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Belding Banner (Newspaper) - June 23, 1920, Belding, MichiganI tit a 1.1, Ionia county s Best newspaper five cents the co?, Michigan wednesday afternoon june 23, 1920thirty-secon d year no. 5 of leads Mumm m boy is killed when horse he is n Smonig old Unruhe graduate Floh local High school fag Turer rides runs Here is slowly Neal Lilg life s Century hark the Many friends of mrs. Emeline r. Weter in this City and Community will be pleased to hear that she has passed her nine Fourt h Milestone in the journey through life and that she was keenly interested in the gather ing of her immediate relatives at her Home on saturday june 19, to Cele brate in a Small Way the anniversary of her birth nearly a Century ago. Be Sid e3 the assemblage of All her local relations and mrs. Hannah Wilbur a Long time Friend the birthday party As usual called for another one of those splendid spreads to which All the Winchester company says local workmen cannot be beat for anything in their line com m Eicem ent is big event in lives of four boys and Nineteen girls was dragged to death As his foot caught in har Ness of the animal. Appoints local store its representative Dardanelles Campaign vet to live Here Louis Salzman brother of Herman and Albert Salzman of this City arrived at grand rapids sunday an was met by his Brothers there and brought to Belding by automobile he has just came from England the former Home of the Salzman was in the British army during the great world War and put in a Long time with the forces during the famous Dardanelles Campaign Whethe British suffered such severe losses in their vain attempt to take stronghold. On first impression he says he likes America Belding and his future plans Are to. Remain her Ionia stores close thursday sin line with the action of Many other cities the merchants of Ionia Are going to close their stores and places of business every thursday afternoon during the months of jul and August. An advertisement announcing that fact appears in another column of this paper. Rumor that woman tried to suicide the train Crew on the noon local up from Elmdale report that they saw a Ford car coming Down the Brickyard Hill at a rapid rate Mon Day and that there appeared to be a scrap of some kind going on Between the people in the car. They said that when the car reached the Bridge just East of the Railroad track a woman who was apparently being kept in the car against her will succeeded in getting out of. The machine Ana made for the Side of the Bridge an just about to throw herself Over the railing and into the Rocky Stream 20feet below when male occupants of the car got her and forced her into the machine. Other people in the City observed the car As it passed through and noticed that a night of some kind was going on Between the people it car ried but no one schema to know who the folks were or where they were going. They entered the City from the West and went East on the Ionia Road. Louis Hall the Orleans township Farmer was in the office saturday and while talking with him about the new Home which he is building on the Crof a ttko4 roof r f Ivan sir a we n v o 1did Justice. Despite her years mrs. Eter is still in Good mental Condi mile North of Orleans we Learned that no. Which Ion and up to 1918, at Evhen it comes to being a Rea Mie by Leitru c us Belding Booster or. Hallwas Able to be up and around and nag it on most All of took a great Deal of exercise. Nickolas Feuerstein the son of or and mrs. George Feuerstein Farmers living South and East of this City was killed this afternoon at about 5 30 o clock when a horse which he was Riding in from the Field ran away. Particulars Are not definitely known but from what we can learn Nicholas was Riding one of the work horses in from the Field when the animal ran away throwing him off. As he fell his foot caught in the tug or other part of the harness and he was dragged by the animal some distance and this killed him the appointment of the t Frank Ireland co. To sell in this Community the new hardware and sporting goods manufactured by the win Chester repeating arms company is announced. And in the opinion of leading merchants it is one of the most interesting and important developments the local retail Trade has known. First his family next his dog then comes his Winchester in the love of the Best Type of american. Almost every family seems to have possessed a Winchester at one time or another and the love and respect for the Good old gun is just about Universal. And now that recently there have been Many new additions truth Winchester 4familv there speaking of the building materials and other stuff which he had got to put into his new House. Or. Hall said he was of the opinion that the Beldin lumber company and other local firms who furnish him could not be beat for both Price Quality work Manship or service and that he con. Sill boy is badly ii Theo by rolling log wanted to be refrigerator Side red a Man would have a hard time trying to find business men who would try to give better value to any. One than what he was . Hall went further and said with gov Iii lose Muscles in calf of leg Are l5at a had nothing but the highest torn from Bones for ii Praise Lor on Racior i Noma Dawes and his assistants. Eugene ten inches Iii last two games Warner Frank Smith and we. Har. Commencement exercises for. The four boys and Nineteen girls who formed the graduating class of 1920 of the Belding High school were held in the m. E. Church wednesday even ing last and the program for the evening proved a big event in the lives of the members of the class. The program started out with several selections by the High school after which Rev. Ii. E. Curch gave the invocation. Miss Helen Hudson then gave a piano Solo. Miss Loretta Shindorf class Salu Satori an was full and unable to be pres ent and her paper was read by miss Abby White. Rev. C. W. Merriam pastor of Park congregational Church grand rapids then gave the class a very practical talk on the difficulties which would have to be met and Over come through life. The address was very Good and was thoroughly appreciated by the class. The vocal Solo the old Mother by Clayton Knapp was very much enjoyed. Miss Aileen Armstrong valedictorian of the class then read the paper which she had of the class by Prin Cipal l. Hockstad and the presenting of diplomas by Byron f. Brown Secretary of the Board of education came next and was followed by a selection by the High school orchestra. The addresses of the salutatorian miss Loretta Shindorf and the valedictorian miss Aileen Armstrong Are herewith published in full As Fol lows i Salut Atory Loretta Shindorf friends the occasion that brings us Here or this evening is a Happy one it is especially so for the class of 1920. Four years ago we started a course of study the end of which we have now reached. While we congrats ulat e ourselves on the completion of the annotated task and Are soon to Bifi Deosio Revenue Mill grinds slow. Local Man thinks he was Flim slammed silk team s uniforms Are alleged to have dazzled refrigerator boys had Fristic encounter. As a result of trouble Over a shut off water Supply Zack Choate and Pete Fredericks the latter superin. Pendent of the City water works had a real Fristic encounter with each other Over in the Dort body works on thursday. Friday Choate went to Ionia and swore to a warrant be fore Justice j. Clark Taylor charging Fredericks with assault and Bat Tery. Saturday sheriff. Hoppough came up and served the warrant and that afternoon Fredericks went to the county seat and plead not guilty to the charge. The hearing on the Case was then put Over until tuesday june 29. It is understood that an investigation will be made into the Cas before the hearing is held. Both men Are Fine Fellows and highly respected citizens of this place. Ner who were doing the Carpenter work on the Home and for Art Brown the local Interior decorator George Taylor our Painter and William Brown of the citizen s Light com pan who wired the House Bam and other outbuildings for the farm lighting Plant which he is putting intr. Brown according to or. Hall Vas very pc vient in the wiring of the buildings and said that he consid ered the wiring and fixture Bill As the biggest value of them was a genuine treat to hear go on and boost for one business place after another and Belding workmen in general and we know that if there is a City or workmen either in the state of Michigan deserving of Praise for honest values or service rendered the town and men whom or. Hall was referring to Are worthy of it. At the same time Belding business men and people appreciate having such As Louis Hall living in their territory and Are All agreed that no House no matter How Well constructed and finely fitted up is any v too Good for them. Harold Algerman 7" years old lie in the Belding Hospital with a badly torn and injured right leg the Muscles or calf of the leg having been literally torn from the Bone for a length. Of ten inches when a log loosened and rolled off from a pile in the Belding Basket company s Yard where he together with other children of the neighbourhood where his Mother lives were playing shortly before noon on Friday. None of the men who work in the log Yard were near where the Acci Dent took place at the time the Chil Dren who were with Harold Tell conflicting tales regarding just How it happened but 1t is quite evident that with some playing on top and others playing around the log pile the log was loosened and rolling Down hit the youngster in at manner and in such a Way to tear the skin and mus cles away from the Bone. The Chil Dren who were with h m assisted him to his Mother s Home and or. Stanton was called and the child was taken to the Hospital where or. Han sen City physician took charge of the Case. Information Given us at the Hospi Grange program june 26 song by the Grange Roll Call a vacation i would like to take read ing mrs. Anna Chickering my experience at the Hospital at the great lakes training station miss Edna Nummer Reading mrs. Thompson report from county Grange mrs. Mary e. H. Coville Penny March. Straightens up wife deserter George Yost who was arrested in Florida recently on a charge of hav. Ing deserted his wife and two Chil Dren and who later on pleaded guilty to the charge has been placed on 3 receive our diplomas As evidence of work Well done we Are not unmindful of the people who made All this possible. Our hearts Are filled with sincere gratitude. Since you have had appearance helps a lot in this world according to the Ball game be tween the Silks and Belding Hall on saturday As the Silks dolled up in spick new uniforms took the league leaders off their feet 6 to 3 Thompson pitching for the Silks allowed but three hits while the Silks made seven hits off Coyle and one hit off Miller who relieved Coyle in the fifth. Three of the Silks hits were for two bag. Gers. There were six strike out s against the Silks to 11 strike out s against Belding Hal l. Belding Hall made but one error to the Silks 5. Score 1234567 rhe Belding Hall 0101100 3 31silks 100320 6 85 the Dort also sprung a Surprise on the foundry and beat them 5 to 3. This gain was the result of a Little poor playing on the part of the foundry allowing men to get on bases and a Little hit let in 2 scores in the third inning and in the fourth a player was hit by a pitched Ball and two walks followed by a hit let in three More runs. The feature of both games was the hitting of mad den who ont of seven times at Bat in the two games got six hits one of was a two Bagger. Score 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 foundry. 1000011 3 53dort 00230 0 5 42the league standing looks a Little better this time. Belding Hau s aver age has been reduced and the silk s increased while the Dort and foundry Are fighting for second l. Pet. Belding Hall 7 2 777 Dort 5 4 555 foundry 5 4. 555silks 3 6 333 this saturday Belding Hall plays the Dort and it should be a Good a Large share in making our commencement possible we have invited you to share with us in the Joys of the evening. The class of 1920 sex Tal is to the effect that while the in. Jury is a very bad one the flesh be ing entirely pulled Loose from the Bone for a stretch of fully ten inches the child will get along la right unless an infection Shoukal t in in which Case he would still have a fighting Chance to save the leg. Is wide popular interest in the new cousins and other relatives of the famous repeating Rifle. Fifty thre e years ago the winches ter repeating Rifle was placed on the Market by the Winchester repeating arms company of new Haven Conn. It was a Good Rifle in. Fact the first truly successful repeater and almost immediately achieved great popular Ity. This first Success was made secure by the strength and vision of its makers one of the first american concerns to build with the purpose of gaining and holding a dominant place in the world Industrial Arena. So Large was the part played by the Winchester Rifle in the settling of the great West and establishing Law and order that the name Winchester came into common use in place of the word Rifle. And so High was the Standard of manufacture maintained for it that it was soon the favorite Hunting Rifle All Over the world. Improved models followed in the course of time including the first completely successful repeating shot gun. And with the coming of smoke less powder the Winchester company commenced the manufacture of am munition to insure Winchester users the Best possible cartridges and shot shells for. Their rifles and shotguns. This proved to be an especially Good move for the continued Superior shooting qualities of Winchester arms have for Many years been partly attributed to ammunition being made for them in the same Plant by the same organization. Now this great manufacturing is. To abolishment tremendously expanded in the Gigantic part it played in the winning of the world War is apparently branching out to make All possible use of the additional know ledge experience and equipment thus acquired. New articles being made already include tools cutlery fishing tackle flashlights skates Etc. With half a Century of experience and unexcelled equipment entering into their production it is to be expected that these new products made in the same skilled and Workmanlike Man. Ner As the famous Winchester guns have been made for so Long will have Merit above the Ordinary. To the Good Fortune of the Many old friends of Winchester in the Community who will be the first to wish to examine these new articles we have Here in town a retail hard Ware concern of such High standing As to be one of the first exclusively selected to present these new win Chester products to the buying Public the agreement thus carries with it the Anvil age and responsibility of representing the manufacturer More directly than any retail merchant has heretofore done in the Case of the Winchester company. A special invitation is being extended by the Winchester company to All its friends in this District to visit the Winchester store and see the latest additions to the win Chester and As the t. Frank Ireland co. Are likewise inviting everybody to do so the store if enjoying a regular old Home week of Winchester visitors. New friends will of course be equally Welcome with old Winchester acquaintances. Tends a Hearty Welcome to you years in High school have vitally affected our lives. When we entered we thought merely of living from Day to Day and passing time pleasantly. We. Soon realized How Ever that we were there for a Pur pose. We have gained High ideals and desire to make service our watchword. The for a Pioneer passes away after a Long period of ill health from the infirmities of age and heart trouble mrs. Helen Purdy of Smyrna passed away thursday june 17, 1920 at the Home of her son Fred Purdy in Belding where he had been ten Derl y cared for during the past win ter and Spring. Helen Andrews was born in East Bloomfield new York october 13, 1839, and came with her parents to Grattan Kent county Michigan when she was six years old. She knew the privations of Pio Neer life and also its happier knew Many of the indians who inhabited this part of the state and could Tell Many interesting stories about them when they were neighbors of her parents. When she was Twenty years old she was United in mar. Prohibition nation wide world wid is is possible will we Ever see it will the american people stand firm for nation wide or will they take a backward step. These and Ither questions of vital interest will be answered by Rev. A. H. Claflin one of the Field secretaries and lecturers of the anti Salon league of America service in life Are unlimited. Years probation and ordered to pay$10 per week for the support of his two children $300 costs of arresting him and furnish a Bond to the county in the sum of $600. If he fails to do this he will serve from eighteen months to three years in the Michigan reformatory. He s an undertaker now a. M.4 Bert Hall of the Miller & Harris furniture co., recently spent some time in Lansing where he took a thorough course in embalming sanitary science Etc., and then took the state embalmers examination which was held there shortly after Ward with the result that or. Hall now has his certificate diploma and other necessary credentials which class him As a licensed embalmer. Or. Hall says that no one need hurry Anddie especially on this account but that should his services Ever be needed he can help out. Planning on big picnic a committee composed of c. N. Wilson Vern r. Brown Henry gild Emmist al Cichy Edwy Webster and Harry Holmes is Busy furthering plans and arrangements for the big Farmer s and merchants picnic to by held at Heth s Pavilion Long Lake in thursday july 15, 1920. Every far at the m. E. Church Belding sunday morning june inn Runng the triage to Elijah Purdy and they began month of june Rev. Claflin has been their Happy married life on a farm. " " m Grattan. To them two sons were i born Fredl l. And genre Hosmer. T the latter Pasi from Earth life february k. Font incr that email game from the prospects. It is Uncertain just when the foundry an Silks will play their game off but i probably after 5 o clock Friday even Lin g or 1 30 sunday afternoon. By v 41 " is i Vin mini tic Isaic men i aim Mother and Uncle and aunt. Elijah Purdy the beloved husband Only survived a Little Over two weeks after permit me to give one example to show How the love of service filled the life of perhaps the most famous woman of modern times Florence Nightingale the founder of modern nursing. Her parents who were wealthy desired her to live a life of ease and enjoyment to which her birth entitled her. She however. Decided Early in life that she had a special service to perform for her fellow me n and always in the background of her mind was the idea to become a nurse. She believed that her life should be a preparation and lost no Opportunity to care for the sick and learn the methods of nursing. Her parents sent her abroad to divert her mind from her chosen work but it was of no Avail. After years of patient wait ing an Opportunity came for her to take charge of a Small Hospital where she worked hard night and Day. Her great Opportunity came Durer a the crimean War when she Laboured Faith fully among the soldiers to care for the sick and Comfort the dying. Up on her return she worked unceasingly for improvement of health conditions in the British army. She did the death of their son and passed away february 2, 1898. About thirty four years ago or. And mrs. Purdy moved from their farm to Smyrna where they passed the remainder talk about your government red tape and other unnecessary stuff to tangle one up Adolf Bracker thin she is right in the swim with the internal Revenue department in a lot of red tape or a genuine swindle and he is just about through wondering when the end of the tape is going to come and he. Is going to be dealt with Squar Elyas he tried to do with the internal Revenue officials at grand rapids. A. Bracker is a Foreman in one of the weaving departments of the White Mill. He also owns a Ford. About three years ago he took a passenger Over to grand rapids and received a sum of Money in return for the Pas Sage. Later on Adolph got to think ing that in taking the person to grand rapids and getting paid Forit he Nad to acted As a common Carrier and he had heard that common carriers had to pay a War tax of a cer Tain amount on All business which they done. Or. Bracker accordingly wrote in to the grand rapids office of the internal Revenue department and told them the facts in his Case and asked the amount of tax which he should Ray. The fare was paid i october 1917. After a time he received a letter telling him to send34 cents War tax. He did up. After a few months he received a letter telling him that the 34 cents had go there too late and that As a Fine he would have to pay fifty per cent or17 cents More. Bracker sent in the 17 cents. That was in Aptil 1918. In no vember he got another letter from the grand rapids office stating that the government would stand for no Small fines and that they had fined him $10.00 for his offence. The Lett or stated that As he had already paid 17 cents All he would have to sent would be $9.83 More. Wishing to keep straight with Uncle Sam he complied with the request and sen tin the amount that time on about novem ber 18 he heard nothing More about the matter and considered Tho affair closed and he was of the opinion that he was Lucky in a Way to get out of it that easy. Along during the last Holiday sea. Son Bracker got another official looking envelope bearing the famous grand rapids postmark. He expected that the government had raised the Fine and was requesting More Money but on opening it he read that they had made an error and that in Case he had kept the letters and receipts for Money which he had paid in and would return them they would Send his entire ten dollars Back to him As the Fine should never have been assessed against to get his ten spot Back he immediately sent Back his receipts and All letters which he had received and then began to look for letter with the Check for $10.00 inside. I to the present time Thalf year later Bracker has not got the Money nor an answer to his let. Ter and it is commencing to look to him As though he was de by some one in the internal Revenue collector s office and he has decided to take the Case to the chief office at Washington d. C. To see How much More red tape he has got to unwind before he gets the Money Back. Pomona Grange meets Ionia county Pomona Grange of. 16 held their june meeting with Grange thursday june 17. There was a Good attendance. Mrs. O. C. Woodman state Grange Chap lain was the principle speaker. Resolutions of Belding Grange were read protesting against a Bill now pending in Congress to authorize building of dams and other necessary work for the diversion of the yellow Stone and other streams from their natural course from Yellowstone National Park for the purpose of irrigating and Power destroying much of the Beauty. The Resolution was unanimously adopted by the Pomona Grange. Belding was represented by or. And mrs. Mark Brown mrs. Mary e. H. Coville and mrs. L. Lam Bertuso n. A Large audience assembled in the evening to listen to addresses of or. And mrs. Huntley Russell of grand rapids who failed to put in an appearance. A song service was held by or. Frank Daniel mrs. Wood Man gave a Fine address. Pomona Grange endorsed the candidacy of mrs. O. C. Woodman for Lieut. Governor of Michigan. The next meeting will be held in Belding. Mrs. E. Ii. Coville Sec. Last few years of her life mrs. Purdy a spent the Winter months in Beldin Irmer in the Vicinity of Belem a Shouh go. The factory league has proved such a Success with the Fellows that it was finally decided to make it a firmer proposition by having a regular pres ident Secretary and treasurer and team manager. In the league meet ing tuesday evening Neil Miller was made president Harry Holmes Secretary and treasurer and Harvey Lohr team manager. The latter of fice is for the purpose of scheduling games with outside teams for the picked league team and seeing it thru successfully this sunday the league team has a return game with the Greenville Odd Fellows who beat the league team 5 to 4 earlier in the season. However the league team has improved a great Deal and feel they can do worse by them than they did by big rapids. The prospective line up is Childs with her children or. And. Mrs. Fredt,1 u Jun me Sirij Ana summer months at her Home in Smyrna where she welcomed All her relatives5 11 a o m. I Una Nosis of menus Lor she was loved by All who knew her and hen As she was lovingly called by All will be greatly missed especially by her Smyrna friends. She t was a member of Smyrna hive l. O. I t h 1 1". I. Anu As Long As Ner health permitted was a faithful attendant of much for the Elevation of nursing for she raised it to the dignity of a trained calling and persuaded the Public that nursing was an Art not icae Sily acquired. Did her life of ser vice count although she was born a Hundred years ago. Her work still inspires the army of Noble women a Camp approved by boy that the plans of the y. C. a boy s Camp has met with the Hearty approval of the boys of the county is shown by the fact that though the definite plans were announced Only last week the enrol ments received up to monday evening fill the Camp one fourth full. At this rate it looks As if there would be More boys than could be accommodated so those who enrol Early will have the Opportunity of going this year. Send in your application at once to make ure of a place. We do not want to Diss Point anyone but can acc Moi to Only 50 boys and the first to in Racli will be the Lucky fifty. Send All applications to Rov r. Levally y. C. A., Ionia Michigan. Their meetings and a Coodle number of the hive escorted the remains to their last earthly resting place. Bea. H. Claflin sides her son Fred and his wife she c. F. Miller 1st Madden 2nd How Ell Pscheid 3rd Moon s. S. Klock a. In Noud l. F. Lohr c. Utility Green ring Doyle. I the game is scheduled for 3 o clock prompt and ought to be a game Worth seeing. Price of admission will be 2 cents including War tax. Speaking among the churches of Montcalm county treating intense in Terest everywhere. This address will Likely to j the Rolv Simross by a rep leaves to mourn their loss two Grard sons Alvin Purdy of Wyan Dott find Loren Purdy of Ionia an their wives also two Brothers and club meeting the West Farmers club will hold their next meeting thursday Evne july it fit the Home of or. Und or. Orlic Ammons. Refresh ments of ice Cream and cake. The program son by the club Roll Call humorous stories Reading by mrs. Nellie Brown song by Lillian and Lyle Emmons and Ben and Mari i e Carpenter selection by mrs. Bella Carpenter closing song. Resent Tive of the " anti Saloon Latrue Many other relatives. Funeral ser. In this Community before election and Vires were held sunday afternoon in i i i. Shores Devault the marriage of Frank shores and fighting against disease and misery in the world remains to be raid but deeds speak Louvier than words. We desire to make Good whatever the place May be in which our Field of work is found instead of hiding them we Trust that As the years pass we May be Able to Render a Good account of that we have received. The class of 1920 again bids you most Hearty Welcome. Every voter should near this. Nation Ouock Ai Ner Laie Home i miss Huldah Devault took place at the Home of the Bride s sister mrs. Henry Sowers 310 s. Front Street monday morning at 9 o clock. Rev. P. Wide and world Gnu issues Are at stake. The coming fall elections will either establish prohibition for Amer Ica or witness a humiliating Retreat which should it be Don t fail to hear this address. Smyrna Rev. H. S. Ellis of Ashley officiating and preaching a most sex. Cellenti Sermon from the text we All do fade As a she was Laid at rest in Smyrna cemetery by the Side of her husband and Beautiful Flowers cover the grave of a True and Loving Friend and neighbor. Ray Norton officiating. Following found old deed the Sale of the Charles Northway farm property at Smyrna to a part from Cedar Springs has been held up because of the fact that the deed and abstract were apparently lost a matter which if True would necessitate considerable court action before a Clear title could be Given to the property. Monday however major. R. Chase discovered the Long looked for deed and All further trouble faded away. The deed was made out in 1c4g and had never been recorded. Property owners take notice All property owners having tree3 on their premises which hang Over the sidewalks Are hereby notified to trim the Low hanging branches to conform to the ordinance which pre scribes that no branches shall be lower than 10 feet from the Side walk. Failure to comply with this notice will allow of the work being done by the City and the Cost thereof being charged against the property and be assessed in the taxes thereof. James Meginley july 7. City marshal. How Many people get Rich do you know How Many people on an average i Rich we do now but we did t know so much about it until we read the Uncle Billy Sandell commercial Bank advertisement on the last Page of this Issue. We know you will want to know and so we ask you to turn to Page eight and look up Sandell s Bank adv. The wedding ceremony the Happy couple went to their farm near Low Ell to reside. A party of Young peo ple from Here and near their Home gathered beneath their windows that night and made sleep impossible with the old time Charivari which they staged. Glen Sowers and miss Flor ence Thompson Wehe Best Man an Bride s maid at the marriage Cere Mony. Of interest to women Brown s style shop at 122 South Bridge Street has an advertisement in this Issue in which they make a splendid showing of dresses and of gowns for the feminine residents of this Community. It will pay you to read it ladies. Local Jurist marries grand rapids papers tuesday morning carried notice of a marriage License having been issued to Albertl. Spencer and Emma d. Raby a grand rapids. Persistent Rumo shave it to the effect that the judge has got married the Bride being Raby formerly of the Chad Wick neighbourhood. No particulars were obtainable Here but judge spen cer has been gone presumably to grand rapids for several Days and itis supposed the Rumor of the marriages True. Attended rankers convention George y. Reed son of or. And mrs. W. B. Reed of this City was selected by the Bank by which he is pm. Played in Detroit to represent them at the american Bankers convention which was held in Boston last week. The convention lasted for a week and George undoubtedly had time Between sessions to visit Many of the historic places of interest for which the City and country surrounding Boston Are famous. Valedictory by Aileen Armstrong tonight we have reached the goal toward which we have been striving Many Long years. This is the end of that struggle the beginning of tip greater one. The future stretches before us like one vast Plain and one boundless reach of sky. We know not what is in store for us but our Hopes Are High. Now we must sep Arate our paths diverge and each one must work out his own destiny. This May be our last meeting together. It is fitting then that before we Sepa rate we should say our farewells. But before we do this we wish to express our appreciation to those whose untiring interest and support have made this occasion possible for us. Parents and friends we feel the deepest debt of gratitude to you. Some of us could never have reached this goal were it not for you. It was your encouragement which urged us through the dark pathways. We thank you for your help in preparing us to enter the great Battle of life. Members of the Board of de to be continued former local woman dead the death of mrs. Anna e. Ken Dall wife of g. W. Kendall of san Diego California and Mother of Aubrey and Dora Camp a former res ident of this City. Took place at her Sandiego California Home on Sun Day june 0. Interment was in Green inn d Rem Terv. San Decro. At the time of her residing Here mrs. Ken the fuel problem solved by the instant Gat Oil Burner kerosene Oil the Burner fits in any Range Cook stove or heating stove. You can Reg ulate the heat to suit your self by merely turning a valve. A Little heat for summer cooking and More for baking or heating. The Burner will do everything that Coal or Wood will do cheaper and no dirt no work Coal and Wood is Only another name for dirt and work. Demonstrations at 622 Pearl Street. L. Osterhout phone 190. Dall was the wife of or. A. Camp of Crook s Avenue. The couple separated about 20 years ago and my. Camp afterwards went West. V m. E. Announcements services As usual sunday will be no service in the even ing. Rev. A. H. Claflin will speak at the morning service representing the anti Saloon league. Sportsmen s club meeting next meting or Belding sports men s club will be held in City Hall 8 00 p. M., july 2, 1920. Annual appropriation Bill the annual appropriation As made up and passed by the common Council at its recent session appears in full in the Council proceedings which Are published in this Issue of the Banner news. It should be of interest enough to All of our readers especially the taxpayer of the City that they would read it and become acquainted with its provisions. The gleaners have two cars of soft Coal. Get your orders in Early. Mrs. Lena Bauman of Detroit was a guest of mrs. Emma Wright Fri Day. She left for Remus saturday to visit her daughters and other rela Tives for a few weeks. Mrs. Robert Moore returned on monday morning from an Over Sun Day visit with relatives and friends i grand rapids

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