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Bedford White River Standard Newspaper Archives Jan 4 1855, Page 3

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Bedford White River Standard (Newspaper) - January 4, 1855, Bedford, Indiana M he in mme we i m a a a a a a the Carrier address. To Tbs pathos of the White River Standard. January 1�. 1855. A Welcome kind Strool i a Quot id a Eye a door. The dire of fifty and four i in j i amp line. Its gloom its Hope and to fears a a to Thora it a Nilas Aad Ita Taro it Tiili and varied nud profit Lem Cafici aet. That Rife a our via Iowa iii ate. I Adios ire Ains. A Paifon the past was a wonderful year. To Merf and to Prince to pm or and Psi r. The like i sep Post Faas never been k Jown. Kimico Ere was a Babr or Adani Wasa rown Aljy Bleiss you Quot the poodle Quot to Recti ii Iio a Aliw t re people Quot Star of Coare were a f waa i Ihen Ucb u fai Isingard Fua ins i it be goals i a i it now i aia trembling win tag it tas ii liners Quot Douglas and fut it Aud com. And Bug for ii a Mason and Aiea of such a ant Vilie so 15wortl sad total amount of Taz Besst std a Avant Dullin Quant tax d5 79 penalty and inter Eai 97c, tax 18s4 dl4 43 entire amt taxi Iasi 19. John p Barton i n in 13 a t2w. 80 land la of. Improvements 50. Land and improvements 300d 1 Puli amount personal properly 338d. Total a no ant Tiab a s38d. Amo int i Lia quent tax d3 91. Penalty and inter eat a so. 1654 d3 70. Entire Abaouat tax due d8 23.s�ue of a j bin que bist a list of land Aud Toro Lou returned on the 27th Day of March 1854, and re Mataiah Deline aeon for taxes of 1853, and former years on the i fish Day of november 18�4, in Lawrence county state of Ladiana to wit Flinn Rowit shop Ivo. Davi didst. To Eaton. N Bof Towa lot 30 in Lee View valued at$75, Toiata value of tax bios $75. A Ai Junt of Deli qui it tax. 42 cent penalty and interest 6 Cenie. Tase a of 1854 3g cent Tota amount of taxes due 84 Cunis. Mirriel h thing. N e n w Section 23, towns a Range 2 e. 49 Aorta value of lond "5 dollars value of land and uiipr<jvement9 75 Dullart to a of a a a cd la re ice to do 23. Tax 1804 so vent re j tel value of Nab 75 Doii ars a mount of do Estic tax 1854 83c, entire amount tax Dae �2 39. Robert Wood Aliers part f dec 32 ten Row 1 Andl a Aeres land ipod lend and improve meets 158d and part a w dec 33 ten Row. 1 an acre land 5d inn and improvement 5d and the ei-3 town lot no 5 in Liberty value at 2d. Total Amodt taxable 157d amount Delin a font tax do 41 penalty and interest a tax of la 54 , entire amount tax due lit 49. Bong township to. John w. Burton e e e see 33, t4n. R2w. 40 Aca land 50j improve meet 50d tend end in Thomas Chappie n e be 10 ten tie 40 Acree pro vement Lood. Iso the be n e aec5. T3o Rizw wort i Insil Lood improvement 25d and and im-49 and n w a w 4. I3n r2�. 40 . Prgveittrntl25d, entire amount taxable i55d,amt land 150d improvements loud. Land and in Deli Anent tax penalty and Interr at 11c, tax prove Menta s50d. To amount taxable 350d amt 1854 63c, entire amount tax Daet a 40. A i in enl no do 73. Penalty and interest 27c j Lux 1s54 do 8i. Entire a meant d3 by. ments 150a land and Anderson Beasley the e see . L4n. Of a a. 160 j improvements 3joj, ii tire amount taxable 350d, . Worth Laud blood irn Provensen 300d. Land amount do inn a it tax do 91, penalty and inter 4ue thereof or Dae Toia the Owse re thereof at the Laie of Sale will be avoid at Public a Eikon at the com Hoose a a Aid county of the first monday to fianna in text. Kov 30 1854. John Peters county auditor. New goods Cash. La in a hide wanted for which the Awuou highest Market Price will be Given. We want the people to recollect that we Are in the Prosce bus incas loo. We Bav and fell Corn meal Corn flour. Bacon lard wheat and everything that at erg Henesh mans heart. An of on i a Quot a a Large lot of boots and shoes on we Dallen a. S 1 3 be 10 t3n re. 80 hand cheap we can Aford them. And 1400d. And the n e n w 32. T4n. R2w. 40 cart land 80d ii prove intents 50d land and impr�yera<mh813<jd Tola amt taxable Issod amount Deli Noem tax <17 56. Pro la it a a a a a a a a �iuiwu11i it it Wehrme called the Quot briska i Nequent Quot a 12 Canta penalty and interest 6 cents i tax of lsii4 3u cheats total am cant of taxes due give them soon after a dumb of under a 84 cents. Injo chill. Of mount tax Dae di7 38. John b. Buskirk i w secs t3n, �2�. So land look. Improvement 200d, land and improvement a 300d. -2tid the n w a 2 t3n. I est 30j, lax 1854 do s2, in ire Ciao ant tax Dae d4 03. Dynit i Fetter town lot in Bone to 33, 20d,entire amount tax blocs 20cl, amount de in a ent tax 10c, penalty and interest in tax 1854 10c, entire amount tax due 21c. Peter Fifer w w 3 i3n 40 Vorih land 80d improvement find anti e also All of cods of leather on hand and sold at the River prices. We have just a fresh Supply a the necessaries of life Call in and for yourself bed Ord. Sept 20 54 Laforce. K d Vla. La the Lawrence circuit Conr la la to Catnott before a farce term a. A the slate of ind Iana Lawrence county Good books by mail. K3lsaes or fowlers amp Wells 308 Broadway new York. In order to Quot the people Quot Reid in All parts of the United states inc eur ii he Forward by return of the first mail any Hook twined in he following list. The postage wll Bie prepaid by them at the new York of a. Isy this arring Clinent of prepaying Pustan Eia a of Fiat percent tii saved to Usu Anu i toi. My a Init i Cou wrong orders should he pop to Aid the ii Telic Reg suited to disordered a i and fouls. Orn. And an a co ont h 30s Broadway new Yorito. Waler cure almanac. Illast rated. A. Combe Fth Yfim ology applied to preserve ioa of health and to he iran Rover. Of phys Iceland mph tel Fida cation. With a a by o a pow 1er, 87 cents. Chronic diseases rape Skaliy tho Nero Woi Jwj by Roich from the to. Man. 30 Cen a. Digestion. Physio tiny of. relation to the p Iaci pies of a a Etc tie code. Titles rated 30 sents. Pood and Diot. With fortify with hair lotions of teas a and scout-1, their a it a a Quot of papers and by i a Milan so Quot a Quot a b or cars up in preachers their b Ings oohs r a Yovo in Quot old no Getu pleasant Usu township to 3. Quot a. 4d"ae7es to Vlf la old 73d. Improvements 25d Quot Quot a 1 a Thomas Fleetwood heirs w part of e w i improvement 100a, total Taxa 1s54 41c. Ensure amt j sections town Enn Niele. 3 a 40jd. Amount of Isa Boha no rent. Flop land 75 doll trs a pro Mients 25 value of lend i Quot Quot a a it 31c. Tax lfea4 d3 08, ensure an Pant r fusion w part n w 5 t3n i2e 2 a. To ppm it \f., a. Ana improvements cow also the n w a w i a Quot a 37. A a t a , land i50d land and improvement 8. Town g n. Ganjie 1 e. 40 due j a or to Quot. S e e 30. T4n. Row. 40 150j entire amount taxable. I50d Arnout Chin gent. am it. A. J. Sqq a quent tax and titter. St 14c, lax 184 1 gent Lotta c. No40 entire amount tax due do 74. Geik William foot amp and the j Simpson w Lee of e a f 24 i4 i a ran la his wife sci. It a no. A Laud pc it a. To a o a Fri fiery n Liuto i e see of land 1�0 Dolia a. 50, value old of crop. A surf 50j. Imply 50d, Laudi and $200. So t be w n w i ses w see 30, i4n. Row. he to our the in a i j a. I it in a iii oct ii left f t ter t Ailoro a vere i Nti Sicu iii Lue Tiu Pai i u i o w a a prow i. Of Csc of Wood Quot their a turt was Van it own. 6 n. Rec 1 of 3. , i a a of and 1-25 lii a Wert Caus i in 1118 new Ion and i Uliari in apr vim i 25, its l�0 did Ais. A 8. T 6 or 40 ,.s, a Lue Lind 150 do. In 11 50 i land and improvement 80j. D had a a hawked by the Trae a Quot be in Nis 50. Jiuu of land and a 1200 do lira. Alfo pan of n e w Section 8, a am. I i secret i i ii it would in Rajt i u iliac Lor Raie Kerning to whom in a a Joist Quot to i it a a that your Leacer aare cuiting Addah n g cd thug your uni enl Aud sur and ii it a your Casio we cd a i Jon Lillisn i Poe it t �1 k t 0/ imly b Cit j the Yive no to licit woo. \vii9ii Ino a. We in easy to it air la. I c Rte j a or Ain oui of Erb. Veil new Uoo. Nur Cej rih bid urd of to i it i/.<5\ a r my d i plenty and Penie i of i w we Quot hard times Quot in i of i 55 cents total about ii of pcs Duc 53 cents. Be. A i j rom Hau a Ira e a Yoanys Uirt to in Elj in if Noj f 1 1. I. Larik i a a 3 co sed a Sifa and u a und. Add Tauk a u 10t in no so a a a boil in u it r1 woj of a re Jox ii a Fanci a1 \ be in o or i Ocic i a lieu of t to it Ruck evil j by i iii a it Hal n fat in to a h 0, i4n, Row so acre inn Igod rec. 134acrc. Worth land Lood improve meet ood John Beasly of Ann cements 40d, Llna and improve minis 200d. I land red 159d. And the two thuds rhe i n w gec3i,t4n. ,80 acre., Wor a of two thirds n w n e 25 l4ii re to cars Quot f of value 01 a and a iid in i a and 160 i. 40j. Land and improve also pan of n e 8 a i merits 200j, toui amount tax Abies 5sod amount among. A it v Luck kind 125 Dis �2 s6, penalty and interest 4oe. Til 09. t i 11, r 1 of 32 car jump Ovenea 2i, of ind and i Quot a a i d2 91,"entire Ainone tax due dts 2�. Mri. 150 dollars. A a the n e n w it pc 8, t 6 ii Rie 4 t area value of and 50 dlr value of i All and improve ments 50 do Lars. Total Niomi of a i it its of in. Am Jim i of a lilt Juen it tax c4 20, Tyun i iii be let re Kitajima for l six a Tulai Aai jul of taxes due i calf Arij 3ti it . William fan Ion a w w Ert on 1�, Lowr. 0 r. i a 40 Ai re of a iii it i 30 Linua a value Troy Cox w part of in n e 1, ten Row 60 res. Werth iii i 50j, in it to lenient 50d. Land amp i i to vhf it pit 100i p. prop try 109 a Moat Tatalo m9d, to do Inq it tax Dii i Nalty Nuiji t ."�6 tax of �1 p7, Ain ont tax Duel 61. Die a its of some of the d Gest be organs an account of the diet Aries of Rome of this i Binal metropolitan and Oiher est Abl Ishmey a pauper.�. Lunatics Cria Ilna a children Etc by . F i s5. Constitution of fan. By Geofge Combe. The Colv author Zed amrut i i edition Vith Twenty Eugrvii. and a portrait of the a Tizor. Kansas embracing description of once mos in s7 cents. By Klimala productions soil and defence of phrenology. Containing a c6d Wiki inciden., of. Essay on to get nature and value of Phreno logical Gre. No. �.i, an Ahl a vindication of Pohren so by. By Lioa Tuman. Price 87 cents. And anecdotes 30 cents. Of travel by m Domestic life. Tho tights on Ita Concord and discord. valuable hints and Suges Quot by n. Sizer. 15 cents. Hereditary its a two and of a applied to human improvement by o f. Quot 87 cent. Tons. Maternity or the bearing and a nil i in j e jut a a founds Heim. La parision cd �1 on tie n it ire of . By G. Spurs a am. D. With an appendix containing a a natural Laws of by de scrip a of the temper Munib and an a iai Nisim m daa import ait a Esi. Vuk a sot the iran logical fact Ilia. a it. ,., Soey it. Physiology. Animal and Menta aft to the Prestt Ilion and je8t Toffon or of a a a body and Power of mind in satiated so 67 cents we regard this plur be one of the most important Diat has been offered to the Public for Many Vears Boston medics a and sur ical Jour in Quot temperate life. Diaeowrfi-1 a a handle tors and biography of Louis �30 Ceniu. By y tobacco. Three priv essay by t Ifni. Notow an Ksn a a Phreno Orieal m uie t a Jisi a a a to of lives ight Lon and he history no sketch. By. Shew Anoba Edwia 15 cheats. Or . Ill to nixed. $1 25. Land 50d land and Imp Ovorn it 50d, entire amp Jane his amount tax abcs 200d, Anion in a in Ducut la wife a be John b. Blew penalty and interest to tax 1654 cd 04. Or life Elizabeth his entire it Mogul tax disc d2 30. J wife Jaroe Maybury town lots in Bono no 8 and 11 or n 50d. Entire a mount Sod term but j a orcs the Puttin Miltby h. P. Thornton. A line ent trix 2> and interest 4c, tax his Ai ton eve. Aud files his complaint Albi 5si it of a a n.,.-d. I i a i Quot i. -1 t i j cd part hair. lots in r Moni 63tainda\i accompanying the same that that it i. Functions and q a Ifica ions tor a Jaii 65. Wottlin look. Nti e most lit taxable 150.1, i Gaid John Brewer and Elizabeth his wife j h pay marriage Lullua trusted. 75 cents. Be. f c. Ronni i j w 5, t3u. T2vv, to acre inc but delinquent s2.-, Penidia and m test i a a a a a a a a a a or .1.� it. 1 1 j Wilh inn look and i nip a Veine it look a 113c. Tax 1851 77c, fim re amount by due do 72. J. Quot in it fineous of inc state 01 inti i land and . U 5 Lolai Vale and he w 3 a pc 5. .3n >2.v, 40 �,>r.h Reynolds be Corner i it Wren enrol ran a cause of action to favor of �0 d a of it Liuti Ieni tax a Bud 50j, and ,, 50d and it of to ,it .g.lin. Rhein .6 Nice Spry i to i3i r2wso land 1001. Land and a run Quot Quot Quot a Quot and Ernp movement j Ana , Nis we Are nol Inchcl thai , s w 9 a town 6 a in pts. Look total amount 300d, amount a i Quot a p Opeti , Niiro they appear at the next term of ii court run a 1 a 40 a of land 50 dollars in d. cd do 43 and Iouri to 23e, S 022j, amont 0ts.aent tax eld at the court House in provementi25. Value of in and and improvem.m. li.51cl �6,. Narc in on to tax due d3 25. <13 �. Penalty and tide t 15i d3 98 gild Landav in March \ d 1b5t 75 do hrs. Also the n i n a. See 17. 6 u. I. 1 entire Amo flux 53. Of ulc 2iia Monoa to Marcel a. U. I boo. A a i2e i e. B q aerie value or and Cir Vau a Andrew Colemer n w.c 10. T4n. Row. Its if Tai d and i it 100 Dis aug the n a Acrivi Orch and Lowood improve Nevirs 700j, the said complaint of the Petit. E _. A a be Rob it i a ii Low i to Quot in Lwrence a,.,pot no 3 Lood Euini e t,. Tax e j of Quot Quot failure to do the same will be Lake. N a Ownen Ranty. I e 40acrcs, vol a Quot do in prove n my 54. Pena to an in a confessed against them and find a of land 50 d. of land and ii Zurove 13. T4 i ill. 40 und loud in a a 1 Awin i i. In a i a i a a or Xio a in. T Bariny i for w.�1. 1 try of Yoi re to to k it a he Thad re ii y car iii 1.tifd a i a no Moe i i p Volt to a adult Agio a by with Chi a ii t i id a Hgt w filitis Kalmi n i Ray of i Vav i i re �.1 t 1 a 1 iut e m <�&Quot.1 a a r of y j ii i Ita i t i t a lil t l0 i ine o a state w Quot. Law i r of a q Ziroll a a a re 10 Quot a i in to i i u to iii e Aai if i .1 Init w the Vietry Plitz lilt it cry ii Rihr sine a uie r 1 re Quot of Ril of r iru Ali be Fla of a coi t Quot in t a Quot of Tira of land 50 d. A slut of land and improve st a tiie uts 50 did off Paual pro a i a l f i Bri 36s do. Ainu it of i Lin iii it i i 8j, and i Teret 2cent i of 5t 2 Aud 12 it no amount t it web due du4 2i. I Daniel Hanson n w n w inc i. T c n. 1 a 40 brei v. Look land 75 d�3 value of in i and in proven in t5 . Also Ifie to e a it t 3, l 6 j 11, r 1 a 40 acid a Vaine of Quot land value of i land bad 75 a to a v blur of b 150 a ill amount of de a a quit it 74 , a of Naty and of i 12 Cen six of 1�54 78 j Lutje a air Voutil inset a Jed 1 �o4. I Corpe ine arc 1?, c n. be 80 value a if Iani Elk do it a Quot Ian Lood a nou it de non in tix 54i. Pena to Ai a in confessed against thera and Antl ill Zurove it i 1.7. A ait. Siwica Woi a Usu a we Lui to a., i it. 143 d47o . . 1 Quot a a a dem no rendered accordingly. A up la. Pits Oral l002d. Total Amonini a to adv try a Taxa �?��.�52j. Amount Delinta it tax <�15 35, . P Reod air five lots Quot a und iii cry it i 45. Tax 1b54 9 61, entire port no 21 nud 53 Woith anti a Granun Tasa Aino Jii tax due d�7 41. I Bies amount Deli que iii 5o, penalty and j memory and intellectual improvement applied to 8i and juvenile ii Simc a Ion. Twe i la edition ilium rated. P Ica pc 7 cents. Teeth their Structure disease and try ment with numerous Illust rations 15 cent. Future of nations in what consists Caritj ale Otare. By Kossuth with a like�.-12 cents. A Whai the sister arts teach to Darwin address by Horace Greeley 13 Cenoir. True basis of american . A Anad Drefs by Hen William h Seward lie Elsbor its history and Prospect. Robert a ale owns 30 a elf George a. Thornton clerk. Dec. 13, 1854. Oies Luis a Raoui Uris uru .>1-, Penalv Gnu to it late Nitt h t 1 inter Llo lax 1554 5finite amount Tai due a la a a a old Llly blk Jylli 11 Charity Ca i Brcin by eur Svi a a j lot 6 valued at75d.amouuideiiiqu e.atux38cpennlt adm Quot cd a i or Stram Mil now in Good running or 6c. Lax 1854 . Entire amount lax due 88c. Vav m Rodman h. I n part n e see 5 3n a or 1 and a rinds it Ion and meal Good ,1/ and 2od Tmproynent 2od a a a. Country for a a Quot Quot Quot a Quot Quot do a. Q Inta a Raoufa to red at our Nih 12c, penalty a. My rc8i 2c. Ie54 12-, citizens of Bedford a entire amount of Rabi. Matrimony or. Phrenology and physiology applied 10 the so a Lection of Corn pan o a for life in club ing i eci Ioni to the a or Pic a a conf. Hints towards reforms. Consisting by. To a turns essays other a Rili phrenology proved illustrate in and a Simond a Diioia a Ai god by Lerace arc plied Uccio Paivi it d by a Chart icing a in anal Vii of Itie primary mental to a Era Iuri Bir various in Greas of Deve . The phenol j a by in in combined activity a he i location of the. organs. To Gith a a whoa n new of the Quot i Bearin a of the scion. Price $1 25. Phreno logical i Nikac. With portraits. 6 Cunis. my to org Auu m Ulyuse m. i and Imp �00 Dir. W in t 2 e. To ice. V u up of 1 i i 100 a h by in sci and Imp Ovi ii nos 1 0 dih Cal Juc of a a Blei 203 Dis Aino Aii o Del r c Intz 1 Liol. Or if t e fat i.Tiu.g.,1 Gaul a of tsp in a in and ii Erzsl 16 a of 1s�4 1 Doi. To tir a of . F a doubt of . Rice 2 Soliai. 1 c a Fri or a iii a re i on Piti i a a a a and 22 seals. K 11 ii ? Heads and cd Lestha. 0. A 1. j Peter Norman n w n e tec 1, c no Eres of und 1 Jaq Itne Ruvi a Quot a Alae of i d and improve no a 2j0 do a to in value of t 250 a a Joti. Old he Quin 2j, ii y Imp rel 2d cents in a of 1854 a 1 31. A Ojni of times do 2 my 74 i cml. Dennis Cokman w n w see 24 4.n. R2w aerie Worllie land i03d ii provi Metis Lood land Impre pc 20�oj. 1 poll personal prop try 231d. To a Aino in taxable 431j Monat d lii a tax t�4 79. and inti re to 7gc. Tii. Ie54 04. Total amount tax do6 59. Snarl a r c it a part i n e of c 24, i4n. R2w. N fee. O g 1 125d a and Vaiuli of Irani 150d. 1 poll pet Foual p o log. Lutai uni orint lax Blea Quot Jshii Hopes and helps for tha Young of sexes re rating to the formation Ofilio Ca of afo Calion Heath amuse. Cultivation of intellect moral pc i i e. It the and theological a rial .afiectio.i, Quot our tel in and Marii a by it Quot a g d Weafer 87 cents. Human rights. And their foil Vicil go a allies by judge Huriam. I h by a a phrenology and the scriptures. An Able i Hough to it to i a work. By Rev. John pie Pouf. a fits. Combe 87 cents. E b wet a a Rivle in it Rev Lucid. Local Nonio Siul lax Blea Quot a bit. a. Fut tax rl2 49. Penally and inter rel 39c. I John p nth e n w 10 l3n lie. 40 Ace lax lo54 77c. Eliie ati Koont Lux cite 13 65. Worth Inrid Lood improvement 20j Laud an in t. 1 in no o do Emihl 120 1. Entire Ami Mil taxable ii ipod James Denny part e half n e c 14� i2jv f Quot Quot Quot. _ a i. a a a a a a1 i .1. J in Amo my dts ii quit it no t in Doc Pei ally Ami in Ensia g7 Jiuu Durd he narc. Worth and do improvement Quot ,.\-.-i. A a. .4.,_ n re a 40 t i. Orrin 1. Loc tax lbo4 62c Euti e amount tax duo do 37. Mil i ii prov it 350d Louil ask unt a a lax bits 3-od. Amount Del non edit tax c 73. It. N j by Thorn we Are assured it has the prefer Nee of Harriet Rov ohis e parts f dec 24 i4n re ver All other brands. Dur customers May be ce.r-63 Laud Sooj i nip a it in enl Lood land 1 lain that they wiil be attended to without delay and in Surv Vii int 300j, personal Propene 65d, i we Exchange hour and meal for Grain or to of u i Eaino lilt Laabes 365j, amount a line enl a i Hnud our Casto Merd prefer to have their i in Nulud Taxdal 97. Penally and i be est 31c, lax li-54 do 56, i Gujin or Eurid they will be accommodate. A u h. Cas. Eni re a mount lax due d3 84. Ihu n air of no 1 ring i i cd ii it i. Ill p r Quot Mia �11 oath w o a n eff. La growth t e r ring Aad brass i i in if Alt. And in t it a i �7c tax due d3 cd. Niqi Lux 1�/.4 cd 81 r w Thompson Fawn Loi in Lawrenc por no an ire amt 16 Loii entire a mount usable 10.1 amount i Ifni Nenei i a 5c. Penal y and Innerth in tax of an o n .c 11 t3n r2w. 39 Anil a a f . Wort ii a Anil Lood improve it i Thomas willing Obi n o n w 18 i3n 2a 40. A a c. 1 Lood and and 200d 1 p11 lax. Per to in land Lood improve Meriu 50d latin. William Kos a e o 17, l 6 a r Esu 259d. Total lax Bie. 450d and improve Meul 150j a stir . A. Thedric Oft of i rare. .cr. Vail. Of land 50 Cly a d. lax do 52. . And iii apr 150.1, a mount de iii que in tax 62c. Penalty and to Par a t a brie k Tuth. In. Vur Olund and improve rii Eum. In. A the. 60. Matiie ainu taxis due t. i 13c. Lax 1854 77c. Entire amount tax due a ene Ste 1 a. T 6 a i. 1 a 4u cur value cd go .nc per in n w n e dec 20 4n r2w 40 . 1 Shawswick. Townsl lip to. 8. E 17, 1 6 a r 1 a 40 Regi� m r w a d ref Hso m y a in. Ethen Iwu a be up a in go a re Wake Ibi its to ii Quot t a to if i get the m Girla a in to r a Mioch hey in iru d i Ai Bein fifty a d a a. j a. \ it 14 fat p o ii rofl . W a Ojo. Or me ibo a Armeni Lioy 1. <384 i Dis 3 Sidi 80 Een a. Ic64 fall importations 1851 r c Aremu. On Lois a t a Tain. A Cpl or did silk do amp Salt a it amp a a a. Kev Albany a re a a a a Peninia on of Ihetu this a Vaine of land find lip run tiie uii Iila a it the in e n e Ste l7 t 6 n. 1 a 4u Scriva a Etc it try i a. Tiiu a i 50 d a Voi. F and an i in Provini. Nil i 0 by a 269 elf total Riidu in Tizabi i a try poll amount of it i non Laud wild und and in of. 1 poll Ojo c i in a 1 14. P Laus cute �0 e .-., i. Of a . Ternai prop by 70d. . A Nunt , ups w 1 2 n 32 a 80 acre 3 a. Total aui.ut of Laxer a c do Arn Unior rut Dei lax t 1 06 Penally and i Quot turf no Quot Aal. I. A sure a my. T,.x 1�51 i 36 entire a moan Lake. 4�0d 200d land dui. Do cd improvement food 1 to 1, proper janib.= Sio t a e e pc 13 t 6 n. 1 e. 40 a arc i 363d, Emir amount ibes 96jil. Amo Niile a u>�0 5 j do. V 1 be. I i no t Imp nyx Jaromir Luser � e 3n re w. 80 Cree liquid it tax c6 04, pen Liy acid int it r. Get f>6c, las in big 50 Diu i it i Valun of Lalab a a 5. This tint land 150d a a pious intents Lood a Alan a l�54 d3 12, anti a a amount tix due Dlo 12. A do in uni a 26 c a Pei a t. Soteris. 4e. Prove its 250j. And the n e i3n i2w, a a. I. Or it a a a a a a i tax&�4 25c�nt-, a noun a t.. A 5�c. 40 a. und 80d 30 1 land and a in p Dunn town it i i by droid no 65 a Orth. and. And the n e a 13 .3u in anti Nino unt Taxab. ,. Am Mut d. N Perry township 3. Guj a god penalty and interest 5c. Tax 18o4 Wulliam a Day n a n w a c 3. T 6 n. 1 w. 55 and Sud up Trot Ais Lood. 1 1. Pra a Quot a a Quot a Quot of Quot a tax Duc �6 a a u. Of iai d 2/0 a a. Pati 37td. Total Noiin a a Ibl a 837d Emo uni de a a. I her n fide Are or 29 5 a Ila 120 a Ere. 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Piper Spring Feville Lawrence county Indiana. Informs his old friends and Quot the rest of Mankind that he still on hand Aud can do Jusi a Horar Brall. A new Cheep con veil ii tip land Superior Jav Oda of building of a phenol to ical a nid. Designed a u. Dents of their in Cuba race a. Price 15 . A Vised and Eui arged culture and perfection of character theory of population deduced ing the Eddie upon and Ngeme a of Ceneria Law of animal Fertility ini by or Trail 15 . neck a ribs Quot Isth Anionio a Ita a a 1 .1, woman her a a Catton and in nuance a a Midi Vida cad read a Page of it without be by o a a j o a a a ,. I by a hug. Reed. I Hon by improved thereby Cem. School advocate. Q Kirkland. With Parli aiu 87 Penis y 7 Cen a from Tkv in rogue i its self instructor in phrenology and Prysi o nov i lated wire one Hundred go j ini urging 1� Chirt for inc ring the Vari i he fress of . By o. S. And. A Quot Owler. In paper 30 Tenli Muslin 50 cent. Culver Forbes Houghton on the wafer Treain Teti. A. Compilation of papers Nad be Cirrue on the Subj. It of Liy Giene Anil Hydro. Good work Ever. heard from Vari edited by Houghton. A 25 five per cent Premium for any claim that would in Anywise Lead to this resort. Perme fitly located he off Low pc Cash or Barti ran in iii in his line Coiksiiti. I part of bed-5t ads bar it aug it narc to Barb chairs Libra either of it be works May be ordered and received by return of the mail postage prs paid by the publishers. Please aclese in it a amount a Bank Boss or or postage Stamps aa4 address All elders Poap iid to Powler amp. Wells�o08 Brea Iway new Terk. K by Kim to a Post office Claary had sult a. Tibbs r and a team Oai acid to Burns sea do. Sites of mad dog i cholera Lulu red evos Chr in to son fit Ira in a Troke get ning. Or it Quot Quot non Etc., Etc. A Pei Dix by or. To. 15 cea. Wanted 3aaalbs a Scon for which we nil per a Vlf the highest Market Price. A -54 2lif Reney amp Burton. I o.-. A add i . So 15 a in a. Value of Lois 40 d a a i a Vaud of a a a a 4�o�, amount of it iii i aim lug do 98, in note 31 Enli tax in 1854 do a gala a Juul of taxes due 4 i �7 pm. I j the while heirs a a w a in lax d5 94 pan Ali and i treat 95a. Tax 1054 improve a j., i i i a v Casi 8, srcretarit8, and in Short eve re Lleini re j re iii lin.-, frn Mau real. Of a. a , Podar consumption prevention and cure by or Walnut Che by or Rubo on Plain or fancy. concern a Leiret Twatt Ennior. which Wil i Quot a Kenjar Rhice of the lungs. Cough or compare Pliha Nihin iof the kind tither in eng h a. A in a tis and sort Throat. By and or America he who attempts to sex cuts. Tempi Lepart Nii it would seek to eel him in thi Quot Refl cd Gold or Paini the in 28let i Dragus e e eels. I5 .1, Row 40 cars i id. 1 Miod i Jod a 5 h vue a Anu and ls54 �5c. Amouli Lex due 32c. A a i i re but a Peni lion of the a i it Ike ii j a Row a Point 1 Dpi to a i a Jiu of Labibi Quot it t a it of a i Amo but of a Linqui no a 75 c no be we st and t ii Quot / Irv. O in c a r ,.ibb e. Ili f t a Quot and w in r air. goons. .0. It i a a rpm a 1a a a Lei. A. 200 o a a . 3 in 24 to it , 2ix 0 curia r. I �old. ¿10 out Cli it 1 Yir. My hib Iju a f nit r to or air a a i u a Vety a 1 9. I i g., 1-, Aai pts i a in Uto Vur 0.1 i i t e it r it oms in Erie p ec9. Lilii Staple it fancy Oodo Ydo Ore a t in news Ani a 3000 my mtr ii . D a Nui. A of cd shot reit words c i la. pm i a�4 prints 500 cloaks Naai iut a id log. Bro series Cilot a no�.v�i r m Uez i Anicin. Int a i Day Ngeth eat Cincis eve Beans iat Kneif in tassos cml Slid co a Zagt i>"si8 a e �.o.i2hi i import to Ani a Golc on her it a arms nod a re loiter to in Niu i Liis ii and we pledge Ives tute i Asio v tip a ivs a in Loai Svich or cd a Cimasi. M rel in a in with Carpeta at we Olwage at Wmk in. i mass Pepi ii 5-Ttf Mila sr., new Aubeny . Tabb. Adam Ruth b Bofo cd. Tir Ixo be0> leave to e ill it Teartt of to Hia Saresk a a. for Niquie Arar the Miil a Cost of Row it ie in hic a re at the a Ign of Guitare Ware room. . 1� a til part of every veries Rod a tyly of ii-tlti>�tt>�<l81 taws to order a a nag Bot i toes Ohff a a Haud body Lek cd bait and i a Sierat of fast by Aad comma adjoin tade co fans of every y and fio Iab Eeast Saily Fermi a Cito. A by Zaufal hears espresso Fer to Csc Coin a it a it a of a i we be Ever Reafy with �0 to Ortee to it eur away lbs st Lemias of a �9 Naaf cured to Are or. Timss a big any huge a o the afe be line have Bat to cd \ by it amp Ahamod try 0� or cd a. A Mai red i Tober 20.1853 i ,0d. Penally and ,23 pcre.-, land 30j land and .iir.u.?�. _. J ii 3�oi,. Mini amount tax aues 30d. Am Usu �6 entire amount lax due ol3 id. J. Linda. It lax Loc. It Paliy Aud interest 2c, la Jonas Ikerd and Thomas rred e part a e few 5 j i ten Rie a a land 35d improvement 80d j j land an i 115d, or ii to amount taxable c 1 proper a a Quot a to st e ar 5. n r2 w 4.i a Ai do 3� value Anu Ano Init of vement a j o b.� �.>0 Ara int a line. In , 4c, a lb54 2.�o. To to 12c. A of is5t �2 , tots. of i Laz Der a 3 in. I Levi a late Aih a a e 3 .6 n in or to . Villuc Lead 1vl.>e a uni ini out Neir cd 25, pm Gnu u of i of rat �3e Jiei in and i.i-. La of a Tai l��?z4 Sil Loial Dur 35. John in Titian . A e Accra raise Raj 050 value 050. Tot a Mottol to tax 25. P aary end a Lars a e 54e. Thomas j Tylor n r n e dec t6 u Row 40 agree Vaine land la ild mini Ort my and tip it Privet Quotin to 580d 1 Poil of Pas anal properly 3s2d Tula a noon Lasame 66�d, Aai boat do lii a i d tax c6 of penalty Aad interest 97c Taz 13 c6 9, to Ami a < uts due 413 93. Lydian Crew la towns blk to. 4. John Butts bars a e a e dec 4. 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Reg i a a loud say Anu 75i land Anc 7�ti 1 poli a 200d 65.1 ind Ani Verleni Linin Spanish Domestic Quot prs Octlee form of a to Ort or the assist Aimee of patients j in their physicians by to . I by Edward John on m$1 50. Errors of physicians and Othera in the proc fire of the Vosier cure by H Russ a d be stuffs.,flyer Pathic family physician. A ready Prestier and adviser Ullh re Fere ice to tote Naturi cause Prev edition and Tutaima of di�ests, a Icci Deurr and Causel ties of Ivry kind Ivich a Limo sary to de of it Pleins Index. A Lra de with nearly three Eig acini. By Joel sew m. D. One 1 nge i volume of 020 c a Mai Taatia y bound Price prep.2id by mail 60 Quot a a lbs pal a Ralus in paper for a o Ai Luu mar 1615 new lands indigo madder logwood fax act of Aad t hipped Annotto Cothia ulum. It pastas be. In Arlo a Quot for a e at Nev land daily Hack line from Orleans to Freach lick undersigned would respectfully of Hydropathy with a a a i the travelling Public that he Bow running a two new Hacks from Orleans. Orange Cuaty in connection with tre rail Road the the Freinek lick Springs a daily line. He also will convey passengers when Calvd upon to the Sulphur Springs of Martin county. d. Yudelson or learn Heuse Orleans Orang co. Ib4. Jane 14. 54. Sitf Job work Clear the track a look out for know nothings having concluded to sell goods on Ali ecu and produce principle on a we to e this 1 method of info Mii g ear customers and the pub lip can it Ami in 1 Lay Lawn i Civ i a a uvula a greatly re need prices Froin the fast that we wiil have no bad dub site Uiligi re a a iea und the or Sers tiou Devlih . Coke,.vwith Aud can therefore be i Good at. Ihu Ory and Ita a ice .1 Vul ei-1 rear Agni of a a a a a a 7?1j, tol to Smo iii t Iob e 265j. Ii inc Aino int Axa let 13g5i. Bin Quot i get it Stahi \ in Sale at i a cd 36, pen a y Ana iii Neni lax d5 71. Pm n a Llu Agio cute est in 07. Mar 16-15 e Aii.ou�-. Tax tix 1854 d8 76, tire Amouli tax due cl6 55. Jaud common cig i it. A i new a it i Bany and Lem r r f per town i ,. I John fie Der w e e 9 t3n Row. 20 of. In Bedford not 117, old li9 12j, 145, 1 6. J Wilh and 25d land and improve mint 25d 147, 148 69. 70, 99, 9o0.i, anti o amount Quot ooi i a total amount Abl a c5j, a mount to find Beni i table a 900.1, amount e it tax d4 45, in a a. Und i penal a and jul. Ro�i2 1�51 a to be mlle and ,.l 72c. Tux 1854 4 68. Entire in of per a up. A 8am8ar� e part of a e 18, t5a. Tsp tits Anto ice tax 34 Ink 1 Dos. Quart Bolus David amp to Lek but. entity Small b a Nies for Sale at norl6-li pfc land it., a Ower figure than any who evils Apo Ike cig or. R., Taholo a and Hydro 1 . no Sawlani a. Of Tarp. Ca. a oms and thai met of 1 uii di-Eaapi Muon of Horop. H Best for both Weller and parc Hiser View ii by at Diho h ars. By. A i n. To Ai. A liquors. c Greenwood n e 16 4a Tow. Fax i Smth in Ier a 1 3 n e dec 6 i5n info and 300 in Pruvot 1>0j land 400d ,.rovemeut 200d 1 thu one a a 4im a 1 poll p renal 60l d and the a e n w 6 .i party 240d, to tui unit taxable 640j. 8iil--oui j 1 a it 40 i Molood dlr Del to of o7 43, and do 19, land and in Novi ment l5ij, entire manant Taxa .-----------750i, to tax d3 70 Prodau it Aud interest 39e, a 1854 o3 by heart tax lb54 d2 2 ensure Amouli lax due clo t 5. A Veline Saei heirs pm to e f arc 32 t5n 1 w 41 1 2acice, we the land d375 land and i pro e-meet37&d. And w 1 2 e w see 30t4a Rie 117 and 10 Landrt dish had 2i�d la prove meet 300vi, Laad Nad Kip out 450� to t i am Aat taxable amp ssh Aitio Aat tax d7 37, pea by and Lafertc Tell 7, 68, attire Atafua Laz a tie dj3 2. Arthar Iio i in r Diaz toi a<v50 Vij Lurdia 13d to tal Arax ant Taxa get to i. a a line sent . Penalty and in Tresi la tax 1sc4 5c. To lira amount tax Dae 15e. Tex Dae 3 21. Jeff reon v each a heirs a i n w dec a t4a, Tow Ese Jill Melvin e hot a e b w see 9 t4a in Aeres land i50d-, 5 i land i 40 a res. Worth land Tiff Rove Neiti Looi and lax due do l9. bed re e re it 12 no2. Wortell 200d, in ire amount Tiab re Sood. A re a Lif Anent Tex 90c. Eua to and la Greet 15 fax 1854 0 04 a i e sme Obi tax d2 18. Alfea was Ker a 7 i5n Rie. 193 and Bandt Edth term two Quot hand 2i00d a ood uni and Imp out ment 3300j. Entire Apio Imi taxable stood. Anio Mif a Esindu no dl6 33 penal y and ate Ierta 61 Tai ail 16. Entire aiu oat to it a Dae t 36 10. Peter Holmes e e dec 20 i4a Row 00 Aray a a a Quot Quot land 1jm improve intents Sod land Aad , nos 100. Lib 22 350d. Entire ftxauie.-200dnm a a Opont taxable 359d. Am ant Dell. Moent tax my re 2sc. A do 38i pea Aliy and int. A st 22c lax lte54 cd 81. Entire Agio at t due d3 41. Unknown town lot in Bedfor d part no 4� 150d. Entire and an taxable 150d, aint he a amp Aal Lic co tint be a a Peinex Arik e Hau a end for Aie it ��7 ii it Smiy tiit>.v.\ss0 .v3. Fis 1. J a i 8��<�rttn at a i Sie i Pean of then a it Liiv. I in. I piste Lor the rile of schi�fc4 fwd a Meta Patam a tor m 3�d improvements six. To Ai amount taxable Sood Amouli tier Ornt tax id ii. Terett ise but 1854 9je. Eltre am Jizot to due do in a a. Ab3 Veache been it o a a w sea end a it Huffe i Auto Iki. Inipro�eaie�ta-25tlt4>td a Sti 75d tata at Mani tax btes 75ii Maoai it Ehi Quoit Tiu 3>e> Inie Iest no do Salt Abs Ai pay ,l�54?. Eut.,e amoral tax ,76c. In pea get Tahr towns flip a George w Beaky n4 n e set a 23,14a, t2.v, so acs wer b la it ii look. 15-jd, Laud and Tivod 1 Puu a Uoo at per �. prep it try lot it Nazani lax Abua 385d, i Midi ii of act Nax d3 .-pt-na to and la 50c, tax ���>4 d3 49�?zesream�ubt tax due <12 14 Cattini a Beja by a f in and 14 t4a Row a in &Quot"1 a Vecent it i and a a or lax 73c. and Termi 12c. Tax Mienl 300u Guiar t�ab., Jug a sure am cant do 58. T u it t u o8 78. Penally cad Aad improve Yuent 300d, Aino ant iii Ere amp to .-% lax 1-s54 do 71, Mamou Ottar Dae-d4 93 George w me Quot Vire .1 e a w dec 9 i4x ill 40 agree Laad 103d ten Rove Ineat 10 land and in Rove i at 2�j. 1 poll of Reonal Pio pert 450d total Amuil lax Adles Good Toul a it t do Linvent tax d7 53, Para to Aad inter so do 20 lax 1851 do 14, entire amount a Dae o9 90. Sinio Sancta. Of get to. 1, 16 i3a . Wigt rth land 150j i air govt meats Sood Laau and 3j�d, of Amonaa a a Bles 350il and it Ai Del to Quot a in a d3 14, p Navy and inner a it 5-oc, ,l854 do 99. Recti e amount de 63l w e w dec i6t3a Row 80 Acrea to ili land loo at rjycmci>l50.t Sand Vam to to Quot m wow it a a wow a a a a a of via att we a a a a 1 Vuta a a him i 504 aex a i a a Ian Oion do a pm lib Provatas Isid. T >1� Anta tact to Sab look y a. He Yeeee or to Diac Faraaj a a to Kaow. Town the la Bedford co 258. Worth 60 Totire am taut fax Abies �0d. Amrani a Elin i eat tax 30c. Penalty and inteieel5t. Taz 185 a out tax due 6sc. Uak Nowa Nwa lot in bed orc a 1 3 of so won 3? Nii e Ansi not Ahab los 37d am Oaut Deli quest tax 19- peachy Aad int rest 3c. Tax of Issi s0>-, Euttie Smooot nue due 43c. Sta e of Indiana Lawrence county. S. I John Peter. Conaty it of said Cobty err Ify t at the frgjn.�t a a via a a respects Correct to the Best it of in Quot wedge and 1>ea-i, and that the eme was ro-0� ded of the 15th a of novel brr lfi54 John Peters county Andi or. 8� Isreb of the Laade Aad belts Cota aimed i a the 1bbl burst old boa Iboa whiskey halt bbl 4tb proo Freab Brandy do a o d port win a �0 eld Asa Deira wine do a Good Malaga for Sale sex Elsira y for Luedica chemical Aad Avera Maiai purple re. And for no King Elte at Ujj e v n d. ir 16-15 Ishby Copal and Peli for at Hewland. Tar 16-15 linseed fib a for 4c. Lard Quot i a. Can Taai by for Sale at Newlands mar 16-15 �30rt monies and pocket Knovs for Sale a Laar 16 15 guide to fam iii and students and a text Blok for a 11. T. Tiai 2v1 i. Illets Lri de with upwards of i free Hui and a Gravid a a Mcclo de plates. Pc Sund pre. Aid by mail 3,09. This the Saoai compres Iessi a and Pupu lar work t on listed in the subject of Here Kathy. Of All the Public atone which have attained each a wide pc polarity attn to by fish r amp we f ethp8 none Are More a Lapie Aito a Nora bit Lily than the Rich and will arranged ency York Tribu a. Practice of water cure. Contain ios a detailed acc Tunt of the Virions processes use in a he water trea Menf e c. By h Ilson and go by 30 e nos. Phi of Ophy of water cure. A a Erdoe i meat of Ihu True principles of health and , by Nul Birnios 30crnte. Jiwat tis hard to Ell what to Trust we be trusted Raatik til Oak sorr a so pay Torday and Wevill tri it st to Morrow. Ti highest Price paid of Thrall Kip de Prodice delivered at oar a rare Hotsa la Wood Lille. A a aers 48 3ai amp z. Wood. Ca Borix . A it a t Teai Smitm m. W. Houston announces to the citizens of Bedfor a Anc Lawrence county thai to has purchased the interest of of Cui Kirk in the firm of Houston a Buskirk one has com Menrad business alone. He now hand every Irti clo demanded by the Public warns and it a his i intention to keep a a tvs a Supply of such Arti cles Are daily called for. Liu Resus for cd and lbs winter.ni amp id Laid . For sle at mail&-15 newla.nd. Notice. All persons to debt to Pittman of Fiance Are ret nes de to Eali had pay up they Are anxious to riase up to Brit a asian ring no Coon r. Port. 3c Francis. Aug to 37if i new Hodr Opatic Cook Book. By r. T. A Trail. A d. A by Stein of cooker a on Isdr a Hie or Nei pies co ruining an of a he Trae Riali Ansof All alimentary subs Aii to heal a. Wit ii j Ain receipts for prep Trina All appropriate Diihr a for Hydrops lii st in Ishmey tiiu vegetarian Paar dins lipases private families. A Etc Etc. It the Cook Complete Imide for All a who Quot eat to lire Quot Price in paper 62 �1� m 67 cents. ,. T. I he Hrabae in now ready for tha a hence of set aiming. Willi a omra Odaion of Chatom in funeral sar Vioet. Plain bedsteads Lincies Pazicni that. Feta Arti ele Inuse tab All kinds and prices Ciez re various patterns and Pricola. Shuck mattresses. To has now and will always keep a Supply of double and single Maci Resst a manufacture a of he Best materials. Ready made Cne a a to Nautly kept n i hand and sold at the lowest prices. Lie learners Loti pirated. 15 cents. Bed third March 3, 1853.-14if a Etc hun. Oan lai Malott amp Reed a re now be Ivia Gand nine up a Ximin i water cure in America. Over three him in. At a alargeatidwellsslectedsckdred cases of Amiott. Disease a treated Ore a with cases of a Niesie practice. $1 25, 8urgh. Havi re in be dior. Won announce of ail fall and Winter by goods Wajer pure applied to every Jose de wring do a Quot a at be Prepa which . Was a it a theory. A demo not Alioa to trait �11 diseases pc Ranung 1� boa get let cited and will Bareld of try ,e. A Fer her a Cpd Coria oetl2 �4tj 45 Mai to i Reed of the Davao Agee of the a. Draper tits syst Etc at coniing diseases thawing also the of the allopathic method und la Atter inability to of. Feet a permanent cure wife span Dix Ceu la icing he h drop Fisic diet and rules or a the bag by Rosse. 87 Ceata. manual a popular work few Supply of Sumner ooh it la. Embracing descriptions of a den of .omer. W. pm ease take a ten. The Hyb a a and cd Ive elf to of not Quot. Tet we oar 4tb . . Occupation i. Law Ory Good together wife de iri Puoy a Ai a to web a Stetta Ibeck special a to atias Blank deeds for Sale at the Sian Daril office. a ssh a to a Wuy wave a to give entire a thief a of a a n w Corner of the Puutio ton Are. Tin aug 17, �?�54 37lf wante4 i a re 8�o8l. Of dried peach cd aed ask 1.00�o of a Gimp a
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