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Bedford White River Standard (Newspaper) - August 8, 1849, Bedford, Indiana A in a re i a t at. Of Quot no. 47. Iin8cixi.a2�k a of a news. 8, la a to. To byte to the Hite Dirr of Steak birr i Taylor. A f . Davis Muai Sippi asked new goods. A Mission of the Senate to Prem tit Brittl . J. W. Davis of new Elba ii we j Felly prepared memento a a tribute from has just received a new Supply a hungarian exile to the Gorer Ament of of dry goods suitable to the limbs and the United states and especially to the the season. He is a Friend of in edit late president of United state. The Chi of the Standard and advertises his Orography of the work is a literary Cari House in our paper and we earnestly in Rosity. It is written in fourteen Dif Trent Vite our Lawrence county friends when languages with a p2n, and with a degree trading in Liat City to Call three doors of Beautiful execution i Hare never seen above the Corner of main and Pearl equalled before. Not being Able to read a Ireen Nart a Side and look at his Ilock Nauy of the languages in which it is writ and Nako in 1 just rely upon the opinion of oth Prience attests its truth the Parent pos senators. Ors More competent to decide when i say esses Power to Mould that infant mind at the hun. Thos. Ewing late of that the idiom of each language has been pleasure a for virtue for vice for Hon i department of the Interior acc Cess . Preserved and that the tribute in each of for shame. The Parent to a Certai Fok the White River fiut Dard. The read icon Eurt Between Parent and child is not Oaty most sacred and in 8oui and bind them for a a upon your hand that May be asm is a Veen Sroor Eye. And be shall to them a speaking of them a men thou sit Deanna m its nature but at the same time by House and Whei Hou walk est More int mate than any other. To Ihen Bihe Way when thou lil Quot Down and Parent under a Wise creator the child is when thou rises indebted for its earthly existence and to tie almighty brought fearful judge this source it instinctively looks for food a meets upon the House of i fit because . Instruction and advice. The 1 his sons made themselves Var and he re mind of a child has been aptly compared to Wax that yields to the slightest Toutch receiving and retaining every impression however faint. If so and our daily sex strained them of Graham Quot the father of the faithful Quot it Fri Aid Quot for i know him that he will Coti id his children and his household Al cd him. And they shall keep the Way of 4e lord to do Justice and judgement from these striking proofs bearing Quot the impress of divinity a Are taught by Telegraph. Washington july 30. presented the Chetlen trials of Limbert c. Winthrop appointed senator from mass., in place of Webster resigned. Winthrop being duly qualified Teok his seat Pearce from the select committee on the Foote and Benton disorder Trade a report which was ordered to be it printed. On motion Benton s evidence taken in the Case was ordered to be printed. Mason introduced a joint Resolution de glaring in effect that the annexation of his reason for the motion was that the Senate yesterday coupled the proposition for the establishment of a territorial government in new Mexico by adopting i an Amend nent providing that the Gover nor shall not be in opposition to the East Side of4he Rio Grande. Pending the action of the a amp Ard com Rattee on the boundaries of Texas Clay appealed to Pearce to withdraw Bis amendment for Quot the present. It was designed to offer amendments which would relieve the Bill of the i faculties Thich the senator had alluded to. Pearce said he had no desire to defeat the Bill provide for the settlement of yeast Chase it Clark Davis of mass., Dayton Dodge of wis., eve in Green Hale Miller Pearce Lusk Seward iii with Turner Upham Walker Winthrop. Quot i a , Badger Bell Berrien Biti Bright Butler Cass Cooper Daison Dickinson Texas is conclusive of the title claimed i be Texas Boundary question. He de 1. T motion should be by motion to restore declaration ordered to a second Reading Bat which was stricken out yesterday on j he omnibus Bill was then taken up. Motion of the aug to Llic line Ciai Meu i . J by Resas against the u. S. Also direct signed it the pending ing proceedings in conformity with such agreed to to Call it by being on Bradbury s yesterday role and said he plus instructions of his a i am run Rufif a . A a a we la a sac it of Ette. . W. Is in w of armenian hungarian and boy amp i tal a. A Quot. . The path of duty so the Compromise Biliy so also is . New Jall these language to the warm heart of oae eng. A who has be the historian of the Strug 7"glen of his own country in recent retold a night last�., were . Naphegyi voted by a severe storm of rain and a Rind. A As beautifully Prev Iirth diet. Tribute As the heavens were lighted up with con i a i Ead m the on in our own to need Flash of lightning while the thu ndcr<5 language. Rolled from North t Stith in heart peals a 1 a a. De4�ratioii to the people of the Init edit Parent these relations and Obi Aarons fur Lue space of an hour we Icara that state. The com crop has suffered considerably in i an Rica the great Republic the re to big county Many Fields being to pm toj for the oppressed of All countries i the ground i a hungarian exile come Vith the voice rtt through the Light heaven is ill in paths of life and cease not to beaming upon it. A thous in flu noes influence our conduct until death. It serve to move the Slothful lighter. The of tatters not whether the Parent be Rich a go Sorant and strengthen Tecl Wise Parent kit . Learned unlearn a virtuous Faith full discharging duly vicious the Power to Mould that infant Ujj Jug Jan the senator from Georgia and moved an amendment pro Kidong that the territorial new Mexico to into opera a before the 4th of March this morning from Massachusetts ii form a , from the been appointed to Pron agriculture to which was referred Van Ancy m the Sanate Occa the memorials of the stale Legislatures agricultural societies and various other associations asking for the establishment of an agricultural Bureau in connection with the department of the Interior asked to to discharged from further consid Iowa Doug last Downs Houston Quoter. King Mason Morton nor mind remains and for the exercise of this a Power the Parent is held responsible for Are not forced but entirely voluntary. The Parent is responsible first to the child a for at this tender age ode false tho i Ger ofom nip Otence Points to the Judy ent the books Are opened. The dead Small and great Are there. Infin lace a Seth titles appendages of every dirt a Hebisen swept in into oblivion a chm Cier do remains unchanged Uncha Able and upon is depends i.,<j final Tom of each a Chatt of South Carolina has lately their Leman nations Vith Here at the death a i a of one unsound doctrine i soul. Memory Sinow Buist. Of fourteen people to mingle As it a a. Is Sib by the resignation of his Distin Gil shed Friend now in the Odice of the Secretary of state. Having decided to accept the appointment and being called on to do so without delay he bad thought fit to announce in presence of the House aeration of the subject and asked that the that his place will remain vacant from report be Landon he table. The a peach he Ucli wred in a la up tol the states one erroneous View one unholy in chaily town. He of enl adv Cales go Quot la As Ibe voice pulse Wil be Felt an seen through Al time.,. Of an exit a without one Nat ionic Hope. Is. Utieri Luliona of the l Oliou. He a a -.j. A _ .1. To come. Have Hcan loudly cheer cd am u e. M by his Are acce Tamo to a a portion of hts stale. Hard Annii Dosithe weeping of thy nations. Mkt a. . . Washington t. S. July 1850. It flies to the Home of chill Nursery to the school Root prayer perchance to the Bri room to scenes of youth ii i from parental neglect the child May i never recover from parental care its life profanity and crime. Tie this in our own Langue go pics sets should it Rise to j Cradle of infancy arose the a the feeling. Idioma ical a in thir a action. To Honor and happiness n sii-1 after life swelled to a in others by this hungarian exile go a a Quot Succ�s-1 As planted the Acorn that Quot who fleeing from the oppression of his Home j there the frail bark own country after having bore arms in infancy and youth. Should it descend a a de for the voyage of 11 her support has received a a Alcomo in a to Gao Miny and shame leaving a curse mortal Mariner was prompt this land which he aptly styles nhe ref of a Blessing behind it. The cause of steer for the Whirlpool the Uge of Al oppressed he re g neurally found to exist in parental in Cei Vej a Chc Cring Welcome from the Lute Indiati rence vice. Morally president of ih3 United states and a feel men parents Are and Ever will be ing of gratitude has come Over him to re on sible to their offspring for the neg try Litt re i d ail . Webster Hud iii Tevie a on the 2 5ih no. In the jail. The ii itch new was sought at the Instate 0 of the latter who that upon Llie trial the former testified to the Riith. Tid Quot that to thanked him for Cal lii g to a a Imie him and if urging a Oppert Unity of 4hu3 expressing so him his fee liners before to died. During the in w. Of. Quot to wwim9 Tleiji us ure interview Boh part appeared c keep j aled of known duty since it is Date rur. wether to present it to the Sinat. A. A Chari of i gain thi Parent is responsible to Socie has Bee. Cxc.-,r. A v u in por i Felting of tribute to the people of the uni tons a Flor ral o i stuf.-., the t a stakes to the Mem re of their i a Mai Onty morally . A laugh ult., in Quot in of magistrate. To out wha. So far beyond that limit. Society is com a gentleman while drinking a Glass of co d must have been the. Design of the donor individuals and govern ened by water fell Down an to the he alter of Al the Ball Debauc Keri Ard by the Rin that in there to a giant cared and and the Imit to that port. Written Haven of rest. Bin the voyage is now memory quicker than the ing Rek oils with Tremenda tor Ling from that speech end and de lighten Ixo rce off a god s i j Praise redeemed with to Day and he requested that the fact be announced to the governor if Massachusetts in its usual form. I taking his a leu of the body with which he has so Long been associated he wished to say in the simplest and briefest terms that he should always cherish the highest regard for its character and he expressed his Heartfelt wishes to the speaker and each member for their Bijj amp Alth and Prosperity. He then with div to the son ate chamber. Harmonson member of the committee on Public lands and Blackett member of the committee on Indian a lairs were by their colleagues released from serving of these committees in consequence of their ill health. Crowell from the committee on Indian aft irs reported the Senate Bills Toen Noble the president to negotiate treaties of fijian ship and boundaries with the indians South and West of the Mississippi rive North of the Northern line of Texas and about new Mezio. He said these tribes numbered 30,000 War Lions. The government is satisfied that if treaties can be entered into with these tribes it would be attended with a salutary effect. There Are now captive women and children among them taken from the Western settlements and it is our duty to exert every legitimate Means to Rescue Vliem. This can Only be done by entering into treaty a the attendant expense will be $200,000. He moved that Ris Pratt Quot Sebastian Shields Soule Sturgeon Underwood Whitcomb Yulee. The question then being taken on strik ing out California from the Faill it was Aenied to yeas 34. Nays 25 Veas Atchison Badger Baldwin Bani Well Bell Benton Berrien Butler Clark Clemens Davis of miss., Dawson Downs Ewing Foote Quot Hunter King Mangum a Ion Morion Phelps Prutt Rusk. So Bas Lian Seward Smith Soule Turney Upham Winthrop Yulee. Nays Bourland Bradbury Quot Bright Chase Cooper Clay Dawson Dickinson Dodge of wjs., Dodge of Iowa commit j Douglass Felch Hale Hamlin Houston Jon is Miller Norris Shields spruance Sturgeon Underwood Wales Walker Whitcomb. Senate aug. 1.�?doughiss. Moved that tie Independent Bili for the admission of California be taken up for tho purpose of making it the special order agreed to 32 to 22. Douglass then moved that it be made the Spetz Ian order for to Daj and every Day hereafter until disposed of. Atchison moved to Amend by striking ont Quot to Day Quot and substituting monday a rejected j 4 to 30. Atchison said that Douglass motion Wou id supersede the omnibus Bill which was ordered for 12 o clock to Day h ale said the omnibus Bill is not yet engrossed. A a Foo a wanted to take text Rosr Quot California could never pass parliamentary Nrec. Sure. Quot the vacancy occasioned in the com i the Bill be put on its passage however Mil tees of foreign affairs and accounts by the i Resig Alioa of Winthrop and King were ordered to be filled. The speaker announced the business before the House to be a motion to reconsider the vote by Whilt h was referred to the committee of the whole on the state of the Union in Ejiu to give every Man a farm free of Cost. Evans of me., who was entitled to the floor said to would a speech but with the yes re of proceeding i As it contained appropriations it was re Ferrod to the committee of the whole on the state of the Union. The Senate Bills on the speaker s desk were appropriately referred. The House Thoc went info co Minitte of the whole on the state of Che Union. In the fortification Bill the question pending wii on the motion to strike out a he appropriation of �15,000 for a defend a work near Detroit. Bissel i replied to the charge of Garter Ade be Sierdy that Detroit was com in presenting it to the Senate i move to to be can tinted cont of the i re no i it Vun frn. Letter a burrs arc always Busy a i act iii fir the up hic Curi iffy in i lii a Ai Ivica Ion of the in to Velus an ili Laws adapted both to their individual and refer the Bok . To the commit capacities. To. On. V a hence be happiness and Well being in a Quot Latcu i uni be on the . For them to take such. A fort Kearny says the chosen Al t in whole de Gnu upon the virtue and. Action Asi to Lesl. A i horrible havoc the a Riler i j the dead whose names were left on slips into Luigi acc of individuals. Trail of the Ditlif orians. The st Louis Republican of the 18th, each member forms has letters from the emigrants across the a Liis motion the Bill to pay Romolu Lionais Plains. A letter dated 110 Miles West of and other pensions was taken up. Quot re is making the a River gives a list of moved to Lay the motion to reconsider on j i iat a portion of the people were paupers lie eulogized that Section of the co entry and opposed the amendment. Carter responded when the comm Ilise the table which was agreed to. The House then went into a committee of the whole on the Stuto of tiie Union. Barclay moved to Lay aside the California Bill agreed to 96 to 68. And on Rose without coming to a conclusion. W.4shi.sgt0n, july 3i. Two important votes were Takeh in the j sell ale on the Compromise Bill yesterday. Bradbury s amendments renewed by in a t men by ing clause a , july 3u. Obsequies of the Lute Underwood referring the Texas bound a Ely then open Ani a York trill no. I a n. A i ii Nam from v u7 a to in a i Vosti no a pm to Imp t of the me sci Oil is Universal try Irain is a it j 10 hive j j to Quot of Bunin was about an hour and abot ii worse run cd de sickness. Near plumb cry Quot a to 1 in passing a Given Point. The whole i i 11 pass. It / a iii a. In i is Reio h. I , the of the Isca pc. In in. W. A., ,. ,.isl his Malzone. Non concurs he the character of its Vouri and i Mlou to j Hen it started 1 tie express the opinion that reels impression Uucmpt-<1 to us jets Vilic agitate the by Lori ii Onjo he ini iii. Tiu i i the president will probably comm Only one Man Able to sit up. He company was about 10,000, but in dwindled Nicole to Congress a message informing half before the route had that body of his purpose to prevent the intense and oppressive of Texas from invading any por. A it riot been for thai t on of the territory of new Mexico and Ihm end Lori Iuit Erate and in disciplined i Ort Kearney says a great amount of iii re would no doubt have been 20,000 that so far As the new mexicans have. ,. A. M. I \ t j i i a Luv uric lib lii Aiulu la up i to Frija in t Ndini la Uijun. Neil Janral at a a one and the that we never had Hoof in its character is entrust of 12, and six had died Aid 1 = totes in n on half b thousand Coiar Quot tae Lei them prove Recreant others dying. I in gone Lver so Inte. Globe Reters a the in utter and Cor -i thus Quot oct Are it sat Quot a of Fije their and society suffers. Let Ai Kotlier la later dated 260 Miles West of a a As the heat. Ilid it a. A. 1 \ j. Y j. ,. Icon Nof Anvic n for la to a Mirit of .1,.i. A of the Clobe a we have no very Ilen m hat in Cost. it sii Owid a kit cd a whether one a a our Hhd i our. Moro �c--.--. That a d j not discuss an i do not i of insider and. Lini a Quot a do j . I ii j doctors vary still More offspring and to Weir influence will be blight la lii air than in thir opine. And the views of . Bell Ari i iii. Sic knows prevails in the several trains Aud a a Quot Lall Hae lost Many by death Fri. A a. W utile roof the same a it re Ciu it his Roth i Sioa to tin tho a no ruinous wherever Felt. A mentions one train of 17. Of which in in a solemn and direct manner is were sick another had buried 7, an i had set ral sick outliers All but on had i. A it to a of Tori a. If u Ari is Iroini. Else. To capt the actual top a ire in i a tail of Quot 1 re tvr. Ard. Of in. W i Quot a i Ollic on in i be mean . I Noi be a Loti loss still thai in in an Imp Rian. Me. A licit a assure Lily has been ass ined by tho it Sipp a iii Twenty thou and to have us. Is to Thor me Ihan a Leven in lt\5 o article and that to Whitig shall beer.-, on account of it a i Ivy .2 i listed bul a Jav two ait not ram litre it a tur. Niimd ii i it ii Ayiyi Otic by i y ? rom -d.-.h, exc ii Misiul in in i and Iju Ujiie i,.r Large in Inus his Prescio Roii lit. That is i i it Ltd it of ii pres in in a Ivy Toni be Itiat Quot Verv chord arrival of the Canada. Kaufax july 31. 9 a. A. I tic Canada arrived i Day. And sailed . He gives a no a of those nose ,25 pa�s.3ng-rs. in a a a i i.u-h More will a Quot to Quot Quot Quot the pair la arrived Al Liverpool in Loi f names . The. York. The Libria was of Nan its upon ine weal j. Indiana j. A. . w a of generations yet unborn Indiana i. A. Cars. Inti i it is Leach ions guardians and All Anler Sivis one. Along the Road since i Ort Jve Arii we touch a progressed in the matter he will defend them in the formation of a state government. The Hon. De. Bates has arrived in . It is said be is to Lake the department of the Interior. Washington. August i. The following is this vote on the in porn gluing Indiana. The America n Squadron Waroff the at Points in the omnibus Bill in the sen port of Lisbon the papers there Furnis i ate. Yesterday. To Nev s relative to the Dit Ncnulty Between Yule moved to Amend Pearce s Amend Texas. As Fol ruin of us Ira till i in i a of human conflict Liilo others ii above Cadili i a. And the Caus. Of oth Ltd to u Zofih. Wat re p a bal diff swell tides of the Bio i. Wifi Filiar in Roii a a v serous manhood an in Countiess the myriads is from the sii Bresof twin Quot. Soon Grants who too cannot be More we suppose ban three Uio usand d Lars. I the 1� mucous Orin o the s iri jigs Tissi a cons ii every pot of Honor and Transi iii to coir. Season to the City. Al ivc dollars apiece. Could not a uses. The Nat und in de of Rei i. A t this to other . Every occupy of Quot be More than one thousand and Al in. 1 tion profession and Pursuit will re Jive \ i Cani Lui a Jis. Their quo los from the rising race. Is on7.113 turbanic is the first be Ivous Quot congestion the statesman the minister the Law a nurses10,880 thousand dollars. The telegraphic Dis the second More less inter Tsiou yer the physician the politician the far mules Are set Down at some hundreds cessation of capillary disturbances in Mer. The Mechanic the Man of science chen1s,2j8 a a. 1 i m u uits stated that one half of the above of it erasure and , Al the close j. . Gaze is. Dawson Hamlin ,.,t 1 Pisa of giving assistance to the Danes , Mason Miller Morton 1alalia Aad a. Vood Indiana Are give of require any. Photos Sebastian. Seward , have determined Piir Ney Upham Walker Yulee win the whole Numier of arc Gislerud Emi a conme Ico a line of a Rcw Balcam is. Of a Roth. I. Ath. That cholera goes thro Jpn car is Peitsch of the troops present on Thoc ,. Late diurnal Staj a. Which Casion could Hardin have exceeded ten it hav. A used pert great size and Power to Curry a to and nays Atchison b i in a. Bill Barrien .0 Juni 17 h 13 As follows. A passengers Between and new p a Cass Clay Clemens 30,964 Vork. This Lino will be who by inde Dickinson Dodge of Iowa pendent of thir present one. Douglass Downs Felch Fooie Jones. Tha Overland mail has arrived with mpg Quot Vij Ngum Norris Pearce Pratt two weeks later advices from acid Shields spruance Sturgeon Underwood China. The i commercial treaty Between Vaks Whitcomb. The United states and China has not been Walker moved to strike out from the j Biu All except that relative to Californi a Laeland a conciliation Hall has been rear Eclid yeas 21. Nays 32. Closed. Repeal agitation for the present Atchison moved to strike out All relating a Blind . . Ray is dead. Queen of Spain has been in i Cal Fin at five Hundred and thex it in ibid. Of Trio Quot East room at one the using. Cd. That the Nair d Tendon a of the Century will to of that i ,. a �?z�?z1 Chu Leni is to 2 Rhrou a in Vic successive1 ,. A a Uji a this will make about to Ilieen inti and i t Iho unnumbered Host now in the Cradle the i Dolors and we Are much at a ,0 Trynz go a Quot rerun Lam in Nursery and the school room. Who will mond a tor of the abyssinian col red delivered of a son who lived Only a few Janiw hol to account for fifteen thou and lever. A Lake Fibre but we suppose that that Sinoun. A addition has been and will to expended retort . ,. H. Stephens positively contradicts m total expenditure about thirty it he . Toombs visited a thousand which in does not greatly sex. In. Taylor during his illness up a but most of All each Parent is , pm b3blv. On him a Southern course on the slavery a sible to god. Responsible in a most a we Mak these remarks Mere v to q i Stion. . Stephens says that neigh i qualified and important sense. The by Eor Reet i to us to be a Gas position in the of my a. In is Poss ble though that love him was several Days before a Quot Tram up a child m the in is one ourselves. If we do we h it is to was taken sick and that not the slight-1 Way he should go and when he is old he Liat thi its better he Crusi than we ire est allusion Vas made thei Winot depart from it be shall Lay up re Ana me Fino of room. No with Luuru. I a Sim ,a of in Ulni lip is Church in Anthony st. Has been. Moments Atter of Rah. The re Ponsini hts of training this. Jiffies Ltd has Arisen Between Spain Mign Yhost to the parents of our land is infirmity a continues to of and Portugal in consequence of the a a a must we look for an answer they shall a cite Quot from Sabbath to Sabbath. His marriage of the King s sister with the jul Tofu Subj i in question. Church numbers nearly four . V. Tribune. Son of Don Carlos. The Spanish minister has protested against the Alliance As a breach of the quadruple treaty and be these my words in your heart Aud in your Vear. The constitutional convention of Ohio asked for his passports sitting at Columbus adjourned on the 9ih, in consequence of the appearance of cholera in the state to re assemble at Cincinnati on the first monday in .e effect of this will be to postpone the proposed new Constitution for another Wash Stox july 31. Senate nothing of interest transpired in the morning. The omnibus Bill was taken up at twelve o clock. Pearce moved to Amend the Bill by striking out All in relation to Mexico. Blew lost 20 to 29 to californian rejected yeas 27, nays 30, As follows. Yeast Atchison Barnwell Benton berries Butler Clark Clemens of miss., Dawson Dodge of Iowa Downs Foote Houston Hunter Jones King Mangum Mason. Morton Pearce Phelps Pratt Rusk Sebastian Smith Soule Turney Yulee. Nays Baldwin Bill Bradbury Bright Civiss. Chase Clay. Cooper Davis of miss Dayton Dickinson Dodge of mo., dough lass Ewing Felch Green Hill Hamlia Miller Norris Seward Shields Spur Sibili by. Ance. Sturgeon Underwood Upham a his duty be Walker Whitcomb Kusk moved to Lay the Bill of the to Washington August 1 siisate.�?dougla.s3 amendment was Moys Dand finally Atchison moved that when these ate adjourned it be until monday. After so the debate the motion was withdrawn. Tiie California Bill was then taken tip. Foote asked if it would be in order to Strika out All after the enacting clause and inserting new after c iii Are yes do i Glass asked first to have time to perfect the Bill to which Foote consented and Douglasa then moved the amendment re3p2cting, ��c., hereafter offered. Foo a Aab fitted an amendment to that ,.divid�ng califor ing but ail Al ter tie Quot Ena Lause and inserting thai part of tho on Nimbus Bill relating to new Mexico and Tefis. Douglass moved to Amend by inserting the 3d Section of the omnibus Bill relate to th2 Public Domain of California. The Latte amendment takes the precedence of foots s amendment. Fiote moved to Amend by in string tho proposition offered by him to tho omnibus Bill providing that California not shall exercise jurisdiction Over the territory South of 35 30. He made an Appeal to All Frici is to sustain the Bil. Cily followed saying the Senate had before it a measure of peace calculated to harmonize All discordant feelings. That in Taruro Lead met a Fute not Altos eth. unexpected which because of the country he deeply deplored he did not mean to inquire into the measure of re Spon Biliy of those whose actions had defected the Bill and that it Defeated was .00 Well known. The proposition made by the senator from Maryland ?. Pearce yesterday was the Cau i. Of the . Lie Flay had said fro first to last that he was in favor of the admission of californian had been and was so still. Hisil foot i s proposition this morning been received in a proper spirit he Clay Wouch have voted for it but under All Cir can it Tances ii Woi ild now be compelled to with hold his support. He desired now to say that he intended to be unarmed by the menaces of any individual Stales if any individual Stales should array its arms against the Union he was for testing the strength of our to to whether it was prac Licarie for a government to maintain itself. Cheers if blood was to be spilled whose fault was it it was the Fiauu of those who raised the Standard of discussion. As Long As he had an Arm and voice to raise that voice and Arm should be raided in support of tho Union. Applause he was for putli.g Down any and every resist acc to the ii Deral go Ernhout. He declared his opinion that the boundaries of Gui fornia Are so tables and require no alteration. Pearce admitted Attiat the defeat of tho Bill Vas subsequent to his proposition but denied that he was justly to be Hilld responsible although he would shrink from no responsibility properly attaching to him. He proceeded to defend his Courtie. He had told Dawson and Foote if Dawson s amendment prevailed Bat the territorial government of new Mexico should not go into operation East of thi3 Rio Grande he could not vote for Bradbury s amendment to which that propose Ion was appended. He told them it would defeat the Bill. Had the Sena lors from Texas Given their assent to the proposition for the amendment which to had made yesterday the Bill would not have been Defeated they chose to refuse Ever thing which did not come up to their demand. Upon them rested the re Pon he acted As be believed it to be the Senate discussed until a Jonra ment the amendment of Fooie restricting tie b boundaries of California to 35 a a f. Quot it i a in
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