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Belding Banner Newspaper Archives Nov 24 1920, Page 1

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Belding Banner (Newspaper) - November 24, 1920, Belding, MichiganTitty. Ionia county s Best news paper thirty secon d year no. 27 Belding Michigan. Wednesday afternoon november 24 1920 five cents the copy. T7 t7 Ora 11 i in Jris 11 is i .l44 ij4 4 4 4dim taxes set jew record Forsigh rate school and county tax rate higher but state rate is lower not i v if v 1 vhf 7. Lull Winter taxes will reach a new High record rate this time when a total of $25.31 will be collected by treasurer Essex from the people of this Community for each $1,000 valuation which they have set Down opposite their names in the City tax Rolls. This corresponds with an approximate to Tal of $17.94 which was assessed and collected last year. Even though thre have been re ports circulating telling of the enormous expense of running the state in 1919 and the great increase Over that figure for the coming year the state tax rate shows a decrease of ten cents on each $1,000 valuation. The heavy increase however come sin the school and county tax rate this year. Last year s tax rate for the schools was about $11.10 while this year it is $1640. The e rate for the county last Winter was $2.26 and this year it. Is very nearly double that amounting to $4.43.it May seem like parting with a whole lot of Money to pay s taxes this year but the chances Are that every will be Able to dig just Little deeper and come across wit the Cash. Just the same As in the Days when tax rates were a whole lot lower t. Thanksgiving then said the Pilgrim fathers let us have a great thanksgiving party to celebrate the plenty of this land. And let it always be observed in future years in Honor of a country where no men Are slaves where there is always enough and More for everyone to eat and where no wants and no has to Wor beyond his strength. And on this Day let no go to his toil Ever but let him rest and feast and be merry because he has prospered so wonderfully through the thus spake the first of the pioneers to Settle in new England some 300 years ago and thus was born the first of our american National holidays. Thanksgiving. 6 us notice the ladies social Circle will meet with mrs. E. B. Lapham wednesday afternoon december 1. Local earlier try i1e17 lie Flod Union thanksgiving ser ice the thanksgiving service will be held in the Baptist Church thursday evening at 7 30. It is a Union ser vice and Rev. Curch pastor of the Church of Christ will be the preacher the Oft tinier Wil be Given to the near East Relief. It s a boy quite a number of people were wondering what caused the dense Cloud of smoke which Hung Over the City. Tuesday morning and no seemed to be Able to Tell and so we Are going to let you know that the cause of it All was the Large number of friends to whom Harvey Lohr had passed dears to when he came Down Jacquet makes increase Iii capital Stock death claims Good Dereis out lost Miro it Loga new Man at express office Frank Snider of Owosso has a. Rived in the. City and taken up the position As agent for the Adams express co., made vacant by the Resig nation of or. Ansel Johnson who had been with the company for several years past. Or. Snider has been with the express company at Owosso and other places for some time and town tuesday morning. Harvey was Ionia team defeats local. Players has not been Defeated this season Apple buyers failed to come so he ships Carload of fruit North Only Small percentage of stockholders not rep res fluted at meeting says that he thinks that he is going. Ponnell s be Sale we want to Call your attention to the half Page advertisement of the Rexall drug store which Harry con Nell proprietor has in this week Issue of the Banner new s. Or. Con Nell has these sales every six months and is always giving some wonderful bargains As a result. This time As usual the Public will find Connell s adv. A Chance to buy and Stock ahead with a considerable saving of Money. Look it up on Page three and then help yourself. Like the local position just Righta meeting of the Stock holders was t of i brother Arthur Snider of Cadi. E. E. Rummler succumbs to attack of heart trouble at pleasant St. Home Las is also Here with him As an As. Just bubbling Over with smiles an Joy As he passed but the ten cent variety which he considered none to Good to hand out with the news that a son had been born to himself and wife that morning at their Home. He s a big fellow a regular or. In fact. He weighed a Little More than ten pounds ? was the in variable Spiel which accompanied the handing Over of the Cigar which to Gether with that great dig smile which he wore gave the impression that old dad Lohr was a mighty Happy Man Over the arrival of the youngster. Times sure do change with the passing of years and month to another and where a year ago the Farmers and Apple raisers could not take care of al the men who came Distant. The Jacquet motor corporation held at the company s offices Satur Day afternoon at which time it was voted to increase the capital Stock of news of the death of Ernest e. To look after the crops this year has lost pocketbook and cashew Tuttle lost his pocketbook been entirely different and the far the concern from its present amount of $100,000, to $250,000, the action to be of course subject to the a wine in the Suehn Juros. Store. Thurs 1 an pro Vil of the Michigan state Securi 1 afternoon avid circumstances abundant Apple crop have been hav ties commission. It is not proposed fur rounding the disappearance of is hard sledding to find a Market to place this additional $150,000 wort net be so hich it i for them with the result that in Many of Stock on the Market at this time i gained led him to think that Oneo the Orchards nearby the fruit had the local High pigskin followers played a Brilliant defensive game against Ionia Friday afternoon but failed to win the game. Ionia has not been Defeated in the county this fall and the Home boys were Defeated by Ionia for the second time 40 to 6 was Friday s score. In this game As in every other Thi s year the High school players were outweighed about Twenty pounds to he n Man. This Factor helped the visitors because after holding them to ,13 to 6 until the second half they were Able to Wear Down the Belding team and Phe up 27 Points during the last half. The Only score for Belding was made in the second Quarter. When quarterback Mckiddie snatched a pass near his own goal line and ran 90 Yards for j touchdown. Coach Shand wants to say that Mckiddie has played a wonderful game this season and especially in this last Ionia game. Some of the other Fellows played Well too. In not been entire y taken care of debut the. Action was merely taken the Many men who were nth a step in getting ready for the time place at the Thap cd in up when an increase would have to be and was going a search a fore the frosts came and the remain Bricker hotel changes hands or. And mrs. Robert Moore own ers to the Bricker hotel have sold the business to e. H. Higgins of Afton Ohio. Possession was Given this morning and the new owners have started in on their jobs. During the year which or and mrs. Moor have conducted the place they have established a f reputation of a fir it class place for the accommodation of. 1m it .1. I program Belding Grange nov. 27. Roll Call. Current events j Recita Tion an a Johnson question will text books of the future be More cacti Cal than those of present Eaden ill Wheater Teader Ross. Reader mrs. Daisy Chickering Penny March. Made. w pp"5, were Ernest Chickering was of the in the place at time Buttru v i several Loi form. Foi Lxi Rora great percentage of the Stock holders hd4., t the Clr Wasja pig crop and who had them taken were either present or represented 7? " Arrout. Of the. 2865 shares possible Fellows the be voted there was. A total of 217a,5sitb contained two Twenty care of but for some reason or other the. Expected buyers failed to show up and when the buying season was about Over or Chickering still had his Apple crop on his hands a Wilt the Public and they Effort have been rewarded Kulli a Iii j my shares voted on the several matters us no Verai . Which were brought before the meet ullun1u Iii ii Ulii cult i jul tic manias i Greenville com a u.--6roi he a Billao to up Arkulan Whitney. Coyle and my . Mary e. H. Co Iii As assist j he fun airy obtained information a Naughton. That in the Northern part of the Tate ing an exceptionally Good who were present at the meeting were very Well satisfied with the present status of the concern and an air of Confidence seemed to prevail with everyone that the Busi Ness would soon be on. A production basis and running smoothly. Tor. Was r b Gre a Villa to there. Was it fairly Good Market Formway to inspect the Ira Enville Cotos Vuk Aua a w. A course Togo after former Loceil resident audit the books and give of the Market did not come to him he instruction. The Stanton Post and would Load up his apples and take corps Weri present to member them to the Market. On monday he from Rockford and. Carson cite. A k Ron . 4, the game m quarters is As lol Jows first Quarter Jovitf kicked to. Kjeu Ding the Kattef Igor kit to opponent s goal fall. Got Svet. Per Down. And Ionia scores goal score Ionta .7. Belding it via i t a second Quamir Belding. Receive but loses ground on Downs and Ball gos Over to Ionia the latter Hayball on. Belding s ten Yard line when great interest shown thru t. Out Oitt in this ii051e i Jim. Talent program Rummler. For the past 32 years a prominent merchant tailor of this City at his Home last Midnight came As a distinct Shock to the people of this City who although they knew that or. Rummler had been having a lot of ill health of late had no idea that his condition was so critical that his death could be . Rummler had been suffering from rheumatism and other ailments for the pa3t three years and during the greater part of the time his faithful wife had also been in ill health. At time last Winter the two of them were so sick that either or both of their deaths were expected momentarily. They eventually re covered and or. Rummler has Putin a Good part of his time at his place of business during the summer but a Short time ago1 his heart again commenced to trouble him and it was of these attacks. Which caused his death last night he had been no business Here for the last 32 years and was Well known and liked " surviving turn Are his widow an four sons Bert and Oscar of this City Ernest of grand rapids and Joseph of Everett. Washington. Funeral will be on Friday and owing to the illness of Jurs. Rummler the services and interment will be private. Friedly to manage Oil station work preparatory to moving the old Mooney building was started on monday morning and the building will probably be moved by the last of the week. Just As soon As the moving is completed the Western Oil and Gas distributing Agency will commence the erection of their Fine new drive in station to Supply the Public with gasoline Oil tires Etc. Which they will carry. At the meet ing of the backers of the proposition held in Hubbell Hall last wednesday night Henry Friedly was chosen trs trustee and manager of the local bus iness and Fred Locke was picked to attend to the distribution of Oil to the old settler buried the funeral for Benjami s nil Ranf Oay Quer serv. Applies a a Box car Here and left with. Cje f. ?.ne o clock after which the them for Marquette where he will Ley the Pioneer resident attend to the Selling of wat ii afcm1wur w ien up Green personally the local High school has been working for weeks upon Unity who died at the Home forgot to m get court requirements and was again hailed before the judge an attempted. Pass Over goal line Isth City last wednesday morning visiting members Cember 7th. A widely varied h.hff81a that. H Nan tha Anniara Vya m Rwy or do Yards for touchdown Beldi Ngat in e Ripe Oil a 01 it. Years Iutok. To clock gunner was served after which us a. Gram is being prepared that is bound place from the Home saturday after ail wended their Way the Sutton. Sat in Case e can not sell the at r f indies of wholesale to store keepers and others Ial was made to please from Start to finish. The popular High school orchestra will Render several selections. Prof. Rus Curt o will rival Rena with his magic the chorus will make its first appearance with an excellent repertoire in Otisco cemetery. The will make an Effort to peddle them out to householders who May want to . E. Church new Hamiltons win Case services at the m. E. Church Willine Case de tween Kozai a. Liam ii be at the regular hours on Sun Dayton and his brother. Tom Hamilton. Land Henry Werner which was Start Jan Mia Sinnard was 11 a. To the people of Beldin Sci Vamg a group 01 Michigan the grand the boys g be club will make rapids news is an in ?tonf5 dependent newspaper that Sells for to to the ,c a nc-4 5 cents per month 10 cents per nor sonar a series of Beautiful Tab cd in Ionia on tuesday of last week miss Laura Goodwin for the past doctor p. P. Keyser a former prac timing veterinary of this City who left Here and went to Peck this state where he is now located failed to live up to terms of a probationers period which had been granted him by judge Davis about to years ago and on wednesday evening Deputy Sher Iff Murray left Here for Peck to bring the doctor Back before the bar of Justice. Keyser had purchased an Automo bile from or. Litle a former local physician. After a time he went away without having Jaid for the a Chi in and disposed of it. He was hailed into court and was placed on pro Bation for a term of two years with tha stipulation that he was to make regular payments to Square up the account. The veterinarian must have Lulu , ii me Fia Jiuu. Nve years enc a Cea in missionary week it is of the few news a beaux win Letraie a nth rasp Hilr Hope in for trial up Vernl t i. 1 times but for various reasons Hadj Zience at the methodist Church Suni pain the state which has not join soloist will Delight the misses goal Belding kicks to Ionia and they score find Quarter ends score Ionia 13, Belding 6. Third Quarter Belding kicks to Ionia and the latter scores three touchdowns and kick goal twice Bel Ding completes the Only successful pass of the game on either Side my kiddie to Hammontree for fifteen Yards. Score Ionia 33, Belding 6. Fourth Quarter played for most part in the dark Belding received Kickoff Ionia gets Ball and scores a touchdown and kicks goal and the game ends with Ball in Possession of Belding on own 45 Yard line. Final score Ionia 40, Belding f. Referee or. Churm of grand rap ids head Linesman or. Holmes of Belding timekeeper Alvin Storey. Only game remains on the High schedule and that is with Portland on the 23rd, and that May not be played As Portland has requested that it be cancelled been postponed. When the Case and called last week neither or. Werne Ull nor his attorney were in court the judge ordered the Case to pro profiteer if in its columns and or accede with the result that the Eye eth e japanese customs and also a hence using an irom siae inn Rayea the children in like att re. Surrounding territory. Or. Lock 5s no contradictions the jury brought in a verdict for the sum of $2,250 after having Consi wed the evidence for 25 minutes. The Case grew out of the Purchase by the Hanilton to Winter Here or. And mrs. Charles Hopfenbeck of Prairie Elk Montana have arrived in the cite and Are plan Ninor on an experienced Man at this work having been Lor a number of years Tice it in its business dealings. Prices a artist come Down if Prosperity is to continue. The news will hold to its present Price which is lower than its competitors As Long As it is possible to do so. Help keep Down prices by having a better paper for less Mon the grand rapids news a. P. Johnson publisher. Miss l. Parney. 416 w. Washing ton St. Phone 113. Agent. Connected in a similar capacity with Brothers of the Werner farm North spending the time Between now an the Standard Oil co. And West of the City about two years next april with their relatives Here thought that judge Davis was just k dding him about the matter for he never sent in a cussed cent and the action of last wednesday in Send ing for him was to get him to think in e More seriously about the he was arraigned in court Friday Keyser stated that his in come from his practice amounted to about a Dollar a Day and when the judge questioned him regarding when j ago installed Fine new machine to celebrate thanksgiving mass there will be a High mass of thanksgiving celebrated by Rev. a. Klick in St. Joseph s Cath Olic Church on thanksgiving morn ing at 7 30 o clock As announced by the pastor sunday. Incidentally he also spoke of the Many things which Beldine and its people had to be thankful for this year and that these matters should meet with deep appreciation. He contrasted labor an Industrial conditions Here with those of other cities and places and declared that in the face of things As they Are this year that local people could consider themselves far More favor ably situated than could the people of Many other communities. At which time they will again take up their residence on their Western Joslin. On Friday finished the installation of his new $750 Buu Verkist pop Corn machine and that got an extra hound Tim Driscoll who lives ont on route three and in the Grattan neigh takes on More business mrs. Nellie Steele who has worked night Charley Coon was running the establishment and dishing out the pop Corn As fast As the machine could Grattan Pioneer dead Benjamin Storey of the Early settlers of Grattan township and a Man Well Nown by Many local peo ple died at the Home of his son. . Storey of Lowell after a Short illness at the age of 85 years. Burial was in Forest Home cemetery. Greenville Rev. J. B. Pinckard of that City officiating. Boyhood has lost his Fine Fox hound b of business in. The electric a wed on armistice Day Ralph Hewitt and miss Anna Krausse were in Ionia on armistice Day and while there were United in marriage by the Rev. Cyrus h. Men Danha la chaplain at the reformatory. Ralph celebrated armistice in this Way this year. V two years ago on armistice Day he was laying in front of Metz with the american forces All ready for the signal to attack turn it out. Or. Joslin has the machine located in the space just West or his theatre Entrance where Frank Harlan formerly had his pop Corn and has asked to if us u cleaner line Nasus see we can a weeper locate the animal for him by bring to hrs 1j jew Ging notice of he fact before our in business Many readers. The boys had the j a1 e Foni pan Tal hound t out Hunting i week before4. J last Vertise Conand tzr11 or teat Steele business. Or. Coon intends to operate the machine and dispense its product. It works entirely by elec when the news spread that everything meeting of Good cheer Circle the Good cheer Circle will meet on tuesday november 30 with at the parsonage. The annual Church meeting occurs on the usual Date of the class meeting. Trinity even to the heating of the g. A. In and w. R. C. To elect the annual election of officers for the g. A. R. And the w. R. C. Organizations will be had at the g. A. R. Hall on saturday recember 4th. Would soon be quiet and Over with him and he failed to return the a enc for the famous re re v. Mendenhall was chosen to Foll they would very much appreciate Lna vacuum cleaner and our readers cite at the marriage for the reason any information which would assist re we he w Fth them thru the rest of his. Money necessary to meet living expenses from our horse doctor Friend stated that he Swap Ped horses considerable. Judge Davis did not Send him to jail but ordered him to dig up regularly each week the sum of six dollars and Send it in to the court and stated that in Case the Money was not received promptly and on time each week that he would put the doctor up on the Hill for a time sufficient to let him know that there was no joking about the affair. Key ser made a faithful Promise to meet the court requirements without fail and was released from custody under an Extension of his probationary per Iod of another year. Popper and the automatic working of the machine attracts a lot of at Ner advertisements which have Anthem in recovering the . Geared quite regularly in these columns. Since taking up this line of i mat he had to years Sciore per formed the ceremony which United Ralph s parents or. And mrs. B. W. Hewitt in marriage. is club to meet Don t forget the m. E. Chicken pie supper. Big Chicken pie supper m. Church saturday december 4.the Parent teachers club will about sex months ago. has placed More than 30 a former pastor spoke a Good time was had in the meth Chines and his Good live Prospect for More than 100 other cleaners closing up on of them with Abona fide Sale every Day or so. will push the business greater than Ever from now on and in Addi Tion to advertising and telling you about the Regina vacuum cleaners she will also Tell you about the wonderful Regina talking machine. It will pay you to look up her advertisements and get acquainted with them. Photographs for Christmas the very thing the inexpensive solution of the gift problem. Telephone for an appoint ment today before the Rush commences. The Dennis studio Odist Church Friday night nov. 19, consisting of a pot Luck supper a Fine program of music and reciting and a grand Sermon by our former pastor g. W. Maxwell now located in grand Haven. Then Best of All meet tuesday evening november 30 at 7 30 in the High school. Mrs. L. M. Berry has prepared the following program selection High school or Chestra Why do we have a school nurse miss Edna Nummer Folk dances second Ward school. Mrs. Sara Hopwood Prin. Selection High school orchestra Echos of state teachers association or. L. Ii. Hockstad miss Hazel Briggs mrs. Katt Tuttle selection High school orchestra. Farmers club notice the East Otisco Farmers club will meet at the Home of or. And mrs. Ernest Wooldridge on december 2. Everyone is cordially invited. Typewriter supplies at this office. Mrs. A. Dieltz dead an item which we neglected to mention in our last week s Issue was the death of mrs. A. Deitz at her Home West of the City on Friday no vember 12. Mrs. Deitz had been in failing health for a year or so. Since suffering a stroke of paralysis an for several weeks prior to her death had been very Low. Funeral services were held monday afternoon no vember 15, from the Home and burial was in Otisco cemetery. Surviving Are her husband a daughter Dehn and a son. Maurice leva c. Of this City two other son3. Al Fred of Flint and Ralph of Saginaw and her parents or. And mrs. Rush Low of Birch run. Don91 forget the faithful red Cross needs your help up to Date the red Cross membership for Belding has been very Light. The time has been extended until november 30. Please renew your membership. Your help is needed. Membership May be obtained at the following places City Hall hotel Belding Belding savings Bank Peoples savings Bank and Sandell s Bank a free will Ziering which amounted to in the neighbourhood of $135. This is to be divided f0-5 0 on the running Brand mrs. W. B. Reed and mrs. I. L. Hubbell went to Detroit wednesday to spend thanksgiving. Expenses of the Church and the Church debt. This is the first of four of these meetings to be held in the Church year. Typewriter supplies at this office

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