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Bedford White River Standard Newspaper Archives Aug 8 1850, Page 2

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Bedford White River Standard (Newspaper) - August 8, 1849, Bedford, Indiana R. To c no ii and Jennic t icon Rico i. A Anie ii Lori Oiin a a vex a i in. A i , n to i a a As the was Ory a it it a i. R a Hev i in a a when to Elk ouse Rule a Utu it get uus i Moti May. Cries a a Ais a i Irir a Quot i in sen i a has Lili itis a a inns i were a . I to i ii by ii.-�-,�? la in jilt air. U in ii Ujj Quot a jul c i a. Auz a aft Fri l upor Tam a t in Bill in us. Like Heinn on i Jalc Quot a Dii enl t re Quot id Llop. Ii Tali Inry Eli re iia la ruin. R5 Fri in r the a a it. Quot Fth and Ndia in. Lut a i my i to Lioio Loris a a Al a in la Quot and a Ai Irta Ilo in Init 1 a t a. 0.1 Piliki Ina a. A. A Ovri i �?��1. I As Puiul ecu ii i tail ?.�, a ii a Iio Tijia to l Oili. 1 Wlla the River Standard. i Virv Theus a a Momm b y i it x a o g u e e. Sulu Cristion. for no Coji Ono Vear Panyav it 3 in and �1,50 i air enc county official. Yesterday the Board Cirii Vassal is met Mounir. The Quot tracks the census taker Quot at the court House in this place and will be pc ctr by the Reader with much proceeded to canvass the polls at the late j pleasure. Such information be re t Lection in for the a Hiis River Standard. The Surunis proud e the country sur tracks a to . In him din it. Lio Thoi Isaas bushels it May be interesting to your readers to Lobo raised by the Upland Farmer know something my Progress in taking raising system is abandoned the president Asid tha when John Tyler became president by the death Gen. Harrison the non de scripts in politics and that Pori ioa the piss subseries tie cause 1 the several Towt ships. To Cei Ved Witlip Ide and satisfaction by the die "7th Cenius Quot in Lawrence comity. A a outlet May be found in a a Quot ooi Loco for Oisin under the g7ise the kindness g. esq., citizens four. County generally As theol Quot therefore give you a by my i connecting it with the new ii at once claimed him for their wii vie Are indebted for a succinct statement i writer detail acs which will afford be i Nufi to i inklings. To the present Railroad at Saltillo they flattered cajoled who eld duped and from time t. Time As i proceed on g go. A lies a such u the notion being a no party �11v work Lviv up n Vivi ii in. my a.1 n "1 t. 1 resident and As such re elected by a no a Ork a Rowe Pinou a Oinna Bono what a font Noral uprising lha people rec Ardells go Ori j copy after tho re ice �>1 number Witlin s a m it it -1,. A 1 i at 1 i Futon a copy Purij in in Caj Uil Etc i it i Acil precinct Egito however Char gratification to Many when they Are ver i the Armp Aie Vot it i for Riniti until our j read in print. One the most in Norland in out to a Var at lie it 1 a j a a Hso jul. A Jilin per vol am payable a , wich we shall then As a Junei 01 an editor is to fairly represent the Udvance. Tar a is . Ira 01 in \ matter refer Cnoc the vote in the Sev Ocie interests the county and town in Oral townships for the various candidates which his Csc Jis local i. Every com i Rog is. I and what it Viii be tie Cuzens Quot part distinctions. With a Quot blinding the evening the Day licit Djak re t,2 Toun and surrounding country Wili a a a a a. Quot Cut by a a ical it a. J Mist Titus cast before his eyes . Tyler walked Onward to his doom making too late to Fini himself betrayed by those he j o ��1 i k me ren .arh� a i a it. A run la Iuler trait-\v.? is ii be 1> o in i . s. . The it us. E a not ices a wii hire .Lic la i Ari a cd 1 reached . Ii. Hammer who Quot univ will in. In a Triem but j Foo i c to lib i Voied for. J o Dav we have Only room Munihis Peculiar . Its and with extending to me the Hospi work shall be done ,. Should be Boru a a Tjit log. A sea. A pa., to work . �?z�z�?z1, a i a red by the local press. Lawrence county i ulnob.-, Lor he that a a Ort do sauce could be per into the can his enemies. Possesses the real elements wealth and i family arc proverbial with re a Ned by Trio United Etiore that Ono with proper ent Irgy and Industry Lier Citi to the hons . inn vanity. Atul lieu the Day i prove l Quot j Vij Zens can and will bring thein Forth in such j Talbott in whose . Us i a not would Down upon Bono and he i Quot Ion for a a Oriani def Cal to orge w. Carr 1630, no f to a i Vdell a. C a he Liioi ner a a i As Luh Vestal do j. San c so Viator. La Orre g. Chinn 1110, . A healthy state As will Placo Hor at no a availing myself san ots now almost desert a would throng very Distant Day by the Side her most i the experience my i Rind to Bou. With by and enterprising men. Lie it to l j w Ris i Lasant i 03?. J wealthy Sisters. A us in was f1. He i a a a to by it j Polo a i in at a ii i d the can didst i 0 1 a a a \ it i. It a tii. Sei i 01 a i it a i _ Tup t i r i a i n a As i \ a a. I Loii us Fri in i. R n 111, oa �.i. La ii w Ai that mgt .1. I. D i it birr i Hii i t ,. A i p it it i it in to Al in l i a 10 n 1 l Isis a i flit to Ltd a to 7 n a i Quot e ? wer and Nic Worth. J he Iza i a Raster us in Moi Day last aa i e in to it 1. a a a a Ray re it a y Roditi i i d 1 for a Quot to Quot Teri id iian it a is Sciori y t a Quot he n. N. Cio. W. Carr. For �rvrrsrr.laiirr. I to i 1010, a. .1. Lolito Der 929 for a a Etna Quot Iurco my. By in i a. 10�u Oiiver Mil Gatliu the i ftirni.-5iied to with the names it ii not be said that this Shore line Ligioso whose Homics i vis riet Road e be made and Maine right away Camp his enemies and Toliese rewarded his deity to those by what a he had been elected by like in Fidelity to him. When he ceased to have a spoils to Dole out Power to misuse they ceased their mockery regard for him and he left tie Whito mouse a More Saken fallen being than Revtt Aaron Burr had been. Tie same class hybrid politicians a a a led fax Oria l it at 1 in a to b to 1 t I in. I i a by a Luna 1than i l . Aboi j from Bira a. . In ii Abili a ld-., r cd Over . Nheru w. Bee a A a Juii x in e in the Ase is Quot tax no Quot. Quot tim a Idit Ritins Multi i a. O Obi a n idol till to. R d u is is i to a a by. A id a \ by a pm Aid. Do ii b i. Aith to to a . I i n. Cbill a i 1 i Rontu i t i m Piru a i Lif. 11 t it \ r it ata. B. Zyrta it to let tit us v. 15 s Irit a a pc pm a 1,1 to st a to. I a Quot is a a re i-1 and Hin the b Glosl Nee coun i arks. Is a At a i Oil \. A u m in Artir Vili it l i tier a in a late tji it Ai m.i k. A Aira to. In it. A i aa 1 a 11 Orar. O it la n is. U a. I � v and t a �10 . L in in a Crar a a lir a Tesi Hein to i wer in. I mud a Ems a t Aiti Dai Lor Chunlu Athy tor .1 in factors we. I. Carlton 04.laos a. B atty. School a Quot Nisi nor i din l k no . L co it Siove Rabia i Karn in i Jakir Hort t .�3 and dish it Onins Dix oti �02 i boy 1 7. For i to 1 s nigh -183. For school to normative 700 Nei Jarliv ll�-4s cd Tota Quot minibar vots poli a 21 >9. In a e Ledi a in Havn Etc did nothing i Ial in it re n to the resale the late election. it from this county. Rumor says that tie whole a. Us w. La Ampson .1 moderate and conservative both tonal interests ardently desired it As a peace Oit ring to tic u Hole Coli try i we regret to True failed in like Senate. In Man has Lul Virld n ardently devoted a with More to levity to the nation at no a Cirod our event Quot y_15/ fun history Titan has i . Clay Ever a Nice sell Usaj. Loo this proposition has a n be it re trial by in. 73 it is Harjey probable inc length time Congress h is been s a 19 Sion that any similar measure will be a ended for action any Steps taken to quiet tic Public mind and Al 7 Ford Leace to tio the two s pc cult in finding my v. By. Kit a 1 vis re t 1/hoi�s?, a i _ dict it bad. A to id u in to it not. Tri Ilay a go Imp. I a Ben w lose a Cibij Rema judgment they Are fond drawing comparisons Between him and Gen. Taylor a to the disparagement the o latter they Nitro a jul i am done intimate thai his accession has rescued c i Sabbati. I the country from great evils into which it Iaross. I. I Ortiz Bono think o tins i Nui ii desire your Prosperity. A it st tit. Ness to to Rcman led Oioi p air Quot Fri mit i. Inns sci i a Oili. W. 1 a Dino Church Rushing under the guidance his i predecessor they announce that he has changed Trio pol icy the administration tii cre i up civil to much the toils would live to it i the Wei a i it it t i t . In. N la. An 1 tii it v-.-o\v, sit i lii lid Rint lis River Obj t i Joyed Trio priv Dru att Trio a Jive pm to. Aiti uii Here express did d a t i Vilt at seeing a congregation j Otto Rithey would like to Lead him up at in an 1 orderly tho dance they led Tyler to a similar i t . A a b Ino no Church no �doom.there is one obstacle to the Reaidi Wor Sav a Vili a i hol. Homies which these gentle on May As Well apprehend for they a Naii us for use Vili Lind in Avrov serious one . Full West Bono.bail hair Friend Siipson b Wiiliam d Lun t d Iba iet it ii by Lions before the adjournment. That Socia Bio travelling Colip Anion. 1 discovered the it Ibe a-si.4 nov o Guu what is More remarkable still it is one o i movie is a Winic. Grind him in any info k so not tiie very Valesi town in. Nind you please and he will come out i . Rence county. While Lawrenceport. I Quot in whig at the no Arlo Ibe same size has a Quot a to Gen. Jackson s Force Bill but he has an. I 1to Ratic Pickl Bias Sun a cd Der an a he nth Trent anon for to i. A i a d the cd a oily in to a a ass. To Ciciera had again Brol in Oul in j. It ice i. v.a College Pinces had i., a Cal Nurs Are Ali Ronen in him int Deliale i infected integrity and cup the first Stariing in t c Quot i a Genu . ,. J ,.lic comm ii Quot in. 1 he contest for 1 is the late Corr Denor Btu Quot on a id Prussia on tho con it a ii fired is eur Rod to the i it Avci tion fro a the. Cou it is Orange Aud. Crawford. Mar Keck and Foster elect a to Cive Linn and Gentry to the Letris a Iiren All a. Elected Sherit Quot. Crr May result to the country prior to the meeting tic ii it session is a Yon l the Power Man to predict. we arc to judge from the evidence before us a i to we should infer that a dark Couil hats Over the he is. and Nure prospects tho nation. Fearful fort boding must enter into the mind every True Patriot and it behoves us All to so direct our efforts As to Aid by every possible Means to allay the threat Juning and impending storm. J o 11 1 in the whig ma s. To i. A cd cd no and commo Dinis Clurah wintered a Summ red l a iiit.,d ii in Good taste. These ranks and whatever May be his faults ii i is ii not no . A political is not among a Marion and i attachments to his parly 13, ,. ,. Genuine he would not swerve a hair v. As Nurieh to und some exceed principles he could the Reby ii in Brood kind in ii to South Eastern por i secure a re election from Hia life Long and would do Mudi fur me in t Ped i xau at ii i More . 1 a Folio a up pm a Ciao in Kaiui i is j Sitt i in Bat in thi it in 1 a n Miick a i it. To. Firms in this part a versa less indeed to would refuse a re a d by d to u Hiben sip Ock a is Quot a. N. Rio i Aro in a his state Cuitti vation a tiou at their hands. No Man in the unix packed Proir Ress. A a nth lie is no him j a a a a Ely because it was treachery in 1 have enu nera cd 2 7 a n Ilies. Con elf. Ids crop is a it a / clean Hii Corn be died by a sordid ambition. Thoro Nev it up wheat. A a Vin it Incagoo to and reported n and Itiat Beauty to a farm was ii greater Misti Ike made than pm Ihn i Usu a la i pcs 15 i farms w. ., re was a Large and we a = him the a Seducon in. .1l. 11 a that proved successful with Tyler. I it. Also All the Princis Al nulls in Bono town Vii Stort cd Lor his Means. Around Ionia Hig in every Fibert in the a Yvette it it he Quot Quot re Ina i a Pilu. I Quot i Liui e is a my m every liver a in legis. . C i me mid that Iivari Mai Ion iving Oasis Are Many others worthy and Praise i a Lover peace Aud an ene whig. A i Moi by but i must forbear for the present. More j my conquests a Champion inter. I says a i x Quot i .i.�, u Inai improvement. Protection to Homo a the Cro Jiff now wheat Wlinich is be in tho prosecution my duty As mar Marian when i get through it. A private letter from grew Albany to Nake appearance in our Hal Lawrence county 1 Lake much dated i Kasday. Aug. Ii informs us Tarket holds out to the i Uil exp a citations pleasure in All that could a i nal improvement Protection to Home j. Mcc. I , and that whole Benefice it sys it Tern wii b h recognizes the Dii fusion ton mail states that tie log plenty and the diminution swy a it rent tentative in the lower Branch imn on o a a a uhf l Jii Slature from flood county. It conf crr ral it Gor i . J a a tips re elect Ivor. A Short Eibs. This was mostly re i have explored in and venture Cei Ved Quot a a sep est that the new Hampshire for our own part our ajl whole a Laann. Hasi. Pre Al to a am us no aka. be a Wirf sed in tii Iov Rani. in Garr. r i ii ? l at t cause is a setting Ain a a i Quot Ieti ill a do any . Mcl a i it ii in was but slight it a tho Lite Urt tor a in Cherway Vii to a lecher Uay pfc Vioris to i. Junkunc Leo unit will com Deuce a gust manuf Ciuro from the present crop and race irom j warm friends a Al tic court Blouse in Bedford on Mon it �3 Superior to any we have had in this i sobriety i our Citize Cei Ved a like and Praria in Carroli to Sny just this a a itch it the free a Xeric is la Dation All the Public acts and by Alioa. J j von Bly with by county the the. I j a item sem nil lots the hour to Pra Ewi a o , ,4. As Thev Are an a i governor our Choice the pres a ii Iuie a Leroy u to Btu . An i tin Hui Trubic Vole Dav not. i Ved Ino to a i 1.1 p it Tiliti m a was no i. >.1. Lac1 11 1 to ii �2�d. \ i to i . J .1 til Cikity. eur that the y were a in it Bis a the no Atory it a Quot a. I \ i Bac re . L Eteri lar an Esi Nat made to messes. Doolittle to. Criam Berain upon their work in a Rice uly. For some Days a urk. Bid it Anion in to upwards a 1/ t it a ii is. A country for several years to Are under Many obligations to the Hon. C. L. Dunham la press native rom the new Albany District tor his attention in forwarding us valuable con Gressional documents.,. ,. Indent in whose Pincir tel we confide Lue h .pitui.tn, . a Ous. A a termed som set scams stir error in r Jiu igme Niril s in slide a a a. For As yet i have seen but Ono Man under the once liquor there Are some Tisins ih.1i loudly c do for Jan. In Manv parts Bono town slip i Lac Farmers Piave their a disturber the a Iblis p a a cd Dan Gero u s to i eople and innovators ted state. They should Al be kept Onder h non. Nov to death by planting crop Ai tar Cri it a to to a in a i. A a a be Irmo. Re to bin. T. Are Char / d by to i. Ithac \ a dui in gig a ii Eity to to conic i Ani station ,.f Ai. Old ii i a rat Quot i incl i appeared the Kasl a Gay i in Hon inv. The barn in. Corn. follow miser Nus Vium Orr Quot tho foun Dimiti fishery tili season has resulted in Abu Uhm air Bersoff the Pillif shall not hesitate to that so sch is . A the liberties the judgment any a Jdtha�.Het Tea co in Unior i the other is. Tatj i 1 takes would a amp As Unjin to to a Jimino a country. Bit that . I Jamb Jar i on the momentous and crib it Quot ques tons a y which soon engross Al act liar part a statesman Quot a prior that. And a i Wizig is a fact beyond jct a Tioy Rev a Eais to the value Ai >㭳0,00 Jujj to. In who resides live mile West Ifni a is the crops cynic rat d to a prove rain at t. Ijo in. . U Bead the a Naldi cimons Hose who a 1. A. S t a ii to the certion. To i re a net 1.  1. Story a Arci Quot in Siam. I act another number i aider the rec g no a a thou i on saturday night first struck by than Liveris i Ali is. Be -. No during tie Thunder Strom and set on Blest the Citi sons a hat a tire Wlinich together with a Iare Antiky in it rally Rich a a a wheat this year s crop was co Siim Nikii rum cd it. Y de. Loss a jul it Tuo. Re co in rivals into the Dii Lerent port most vociferous in hailing his a d i 1.00 a cession and most clamorous in scouting a be Iro i a 1i t o i la a w a t a i it Fri j \ -. A a a a t it Ile is pm it ,.-Urt la Var Quot to a at is Leo is a. A ,. A it ver a a . It a j i. V i \ a 0 Jar m. M 17 Quot my i v �.�j a 1, a More Lor Inicie cae Vit i is.>r it. Advised tic the a in Al a copy the com nuni i plus in r til a a i .i�ati, i at tie Heinie a i in t irl i tur pubic eat Jii w l old in pc been free e remark that in to i the Ives As above stated to e ii ii Calio is old Piave in.=Anity has Bec Imo so a prevalent in \ Irginia As 10 l a a assumed the an Wjk Dumic. A l his Sirur Danio unit. The same Dis a is Iso racing in Ken to Tkv a the editor the Democrat seems Oil but they have v. Al i it is a t Tito hit to do Well a. the ads org hog a a i t Eno Urb tor Home use. i a lar ers like while River a a Cojei. A . Stod Fields in ,.ver reon e i. Vee to 0 1 a great Sal a a Quot a on to tie i a aspects perfect. We give these new to orm in it from week to i friends months wherein toj Sej Jip a i ii ii ii la in and us croat a list Don to be a a aspects perfect. I the audacity All who have not declared i his select Cabinet ministers in All a your sex Nan n Jav i to. My Ian. in tiie construct j Devotion to life a is Dent. I is the duty t a Quot to. Upon Hiil with u determination to atone a a a forbearance by future violence Rable to us. Cess. Tiie obloquy. Noticing More clearly in i War re Auto . Ihus at w v p w Art a ii Widi m lii a a t every und Aioo Quot air dior i in a it a i Ltd. S it n t lie e ii to Quot ii. S a Quot a it a a be via a in to i a Rie our a a a Oil h. Be n a. Poi de i it ibis duty on his part Iliad been i a , Vii Thoo ii we did not enquire Yir. K aril trie Means cd Fenee i v..di. rut Herto g Aque in Titi the Alfs . Tit Sacii cases we sup ,1. Us. I a i w Rirs Dir i a Pic cd i a red i 1 i"eai�i., to the i e p. T in ,. F i e Quot Quot �.-Nate it a my so in Lea a a a a e�eu-s,-u.d Ioe. Jones cd l a i n. And Quot i ices Aro to lii Rae i2 Ermels. A. I Chi Ira is n Lyu a a ferry. 11 a y i a Ray a a it i Cpl the West a the cons str native ,.r to i Quot the,.dcrd cd .v., r a nent. To. Well t Lile u Hie ii prop Ibie get in i irn trs me it a e to. W t is. Stan i Cree United in one Cofino a Csibi eco i an 0\c to Rizii g it a ready and we Ling to pub a sii a Repchoubi any be.-srward.-d, by to be Laburu a somewhat under in Ila for. kir Woei a highly Renji Octabie Cri Izen Ewd it a in Jared 71 years died in that City on Sunda morning last. Lie was a pious Meinberg tho Quot it. K. I lurch and an upright men Iber the masonic Quot order by Ali latter society his furn Cral services were talented. And his r�.= Mains to the to no a Viii masonic Bio nors at j o clock on monday last. That i Hermella. We Are requested Logn pm re i in individual to entered tho Garden . R den a Lew evenings ago and took lar a tine Ripe w.termeon, . med Ean wheat raise pint a a mob t e a 1 in a it i Law the Wood land lii at you a i in a by. Duke her a i Rev Lauy Ledger the Quot a says to our mind the Fer Ltd la to c business the Rai re a is in which Quot the new a silent is a fated to encounter than the it a tidies Fromin strange quarters that Gretes his Access is j v. Ryda ,1 to litre Are a re i for. I by. We a raise d Jurl a a a Ial a Ioe Voal Moaier Tiht up jul id c Al i. Nuts a e to 1 a n. Y-. Quot a Iees Piaro i a your Ouss a a the Lime ill Livel be is i Cou and your Tseu yes far c.oi. to a d Mura i Preisur in Wal b. Greatly i Zereas d. I a7prga< died like Vii big pro n the East b via g exp Orvo tiie in Niy on Soutsi. And Kaw Ilia like ien.ldi by u Lite Hiver w is .s a a a est a is i Rode along i Limo Uglis Llu a i Quot is a quote a and som t a it Quot by. We Iju Ancis Tuiai Gie Cico a a a ? a tra a on in a result establish i Syrovy a a i b to. E i ibis and s dem Are to Quot Aurk to their it Osi _. A. Tribune a a a a a. _ ________________3ieliiachov Suic Jet a a a in. R. . V. Quot no to myst piously i Neja per county corrc.spomlent- from Martin county som., die Lafayette courier in loft in at paper a i i Hru return d Agam to his that n daughter . Gerrge Grissell i be and friends. Tie i cum Stan about 1.2. Years old commit Tett Eric Ila pcs in. We a. Eave left and the near ilii Kollaer the �3ii.itlt.,."by Hasig a i a tor Iris leaving arc not such As to ing herself to the Joist tote houss . Fri ii reputation a Quot an in nest a bridle. It appears that Suie clip Mitten onorate Man. We have seen and the rash act Thraum Vlf a being pain Quot c.-r-ed wit ii him a old with i. Neigh shed for accidents break Al a Cro re . Lie .5 received a id we after meeting with the Sofce i Udipi Ude to remain a citizen dressed herself in Uil Able by Yuja -�clothj8 a Irti i Cou &Quot.bauery. And telling her Little brother that Quot so would never break another Crecli the Quot c t upon the bed tied a bridle to \ i debt fastened it around her Necin acid Vinci quota Iliae Kali Road. . In trn an one for . It was whether he intends to it die . Piave any we in is Surrue ded and ii e i a a Calas Satu d int Vernoon a train a a i 1 jump. Her brother succeed Al la far Isom our i ii to to . the seed. 1 was a be Culm Varie co ii Nerc Ai a a Mecca Eai p a. Net do we Tai in wrong motives a a Quot need like ruler the Communia i 7 n Stion. In thus Cal in the a ten me Ano in j 011 ii3 a. Idle radora.As Spity the . The morning be u within Luiree ilium is while Kiver t by the do, a a Rodu Etive Tiland honest Endeavor to rebuke and Ucli the non the people to the character Anil a o2ti Zaliti nations an applicant for a res Tiole c ice m our univ. To tie Only one on t one he raised. Tore it was taken was i nm3gi ung the Rons _ pleasure in store tor him on opening that and Boajum Farn by a d i Fine Meleon but before he realized trie in bushels yearly Auu cd Willii All obese us i Joy men the spoiler came and robbed him a error advantages in is evidently on the with two hun Areo am replacing upon the bed but Ahei. = 01 Rar and . jumped off the second time and Befort Quot i tins Road about we be . In com i a could obtain assistance she was a Paay Viii a great Many our citizens represented As having been Verv. We to Ltd on tie ocasion it Ellis ent for her age in. A. To it Aily Quot were vol pleased wii i our Trio. This race a his anticipated pleasure. Pc no ii Only we. I set Arioul sol in tins Kiaie 01 to a it cannot attic cause r supp Aine i Giorni the s who a a Uco is Fdl 01 a. Itis a. And tin wit Stan Imp tiie b Ligatti a c b ii wid rests up on a a a is Ponsini to Whiteii Houd lie met with trial firmness it Behieii character noes like conduct it essay Well written asks for a cd the cd so he May every rat Ruit. we Jie Mii ourselves and Lull i torts upon the relation raise a few More the same sort Quot next i a a a ocasion a a Ipinder to by divided by Section Yeai oust spar and Chi a will be found on our year for the same Market to and bitter animosities Quot we invite a Carei us perusal constructed in the most durable to id substantial manner and Vith a rapidity beyond any thing wit our knowl he London Standard freed in coup is How unfortunate for the country How i every line is Worth the highest 1 the Winnebago a it Diane in Mineso it be Contd ted to Pendleton following bit history i from this Quot the English population by the first Day next october de states was originally for ten finder tho Road will be com pm Quot convicted felons and As at a Quot i to in Schedlo mortality Quot for All tic pitted at an Early Day. Our Ohio neigh agreeable however just it Jedi a. I Iam Dies visited namely 237, i find but Bors Are making every possible Effort to Jisi Ike to the inf Victor which Cha to it it ii it m a a j. a 1 tac Senate to Dav was Quot a a added would we be act As the uni consideration. A. Pire the great and exciting questions the a Lite store. A which now Divide the North and South great inducements Are held out at this Wai Riopko people the Ihen look to j establishment. The purchaser will find ta.in consequence the frequent de prepaid on upon the settlers by the Indi ans a number them have been compelled to leave the country. Tiie st. Deaths for ibo last 12 months and i portion tho mad to a t i i by the Timo we reach the eight Are children. Lnhealiiu-u. i a 1 1 Ohio late the. 1 his clone and have Ness location Ca Inot alien be the route to new York by Way Lake cause we must look somewhere else for Erie and the Nev York railroads that it and i Wero permitted to turn Yankee cannot fail attaching an immense travel to say nothing tie business por tation cric i defeat it he per higher and More object the a any articles in that House not kept in forbearance is now taxed to almost a and i should guess pm h is for and us Leaito i in c., Romise is a Servati it a the Union. Rather than j others. See advertisement in another Point where it cd. Cons Isnec. u the Mere building u p a a whose i column.  .�. A arc .w engendered we foment an i cannot a stayed. Ca b n a aay through Senate. Let it eau 20 Thra High the House this sess.. Principle object is self and the enjoyment 1 the spoils Oil ice. I Point where it ceases to be a virtue and j the Lack Public and individual enter unless a change for the better soon takes i place our citizens will feel called upon to Bauer and in offs. Luik summary vengeance in their own cents for butter and 6 cents for Hance which will be Apt to end in the sex the weather has been Exi Remsh hot eggs is offered for these articles at the Terra nation the whole race mar since monday rail Road store a prices get a Gnu. Anders s the rapid Progress Road May prise. Well be rel erred to for the purpose there is Means in and around Bono ii i illustrating what can be done by Energy properly applied to Ruie it to a High Dis Quot Quot a perseverance As few thought when Rte it was commenced that in so snort a unction As a Point business. In the j ars place bet there be a Good outlet for a Jour vol. Stance has Beete handed dowry Beitf present generation. 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