five Ortix couples of a entered the property of the of who is disposal la of Jarc of his pack in Cooter Uerice of reclucjn2 Bis number of Hunting also the entire pack of the Northumberland and Berwickshire Fox consisting of fort five of old and Twenty Devon half Uii emerged the property of Watson Al be following studs of Hunters will be sold immediately after Ibe i funds Reven that Bare been regularly the property of Lori Twenty four that have carried the master and servant of the Northumberland and Berwickshire and sold in consequence of to owners resignation of a Handy and several the property of sir Job ii Marjory catalogues contain Lair full Are now and can be had of messes Albert Anil and at the George hounds and horses on View thursday and Friday prior to to be sold by by Tat l near Albert Hyde on May after the Ufford without the prow try of Ger Esq Michael n Bay 6 by the Baron by King Tom out of Hay dam of the Duke the Earl out if lady by Aii Eliis has been regularly and would make Good country be sold by by Tat near Albert Hyde on May be following that have been regularly Hunt to that sea Aeu with the sir and the pro Erly of eur Bay 6 years old up to if up to 10 Brown 5 years old up to h Bay Al years old up to 14 Grey 0 years old up to h the buffed to be sold by by Tat near Albert Hyde on May about thirty that have been carrying the master and Evanta Walii the Lufford the property of or to is giving up the to be sold by by Tat near Albert Hyde May he following regularly hunted with the Warwickshire the property of lord Willoughby de broke those marked have carried a lady to Bay 8 Yeara by dam by bivouac late the Bay 6 years by Vigil Likely to Steeple Brown 8 years by Bay 9 Yeara Bay 8 years Bay Al years by Buljan Bay 7 years by bouncing Brown 6 years by Brown 10 years Grey 7 Grey c years by Grey 5 years by Grey 7 years Grey 7 years 7 years by hot vol been driven Black 0 rears f in a by the j team Black 7 Yeara Belph Egor late Grey Grey 7 years by master Clam by Winner of site epee Tun years by Brown 10 years Brown o years Brown years old quiet la single and double Bay Bay 7 years by latin Bay 7 years by dam by pal Flor Lively to Steeple Bay 6 years by flt Bay i years by by 5 years by Bay 7 years old bar been driven we Feldler in a Chanut 6 years by blood Chanut 6 years by look Chesnut 0 Yeara by dam by Chesnut o years old up to great the horses will be on View at the Kennel tuesday and May to or 8tud Chi input 13 hands 3 inches Carriage 16 bands 1 Inch aged sing and double Trelli Jonaby Tattersall have Ruc eyed in str colons to sell by at Albert on thur May without the entire stud of in property of or Cobbett who la relinquishing lip full particular will will be on View at admin too near Stratford on May Ana i i Goth Tattersall will sell by Tajc near Albert Hyde on May 2 monday before Thep Biz club a lad1k6 the property of James Tattersall Hayfi received Ine Truc i tons to Hill by aug at Albert on june without rep Rte f consequence of giving up Hli present about s1xtke boo old Mahlic Skuld further particular Al in future Tattersall request All letter on business May be addressed to the to Oaie of the absence of either or Tattersal or or London established sales by auction of houses and cajun aces on Ever wednesday and Atil Oclock stalls should t engaged a week before either Sale horses Reo Revod on monday and Iron 9 to 13 accounts paid on those a Between 16 and Obe Quea forwarded to the country on Wrotte the Sale on wednesday next will include Iso Brougham an photon from of Sari i then and and other Job master with backs and harness and from noblemen a new and secon Baad Salas to Tala sons in town or at Al a on will be sold by Public the property of a a Koan 4 Yan by Flroa Way the and a handsome Bay Pon y make on flew Ancl mar Wen essay next will it sold by Public arc the property of a la three Vallab one la a perfect single harness the others spies idly matched pair of very Fine and perfectly they a 1 Young Bay and match of View and by Virlo and april is will Besold by Public property of a gentleman a modern Bull t single of Laurie and Matner in e Celle it out Jealier jul uni brass Andabas an on and in the High court of jul Filce chancery Itu Fuess of Newman and Job and Regent Street and proprietor of St with the approbation of the judge to Boie court the by Tun is fat Rachel will Sulu by pm blot at in april i at 11 the go Odwalt and name of Newman an Toifl Well known old established Job masters of Regent u Yartu Enship Between the proper Maiori being an end Aud afterwards the Sama place on the same and following april Al the valuable of tied Well appointed work lug two Hunke and to nifty about 120 of them in advantageous year jobs about Waveny Yard and spare and a one Hundred sets o Pillaud single polling Anc til the necessary fir carrying on the the Stock win be on View at Pham Layard on april arts a Nril and on each Mon Ifni of and on May Yard and spare Twenty Ani fatty suits ratio property of the late will be offered b Public at St Martins being Oil there two Days full Wilh catalogues of ail the and of butoy Ullh the farming pm wimp messes last and Queen in City of Solicito of messes ingrain anti i june Olna inn Lavils Ai the Aey Arate it Martin a Puj doge and on May will a 90ld t Pui Ilic property of a in Hunt six Deliee pug on View Friday and and free3ian valuable May will be hold he to pm Pety of a gentleman in lha two Kauk t valuable sea on flew Fri Jay and Moraln of and a John Aims wrongs Ralu Atilo setters will be sold on May catalogues and Devonshire mews and Devonshire mews consequence of the eath of or messes and or a lectors of it Are instructed by the exec ors to at Thor on May the of the the Goodwill of the bum All the and on yearly and other a the Yard and spare carriages May be and conditions of Sale of on the premises and at t and Clapham of Sti Burbaro Job and Fly masters and Freeman proprietors of Martl Slane will sell by Public aug May at the de arable Ben oficial lease of with the Goodwill of the join and letting now to Success Illy carried on by or having Tahoe a is desirous the premises Are undeniably Miu Atea in a prosperous and improving the business 3 old and found to be easily managed and Luc Rattre by an inspection of the the Reuta Crulus from a Large upper portion of the premises Etoff not being required for the business being subs Tan the stand no for 17 u carriages under with loft and Good dueling is held at a Mere nominal the working 13 13 Slih All the and single and effects can be Talent valuation by the purchaser of the r will be sold of Public at at an Early Uther particulars and important Sale of Martins the entire Kennel of valuable Lato tiie property of 111 be sold without Reserve by messes Ami at on May catalogues will shortly and Isy be had at the or of David Hytham and a of Irish Juno will be sold by Public the property of she leu his valuable of fifteen splendidly red Tritth particular a and Job and Blenheim coat acting partner of to bal late Era or Newman and cof Wonfor the last 11 Yean Haa Hod the eat re management of business Bega to inform the that having secured Ell Grible premises in new Burlington Regent and it is is note Nylon to carry on the business from april under the tie of the Blenheim with an entirely new stoic f houses and Aud Hopes to Eive satisfaction to All who nay favour him with tit air Leuers Blen Elm Regent will receive immediate alien elephant and Castle horse and car Xiaoe new lessors French Ana sales every monday and at be Ruemen can suit themselves with any 1 horse or Carriage at these parties Selling their cries without serve and without warranty May receive their Cash the same horses May be entered on Sale Jmon Dayi and thursday up to in whole including Groom 53 Oka Don and sons will offer by auction on o maj at 3 the Volunteer Drill wine or ten the property of and bred Seq Moro than 30 years a mostly Good and specially bred to follow Hou Iuis Over dartmoor or any by Fuller particulars in a Nice can do obtained the Nurt loners in one weeks april tha in fled stud trotting sex fire including the celebrated Torsa Iii away the the Winner of so Many first also rapid or for away the supposed to be the fastest Trotter in for terms and cards of apply to the stud oily he Andover and weyh1ll horse of Litany a Toltsi beg to announce that they will have n and after March at their stables at Croc Lowood which is 34 Miles from London on the a Lares number of harness aut Taole for double or single Aud ready for immediate also Riding horses for ladles or a very Large selection of reliable Hunters As usual on communications or or or will receive prompt trains every 10 minutes from bake Street to Bronde Bury Welch is within a mile of the barbican Rymill will sell by Public every tuesday and commend Nat 11 Onk Hundred and sixty suitable for proles Jonal cab and others Active Young met and Van horse for town and agricultural work also a Large assortment of Tompkins will sell at Reading on Friday Myrtl the following horses in under lord Kpeters to dissolve racing partnership Bay 3 years by speculum out of lady Brown a Yea a by adventurer out of tees the Shore horses Are both in training and fit to can be seen at or up to april horses of All descriptions to be sold at v Tom Fyk on april a important annual at Lucass after the close of the Hunting Alfh the Cheshire hounds of by ing s1td of the of j Sale in Oclock and annual yeomanry and Wade we favoured with sell by Acuti at the re on May fou owing the property of Capald Vba Jav not Huu Tefoa la ii ext Aud Wajca bore Carrie omm Toh Ounda during put season with me Kaoru and cot b Bay Bio Black Chesnut Bay 3 years Bay re filth 6 Yean Roan Grey 6 Yeara Thene horses have carried if Stone up to the Cloee of the to quod and All have carried a Ady to the property of miss Carlo w Hai Consi autly carried a lady to will de on View at the repository on april Aca the morning o annual and Wade Are favoured with instructions to by at the he on May without the Folia Whin weight carrying which Hae been regularly hunted with the Iveynell toe property of Charles years old Good Haa carried a 8 years 8 years annual Koa Vanry and Wade Are with Ina ustious to sell by at the on May 1 without the remainder of Martius stud that were not sold at Hij Sale Bay by Flash in the up to 15 cots by Flash to the up to 16 Flint and Roan by Flash id the up to 18 these horses Are All rising and have been carrying17 Stone All season with the 1 and a not up to owners Wight a will be uld wlrhou1 Reserve a moderate Reserve Only will the put of no 3 which can of from auctioneer at time of Day a nil Grey Al hands Bay is hands Bay 1g hands Black 18 hands Chesnut 1c hands those marked thus live carried a the property of Bay hands a inc Fos life to men and driven Ivy a an eco Una Tao Deni Ami Hundred with tha Grey 1c hands 3 inches a Arlen regularly As a Charger Wii ule wll table Yeoman or and ten in hands Hlub Inlet to ride Ani cons Nuy driven by a ily order of the Kie tutors Carriage 7 and 8 is Honni in Choc nigh remarks Bly Riarte Plafta nearly Brou Gaul built in Augull by and 1hu8 worse Tau by Credor of tie executors 1 1 a gentleman Decea Jid a blown gelding j an excellent Brougham 1 a Worso than by Gilweit mounted several valuable studs already but desc Vijil for to Besant wit Aalo m props Ray entry will be fur Uhl Catlon to a wars Lucas Ana Iii not yet Cut relay j on a Juil g railway r a i l w a Reat Eastern Newmarket first a pkg 27tfi to Soti two thousand uuinjsa8 ath april one thousand Quin was 33ih Phi and third class trains will run As or Xor Liverpool s pedal 12 3 noon v i 6 u p a a u sex i from to l and p first class special trains for Newma Ciet will leave is pools Reet aug St and to Liverpool Street at annual yeomanry and Wade Are favoured with instructions to sell by All Ion an the re May the Well known with ins Aud lord Kerr Erss the property of Esq Rolden Roan Chesnut with four White g years old Guod and regularly driven la a Ami occasionally in a t cart by a Brown acted ran second at Derby in lord Harrlyn irions Hunt carries a Haa been hunted by a up to 13 at Che audit Winner of Many races and probably the Twer u Hunter to Haa carried a lady with Grey Neil carries a lady Lili and been fumed by a up to 13 hark years by Harkaway up g years old Sman r win to put on the As or Boden will Tell annually in the Hunters Are ail sold As Pood 2 and 5 go m and third Chus special train will on tour slav six Karl Iii Kot to 3hb at a for Ratunil Iii sew a Norkon Friday and Aii i it general Eastern Newma Kkt first 2rui to son on a special tka1n Illust a found and third clan will leave dlr re in Conui Awuou Wotli the to talk from a m in it Notimo a pin Derby t2 Oil 2 Seonna and third class will leave it Inis a do rect in Worthe train m imn Ruttjr not Sheffield and in filth i Nolem of pan Arlowyn press leaving Peta Hirough at Rin annual you any and Wade Are favour i with instructions to sell by at the is on Iho 1hkek Folio a intr which have been hunted in the property of or James of Belgrave Chesi iut c years old equal to 13 the Bay 0 tid equal to h the Bay c years pm equal to 16 they All have Are and the property of Esq 7 i hands 3 inches hich nunfe1 with Twitt has been drive in in Iio Ubie harness anal Leader in a Piebald 6 years old quiet to ride and Bas int icon in Harries fur Louie apron general Northern Newmarket Spring april wed Leflay a april one Thor said Cirive Vlnar and Hinl Cla will run Between Omner love and Lon i London to Cash Hilive and 30tb Perral fast passengers at Odin to n p Ca Murmes 7 Park h is elate in train from ambry ice at 1051 that property of Harold Esi cue3nlt years in f inches High a flue and Shady with c a lady to Honda Ihla a Ca filial up to 12 Brown years in Halls 2 inches by Jii ii town Asplen Dij up to Carriea it lady to Bouna Stubis aready with and a Gocel sold subject to examination prior to the property of the Earl of Wilton a Litak and line carries a the property of col nil Black Well known uie t the property of a Brown rising 15 Nan 1 Inch Diwik rising i hands in Luck have been driven con stantly following regularly i until Wilh 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